Gordon Duff, Will Russia Call America’s Bluff?



America is threatening war in Syria. The Wall Street Journal says Russian troops will be targeted. Though this story from September 10, 2018 is fake, there is a sinister method behind it.
Trump wants a war with Russia, a war he thinks Russia will fight half-heartedly, a few ships sunk, a few planes downed, no American ground troops, perhaps with Trump able to use his secret arsenal of biological and chemical weapons and deniable tactical nukes as well.
Trump has long stated that he loves war, in fact loves nuclear war. Trump never served in the military and knows nothing of war or suffering. Blind and delusional love of war is easy for the privileged.
Trump is assured Russia will back down, act with sanity and restraint, things no longer in America’s tool box. Russia is to be crushed forever, beyond sanctions, pushed to demilitarize, denuclearize, become the puppet state America envisioned with the fall of the Soviet Union.
America needs to crush Russia now, something we will discuss. Timing is all important, and to Washington, the clock is ticking and Russia must be crushed as soon as possible.
Trump’s primary task, as more and more analysts see it, is to not crush Iran but crush one man, Vladimir Putin.
Someone has told Trump this is possible. Moreover, someone seems to be telling Trump lots of things, giving him orders, not taking orders from him. Who is doing this is the real question, the “Deep State” or perhaps Israel or a cabal of war mongering bankers, oil executives and the infamous “military industrial complex.”
What is clear is what is being said by America, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Trump himself and America’s mainstream media has long crossed over into the realm of insanity, something polls indicate at least 61% of Americans believe as well.
It is the worst kept secret in the world that millions of Americans are so upset with their own government that the idea of the United States losing a major war, even facing occupation, is no longer seen as a “negative.” Millions of Americans believe it already happened, by dark of night, rigged elections, bribed officials, Israeli trained militarized police, massive internet spying, dead end low paying jobs, a rigged game, a life of subsistence and slavery, and end to hope.
In America, the anger in the air is so thick you can feel it, an undercurrent of murderous rage, none aimed at Russia or Syria. Most of it is aimed at Donald Trump while others who have partaken of the “Kool-Aid” blame immigrants, African Americans and Hispanics or liberals and progressives.
We are now entering a time of brinksmanship, not so much a facing-off of nuclear super powers but rather something far more sinister. America is proving to those who pay attention that it has become a madhouse and that the descriptions coming out of former Trump associates, the raving lunacy attributed to Trump himself, is now unbridled and ready for Armageddon.
The fanaticism was always there, the real root cause of 9/11 and the wars since, based on a system that exalts psychopathy cloaked in religion, patriotism and, worst of all, racial purity. At the heart of the “Trump base” are things we have all seen before, eugenics, White Supremacy, race identity, intolerance or, using a term too often misapplied, “Nazism.”
Forces Align
Russia is holding the largest military exercises in recent history with 300,000 and more taking part while the US is moving forces forward as well.
One thing is clear, Donald Trump wants to push Russia into a retaliatory attack on America and continually makes outlandish statements threatening Russia. Britain and France are doing the same, yet neither Britain nor France, not even the United States, is militarily capable of anything but taking “pot shots” at soft targets in Syria.
America’s navy is a “fake deterrent,” its ships easily sunk, its carrier-based planes easily downed, most being 4th generation and vulnerable to air attack.
Past that, America is using tanks from 1970, their carcasses are strewn across Iraq where small children with aging Soviet weapons had destroyed them, reminiscent of Israel’s debacle into Lebanon in 2006.
Hezbollah maintains a museum of destroyed Israeli armor outside Beirut.
The date is 9/11, 2018. With the actual cause for the decades long and now totally discredited “War on Terror” still a major controversy, the roles of Israel and Saudi Arabia a subject of continual speculation, America is looking for a new war.
According to the media, the war will be against Syria and will be based on retaliation for chlorine attacks ordered by President Assad on his own people. Reports to the contrary, totally censored by the US media and being cleaned off the internet by Google and Facebook, are now being taken to the United Nations Security Council and International Criminal Court at The Hague.
The US ignores both institutions. Presidential Advisor John Bolton recently threatened the justices of the ICC with personal retaliation if any cases were brought against American war criminals, himself included.
A History of Crimes
The US has withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Commission as well, though individual Americans, this writer included, maintain delegate status despite threats from the Department of Homeland Security.
The US long quit the Geneva Convention, dropped out of nuclear and space weapon treaties, yet few Americans are aware, no vote was held, no reporting in the media, no consequences debated.
