Dr. Eowyn: The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez

After the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, two student “survivors” — Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — were interviewed on CNN, demanding gun control and trashing President Trump and the NRA.
Note that at the 0:14 mark in the video, the CNN anchor woman clearly identified both Gonzalez and Hogg as Douglas High students:
Two of those students who [sic] you’ll recognize join us now, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg.”
Throughout the interview with CNN, Gonzalez repeatedly identified as a student.
At the 2:35 mark, Gonzalez said:
“I do want to reiterate the FBI were some of the amazing first responders who were helping us get to safety.”
In response to the anchor’s question of whether they’ve been invited to President Trump’s listening session with “students,” Gonzalez said (3:03 mark):
“Um, I believe we’ve been invited but neither of us is going. We have a preset town hall meeting that we’ll be attending.”
Gonzalez calls politicians who accept “blood money” from the NRA as being “funded by killers” and “against the children” and “against the people who are dying”. She describes herself as “standing with the children” who “have no money” and just like the children, “We don’t have jobs, so we can’t pay for your [politicians’] campaign.”
At the 5:45 mark, the anchor asks:
“Hey guys, are you gonna be able to go back to school this week or next week? Are you going to go back into the building where this happened?”
With a deep sigh, Gonzalez says:
“Well, first of all, the freshmen building is being torn down. But the rest of the school is staying up and, as soon as we can, we are going to go back into the school, as soon as they say school is on Monday, I’m going to be there I’m pretty sure, unless I have interviews or somewhere to be, we are going to be at school with the people who need us. We need to stand with our peers.
But an IT specialist named Dan Cromer (via James Fetzer) claims to have discovered two stunning things about Emma Gonzalez:
  1. Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.
  2. Instead of being a high school student, Emma Gonzalez is a professional actress who had graduated from NYU.
The problem is Dan Cromer does not provide sources, embedded or otherwise, with which we can verify his explosive claims.
Below is my effort to independently verify Cromer’s assertions.


To begin, David Hogg’s father, said by David to be a former FBI agent, is Kevin Hogg.
A search on the paid-subscription people search engine TruthFinder for “Kevin Hogg, Parkland, Florida” yielded this — that Kevin Ralph Hogg, age 51, who lives in Parkland, FL, has a relative named Katherine J. Gonzalez, age 52.
Kevin Ralph Hogg‘s profile on TruthFinder says that his wife is Rebecca Boldrick and that in 2014, he moved from Torrance, CA (4 miles from Redondo Beach, CA) to Parkland, FL.
Recall that David Hogg had graduated from Redondo Beach High School. Rebecca Boldrick has a family picture on her Facebook page — of David Hogg, Rebecca, David’s sister Lauren, and Kevin Hogg (see below). Rebecca is a proud supporter of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.
I think we can confidently conclude that Kevin Ralph Hogg is the father of David Hogg.
According to TruthFinder, the birth name of Katherine J. Gonzalez (who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) is Katherine J. Hogg, which suggests she and Kevin Hogg are siblings.
Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez (née Hogg) share two relatives: Dorothy J. Hogg, age 83, and Robert L. Hogg, age 84, who both live in Mission Viejo, CA.
Robert L. Hogg’s timeline has the births of three children:
  • Robert Hogg in March 1957.
  • Katherine Gonzalez in May 1965.
  • Kevin Ralph Hogg in February 1967.
From this, it’s safe to say that Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez are siblings, which means their respective offsprings are cousins.
Kathy Gonzalez has a Facebook page.
Kathy Gonzalez
Among her Facebook friends are Dorothy Hogg, Kevin Hogg, Rebecca Boldrick, and David Hogg. Among the photos on Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page is a pic of young David Hogg with his grandmother (Dorothy Hogg) in 2008:
Kathy also has a pic of her son, Vincent Gonzalez, with grandma Dorothy in 2012. That means Vincent Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.
However, there is no trace of any Emma or Emma Gonzalez in Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page — not a photo; not among any of Kathy’s 50 Facebook friends. Nor is Emma Gonzalez a family member of Katherine Gonzalez, Kevin Hogg, or Dorothy Hogg, according to their profiles on TruthFinder.
Dan Cromer does not provide any evidence that Emma Gonzalez is the daughter of Katherine Gonzalez — and therefore the cousin of David Hogg. All Cromer did is to put up a pic of Emma Gonzalez (see below), with the comment, “Emma is clearly a Hogg” — referring probably to the pic (above) of Vincent Gonzalez ( son of Kathy Gonzalez) with grandma Dorothy.
My conclusion, therefore, is that we don’t have evidence that Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.


