Patrick McShay, Is it Too Soon to call Kavanaugh’s Accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a Liar?


“My fervent hope is that Brett Kavanaugh will work to lessen the division in the Supreme Court so that we have far fewer 5-4 decisions and public confidence in our judiciary and our highest court is restored. Mr. President, I will vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.”  — Susan Collins, U.S. Senator from Maine

In the process of determining Brett Kavanaugh’s fitness for the Supreme Court, in their duty of “advise and consent”, the Marxist Senators on the left turned the hearings into a circus that Marxist, and mentor to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Saul Alinsky, would have been proud of. Alinsky preached anarchy and rebellion while being funded by some of the richest Jews in America.

Just who do you think is funding and supporting these radicals today? Two big ones are Jewish billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. The two women who accosted Jeff Flake in the widely covered and embarrassing elevator encounter were both drawing salaries from one of the over 200 plus anti-American groups funded by George Soros. Bloomberg funds national anti-gun groups and loves immigrants and refugees. He hates Trump and his nationalist views!

My test for you? Find a Jewish politician in the Congress, Senate or a Jewish billionaire in America that backs an America First agenda. Find one that isn’t anti-gun. Find one that isn’t for open borders, find one that isn’t advocating for Transgenders reading books in libraries to first graders.  Thanks Mr. Obama.

Until America breaks the hold that Israel has over our politicians and political process these maniacs intend to march us all lock step to Armageddon and keep us completely dumbed down until then. One need look no further than our insane policies in Syria and the Ukraine to see that! Longtime CIA Agent Phillip Giraldi says that Israel interferes in our elections more than Russia or any other country.

*Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals #13 – “Pick the target – freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 

This is what they’ve done to Kavanaugh. Their attacks weren’t much different than the attacks most of Trump’s nominees have been subjected too but when their initial assaults didn’t work they came with a smear that involved decades-old sex assault accusations that couldn’t be proven but would make a mess of the proceedings. This will be the new normal.

They would need a compliant Trump hater to lie to the Senate committee. Maybe someone with connections to the CIA. Was she on the deep states radar because of her father’s long-time association with the CIA or because of her work at Stanford?

Turns out Christine Blasey-Ford did hate Trump, but all of her social media accounts were scrubbed before she came forward, why? Did she scrub these accounts herself or did her new handlers take care of it for her?

The pundits in the media have gone on about how credible Blasey-Ford’s testimony was, but we have ways of adjudicating credibility in this country and the process usually involves evidence and witness testimony which, in a case like this, are key to getting at the truth. Her whole story lacked credibility. Ford’s own best friend wouldn’t corroborate her story. She said she wasn’t there, didn’t happen.

The prosecutor brought in to question her didn’t find her at all credible. She said this was worse than a he said/she said accusation.

Her all-girls Holten-Arms school yearbook is filled with memories of drinking games, getting drunk, having sex, blacking out and attending a lot of parties with the local high school boys was apparently not something the school was comfortable sharing with the public. The yearbook was scrubbed way back on September 17. Why did no Republican ask Blasey-Ford about this?

A Family member of Blasey-Ford’s friend since grade school, Leland Keyser, who the good doctor said was at the party where she was allegedly assaulted, said she not only doesn’t remember the party or gathering, she said she has never met Kavanaugh. The relative said this completely blindsided Keyser who has not been close to Ford in a long time and hasn’t spoken to her in years.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Keyser told the FBI that she faced massive pressure from Ford’s handlers to change her sworn testimony and say she was at the party. One of those people was a former FBI Agent. Coaching this witness is wrong on so many levels and shows the left appears to have embraced Alinsky’s “End Justifies The Means” philosophy.  

Blasey-Ford said in her testimony that she told her husband  she wanted to add a 2nd front door to their home because since her alleged assault she suffered from claustrophobia and wanted to have another door to escape from.

 Turns out that was a lie. The door was put in years earlier than she let on and was used as the entrance to a marriage counseling office. An ex-live-in boyfriend of Blasey-Ford said in a letter to the Senate committee that she lied about her fear of flying and her claustrophobia and said in the many years he knew her she never mentioned the alleged assault nor did she ever mention Brett Kavanaugh. That was before the therapist got hold of her in 2012.

He said Blasey-Ford knows quite a bit about lie-detector tests through her work and once coached a friend of theirs on how to pass one. This is important because the prosecutor brought in to question her, specifically asked her that very question. Sounds like perjury to me!

He also revealed that when he broke up with her after catching her cheating on him, she ran up $600 on his credit card and denied it until he threatened to go to the police. What a gal.

Another story she told in her so-called “credible” and “compelling” testimony was when she and her mother went to the Safeway grocery store where Mark Judge worked just weeks after the alleged assault. She said her mother went in one door and she went through the other door where she ran into Judge. In 1982 the store had only one door and would not add a 2nd door until a renovation many years later.

*Was any evidence presented that Brett Kavanaugh ever met Christine Blasey-Ford?

Another twist to this story is the fact that Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh,  presided over a foreclosure action against RalphBlasey Jr and Paula Blasey, Christine’s parents in 1996. Martha Kavanaugh was the judge that filed  the motion to dismiss the foreclosure when the Blasey’s successfully refinanced.

