Scott Bennett, The Corona Virus:  America’s Last Revolution or New Renaissance?

By Scott Bennett

The corona virus phenomenon will define Donald Trump either as the greatest American President in history, or the worst.  It all depends on him; and it especially depends on his ability to listen to the American people, not his advisors.  Here’s why.


The American situation is this.  Social unrest and civil war in America are weeks away.  Anyone who denies this is a coward, a fool, or a liar; and certainly not aware of American’s sense of identity and destiny.  Let us remember the California Rodney King riots which occurred in the 1990’s when a group of police officers were videotaped beating-up a black man who refused to submit to orders.  This very same scenario could easily unfold if the police forget this lesson and are recorded physically harassing or abusing or arresting citizens who refuse to “stay at home” or are caught sitting outside a coffee shop or are seen playing with their kids at a park.  This would be a disaster for the police, spark an uprising, and quite possibly create a civil war unlike anything America has ever seen.  In fact it could change America forever.  Here’s how.

The moment Americans begin to feel their personal suffering and loss is no longer tolerable, is the moment they will no longer tolerate any police officer, national guardsman, or government bureaucrat ordering them to stay home, stagnate, and die of hunger or boredom.  It is the moment citizens begin to push back; and if the police rise-up or flex their muscle to intimidate, bully or crackdown on this impulse in citizens to liberate themselves, the citizens will enter a frame of mind not seen since 1776, and revolution and civil war will result.  This means the deaths of hundreds of police, military personnel, and actors turned politicians trying to oppress them.  Anyone who doesn’t believe this, doesn’t understand the true nature of the American mind and soul.  Statecraft is not stagecraft.  Governor Newsom would be well advised to silence himself about his new “nation-state” and temper his reliance on disordered advice from Mr. Perez and Ms. Pelosi.

Essentially there are only two paths for Trump to follow:

1) empower and strengthen every aspect of American life while defeating his political enemies; or

2) empower and strengthen his political enemies by increasing the absolute power and control of the American government.

Either by design or accident, the Corona virus outbreak and economic domino effect has essentially branded China a diseased danger to the rest of the world and dishonest business partner.  However, this does not translate into American domestic tranquility. As much as Americans may quietly like the idea of China being punished and defeated for its decades of intellectual property theft, and want to see American industry and manufacturing jobs return to the United States, the only thing that will pacify the American people is the immediate return of all their liberties, rights, and personal freedoms to travel, work, assemble, and worship.

Historically the self-imposed authoritarian police-state is fueled by uncertainty which gradually sours and grows into fear, and then like a cancer, eventually—sometimes taking many decades—kills the entire body politic and the police-state itself—which is essentially what happened to the Soviet Union in 1989, albeit a quiet death for communism.

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that the closure of businesses and restriction of their Constitutional rights and movement and assembly is absolutely unconstitutional, and that no “State of Emergency” avoids and evades the Constitution.  They are simply tolerating it for a short time, but this time is ending quickly with each passing day.


A recent poll indicated the majority of Americans approved and supported President Trump’s management of the United States in response to the alleged Corona Virus infection crisis.  But make no mistake, this will change, and it will change quickly, radically, and explosively the moment people’s emotions, spirits, and bodies feel real hunger pangs, and then view the police and government as preventing them from nourishing themselves.  This is the “fight or flight” moment, the “rebel or submit” moment, and the moment of choice when pride, adrenaline, fears, and desires all mix, combine, complement, and then combust into action—and this action could be deadly for the police and others perceived as trying to deny citizens their right to live, move, and assemble.   This is called a “flashpoint”, and it is unpredictable and often revolutionary, and it is violent, which is why many political manipulators take advantage and manipulate this flashpoint to create a domino effect in other areas of society.  This moment, this day of reckoning is coming, and President Trump needs to understand this.

He also must understand that his political honeymoon will end soon, most likely in less than 2-4 weeks, and his window of transforming this into a political victory is rapidly closing.

The Democrats and Leftists and the media have known this since the outbreak, and have been trying to drag it out and endlessly extend this crisis in order to grow a cancer of fear that will trigger the erection of a police state to brand Trump a tyrant and blame the consequent anger, resentment, and violence in American society entirely on Trump and the republicans.  Watch this script unfold at the Democrat National Convention like a stew or a dish for disaster, scripted no less by the machinations of Tom Perez, an ardent adherent of labor, humming a march with Pelosi appearing to be in the lead acting in her role as his front man.

