IMPEACHMENTgate: The Deep State Coup Conspiracy and Democrat Scandal that Will Forever Destroy their Treasonous Party


Deep State Hoax Carried Out to Distract
from the Countless Democrat Scandals,
Criminal Conspiracies and Coup Attempts

The primary criminal conspiracy is the ongoing Deep State-directed coup d’état that continually morphs from one massive Democrat crime spree into another.

State of the Nation

Impeachment Fiasco

Now that the Democrats have done the dirty deed, every American is compelled to ask:

What in the world is really going on?! 

While it appears to be very complicated, and it is, it’s really all very simple.

The short answer is found in the subtitle of this post: “IMPEACHMENTgate is a transparent Deep State Hoax Carried Out to Distract from the Countless Democrat Scandals, Criminal Conspiracies and Naked Betrayals”

The longer answer is that the Democrat Party has become so corrupt and criminal in their collective and individual conduct that they have no choice but to majorly distract the body politic from their many scandals.  There are now so many Democrat scandals, and so much criminality perpetrated by the Left, that it boggles the mind.  Therefore, they truly feel they have no other option but to blow the whole place up … as in orchestrate an obviously false impeachment of an innocent POTUS.

What better way to start a second civil war — right during the holidays — than to unjustly impeach a President whose only ‘crime’ was to LAWFULLY investigate Democrat transgressions of federal law.

Really, exactly who is it that is intentionally ruining the Christmas season with an utterly reckless and politically grotesque impeachment proceeding? See The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

KEY POINT: Remember the Democrats have always been extremely proficient at accusing the opposition of the very crimes and scandals and wrongdoings that they have themselves committed.  President Trump has repeatedly been a victim of this ploy.  And, it works like a charm … … … but only up to a certain point.

What outrageous scandals?  What vast criminal conspiracies? What brazen cover-ups? What lawlessness and corruption?  What institutional malfeasance?

How about these:



























UKRAINEgate 1 & 2













KEY POINT: Even the original Watergate scandal was really about Pedogate.  Now how many folks know about that?! See DEEP STATE BOMBSHELL: Watergate was really about Pedogate.  That’s why the Democrats took down Richard Nixon so hard and so fast; they were fearful about his acquiring Pedogate evidence on prominent and/or powerful liberals inside the Beltway.

Of all the “‘Gate scandals”, the two that are by far the most radioactive and dangerous to the Left, are EPSTEINgate and Pedogate.

However, the scandal that will take down the Democrat Party forever is likely to be IMPEACHMENTgate.  This particular Democrat crime wave, which was necessary for the Left to successfully bring impeachment charges, is so large and complex that practically everyone in the DNC and Democrat Congressional leadership is somehow involved. Which is a very good thing as it will assist in permanent dissolution the Democrat Party in the not-too-distant future.


What makes IMPEACHMENTgate so HUGE and deadly to the DEMs is that they have succeeded in pissing off the entire Right.  More significantly, the Democrats have exposed their corrupt and criminal MO as no political party has ever done in history.

The whole electorate has easily seen through the impeachment charade.  Half of those people see the flagrant injustice of it all; the other half has no conscience. See: The Most Rabidly Partisan and Unjustifiable POTUS Impeachment in American History

Hence, the impeachment process itself has driven a stake deep into the heart of the American body politic.  This was done with highly purposeful design which will soon manifest well beyond the new year.

The New World Order globalist cabal planned for such a fraudulent impeachment inquiry to anger and enrage the Right like there’s no tomorrow.  The desperate power elite knows that when the Right finally gets mad, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

The various goals of this NWO scheme to divide and conquer the American people are many and diverse.  Ultimately, the globalists plan is to transform this nation into a totalitarian USSA where “A” stands for Amerika.  This clandestine plot has been occurring under the radar for decades as a precursor to the formation of the North American Union superstate modeled after the imploding European Union.  At that point, the American Republic will no longer exist.