Author D.C. McCallister, who wrote “Catwoman”, has put out a number of tweets in the last few days saying she went to college with Blasey-Ford and knew her well. She mocks her as a promiscuous boozy-floozy, party animal that really got around. I didn’t get the impression they parted on good terms. I know why CNN and MSNBC didn’t have her on but why has no one at FOX interviewed this woman?

My friends at did a series of excellent articles about Blasey-Ford’s father, Ralph Blasey Jr. and his long association as a CIA operative and his work for various CIA proprietaries. Why has this vital information been suppressed? Dr. Blasey-Ford works at Stanford University and mentors a program called “The CIA Undergraduate Internship Program.”

Stanford has also recently scrubbed all photo’s and Job titles for Blasey-Ford to conceal her deep state involvement. A previous professor in her position at Stanford was deeply involved in the CIA’s MK-UlLTRA mind control program.

Past Victims of this program were “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, and Cathy O’Brien, the author of “Trance-Formation of America,” who has accused Hillary Clinton of sexually molesting her as a child. With her father’s CIA connection it’s not a stretch to believe that Blasey-Ford was a victim of this program herself.

Blasey-Fords husband, Russell Ford is the senior director at Zosano Pharma and exclusively specializes in “Mind Altering” Drugs. Russell has also deleted his Facebook page and scrubbed his name from his company website.

Ralph Blasey lll, Ford’s brother, worked for 15 years as an Attorney for Baker-Hostetler, the firm that hired Fusion GPS. They are the company who put together the phony Trump dossier and worked with Obama’s criminal minions at the FBI and the DOJ to illegally go after the Trump team.

*Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals #12- “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

During the hearings it was found that Insane Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office released personal information including home addresses and phone numbers for a number of Republican Senators. The Democrats have taken the gloves off so the Republicans desperately need a big turnout in November or lose all momentum under Nancy Pelosi for the next two years. Losing the House majority would be a disaster for Trump.

We are seeing just the beginning of this Marxist anarchy that will pervade politics in the weeks and month to come. The left appears poised to unleash a number of their most violent factions. George Soros also funds the violent groups “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter.” They will never accept Kavanaugh and they will never accept Trump no matter what he does. Conservatives will be targets until they fight back.

The truth is, the left will never play fair again. Republicans need to buck up! If the Democrats take the house they will stop the Congressional investigation into the vast left wing conspiracy to take down Trump. Enough evidence already exists to prove that Obama and Hillary weaponized the Department of Justice, the FBI, the NSA, and the CIA to spy on Trump and set up this Russian collusion trap.

Trump needs to declassify all of the documents the FBI and DOJ have refused to produce and allow the public to examine them.

This is the biggest political scandal in American history and it gets very little coverage in the complicit media. The country is asleep. Trump has new long term plans to stay in Syria, no doubt his good friend Bibi Netanyahu’s idea. Note the change in rhetoric coming from the Pentagon.

ISIS is no longer a threat, we are told, Iran is now the number one purveyor of terror and evil in the region. Trump also continues to arm the illegitimate government in Ukraine which is a powder keg that could blow up at any time.

Trump needs to be reminded that he promised a different approach to foreign policy than we saw with George Bush “The Dumber” or the Kenyon globalist. Doing Israel’s bidding is no way to go about it.

Patrick J McShay is a writer and researcher whose articles have appeared on over 140 news sites worldwide including,, stateofthe,,,,,,,,,,, whatreallyhappened,com,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mr McShay’s articles have been translated into a number of languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Dutch.
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10 thoughts on “Patrick McShay, Is it Too Soon to call Kavanaugh’s Accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, a Liar?”

  1. During the Kavanaugh hearings, the Dems made it clear that accusations = truth, and that there is no need for evidence and that we must believe survivors, so I wonder what they will do about this:

    In a rather remarkable and detailed anonymous posting on social media a man details his encounter with New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, and how Booker sexually assaulted him in a restroom. According to the victim he reached out to #MeToo champion Ronan Farrow who has done little -so far- to support him. Stunning story

  2. Do .a search for images of this alleged person. There are about 5 that exist, a surfboard with photoshopped sunglasses, an old year book photo, a drunken person, a smiling person, someone with a glass of wine at a bar.. that’s it.
    When we started, on Voat, to search for any audio of the woman to compare to that horrid “sexy baby voice’ there were no recordings at all to be found by all the ‘autists” in the world.
    Then I started looking very closely. I have been in show business a long time and that was a prosthetic “old age” neck. I suspect the face wrinkles as well. Very well done, but pro’s could still tell.
    Why haven’t we seen hide nor hair of her since? Is the make up just too onerous to duplicate? Would comparison photos show they put wrinkles in the wrong place? I don’t believe it was Amy Schumer, but that was old age make up and the fakest voice I have ever heard. Also notice that even though (after her intitial opening statement) she kept dipping her head to the microphone. (Playing naive? ) At one point, her lawyer, Katz, reaches over and LOWERS it!

