Jeff Thomas, Is Democracy the Ultimate Distraction?

Jeff Thomas

In the days of yore, there were kings. Everybody could agree to hate the king because he was rich and well-fed, when most of his minions were not.

Then, a more effective system was invented: democracy. Its originators had in mind a system whereby the populace could choose their leader from amongst themselves – thereby gaining a leader who understood them and represented them.

In short order, those amongst the populace who wished to rule found a way to game the new system in a way that would allow them to, in effect, be kings, but to do so from behind the scenes, whilst retaining the illusion of democracy.

The formula is to create two opposing political parties. Each is led by someone who’s presented as being a “representative of the people.”

You then present the two parties as having opposing views on governance. It matters little what the differences are. In fact, you can have the differences be as obscure and arbitrary as, say, gay rights or abortion, and they will work as well as any other differences. What matters is that your two parties object to each other strenuously on the declared issues, working the electorate into a lather.

Once you have each group hating the other group “on principle,” you’re home free. At that point, you’ve successfully completed the distraction. The electorate now believe that, whatever the trumped-up issues are, they’re critical to the ethical governance of the country.

Most importantly, the electorate actually believe that their future well-being depends on the outcome of the next election – that it will decide whether their own view on the issues will prevail.

In a dictatorship, the leaders try to convince the people to support the dictatorship by claiming that more than 90% of the people voted for the dictator. But this is primitive thinking. It results in the same focused anti-leader sentiment that plagued the kings.

Far better to have the people fail to recognise who their actual rulers are and focus on the candidates, who are mere bit players and are changed as needed.

And, in a country where the illusion of democracy has become refined, the rulers come to understand that elections should not result in an overwhelming victory for one party or the other. Quite the opposite. If it can be arranged effectively, the best election is one that results in a 51% to 49% split.

This ensures that the 49% will not lose hope – that they’ll be both frustrated and angry at their near-miss, and redouble their efforts in the next election in order to have a win. And the 51% will wipe their collective brow in relief at having won, but will fear losing their slim advantage next time around.

And if the outcome needs tweaking, that, too, can easily be done.

Both parties must remain both hopeful and fearful. Keep them focused on each other – hating each other – and they’ll never figure out that you control both candidates like marionettes. The focus should never be on you, the real ruling class.

It’s also quite important to switch winners often. The ball should bounce back and forth from one party to the other frequently, allowing each winning party to dump the other party’s actual accomplishments when they take over.

However, just as important, the new winning party does not rescind the more oppressive accomplishments of the previous party. In this way, it becomes possible for the only long-term accomplishments to be the growing power of the government over the population, not advances for the populace.

And of course, this, by definition, means that the real rulers, the perennial group of individuals who control those who are elected – continually expand their power and wealth at the expense of the electorate.

But what of the candidates themselves? Do they recognise that they’re mere foot soldiers in the game?

Ideally, no. At any given time in any society, there are sufficient people whose egos exceed their abilities. Such individuals are ideal as candidates, as they tend to love the limelight, but will easily cave to the desires of those who made their candidacy possible. No candidate at the higher levels ever attains office without owing his soul to his backers. That ensures that, in spite of their public bravado, they remain controllable by their masters.

What’s extraordinary in this picture is that it’s possible for the populace to figure out the scam and yet, still believe that they live in a democratic system in which their vote may decide the future of the country.

Increasingly, particularly in Europe and North America, the citizenry are becoming aware that the Deep State collectively rule the countries. They understand that this largely invisible group of people are the true rulers, yet they vainly imagine that somehow the puppet leaders that they elect have the power to effect a solution.

In the UK, the electorate imagine that Boris Johnson will actually take them out of the European Union.

Instead, he delivers a Brexit deal that’s a reheated version of the Theresa May Brexit deal, which is not Brexit at all, but a perverse form of remain.

The Brexit debate is mere window dressing for democracy, whilst the Deep State carries on, according to its plan – the unelected EU government rules the UK.

In America, Donald Trump tweets in the morning that he will take US troops out of Syria. No doubt, as an individual, this is what he hopes he’ll be allowed to do.

But he’s immediately castigated by the media. He’s given his marching orders from the Deep State that, once again, he’s to do as he’s told. By the next day, Mister Trump announces a reversal of his decision.

There will be no end to the Middle East war for the US. It’s far too profitable. The discussion is mere window dressing for democracy, whilst the Deep State carries on, according to its plan.

Time after time, regardless of how adamant the marionettes are that they’ll follow the will of the people and save the day, in every case, the people’s hopes are dashed and the national policy reverts to business as usual.

In every case, the true leaders create the problems, cash in on them, then present the government as the solution to the problems, then cash in again.

