Craig McKee, Why do we Tolerate a “Truther” Cabal that Constantly Props Up almost all of the 9/11 Pentagon official story?

Lloyd England says it was the “long end” of the pole that penetrated his cab.

So much is false in the Pentagon story – why would any truther spend years describing what they think is true?

By Craig McKee

What would you think if a group of truth activists, known for other areas of 9/11 research, turned their attention to writing papers, making videos, giving talks, and doing interviews telling us all the ways they thought NIST’s analysis of the World Trade Center destruction was correct?

What if they almost never questioned NIST’s findings but instead did everything they could to undermine any challenges to NIST from members of the Truth Movement? What if they told us they did this to keep the movement from losing credibility, to keep us from looking like crazy conspiracy theorists with wild ideas about government agents planting explosives in the towers?

Of course, this group would also make it clear they don’t believe the whole NIST report, and they don’t believe al-Qaeda was behind 9/11 – so they couldn’t be accused of supporting the official story. But virtually all the information they presented on the WTC destruction concerned what they thought NIST had gotten RIGHT – with next to nothing about what it got WRONG.

What would you think of such a group?

For how many years would you politely accept their support for one aspect of the official narrative after another? Would you be concerned when they made many statements that seemed almost identical to those made by Popular Mechanics or any number of other 9/11 “debunkers”?

This is just what is happening with respect to what took place – or didn’t take place – at the Pentagon on 9/11. The cabal supporting numerous elements of the Pentagon official story is not hypothetical; it is very real. Its members want us to think that the government is telling the truth about a 757 hitting the Pentagon. They’re also big believers in the authenticity of virtually all the evidence provided by the government. They dismiss as “outlandish” the idea of a staged “crash” scene, and assert that this idea results from speculation and confirmation bias.

The cabal, which I have been writing about almost since this blog  began in 2010, features names like David Chandler, Jonathan Cole, Ken Jenkins, John Wyndham, Jim Hoffman, Victoria Ashley, the late Frank Legge, and the newest Energizer Bunny of debunking, spin, and misdirection, Wayne Coste. They want us all to disregard some of the very strongest evidence we have that 9/11 was an inside job – under the guise of simply seeking “the truth.”

For years, this group has been writing papers and making presentations that push something that is almost indistinguishable from the official story of what happened to the plane that was seen approaching the Pentagon. They use spin and repetitive talking points to gain support, suggesting that they alone are using “the scientific method” and that the same people who brought you controlled demolition of the towers have now turned their attention to the Pentagon. They tell us that they have “brought closure” to the debate even as they continue producing large amounts of supposedly “new” material.

As far back as 2011, Chandler and Cole were telling us (in their “Joint Statement on the Pentagon,”) that “foolish theories” like the one that says there was no plane crash at the Pentagon might well have been “planted” to discredit the movement, implying that Citizen Investigation Team (the group that revealed through their research that the plane that approached the Pentagon was not on the official flight path) could be government agents. For some reason, Chandler and Cole have not widely been condemned for this accusation. Nor has Chandler taken the criticism he should have for his latest dishonest attack on CIT from December 2017, which I deconstructed here.

Chandler and Cole also wrote that the movement should abandon Pentagon research because the government holds all the cards. But all they and other members of their team have done since 2011 is produce more and more “research” claiming that a large plane did hit the Pentagon. Why did they tell everyone else to stop researching this while they continued?

They don’t see a problem in putting literally years of effort into pushing this one aspect of the official story. When the government gives us evidence that undermines its own narrative, this group rushes to “fix” the evidence so it aligns, or appears to align, with the official impact scenario. The result is division and understandable anger from the members of the majority who are paying attention. Another result is that some look at the familiar and “respected” names behind the pro-impact material and automatically give it much more weight than it deserves.

Coste has been pumping out PowerPoint presentations since late 2015 on the 9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference. I have endured every one. Adam Ruff and I debated Coste in January 2016, and participants voted 17-1 that Adam and I had made the stronger case. Barbara Honegger debated him and won 20-3. This means that almost 90 percent of those who decided to vote in the two debates did not find Coste persuasive.

But that was just the beginning for him. His output since then amounts to an avalanche of speculation, assumption, and manipulation as he bends and twists the facts until he thinks they support his “hypothesis.” Now he has a produced a more than five-hour PowerPoint presentation (a revised version is separated into “chapters” and narrated by (((David Chandler)))). I will be responding to this in detail in the near future.

But in the meantime, here are some samples of Coste’s “scientific” claims from previous presentations:

He assumes that the odd shape of a tree next to Route 27, near the Pentagon, must be the result of its branches being stripped by the blades of a 757 engine (that originally came from Chandler).

