Mona Alexis Pressly: The Thousand Oaks False Flag, Part II

“Make no mistake about it gun control is not about crook control. It’s about America control”Derrick Grayson

Mona Alexis Presley

The Dispatch audio

There are many questions once again with this “shooting” as in all the others. The questions from drills in the past have been answered with censorship. All Sandy Hook opposition is being taken down on the internet. Videos, articles, blogs, websites, and pictures proving these shootings are all drills with a specific agenda are quietly disappearing so the criminals can write history that match their lies.

Here is one of many contradictions in the news. The VCStar reported, “After spraying bullets for almost three minutes and killing 11 other victims, the gunman then went into an office near the front of the bar where he was found dead, apparently killing himself, police said”.  However, the police dispatch have a different report. They say that he was shot 3 times in the chest and he was at the south side in the back of the bar.

Listen to the dispatch audio for yourself by clicking this link: the dispatch audio.

All the World’s A Stage

As in the other drills that have happened since the Aurora shooting there has been a shift in witness accounts and family members speaking to the press. You can find the people in recent shootings (2012- Current) people smiling more than not. We have witnessed this phenomenon at Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, and the list goes on.  People when involved with a trauma or death usually do not spend their time smiling. This should not have to be explained.

Also, in the past when families lost their loved ones it was rare that the family came on television to comment. Now, with these drills you have mom, dad, grandfather and whomever else they can create to interview so to get those donations rolling in.

Photos from High Impact Vlogs

Furthermore, the people at the Thousand Oaks bar were also victims at the Las Vegas shooting last year October, 2017. Now what are the odds?

The Political Agenda

The agenda is not gun control but gun confiscation. This people behind the agenda will never stop until they have accomplished their mission. If we as a nation do not demand the exposure of all false flags, drills, including the JFK shooting we will continue to be controlled by the runaway tyrannical, corrupt government. Here’s the latest from a CA Democrat who wants to run for President:

The laws that are gaining the most ground since the Parkland shooting are the red flag laws. This is Trump’s doing by stating in a meeting with the gun grabbers that we should forget about due process. Take the guns now and sort everything out later. This means that they can now take away your guns before you have committed a crime just because a family member, friend, foe states you seem unstable. An innocent man has already been a victim of these laws when he refused to hand over his guns.

National “Red Flag” Laws in the Works

There is a federal “Red Flag” law in the works, promoted by the House Democrats. Even the President has supported them, going so far as to say, “Take the guns first and do due process later”, which, of course, is completely unconstitutional. Very troubling.

A patriot on twitter responded to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) who suggested that guns be confiscated. The patriot stated he would never turn in his guns and there will be a revolution if they try to confiscate guns. The California government tyrant responded that a revolution would be short because the governmenthas nukes.”  Seriously, when did the communists take over this country and where are Americans outrage? We the people have let our government cross the line by allowing them to pass ANY gun control laws at all. Any law passed is a violation of the 2nd Amendment. We need to undo the damage that has been done with gun control measures and throw out ALL gun control laws. Period end of discussion.

A meme created by Mark Passio says it best:

“You see, evil men, the likes of whom have sought to enslave their fellow man since the dawn of creation, took America not by might or strength of arms, but by deception and guile.Eric J. Martindale


Mona Alexis Pressley, Conspiracy Realist and M.A. in psychology, has conducted extensive research into the identities and causes of death of those who have been listed as “victims” of the Las Vegas event. She has authored many blogs published at (which was recently deleted as another target of the social mediagiant’s e orts to suppress conservative views and conspiracy research,now replaced by, including “Nobody Died at the LasVegas Concert,” “Con rmed: Nobody died at the Law Vegas Concert,”“Las Vegas Police Scanner and Crime Map” and “Stephen Paddock: More Las Vegas Lies.” Among her most important contributions has been the discovery that the obituaries published by USA Todayand other prominent venues were based upon persons who died ondi erent dates or in di erent states or from di erent causes of death.

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    1. All of the mortgages in Sandy Hook and local areas were paid-off in full…..including most of the empty lots. The money was funnelled through shell companies so that it cannot be traced.

      Investigators were told by homeowners that they were warned to ”keep their mouths shut”.

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