Dan Cromer: Parkland Shooting Hoggwash


Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open

First we find out that David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez are Cousins.

Meet crisis actors Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — Men In Black goes Mainstream for Maximum Effect

Then the Parkland shooting psyop exposed Emma as an accomplished crisis actor

SOTN Editor’s Note: SOTN quite purposefully memed the Parkland false flag shooting Operation Hogg Wash from the get-go. See: OPERATION HOGG WASH: Phase I of Deep State’s Psyop to Impose Strict Gun Control Measures Nationwide
It was pointed out in the same exposé that a highly radioactive scandal would eventually result from this glaring psyop now known as H O G G g a t e. See HOGGgate: The Inevitable Consequence of OPERATION HOGG WASH
However, we had no idea at that time just how much “Hogg Wash” we were really fed by the MSM.  For instance, with each passing day more hard evidence is uncovered which clearly indicates that the alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz is completely innocent and was set up as a patsy.

When we first observed crisis actor Emma Gonzalez co-leading the student movement for new gun control laws in Florida, SOTN was immediately suspicious.  Her persona-altering shaved head and perfect talking points were 2 BIG red flags.  That Emma is a gay leader in the Parkland LGBT community is another major issue, especially in light of the fact that the Broward County Sheriff Commander who admitted to giving the stand-down order was the senior ranking lesbian captain. STAND DOWN ORDER GIVEN BY GAY COMMANDER  

Of course, David Hogg was always an obvious crisis actor and puppet beholden to his CIA handlers.  His back story only gets more revealing about the actual Operation Gladio C black operation designed to strip Americans of their gun rights. OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre
The bottom line is that this government-sponsored mass shooting was carried out by Deep State in order to abolish the Second Amendment.  Only when the Right is completely disarmed will the Left launch the civil war planned by the New World Order globalist cabal. See: Soros-funded ‘National Gun Control Movement’ is all about starting an American civil war
State of the Nation
March 13, 2018
N.B. Our sincere thanks to Jim Fetzer for sending us the brilliant analysis posted below.  Dan Cromer has done an outstanding job of piecing together a critical part of the Parkland puzzle.

Dan Cromer: Parkland Shooting Hogwash

Connect the Hoggs

Submitted by Jim Fetzer

Would you believe that Parkland student activists, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, are COUSINS?
I believe that Dan Cromer has broken the scam apart and exposed it as a HOGG FAMILY AFFAIR.

by Dan Cromer
CRISIS ACTOR, EMMA GONZALEZ, who is acting in the role of Student Advocate for Gun Control is also a HOGG!
In fact, her and DAVID “Camera” HOGG are COUSINS:
EMMA’s mother is KATHERINE J. GONZALEZ and her maiden name is HOGG:
Here, we see the FAMILY connection between DAVID’s father, KEVIN HOGG and EMMA’s mother, KATHERINE J GONAZLEZ.  They are SIBLINGS:
KATHERINE lives in TORRANCE, CA. and her FACEBOOK photos reveal many now familiar HOGGs.
Here we have DAVID’s sister, Lauren:
Here we have a young DAVID with his GRANDMOTHER, DOROTHY:
And here we have EMMA’s BROTHER also with his GRANDMOTHER, DOROTHY:
By comparison, here you can see that EMMA is clearly a HOGG:
EMMA of course is NOT a student at Douglas High School. Here she is at her actual high school graduation in California:
Is EMMA also a graduate of NYU and currently an actress? There is an Emma Gonzalez whose credits include the television series, Eat Our Feelings, a show about “eating and feelings and eating your feelings”:
And above all, EMMA GONZALEZ is a total FRAUD. 
Don’t get played by these DIRTY HOGGs:

“They hate us for smiling, they hate us for crying,
they hate us for speaking, they hate us for being
alive — they hate us.”
— Emma Gonzalez, Crisis Actor

Dan Cromer, an information technology specialist, was the first to identify the sound track at Las Vegas as pre-recorded. His research on Parkland has broken the case completely wide-open.
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16 thoughts on “Dan Cromer: Parkland Shooting Hoggwash”

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  3. What a bunch of BS. It is not the same Emma Gonzalez. You can intersperse photos of Emma and different people, but it is obviously BS. You people really need to get in touch with your empathy, if you have any. I suggest you meditate.

  4. You see Seth Rich's parents' lawsuit? THAT is how we're gonna get you fuckers. That shit is gonna fix your collective fucking wagon!

    When you were just jerkin' it in between mom sending cookies down to the basement, no one knew you existed. But once you left the basement and started to harass people, and your dumbo POTUS got elected, people got around to realizing that you exist.

    They also realized that you guys are serial slanderers. Once the 'cease and desists' start flying, and y'all start losing what little cash you have – that'll shut you the fuck up but good.

    I cannot wait.

  5. What fucking happened to you people? Did your Moms not love you or something? I know most of you can't get laid and have filled the void with this nonsense, but that can't explain it all….

    Any time I look at your evidence it's a fucking mess. It's meaningless drivel added to meaningless drivel, and your overarching point seems to be pointing out the sheer VOLUME of drivel.

    So considering that you have, essentially, nothing – what drive you to this nonsense?

  6. Every time I think you guys can't get dumber…you prove me wrong.

    These people don't even look alike. And if they did, it wouldn't mean anything. Lots of people look alike.

    That fucking moron Eowyn's "evidence" that a fat bald guy at the funeral of a fat bald guy somehow means the dead guy isn't dead is slightly more convincing than this.

    Now think about how stupid that original point is…and realize you, Dan Cromer, are dumber for pretending that the existence of roughly similar looking people is evidence of anything. At all.


  7. Yes, it is true that there is no direct reliable proof that EG and DH are cousins, but the photo of EG's brother with Grandma Hogg is strong circumstantial evidence. In addition, they look a bit alike (considering half different ethnic origins) and have the same small shoulderless skinny bodies. I think Katherine Hogg Gonzalez is keeping a low profile here and keeping her name out of the news.
    I would guess that EG and DH had both previously graduated from high school earlier elsewhere, and were entered into this very large high school as seniors to play their parts, after training for their roles.
    Btw, EG's father is a Cuban emigrant named Jose Gonzalez, who left Cuba in 1968. That would seem to make him slightly old to be the father of a 17 year old (like the SH parents).

  8. Here's a thought;

    Put together a graphic diagram demonstrating everything in simplified form, very comprehensive and to the point.

    Put it in digital form and record it on every available medium in mass(flash drive, disc,etc), make printed flyers, and distribute them to students everywhere.

    Tell them the simplest truth without suggesting a thing. Just point out the facts in comprehensive form.

    Challenge them to verify, see for themselves what just happened.

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  10. Great article. Thank you Dan for this additional work and Jim for posting.

    It would be nice to include references to the included pics, especially Emma graduating from HS in Calif. She's extremely young looking to have already graduated from NYC. I think a bit more investigation here would be warranted as noted in this article that her profile most likely is a fraud.

  11. Obombie requested and got GCHQ wiretaps on Trump for Reptillary. MI6 spook Steele got Pee Pee dossier info from now poisoned Russian spy Skripal. UK bioweapons lab Porton Down is eight miles from Salisbury. Appeaser May is trying to frame Putin, start WW Three. All of these treason ops are managed by Senior Executive Service.

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    at Aim4Truth.org

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