In every case, the electorate pick up the tab and, rather than rebel, vainly hope that the next election will provide them with a group of marionettes who will actually deliver them from evil.

What’s astonishing is not that the Deep State lives only for its own ends, but that the populace recognise that it exists and still imagine that change from the status quo is possible.

Voting is not intended to count. It’s meant to be the pacifier that’s inserted into the public mouth periodically, when the public become grumpy that they must submit to kings.

*  *  *

Democracy offers a false sense of hope that things will change for the better. In all likelihood, the public will vote itself more and more “free stuff” until it causes an economic crisis. Unfortunately, there’s little any individual can practically do to change the course of these trends in motion. The best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself in the best way possible, and even profit from the situation. That’s precisely bestselling author Doug Casey and his team just released an urgent new video. It explains what exactly is happening and how you can protect yourself. Click here to watch it now.

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8 thoughts on “Jeff Thomas, Is Democracy the Ultimate Distraction?”

  1. For my money, one of the most brilliant comments ever on ZH: (for the sake of discretion, I’ll leave off the name)

    46 minutes ago

    People who are Red Pilled will not go back to sleep. People who are awake remain vigilant. As we see conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory become black ink facts, the individual and collective sheep goes black. Truth seekers go rogue. Truth seekers get their own comms. Every Truth is true always. If something is True it is always true. This dis-covering of Truth is a relief. Many have spent their whole lives and never knew one fact. That’s the way some people want us to live, so that they can persist. And while they persist, they become ever more useless to the survival of our species. And after so long, they simply work against survival of the species, actively, trying to convince grade school kids they are a different sex. That’s where we are.

    What “Total Information Awareness” does to a person is also the reason why we see all the censorship online happening right now. It’s why MSM rags like Newsweek are going broke… and look at the number of arrests and convictions of human trafficking and sex crime operations are silmultaneous to events of the day. Hmm. The wheels of justice are turning, but it’s not reported.

    What total information awareness offers is the light of Truth on the wicked and it forever encourages truth seekers to dig and share. The motive of a Red Pilled Truth seeking God fearing Nation proud free individual is that they don’t want to consent to being a tax slave for inbred psychopaths. We’re pretty fair: we work for a living, so you work for a living. That is called society.

    I’m tired of elected inside club wannabes ruining my life, my kids lives, my parent’s lives on down to establish further reason to deprive us ALL of any increase or peace or knowledge or useful, productive and creative power and WEALTH. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just go down to PetSmart and spend an hour. This is how our “betters” look at us, like one might buy any living “pet” or demographic or tool or species and their habitat to one’s wants and needs. Occasionally, like when Prince Andrew’s Mum lets him go out to play he can visit his menagerie and fuck the choicest livestock he desires in a theme park setting in private.

    I’m sick of being lied to in my face by vapid self-enriching bastards. And I’m done with the intellectually dishonest scholar cheer leaders of accademia who don’t have the courage of having an idea or dreaming of one alone or in a faculty club meeting. Those bastards wouldn’t dare to use their own minds to further their knowledge or ours and they know it and love it.

    You cannot put America back in the box. That’s what Trump is doing. He’s opening the Box. Americans love it. Those are the facts. For the many Americans who don’t see that the door to their cage is open, for those who are too afraid to leave the cage, it is ok. This is also typical behavior of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Factitious Disorder by Proxy… learned helplessness. You were taught to shun the community for the safe space of University and inside the University a safe space will be provided to coddle and protect you while you are ac-cult-urated to the Jim Jones Ivory Epstein Island. All that matters is that you cannot bear living in a society with freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience. Domesticated people are easy to control and give tenured professors a reason to exist. They exist to steal your ideas and/or determine your doctorate, depending on the funding from the Government. Gate keepers. So for those of you who are miserable about life, consider if you are just feeling alone and afraid.

    When you actually wake up, are born, die, whatever, you are on your own. And that’s exactly why China want’s to play crossing guard for over a Billion people with their People’s bank that only benefits the politbureau. Even the idea of freedom is bred out of the Chinese by packing them into cities and making them build paper mache empires in the desert. It’s not real life. It’s exercise. I hope they put our good WTC steel to use in the coverup of human divinity to enjoy rich lives of stability where nothing ever changes.

  2. An excellent article from ZH …think you have any rights since 1913 and more recently 9/11/2001?
    Think again. An excerpt:

    In fact, if the proponents of the Constitution had told the American people after the Constitutional Convention that the Constitution was bringing into existence a national-security state in which federal officials would wield the power to assassinate, indefinitely detain, spy on, and torture them, as well as a welfare state that would mandate charity, to put them into jail for drug possession, and to centrally control and manage their economic activity, they would have summarily rejected the deal and continued operating under the Articles of Confederation, the governmental system under which they had been operating and one in which the powers of the federal government were so weak that it didn’t even have the power to tax.