BORDERgate: Soros-Funded Border Crashing All About Covert Formation of North American Union


As previously written, the most radioactive of all of those Democrat scandals shown above is the very last one listed—EPSTENgate.  Not only are Hillary and Bill Clinton implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein RICO crime spree, so are many other Democrat VIPs and NWO globalists whose names have yet to be revealed. See: Jeffrey Epstein’s “Little Black Book”: LOTs of VIPs, Powerbrokers and Illuminati Families

When folks come to the correct understanding that Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself, and that Epstein was not murdered in a jail cell, and that eyewitnesses testified that he was secretly smuggled out of the facility, you know this is the BIGGEST scandal of all just waiting to explode across the nation. See: Prison Eye-witness Says Epstein Was Released Alive in a Wheelchair at 4:15 AM on Day of Alleged Suicide

This is why the global meme: “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” is so critical to exposing the true depth and breadth of EPSTEINgate.  And, why This Lynchpin MEME Will Take Down the Shadow Government.

There are even those political analysts and commentators (such as SOTN) who have surmised that IMPEACHMENTgate was quite deliberately staged by the Democrats as a means of distracting from EPSTEINgate, as well as from numerous other scandals.  As follows:

Was This Impeachment Really Started To Distract Us From Jeffrey Epstein’s Murder?

The bottom line here is that Deep State operatives are using the Democrat communists to distract, divert and misdirect from so many crimes and scandals.  They really thought Hillary was going to win … and when she lost, they were faced with implementing the biggest cover-ups in U.S. history.

How the Deep State Democrats will possibly continue to cover up so many real criminal conspiracies remains to be seen.  After all, there does come a point when the task of multitudinous cover-ups becomes virtually impossible to carry out in any meaningful way.

The upshot of the foregoing compendium of Democrat serial criminality and corruption is that they can never again be permitted to hold power, especially within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government.  And, that it’s now imperative the Democrat Party be dissolved and outlawed for the good of the Republic.

SPECIAL NOTE: There has been a palpable display today — the day after the official impeachment of Donald Trump — of incredulity and shock, apprehension and dismay because of this gross miscarriage of injustice.  Whether one likes or dislikes the President is quite irrelevant in this case.  What the demented Democrats did was greatly undermine the “checks and balances” well intended by the framers of the U.S. Constitution.  In so doing, the U.S. Congress has set an exceedingly dangerous precedent whereby the House can threaten any future POTUS with impeachment should the opposition party take umbrage with any presidential action or statement.  Truly, this nation has been mortally wounded by barbarians who are not only inside the gate, they have ascended to seats of power and now pose grave threats to the continuity of this Republic. See: Pelosi’s Impeachment Charade Does Profound Damage to the Republic—IRREPARABLE DAMAGE!

State of the Nation
December 19, 2019

Editor’s Note

Please, loyal readers, distribute this important post far and wide.  Everyone needs to have a comprehensive reference list of Democrat scandals and crimes that’s easily accessible for the full-scale cyber-war that’s about to commence in earnest.  Thank you!

Update 1

It’s now clear that Speaker Nancy Pelosi would hold the articles of impeachment until Election Day if she could get away with it.  The last thing the Democrats want is for the Republican Senate majority to quickly dismiss the fraudulent charges against Trump during the home stretch of the campaign season.   In this way, Pelosi not only holds the POTUS over a barrel, so to speak, she can also continue to use the patently false impeachment allegations to distract the electorate from the many real scandals delineated above. See Despicable Democrat Refusal to Submit Articles of Impeachment Exposes Their Criminal Hoax

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23 thoughts on “IMPEACHMENTgate: The Deep State Coup Conspiracy and Democrat Scandal that Will Forever Destroy their Treasonous Party”

  1. Could it be true??…Is the Wicked Witch from the LEFT going down??

    CONFIRMED: NANCY IS GOING DOWN AND HER ONLY HOPE IS IMPEACHMENT. That’s why she’s paying bribes of up to $10 million out of government coffers under the blanket scam funding reason of “humanitarian aid” to get Trump impeached, and also why we really need to watch out until January 4.

  2. Michael Kreiger explains why Trump is hated!

    And he points out how a very small group of people in the US (Jewish) are looting the country via central banking and that their long term plan is to impoverish the population to the extent that the US becomes a slave plantation—– like China.

    The mechanism: Central Bank prints money and gives it away. It could be going to hedge funds as far as we know because the Fed’s operations are secret. We don’t even know if the Fed’s balance sheet (which should reflect all money printing) is correct. Everything is smoke and mirrors now: “QE” becomes “repo”.

    In any event, new money finds it’s way into the stock market (not the loan book), the rich become richer via the inflated stock market, and the working class is decimated by inflation.

    We must step away from the system or be swallowed by it.