Another angle to explore is whether Emma Gonzalez is a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Dan Cromer claims she had graduated from a California high school and from New York University, and is a professional actress and writer.
Cromer refers to the profile of an Emma Gonzalez on IMDb, which says:
“Emma Gonzalez is a writer and actress, known for Eat Our Feelings(2014), Happy One Month (2014) and Happy One Month (2016).”
Eat Our Feelings is an online cooking show/sitcom, starring Emma Jane Gonzalez and Sasha Winters. Here’s an episode:
Does Parkland Emma Gonzalez sound like “Eat Our Feelings” Emma Gonzalez?
To me, not so much.
Below are pics of Parkland school Emma Gonzalez from a CNN video (far left) and Dan Cromer (far right) and the Emma Gonzalez of Eat Our Feelings:
↓Click image to enlarge↓
To me, the ears are different: actress Emma Gonzalez has longer ear lobes.
What do you think?
Our obligation, always, is to the truth. Skeptics of the official narrative on the Parkland school shooting must be scrupulous in our assertions and counter-evidence. To do otherwise would be self-defeating and give ammunition to our opponents.
H/t FOTM‘s MCA and Auntie Lulu
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20 thoughts on “Dr. Eowyn: The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez”

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  2. Eowyn found David Hogg at the Redondo Beach high school via classmates.com. (She then reported that the link had been scrubbed.) As for the video showing the yearbook, the print on the spine looks fishy to me personally–handmade.

  3. Dr. Eowyn

    Good article, however, can you prove David Hogg graduated from a CA High School? Your article states,
    "Recall that David Hogg had graduated from Redondo Beach High School. Rebecca Boldrick has a family picture on her Facebook page — of David Hogg, Rebecca, David’s sister Lauren, and Kevin Hogg (see below)…"

    You don't provide evidence to support that claim.

    There is, however, a video showing David Hogg in a 2017 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yearbook, making him a possible Junior in Florida last year.

    Do you have further evidence to counter the video showing him as being in this 2017 yearbook? Or can you show this video to be a fraud?



    Thank you for your efforts to expose this false flag event perpetrated on the people of this country.

  4. AS we speak, there are people starting legal funds to sue all you motherfuckers for slander.

    I can't wait. In court you'd have to actually prove this nonsense is true – something you can't do.

    Look at you wastes of carbon. Picking on the parents of dead elementary school children and high school kids. Combing through the social media presence of 16 year old girls.


  5. Here is a tip for researching things…

    There is a lot of information out there that is considered or accepted as open or public knowledge, things that yoiu don't need to pay for or make an account or anything. If you can gather enough of it, (which is a lot of work)you can cross reference all the what who how when where and whats as to determine a lot. But I posit that just because it is available doesn't make it necessarily approved by the person. (there is a lot of stuff out there people may not even realize).

    Enough general information can still yield results when compared to the overall context.

    Leads often come unexpectedly and where no one would think to look or hide it anyway. It could be some obscure real estate tax record or picture of a champion bowling league on the bowling alley wall from decades ago or something.

  6. "It seems like a sanitized channel."

    It very well could be. Maybe what you are doing here is feeling out the edges of a preparatory phase of something.

    It could just be that she sanitized her online habits, got all new accounts and such. It could be a lot of things. Maybe she sanitized it when she started getting attention or who knows what.

    But I get your point. So make a note of it. …looks like subtle circumstantial evidence.

  7. From one stranger to another, …my advice is to not get caught up too deep into people's personal lives, to be very careful not to be intrusive or sneaky about it.