  3. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. You saw that in the Virginia House elections this year. The election board decided Nick Freitas’s paper work was missing some dotted i’s and uncrossed t’s, so they took Republicans off the ballot completely in his district, not just Nick. It was so outrageous it was beyond the pale. Nick Freitas is the most outspoken defender of the Bill of Rights you will find. Former Green Beret’s last speech at the Virginia House was so powerful and compelling on gun rights that several Dim-O-Craps had to cover their ears and run away, bolting out of the assembly like Vampires escaping daylight in fright. Nick is my pick to run for President in 2024. This interview is worth your time. Nick overcame impossible odds to win his write in campaign

  4. Here we have the US, INC. invading….er…I mean…spreading democracy…..(Benjamin Fulford…a grain of salt as usual)

    December 2, 2019
    Trump lashes out in all directions as world tension escalates to dangerous levels
    By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 33 Comments

    World tensions are reaching a dangerous boiling point as an increasingly isolated U.S. President Donald Trump lashes out in all directions. It looks like Trump is trying to rally U.S. military support for war against Denmark and Mexico in an attempt to seize resources to finance the U.S. corporate government, multiple sources agree. A major financial sabotage campaign is also underway against China, highlighted by the U.S. dollar bond default of a company with revenue of the satanic number of $66.6 billion. Meanwhile, Trump backers are lashing out against the British royal family. Remember, Trump has already labeled the EU “a foe.”

    All of this activity is related to the fact that, despite stealing the Japanese people’s pension money, the U.S. corporation still does not have a clear path to meeting its January 31, 2020 payment deadline. It is interesting to note in this context that Brexit is now scheduled for January 31, 2020.

    Let’s start by looking at the situation with Mexico. The U.S. has now deployed three aircraft carrier groups around that country as “the U.S. military prepares to attack Mexican drug cartels, who may be armed and trained by Mossad,” Pentagon sources say.

    While we can independently confirm that some of the drug cartel fighters have indeed been trained by Mossad, we also know that this war on Mexico is really about stealing Mexican oil, silver, and other resources to finance the U.S. corporation. That’s why the Mexican military has publicly come out in support of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Amlo).

    Russia has also deployed nuclear-armed submarines around the U.S. coastline, and Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly declared earlier this year that his country is ready for another Cuban missile crisis.

    What this means is that Trump is going to have to back down, because the U.S. military is not going to start a nuclear war to steal resources to support a foreign-owned UNITED STATES CORPORATION.

    Next let us look at Denmark. Here, Lars Findsen, head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, said Greenland was now a top security issue for Denmark because a “power game is unfolding” between the U.S. and other global powers in the Arctic. Trump cancelled an August state visit to Denmark and called their Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen “nasty” after she refused to sell Greenland to the U.S.

    These events follow the installation of a Nazi government in Brazil and a seizure of lithium resources in Bolivia by U.S. Special Forces. Clearly the Trump administration is trying to turn the American continent into a fortress. Unfortunately, Canada (the British Empire), Denmark (the EU), and Mexico (supported by Russia and the Vatican) stand in his way.

    Now let us turn to the economic attack against China, where CIA sources in Asia promise, “China’s economy and financial system will most likely implode within …

  5. I think democracy was probably ok. It might have been manipulated afterwards. I think it is more likely it is more opportunistic than planned. A lot is because people don’t care.

  6. Yes, democracy is a brilliantly crafted deception and more and more people are recognizing it as really tyranny and dictatorship. Same goes for the equally brilliantly crafted deceptions and hopium called “our Constitution” and “our Constitutional republic” and “the rule of law.”

    Was liking this article until…

    “The best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself in the best way possible, and even profit from the situation. ”

    That seems reasonable on the surface but profiting from the situation personally can get really ugly when people who are in a dire emergency situation are financially taken advantage of under the guise of the all-good price gouging ideas of the libertarians.

    Genesis 50:20
    quoting Joseph, son of the patriarch Jacob and his wife Rachel, in the Old Testament whose brothers robbed him and sold him into slavery and then Joseph was used by God to save Israel from starvation.

    “[20] You thought evil against me: but God turned it into good, that he might exalt me, as at present you see, and might save many people. ”

    Quoting Dr. Stan Monteith…

    “Always remember the admonition that “between man’s plan in time and God’s plan in eternity – there is an infinite quality of difference”. We are to stand on God’s side in all that we do – and having done all – to stand. ”

    Seek the truth as best you can and be thankful today to the One Who is Truth.

    1. Isn’t that what Wall street is all about…profiting from the misfortune of others.
      Demolish the ‘stock market’ and rid the world of its evil…let real supply and demand rule the market.
      Turn over the money changers tables forever.


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