      1. I left. But for those who still have hope I would suggest figuring out how to get by without rubbing shoulders with bankers and the government in general.

  3. Today, people I know in Russia are well aware that Russian TV news is 99% state government propaganda and have known it for many decades. To them its a joke. I would guess that 100% of Russian people know this.

    But residents of the USA are a bit on the ignorant side and proud of their ignorance.

    In the USA, 99+% of the people are totally unaware that the TV and radio news is government controlled by Operation Mockingbird and its other names. They say things like ”its left wing or big business controlled. Its not, its government controlled by several 3 letter agencies and has been since the 1950s.

  4. Trump has worked with Jews all his life and he knows their business ways as I do. His daughter Ivanka married an Orthodox Jew in 2009 – Jared Kushner and she converted to his religion.

    Trump carries on the long tradition of support for Israel and with it there’s a lot of guilt.

    Jared’s paternal grandparents, Reichel and Joseph Kushner, were Holocaust survivors who came to the U.S. in 1949 from Navahrudak, now in Belarus.

    So all of this history bubbles and boils in Trump’s mind and he acts accordingly. Trump goes along to get along.

    1. Don……..I do not think that at this point, anyone questions Trump’s Zionist/Jewish affiliations. IF he is going along to get along, it could well be that Israel and/or the Zionists understand his motives and where they may be leading. If so, this would account for the leftist/Jewish assault on his presidency.
      But again, as I have said, it could be they are all working against We the People and this distraction covers something even more nefarious…

      1. ((IF he is going along to get along, it could well be that Israel and/or the Zionists understand his motives and where they may be leading. If so, this would account for the leftist/Jewish assault on his presidency.))…….from above.

        What think you RS?

      2. Don’t feel bad, RS…no one understands. This is all speculation. For the umphteenth time, the contradiction is WHY would a Zionist controlled CONgress go after a president that is cow-towing to Israel? The only explanation I can come up with is Trump has some ace in the hole and the CONgress and Israel know and are doing their best to get rid of him. What that ace may be and if it’s true…who knows, eh?
        Obviously, this could all be wishful thinking and they are all scheming against We the People where the impeachment nonsense is all a theatrical production and is just another nail in the coffin of our sovereignty.

  5. With respect to the impeachment, I’m totally confused. Trump gives the Jews anything they want so why would Jews try to remove him?

    Maybe the Jew led impeachment is a fake in that it was designed not to remove Trump but to simply distract the sheeple while the Jew World Order is perfected in the background.

    And another thing: Is Trump actually on board with the Jew World Order (as it would appear), or is he a controlled tool and a fraud?

    1. I’ve asked the same questions myriad times and have yet to receive an acceptable answer. Presently, it looks like a show and distraction as globalization marches on. What better way to control the opposition than to be the opposition, eh?
      I would love to be wrong and hale Q as a modern Nostradamus.
      If I was able to see Schiff, Pelosi, Nadler and Hillary in a perp walk, my cup would truly runneth over.

  6. I read this with the Saints vs.Titans on in the background. We must be the most well entertained society in history. Isn’t that part of the problem? With so much unpleasantness happening in DC, turning to the refuge of bread and circus is a natural reaction and why so many people simply don’t trouble themselves with politics. There’s a reason sports go 24-7-365. Well entertained and well fed makes us malnourished on what’s being done to us and this country. I support our President but not unconditionally. I don’t care much for Trump doing nothing but exploding the national debt, allowing mineral extraction in the Escalante Staircase for example, I don’t care for Trump being Israel’s Bitch, I’m alarmed how many swamp creatures Trump brought into the administration. I’d like to see every last US soldier brought home from Italy, Germany, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. I’d like to see every last dime of foreign aid cut. And yet while disagreeing with our President, Nothing Trump has done warrants what the Dim-O-craps have done.

  7. How about the multiple false flag shooting-Gates….WHY are those not mentioned?
    Also, remember the DEMS stole the 2018 election through various means AND Google. Ballot reform could have stopped that dead in it’s track BEFORE the Dems had control of the house.
    I STILL have to believe they are both working together AGAINST WE THE PEOPLE.
    I refuse to give Trump a pass re ballot reform AND his outrageous support of Zionism

  8. Obama had a very wicked way of dealing with the many scandals on his administration….he simply ignored them and weeks later said that he had read about them in the newspapers. The Mockingbird media also conveniently ignored them.


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