America’s naval activities in the Black Sea violate treaties there, their threats against Iran over that nation’s legal control of the Straits of Hormuz are equally illegal. Trump’s support of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is a war crime as was moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
America’s role in Syria is illegal as is America’s role in the war on Yemen as well. Drone attacks on Pakistan are illegal as is CIA complicity in attacks in Iran.
Past this, America has been caught, particularly in the issue of the National Reference Laboratory in Tbilisi, Georgia, of manufacturing and deploying biological weapons.
America’s rendition program, largely run covertly from Tripoli, Libya through cooperation with the Gaddafi regime, violated not only the rules of war but constituted kidnapping and murder in over 40 nations. Innocents were detained for more than a decade, subjected to illegal military tribunals, tortured and killed, mass graves in Poland, Ethiopia, Egypt, Libya and places few are aware of while one of those responsible, Gina Haspel, has been promoted to head the CIA.
Morally Off-Center
To properly understand the threat, notions long outdated, of American democracy or “Christian decency” must be abandoned. By the 1980’s a “religion of convenience” had supplanted the normal majority sects of Protestant Christianity. Under the heretic doctrine of “Dominionism,” a religion paralleling Christianity arose, melding the back woods “speaking in tongues” and snake handling sects of the primitive and violent regions of poverty-stricken Appalachia with newly formed apocalypse cults centered on support of Zionism and Israel.
Spreading like wildfire, these extremist cults centered on bizarre mistranslations of odd and contradictory bible passages, seeded themselves into dozens of pseudo-Christian sects “infecting” up to 45 million Americans.
Behind it all was, of course, extremism at its purest and the political organizations ready to exploit the ignorant and angry through religious leaders more closely akin to game show hosts and carnival barkers.
At the base of it all were undercurrents of class envy, race hatred, resentment of women and fear, a powerful concoction. Feeding the frenzy was a newly legalized foreign controlled media organization run by Rupert Murdoch, joining a bevy of corporate entities that had long since gutted American journalistic integrity.
Add to this Google and Facebook, their NSA partners and a deterioration of individual protections under legislation such as the Patriot Acts, and the America many believe exists is now and has been long dead.
The Bloodletting
America is terrified of seeing its aircraft and ships sunk. Vietnam destroyed America’s willingness to lose troops publicly. Wars are now fought using mercenaries and terrorists, using missiles and sanctions, fought with propaganda and bluster, cowardice for sure, and cowardice may well be America’s new religion.
The only thing that stops a coward and bully is a bloody nose, this is the lesson of the schoolyard. Donald Trump is often portrayed as a child. He speaks and acts like a spoiled child and those around him are, for all intents and purposes, even those who claim to “rebel,” simply the weak and inadequate, losers and malcontents hiding behind a bully and tyrant.
The situation we are faced with is backing down to a bully and coward, and for those of us living in America, quite shamefully recognizing that the “bully and coward” is in fact “us,” or fighting back.
Domestically, fighting back is considered treason. Even reporting the truth is criminalized and all that is preventing the rounding up of real journalists is the ability of the internet to censor and silence or smear.
For some vague reason, any opposition to America’s insane policies is considered “anti-Semitism.”
The Options
When America attacks Syria, which will be an attack on Russia as well, admittedly or not, there are choices. If nothing is done, knowing America can’t prevent the freeing of Idlib from US backed terror, the world will be safer, for a while.
From there, America will move on to Iran, a base of operations against Russia. America is already moving against Belarus.
To Trump, or more appropriately, those who control Trump, if controlling an angry child is possible at all, pushing Russia to fight back is the Holy Grail. Seeing an American aircraft carrier sunk, American planes down by the S400, the media is waiting to scream “Pearl Harbor” and “9/11.”
Russia won’t use its nuclear arsenal and doesn’t have an economy that will sustain a war against NATO. You see, though NATO has already died, just hasn’t been buried yet, pushing Russia into a shooting war might well reinvigorate NATO. France is onboard, Macron a long proven “tool” and “asset.”
Britain is ungoverned entirely, with madman Boris Johnson ready to seize power.
America believes China is a decade away from military confrontation with the United States. This, perhaps, drives America to push for war now more than anything else. Once China has more aircraft carriers, and this is how America gauges power, America will feel “flanked” in Asia.
If Russia is taken out now, China will stand alone. If Russia is pushed to war now, Europe will fall under America rule again, as it did in 1945, rule by an America that is no longer “American” in any way, manner, shape or form.
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”
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