Steve Johann, The CoVID-19 Panic of 2020: “Just the facts, ma’am”

By Steve Johann

For those of us growing up watching TV during the 60 and 70’s we remember that famous line used by one of the two detectives on Dragnet when interviewing witnesses of a possible crime. It was later made into a movie starring John Belushi and Adan Acaroid.

Well when it comes to COVID-19 what we need here are the facts and just the facts and nothing more. But, what we have been handed is far from facts, instead we are being pummeled with all manner of fear fueled hype thanks to our news outlets and governments.

With this in mind, I will attempt to offer up some facts before I offer up conjecture.

Special thanks for the Truther’s out there, who tipped me off to what is taking place and caused me to do my own research which is now being presented to you here. Thanks also to Jim Fetzer for asking me to contribute to his blog, he is a soldier of truth, if there ever was one. With this in mind let’s begin with some facts that can be verified.

FACT ONE: According to an estimate put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were approximately 45 million cases of the flu in the United States during the 2017-2018 influenza season, resulting in an estimated 810,000 flu-associated hospitalizations and an estimated 61,000 flu-associated deaths.

FACT TWO: To date, the number of World Wide cases of COVID-19 as of 3/23/20 is close to 400,000 see above graph (featured image) for details. Visit for up to date country by country numbers.

FACT THREE: Italy has been cited as having very high numbers, which if not properly understood, can be used to misconstrue facts into fear producing scenarios. So, before we move on to the next fact let’s take a look behind Italy’s numbers. As of 3/24/20 there were just over 6,000 deaths which is much higher than the number of casualties as compared to other European countries.

FACT FOUR: According to the International Society for Infectious Diseases, Italy’s winter flue seasons beginning in 2013/14 ending in 2016/17 saw an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI (flu) cases occurred, resulting in more than 68,000 deaths attributable to flu in the study period. The study noted Italy as having a higher rate as compared to other European countries. Check out the special issue of this journal:

Now let’s move on to some more fascinating facts.

FACT FIVE: The mainstream and alternative media has just come off a three-year bender, where they spent the majority of two years focusing on Russia Gate, then the Trump Impeachment. After blowing their wad on they had nothing else to give us thus they began seeking after another juicy headline worthy news story they could sink their collect teeth into. Well they found one called the COVID virus taking place in China.

Keep in mind the only reason News Outlets exist, is to make money for their owners period end of subject. Nothing sells more advertising then 24/7 breaking news events and wars and pestilence fall into this category.

Keep in mind the very same media outlets pushing the COVID Pandemic are the very same ones that push all other government agenda driven events: 9/11 official story, war on terror, false flag events, lone gunman scenarios and the list goes on.

FACT SIX: It was the government that began mandating all government related agencies cease and find alternative ways of doing things beginning with public schools, libraries, parks then came sports events,  eateries, bars, churches and small businesses such as car dealerships.

FACT SEVEN: The public has bought into this hype beginning with a run toilet paper and other essentials. Before you laugh maybe people aren’t as stupid as you might think. Think about it. Kids are at home, you are at home doing remote work so this means higher consumption of home use of TP.

FACT EIGHT: Governors, mayors and public officials have all begun calling for volunteering to stay at home and not gather in groups of 5 or more. They are following their marching orders given to them by them by the Feds.

FACT NINE: What we are witnessing and experiencing is a police state beginning with border lock downs and limited travel to foreign countries. What was the former Soviet Union known for? Lack of TP, no large gatherings and Government spying and neighbors telling on neighbors. Maybe the Birchers were correct after all the communists took over.

The next phase of investigation.

Question, why have all the governments of the various nations joined forces to do what they are doing and do we have any examples of such cooperation like this before?

AGENDA 21/30.

Most every country who sits on the UN colludes with each other. One example that has had a huge effects we all live with stemming from the applications of Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. These documents are blue prints for how all nations are to work together to create a utopian style planet based on controlled populations and density control. Every township you live in follows these mandates given to them from the UN, then Fed, then State, then county, then your city.


Ever since 9/11, all NATO Nations have colluded with one another for the War on Terror. Since 9/11, think of the millions of bombs that have been dropped on targeted countries opposed to NATO wishes. So again we see global working together of nations. Think of how many rights we have lost since 9/11. Think of every airport that is now run like a prison where all passengers must pass through multiple check points and prison like metal detectors.