Additionally, the Democrats and their minions like the Macbeth witches of ABC’s The View, and HBO political talk show host Bill Maher have shamelessly admitted that they want an economic downturn in order to create public suffering that they can then blame on Trump, and manipulate public aggression against him.  As narcissistic, reprehensible and vicious as this is, make no mistake, the Democrats and media mean what they say and say what they mean.  As former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  What Rahm was really saying was use a crisis to usher in changes—such as gun laws—that can radically change society by using the violence and force inherent in government and law.  So Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats and the mainstream media will be trying to exploit and pervert this Corona virus situation into a state of socio-political schizophrenia, and use it to trigger an  economic downturn or depression.  Make no mistake, Democrats and the media are inveterate and shameless liars, frauds and backstabbers, and like the Aesop’s fable of the scorpion riding the frog across the river, they will politely clap and smile if the President follows their advice, but then stick the blade into him in an effort to cripple his re-election.  The only thing Democrats may have that President Trump should use are the “fireside chats” which President Franklin D. Roosevelt utilized to calm and encourage the American people during the 1930’s economic depression. Trump needs to use this Corona virus situation as an opportunity to deliver his own personalized “fireside chats” to reassure Americans and the world; and to reinvent the American economy in ways that ostracize the unions for being filled with fraud and crime, taking worker’s wages for their own profit, cigars, and prostitutes.

For this reason,  as soon as possible, Trump needs to open and unleash the floodgates of the American economy and by executive order establish long term tax cuts and financial incentives—economically and efficiently trimming the fraud and waste in our military budget—and finance and invest in an American Renaissance while also initiating an economic jubilee year, where debts of all kinds are forgiven.  The amazing ingenuity of Americans has made them competitive on the shale oil industry, and America no longer needs Saudi Arabia, as it is oil independent.  America also does not need Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi fanaticism that fuels endless hatred and terrorism, but that’s another story.


The best thing the President has done so far is taking the time to give long press conferences and, for the first time, even sitting behind his desk in the oval office.  He should get a new speech writer as well.  Instead of standing at a podium deflecting darts of antagonistic journalists, or bellowing loudly against the wind as he prepares to board his presidential helicopter, President Trump is calming fears and promising to end the siege and shutdown of American life.   Indeed this was the reason many people for the first time, saw him as Presidential.  Remember, like it or not, he is perceived by most peoples to be the leader of the Free World, and he is the President of our Nation.

In a White House Press Conference on March 23, 2020, Trump described how he was intending to re-open the American economy sooner than previously reported, most likely in a matter of weeks.  Trump stated:

“We have to get our country back to work… Our country wants to go back to work. Suicides from depression will be ‘FAR GREATER’ than coronavirus deaths unless America reopens for business ‘soon’… We’ll be doing something relatively quickly… we have to do things to get our country open…people are suffering fantastic depression because they had a fantastic job and now they don’t know what’s happening…”, and, “I’d like to be able to bounce back to where we were…We can’t let this continue to go on… this two week period has been good….it has been this incredible learning process, this will go into the future, we are going to be watching New York, CA, Washington…We may quarantine, we will be quarantining many people in these areas.  Why would we shut down 100 % of the country?  To close the New York stock exchange and NASDAQ, we don’t want to be doing that.  We can do two things simultaneously… I think they (the American people) are ok with it, and I am ok with it…Because of the magnitude of our economy.  You have 160 million jobs in this country.  So we can’t turn that off and think that it is going to be wonderful.  There will be tremendous death because of turning off the economy.”

Additionally, President Trump has promised the American people that he will not “make the cure worse than the problem itself”—which is ironically the very same phrase I’ve been using for the past several weeks on our radio shows.  Interesting.


The government has essentially turned off the power and shut down the entire economic and social life of Americans, while allowing the government sectors—the police, the post office, the military, the emergency services—to continue.  Americans instinctively resent this because to them it feels like regular, working class Americans are being disrespected and dominated and put under the control of police and government types.  In other words, average Americans are beginning to feel like they are being treated like criminals and prisoners.