  3. Though this seems like an obvious hoax (it’s hard to believe anyone with basic critical thinking skills could fall for Dr. Fraud’s story), I was sad to see that Wayne Madsen fell for it completely. Though I haven’t bothered with his site for years (ever since he couldn’t figure out Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon were hoaxes), I decided to login and see what he and his subscribers were saying. He apparently believes Dr. Fraud’s story 100%.

  4. A comment on another blog is relevant here as a point of sanity: “As part of their attempt to deflect attention for their contempt for the female victims of sexual abuse they bring up the point over and over again that we must defend the presumption of innocence and due process. And it is true that in a legal proceeding such as a criminal trial there should indeed be a presumption of innocence and due process. But as countless commentators have pointed out, the Kavanaugh hearing was not a criminal trial but a job interview. And it is perfectly legitimate in such a proceeding to draw certain conclusions based on one’s judgment of the credibility of the testimony. Any objective observer would have to conclude Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony was completely credible and that Kavanaugh was lying. Kavanaugh was clearly guilty of perjury in some of his testimony. It is true that none of this constitutes proof that Kavanuagh committed the crime he was accused of, but again this was not a criminal trial and the level of evidence required to form a judgment as to this person’s qualifications for one of the most important and powerful positions in the country does not rise to the level required for a guilty verdict in a criminal trial. It would be quite odd if it did as that would make it practically impossible to ever form a reasonable judgment about anyone applying for an important job.”

    1. No one who looks at the totality of the evidence, including the other blogs here about the Kavanaugh hearings, would have found her testimony “credible”. It was a theatrical performance, where Blasey Ford appears to have hypnotized herself to believe her allegations. But the fact that she could not remember how she arrived or, most importantly, how she departed blows her cover. If she had in fact suffered trauma from this groping (which is a bit of a stretch on its face), how could she have not remembered the party who arrived to save her from this “den of iniquity”? That someone had come to protect her would have been indelibly etched in her memory. It was a scam.

  5. I don’t just doubt the credibility of the rape charge… I flat out don’t believe her. That said, Brett Kavanaugh should be rejected for other reasons. The Supreme Court confirmation was deep state theater, nothing more. None of the really serious questions about Brett’s history ever got asked and likely never will get asked. Not by the Senate and certianly not the FBI.

    I’d ask Brett if he agreed with the Patriot Act and if so how was it Constitutional in any way, shape or form? It bypasses the Consitutional exception to the 4th amendment requiring Judge authorization of search warants. It allows Federal law enforcement to write their own search warants as long as there’s two agents involved. I would ask Brett what he had to do with making the tyrannical Patriot Act happen? He was there on Bush’s Team when it was enacted; Whitehouse Council.

    The Senate also gave a pass on Brett’s link to the Vince Foster murder case that got conveniently put to bed as a suicide.That was during Brett’s time as part of Kenneth Starr’s team and the drive to impeach Slick Willy. The Vince Foster murder was another big Clinton scandal miraculously deflected like it was just a bug on the windshield. Compare the murder of Slick Willy’s lawyer to the Monica Lewinsky scandel. Really no comparison. The media whitewashed the Vince Foster murder into a suicide while around the clock censationaling Slick’s Willy’s blowjob as an impeachable offense. They call that limited hang out like a Murderer taking heat for shop lifing. That way, people care even less about a dead lawyer; secretly wishing the body count was higher. Even if he was the President’s personal Lawyer. If the Re-Blood-Li-Cans really wanted to impeach Slick Willy, they should have nailed him on Vince Foster’s Murder, or Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s Murder or incinerating the Branch Davidians at Waco. Or drug running out of Mena. Arkansas while Slick Willy was Governor. Or a hundred things more serious than cheating on Killery. Limited hang out… copping to a parking ticket while dodging the firing squad.

    If I was a Senator, I’d ask Brett about his Jesuit training; notice I didn’t say educated. Someone from We Are Change cornered the leader of the Jesuit Order “the Black Pope” and asked him about the Jesuit Oath’s vow to kill all heretics. He acted like he was unaware; not terribly convincing. The Black Pope reacted similar to how the Catholic Church does with their child raping Priests. The Vatican pays off the victims in the Billions and move the child raping Priests to a new hunting ground. The Boston Globe exposed 96 Priests just in the Boston area that had a history of raping boys and were moved there regardless. When Brett said he was Jesuit educated at the confirmation, he should have been skewered by a real Protestant and grilled on the Jesuit Oath. If he agreed with the Oath to kill all heretics or would he renounce the Jesuit Oath of murdering them – no matter their age sex or condition; murdering babies is in there as well. While everyone is all over the rape charge, true or not? I was wondering what they weren’t asking Brett about.

    Here is the bit on the jesuit oath, the leader of the Jesuit order claims to be unaware of his order advocates killing all non-beleivers in the Catholic faith

    Here is Judge Napolitano’s short bit on the Patriot Act, connecting it with Brett Kavanaugh as White House Council during enactment.

  6. Claims to have had 1 beer and can’t remember how she got 8 miles home. This was after she swears she was almost raped and feared being murdered. What?

    100% not believable.

    This is a hole in her story you can drive 4 Mack trucks through with room to spare.

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