Proof of this?


He sees a dark shape on a surveillance video from the former Citgo gas station and proclaims with certainty that it is the shadow of a 757 flying overhead on the official flight path right before hitting the Pentagon. Same with the quick “flash” reflected in the gas station canopy, which he says is the reflection of exploding jet fuel.

Proof for these contentions?


We know the official flight path is impossible because there was a VDOT tower that would have been in the plane’s path. But, no problem for Wayne; he just moves the path so it goes besidethe tower. Problem solved! Well, it’s solved if you ignore the fact that he has offered us multiple versions of the flight path that are distinct from each other. Each time he comes up with a new one, he is confident that it is “supported by the evidence.” At least until the next one…

Proof that a plane actually followed any one of these proposed paths?


Coste speculates that the wings were pulled into the building through a hole not large enough to accommodate a 757. I’m not sure he uses the word “folded” but since the hole isn’t big enough for the wingspan of the plane and he doesn’t state the wings remained outside, I don’t see what else he could mean. (Here, he seems to disagree with Chandler who thinks the wings were smashed into confetti outside.)

Apart from a few highly photogenic pieces of crumpled metal with parts of red letters on them, the bulk of the unidentified “debris” seen in photos appears to be small enough that you could collect it using a rake and some heavy duty trash bags. Coste describes the familiar photo of a piece of alleged “fuselage” in the middle of the lawn as a “large piece” of the plane.

Proof that the entire plane, including the wings, ended up inside the building?


Yes, this is the hole Coste tells us was made by the flying pole.

Coste speculates that when Lloyde England described the pole he claims penetrated his cab, he was not referring to the long section of pole 1 but the top section of pole 2 (slightly farther north along Route 27) even though England repeatedly referred to the “long section” of the pole that was attached to the ground (which could only have been pole 1). The long section of pole 1 ended up on the road, right in front of Lloyde’s cab, as you can see in the photo at the top of this article. Coste also wants us to believe that the damage to the rear seat of the cab is exactly what you would expect from the penetration of a pole hit by a plane going 530 mph. But the damage he refers to is a hole that barely looks big enough to accommodate someone’s fist. (See photo)

Proof that the top part of pole 2 hit the taxi? Or that a flying pole created the small hole in the upholstery?


It would be one thing if Coste and his fellow team members simply cautioned us to avoid putting bad evidence forward but then turned their attention to what they agree are vulnerable points in the official story. But they don’t. They just attack truthers and the no-757-impact position. Endlessly.

And they keep steering us towards their assertion that the burden of proof is on us to show exactly what happened rather than on the government to prove what it says happened. For some reason, they don’t want us to focus on proving that elements of the Pentagon official story are wrong. Instead, they want to chip away at all the powerful Pentagon evidence reported over the years by David Ray Griffin, CIT, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and others.

The Pentagon is the key to 9/11 in many ways. The “attack” on this symbol of American power was painted as an act of war – conveniently justifying the initiation of an actual war in response. Make that several wars and a global assault on freedom and privacy.

Further, the fact that the event occurred at a location that was under the complete control of the American military reveals how important the evidence of deception really is. If any of the evidence from the Pentagon can be shown to have been staged in any way, then it can only be the military that was responsible for the deception. That means 9/11 is proven to be an “inside job.”

This is why the Pentagon is so crucial to the case we as a movement must make to the world. It represents, in fact, an opportunity that is too good to pass up. And yet, some who purport to be part of the 9/11 Truth Movement are determined to focus their efforts – and ours – on supporting element after element of the official story of what happened, or did not happen, at the Pentagon. They ridicule the idea that evidence could have been staged in any way.

It goes without saying that we, as truth activists, don’t have to disbelieve everything in the official story. We can accept that some of the details are correct. But whatever we think about the details of the 9/11 deception, it seems to me that our collective task is to expose to the world the massive holes (lies) in the government story. Once exposed, the story crumbles to a pile of nothing.

Much of the world takes for granted that the official scenario is true, so we don’t have to help reinforce that position. Even if we agree with some details, our focus should be on the lies. But for some reason, this group doesn’t want us to focus on those.

And what have all their efforts achieved? They have caused enormous rancor and have distracted the Truth Movement from objectives that may actually bring us some success. Regardless of their motives, they are the primary cause of division within the Truth Movement, as they have been for a number of years.

This reality becomes more disturbing as each year passes.


Late last year, I undertook an initiative called the “No 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11” list to find common ground among the vast majority of truthers who do not believe a 757 hit the Pentagon. You can join our Facebook group and add your name to the list here or by going to the post where the list itself is contained at Truth and Shadows here.


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