This is extremely dangerous because it smacks of fascism, and nowhere is fascism more hated than in suburbs, rural areas and in our small towns.  Just remember the patriotic feelings and clamoring for battle instincts that arose when you first saw the 1980’s film “Red Dawn.”  This could very easily be re-discovered in real life if flyers and leaflets with the words “WOLVERINE” on them are advertised around every major and minor town and city in America.  Life sometimes imitates fiction.

President Trump has some very bad advisors around him that justify their position with campaign contributions or legacies of mediocrity.  He needs new ones. I know, I saw them all the time when I worked in Washington for 15 years.  Dismiss the timid, embrace visionaries.  They are not hard to find.  Trump needs to remember he’s the Commander-in-Chief, not a whiteboard for political advisors or cabinet members to draw their own careers on.  Trump must remember that political advisors are interested only in capitalizing on socio-political events, trends, fads, and issues in order to grow their influence, careers, and wealth.  Contrary to their advice, political advisors are not looking to serve, but rather are parasites looking for opportunities. Trump should also remember that the vast majority of the American people, especially women who are wives and mothers—or desire to be wives and mothers—ignore politics for the most part and pay attention to their families—or their ability to form future families—and defend their ability to flourish and prosper.  It is natural, it is instinctive, it is the American way.

Trump should also remember that because of the past four years of the Democrat media’s shameless propaganda about Russian election meddling, the Mueller Investigation and political prosecution of Trump volunteers, the Ukraine-Biden bribery, and political hypocrisy, the American people—and indeed most of the truth seeking world—have become sensitive to lies; and subsequently developed a healthy distrust and scorn for the mainstream media (excluding channels like Russia Today, Sputnik, Press TV, Al Jazeera, and others outside the CIA-MI6-Mossad influence).  Trump needs to weaponize this distrust for the media and pre-emptively communicate to the American people and the world that despite the fear-porn the media will try and sell, they should ignore them, go back to work, exercise caution, take health supplements and immune boosting nutrients, and resurrect their lives and America.  They will follow his advice, and remember it come election day in November.

In the horror film, A Quiet Place we see a story which has similarities to our national story today.  The film is the story of an American family living isolated in the country in a lonely farmhouse, surrounded by wilderness, and who speak only in sign language and make no sounds.  Soon we discover it’s because of man-eating aliens who track humans by their sounds.  Aside from being similar to the many other science fiction and horror films and television such as the Walking Dead, or The Happening, or Cloverfield, or War of the Worlds, depicting human society being hunted, eaten, or under siege from invading monsters, this film is a kind of similar glimpse in to the current life Americans may be feeling under siege of the corona virus, with Americans being ordered to “shelter at home”—which is a polite way fascists say you are confined to home imprisonment.  This social isolation of Americans is more dangerous than Democrat socialists and the media think, because often when civilized behavior and altruism is forced out of the human social language in preference for survival, civilization is not easily re-learned, and the media and government bureaucrats are seen for what they are…discarded relics of a lost world


Scott Bennett is am author and former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. His website is:

He held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) security clearance, and worked with Edward Snowden in the highest levels of international counterterrorism and developed and managed psychological warfare theories, products, and operations for U.S. Special Operations Command, U.S. Central Command, the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism, and other government agencies.



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8 thoughts on “Scott Bennett, The Corona Virus:  America’s Last Revolution or New Renaissance?”

  1. You can only push people so far
    Then there is a breaking point
    When people will snap
    When they have nothing left to lose
    And realize they have been disinherited from the Land their forefathers found
    And all hell will break loose
    Trump is a proselyte jew
    Making Him an enemy of the people

  2. This IS a defining moment; for Trump AND us. Americans DO have a breaking point. This final grab for the few freedoms we have left cannot stand. Trump must understand this and stand with his fellow Americans or with the deep state….OR, forget about 2020. There is a proven cure for this and what is being done now to keep this cure from the American people is TREASON…plain and simple.
    Seems we will know in a few days. NEVER say Americans do not have the stomach for revolt unless YOU, yourself do not. As far as I am concerned, going along with all this is as treasonous as what the deep state and that bitch Pelosi and Zionist Schumer are attempting to do.