Lastly we have the space program. Yes the space program. Look at all the nations who have their hand in this pickle jar. They all cooperate with each other in perpetuating falsehoods at the highest order.

This leads me to ask, would you be surprised that once again all these nations governmental bodies are working together to accomplish a “higher” purpose? Well when it comes to pushing an agenda, you bet they would, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Question what is an exercise, as in military exercise? It’s a way for said military to create a fake war or a virtual war in order to play out a what-if scenario. This is what the Pentagon does every day. They make a livelihood out of what if scenarios. The CDC Centers for Disease Control does the same thing as do all governing bodies. These groups spends billions collectively on running exercises and drills, attending seminars and international conferences all related to worst case scenarios. Why? So that they will be ready for the BIG ONE. You know like the melting polar icecaps, a viral pandemic, and volcano or earth quake.

Now with this in mind let’s take a look at some video evidence of such a thing currently taking place.

Possible Collaborators

One: Top level US official Mike Pompeo explaining, “We’re in a live exercise.”  But what is the purpose of this exercise? In his words, “to collect data points”. Data for what? Well, as I said above, exercises are designed to do just that: collect Intel.

Two: Bill Gates and his collaborators have long been describing Pandemics as something to be fearful about. Here is an 8 minute speech given in 2015:

Interestingly, Bill Gates was warning us about the threat of an infectious virus in 2015.

Here is a shorter 4 minute interview in 2015:

Gates has shown an infatuation with flues, viruses, epidemics and (even) pandemics.

Three: Center for Health Security: Selected moments from the Event 201 pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic:


Governments and elitist organizations have been working hand in glove striving to steer the world’s population into a given direction for centuries. These entities have no problem pulling off coordinated “live exercises” throughout the known world, many of which Jim Fetzer has chronicled in his books.

It’s no big deal for these organizations and their government counterparts to pull off a live exercise even on the entire world’s population at this moment. It’s a classic Problem–Reaction–Solution scenario being run on us. Keep in mind, not a single shot has been fired but billions of persons are being coerced into following orders. Fear is a very strong motivator used by people in power to promote and push through agendas.

Final word

Be careful who you listen to and what their agenda is. Don’t believe your favorite government official or media outlet, including Q, without doing your own primary research before coming to any conclusions including this article. Don’t buy into the fear porn being pushed by the mainstream and alt media.

The end result of this COVID scare has yet to be discovered, but we do know this: those who create such havoc are not being harmed by it. On the flip side, many are being harmed by such draconian “exercises” put into place under the guise of protecting us. It’s always for our good, these measures are put in place, or so they tell us.

God bless and be well.


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One thought on “Steve Johann, The CoVID-19 Panic of 2020: “Just the facts, ma’am””

  1. The new plague is 9-11 2.0 for sure. I didn’t wake up from my American Trance until 2007. A cab driver woke me initially with “911 was an inside job”… which I replied… “Not another consiracy theory!” was met with hackle raising up like the first time you try to catch and release a perch and he draws blood when you mishandle him. It was a bit like Mel Gibson’s movie Conspiracy Theory. When you first hear Terry’s claims, it smacks of lunatic ramblings.Then suddenly the gears in your head mesh because you get a cold chill up the spine and have a sudden realization Ben the Cab driver was dead center of a bullseye.

    It opens the gate guarding your belief system and eviscerates it. Suddenly you have a hunger for truth that can never be filled. While digging into 911, you start uncovering other buried skeletons like Waco, Oklahoma City and the synthetic cloud making operation. But none of your peers or contempararies want to hear about your excavations in truth. Your sister tells you to log onto Snopes to assauge your paranoid delusions. One of your best friends excommunicates you. But none of that stops you, you just keep digging and you never trust the NEWS again. Even the weather people are liars. The only thing left of value in the news is sports highlights and scores. Then you start questioning even that after you watch some youtube videos made by average Joes showing the major games thrown by the officiating. The most blatant example was the NFC Championship Game between the Sea Hawks and Niners. Watching the Niners head coach go out of his mind after his team’s total dominance is reversed by the zebras.

    I still enjoy football but I know certain games have their outcome altered by zebras. And that the NFL is an entertainment product, not some hallowed institution above the fray of corruption. Once you yank down the curtain to one fraud, they all seem to fall away. NASA is a whole ‘nother level of fraud.

    As far as current situation with their fake plague, It frightening the lack of dissent and level of cooperation running us off the financial cliff.


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