    Check leads and verify before getting lost on a false research tangent. Make sure it is a solid lead before digging too far. You can cause people issues.

    But if it is indeed a solid lead, and it isn't overly intrusive, of course question and verify it, that's what your looking for.

    Discerning the difference is work in and of itself though.

  8. My point is that prior to feb 13 2018 – EG is found only on DH youtube channel and on school newspaper eagles eye and a snapchat link to MSHS – nothing beyond that. Twitter account is new. DH youtube opened in 2014 but first video uploaded 9 months ago. It seems like a sanitized channel.

  9. I haven't dug into these school shooting conspiracies much in terms of details, but I know how those things work, what kind of tricky things go on.

    Just because it is two different people doesn't mean there isn't something happening.

    What I mean is that, say it is a conspiracy, a technique used by agents and goons as to ridicule and delegitimize conspiracy people, it still says something. Why would they be doing things like that anyway?

    It doesn't matter what it is, if it is unnatural and some weird conspiracy to do whatever, it is still something.

    Okay, so you find a trail of info to suggest they made two people appear the same. Why? How does that fit in to the bigger picture? What kind of psy-ops nonsense are they up to?

  10. EG's mother's name is apparently Elizabeth Wiegand, spouse (probably) Jose Emilio Gonzalez. According to EG, he is a lawyer for a cybersecurity company. Internet search shows he is licensed in NY but not Florida, no trace of work at cybersecurity. EG has two siblings and has lived in Parkland whole life. (This info is from Godlike Productions forum).

    So for now the Katherine J Gonzalez connection is not established. It's possible that KJG is EG's birth mother and Wiegand is Jose's second wife after divorce. There is a Katherine J Gonzalez who lives in Sarasota and teaches first grade. Or maybe EG is a second cousin or some other relation.

  11. I find it highly suspect that neither of these 2 have much of an online profile. youtube account created 2014 and only active 9 months ago. Suspect. 1 month before "the incident" video of Emma G and the weather balloon project uploaded and then used in article to say if they only had done an internet search, those darn conspiracy folks.

    Stinks to me.


  12. Re; The Comparison Picture

    Presuming the integrity of the photos is legit and untainted, and judging solely on them, and without using actual medical terms..

    It Doesn't look like the same person to me. The two in the middle are different from the ones on the outside.

    Both have what looks like a typical even blend of European Anglo genes, while one has Hispanic heritage, perhaps from Castilian and/or Inca ancestry, and the other has what looks like Semitic great grandparents. ..maybe German and/or Russian?

    The first and most obvious difference is the ears. Ears are good for that. They will morph a little over time and become more or less pronounced, but they maintain their general bio-metric signature. The one in the Hispanic girl has a deeper larger concave inner area and thus thinner ridge around the outer rim. Her ear is also less rounded, and with a larger or more elongated lobe, as you mentioned. Also the curve in the upper region of the ear is more acute.

    The nose is different too. One of them has a slightly more pronounced nose and longer nostrils. And the other has a slightly more rounded nose. Also the subtle dimples in the nose are different.

    General facial structure is also different. The middle one appears to have a more prominent head associated with Germanic races and has a less pronounced jaw. Hispanic peoples, those with native south american ancestry tend to have a thicker jaw and less of an overbite if any. This is consistent with the comparison. One looks to have has something a little more Hispanic in their jaw that the other does not.

    The one in the middle has different cheeks, are a little meatier and bend and fold into the mouth region differently. She also has dimples where the other doesn't.

    The Hispanic girl seems to have a generally more balanced face, a more balanced ratio if you please.

    Another difference is skin tone. One is slightly darker than the other.
    One appears to have a brownish color eyes while other is greenish.

    The hair line appears different as well. One is more square-like while the other is a more defined line, more robust and angles more inward.

    One thing I thought was interesting is the blemish or spot on her cheek. It appears to be in the same spot on both.

    Of course, all/some of that can be accomplished through lighting or tampering too. Take two people who look alike and present them differently to make them appear more or less alike. There are all kinds of ways to manipulate it.

    But it looks like different girls to me.

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