    Now Michigan’s governor banned the use of anti-malarial drugs for this too. And there is a building consensus on the web: Why do Democrats insist on “my body my choice” for abortion, but when someone wants to use an anti-malarial drug to cure COV, they don’t have that “choice” anymore?
    Here’ is the answer then: ALL DOCTORS TAKE THIS MESSAGE (and anyone who can send it to them SEND IT:

    They way they are getting this drug banned for Coronavirus is by claiming “off label use” is not permitted. so when you want to use it to treat coronavirus, just write down the patient wanted it for malaria. THEY CAN’T SAY NO TO THAT!.

    BOOOOOM! We now have ADDITIONAL COLD HARD PROOF the virus is man made, and specifically intended to destroy the United States
    IMPOSSIBLE: Nevada’s Democrat governor has just issued an “emergency order” banning use of anti-malaria drugs to treat Coronavirus
    Why is this proof he wants people dead to fill an agenda? Because these anti malaria drugs have BEEN APPROVED BY THE FDA FOR &) YEARS and have had ZERO known problems that are outside the scope of other medications that are widely used and well known to be completely safe. Furthermore, the FDA already approved these drugs for use against Coronavirus. Banning the use of these drugs for Coronavirus, when they are proven to work AND APPROVED, is an open act of war against the people of Nevada who did not vote that bastard into power anyway. Banning the use of these drugs is cold hard proof someone has an agenda to fill, and this virus IS IT. It is how they are going to do 911 #2 on the United states, and finalize a new “patriot act” that makes the original look like Disneyland ride rules. The Nevada election was stolen, no one voted that governor in, and the demands Pelosi made for getting coronavirus relief passed are specifically intended to make damn sure that no matter what, the next federal election is completely and perfectly stolen also.

    EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE outside of brainwashed youth who have not experienced a damn thing in life (and their brainwashers in the colleges) hates Democrats so bad by now that they don’t have a chance in hell of even taking California absent a steal, and I’ll bet that they have never actually won that state even once. Just look at what Pelosi is doing – she is holding the American people hostage for the sole purpose of ensuring the next election can be successfully stolen, and if it is not handed to her she’d just as soon see the American people die. She’s a clear cut enemy of the American people and the governor of Nevada just stepped up to the front lines and screamed it too, it is now formally midnight on the doom clock, bullets MUST FLY and remove these bastards.

    The use of this crisis AND ENFORCEMENT OF THE CRISIS BY BANNING A KNOWN PERFECT TREATMENT is far beyond treason, Pelosi and more need to be more than hung, they need to be put on life support with oxygen and a blood recirculator that puts it right back in them as they lose it while they have their limbs ripped off one by one, followed by a deep fry of the torso and right before that kills them, while on life support, they should THEN be hung. These people are THAT BAD, and they just proved it, there’s not one place for them to hide from this truth any more. If this is not enough to have the American people remove them by force (because the system is too subverted to function) we are all going to swirl right down the ol’ shitteree. PEOPLE HAD DAMN WELL BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

    Please take your grievances to the nearest synagogue, it is THEM DOING THIS. They made this virus, they released this virus, and it is NOT a “China virus”.

    1. “As much as Americans may like the idea of China being punished…….”
      Although Trump diplomatically says China went through hell, isn’t China now operating factories again and aren’t export possibilities for Chinese products significant? Who won, who is punished?

  3. The author seems to think Americans have a backbone and will rebel against tyranny. I can’t agree. Look at what they have tolerated to date. Although I would prefer to think otherwise, the truth is that Americans are mindless sheeple and the thought that they might participate in a violent rebellion makes me laugh.

    There might be a very small part of the population that would contemplate revolution. But they would have to overcome the aparachiks in charge of the militarized police and military. Not likely.

    1. I don’t enjoy confronting my fellow posters here, but I do it in the spirit of truth.
      Seymour, I assume you are an American. Of course, I could be wrong. Continually calling your fellow citizens idiots and sheeple serves only to fall into lock step with their divide and conquer strategy. Hope may be an opiate, but right now, it’s all we have and it serves a better purpose than creating separation. We need unity now more then ever.


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