Jon Schwarz, The Democratic Party Must Harness the Legitimate Rage of Americans. Otherwise, the Right Will Use It With Horrifying Results.

[Editor’s note: My expectation was that the embedded video, graph and photo would be sufficient to blow apart the psychotic ravings of the author of this piece. The Democrats are in a state of mass illusion. Look at the embedded parts for the reality of the situation we are in. There will be an enormous reaction with the public realizes the full dimensions of this scam–and it’s not going to work out well for Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and their perverted allies.]

he political possibilities of this moment are different than anything we have ever experienced. We possess a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the United States a more humane country. But if we fail to seize it, we will face mortal danger from the right.

That’s not hyperbole. The anger of Americans, once they figure out what’s being done to them right now, is going to be volcanic. The fallout from 9/11 and the great recession of 2007-2010 will be imperceptible in comparison.

Not long from now, almost everyone will have a family member or friend who died of Covid-19, many of them suffocating in isolation wards with insufficient treatment, perhaps deprived of a ventilator that would have saved their lives. Huge swaths of the country are plummeting into desperate penury, even as they witness large corporations unlock the U.S. Treasury and help themselves to everything inside.

John Steinbeck’s 1939 novel “The Grapes of Wrath” describes a similar moment during the Great Depression, when people starved even as orchards of fruit were burned to make the food that remained more profitable: “Men with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges, and they are angry at the crime, angry at the people who have come to take the fruit. … There is a crime here that goes beyond denunciation. There is a sorrow here that weeping cannot symbolize. There is a failure here that topples all our success. … In the souls of the people the grapes of wrath are filling and growing heavy, growing heavy for the vintage.”

We’re about to live this again, in more sophisticated ways. Then it was fruit being incinerated so no one could eat it. Now it’s cheap ventilators that were never built because a company called Covidien worried they would compete with their more expensive models. It’s N95 masks that were not available because President Donald Trump delayed invoking the Defense Production Act in order to protect corporate power. It’s tens of thousands of hospital beds being eliminated in New York and New Jersey because the surplus capacity cost money; some of those hospitals were turned into luxury condos. Now, as it was 85 years ago, human beings are being offered as a blood sacrifice to profit. Now as then, the resulting wrath will be towering.

What we know from history is that someone always shows up to harvest this level of ambient rage — but it can go in two directions. If people can be made “angry at the crime,” as Steinbeck wrote, there can be huge positive political changes. During the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt and unions organized the anger and used it to create the New Deal and the largest middle class in history. In unluckier countries, like Germany, Italy and Japan, the political left failed. The fury was organized by fascists, and directed at innocents.

It’s tough to be optimistic that today’s liberals can replicate Roosevelt’s success. The corporate-managerial-legal class that operates the Democratic Party fears anger and sees it as illegitimate as the basis for action. Having beaten back the threat of the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren presidential candidacies, both fueled by strong populist emotion, they dream of a technocratic politics purified of messy, fickle human feelings.

But the American right specializes in the politics of anger. If the Democrats refuse to harness the legitimate rage of Americans and direct it at those responsible for our predicament, the right will make this anger its own and will win.

To understand the stakes, briefly imagine two possible versions of America one year from today, with two different uses of anger. Let’s start with the anger we need, the kind that clarifies and motivates, and underlies all effective politics.

Blue 2021

The Democratic candidate — likely Joe Biden, but we know anything can happen in U.S. politics — beat Donald Trump going away.

The winning Democrat’s slogan was “Fighting Mad.” And that was the core of his or her campaign — both the unabashedly mad part and the demonstrated willingness to fight based on that anger.

The Democrat began the convention address — either in Milwaukee or from his or her basement with no one within 6 feet — by saying: “I’m running for president because I’m angry. And if you’re angry too, there’s nothing wrong with that. ‘Anger’ comes from an Old Norse word that means ‘sorrow.’ Every single one of us has known sorrow because of the thieves and incompetents who’ve been running this country. If you’re angry, then join me and together we’ll take that trash out to the curb.”

The Democrat told the truth without truckling about who exactly was to blame for what had befallen them. The overall Democratic story could be understood by regular people because it included what every story needs: villains to be angry at, and heroes to root for. And unlike the right’s stories, this story was true.

“We’re all in this together,” the Democrat declared. “And what that means is that the people who’re out for themselves are going to pay the price. When I’m president, we’re going to put all the president’s daily briefs online so everybody can see exactly how Trump screwed us. Politicians who made money off inside information on the coronavirus and profiteers who hoarded medical supplies are going to spend the rest of their lives in jail.”

Mobilized anger at the healthcare industry terrified Congress into passing Medicare for All.

Mobilized anger at the country’s poisoning by Fox News led to a congressional investigation of whether the network had knowingly misled Americans about the dangers of Covid-19. The documentation uncovered became the basis for lawsuits that bankrupted and neutered Fox.

Mobilized anger created a sea change in U.S. culture. The taboo against being honest about the anguish and failure all humans experience was shattered. Suddenly Americans realized they were surrounded by suffering just like their own, and much of it was the fault of political choices, rather than them individually being losers.

The example from the top made an entire young, tragedy-stricken generation see that being a liberal politician can mean being a normal, angry human being instead of a technocrat built in a Stanford lab. Suddenly new potential candidates were showing up from unions and grassroots activists rather than elite law schools.

More than anything else, the liberal embrace of anger in 2021 transformed progressive politics into a movement that was serious about power. If there were no people who were truly dangerous, who were hurting us and rightfully deserved our fury, why bother getting out of bed to get power in the first place? And why wield it to vanquish your foes if we’re all on the same team in the end? Anger finally unlocked a liberal capacity to tell the truth.

Red 2021

Donald Trump was reelected. What stunned the Democrats, CNN, and the New York Times even more than Trump’s victory is that he ran on the slogan “Healing America” — even as voluminous, exquisitely researched media output demonstrated that his catastrophic mismanagement helped the coronavirus kill a million surplus Americans.

Yet it somehow didn’t matter. Trump and the GOP’s mighty Wurlitzer settled on a suite of hazy stories, all of which the party’s base fervently believed even though they were mutually contradictory.

Such as, there had been mass deaths but they were the fault of Hunter Biden’s friends in China. Simultaneously, they argued that barely anyone had died and the numbers had been wildly exaggerated by the media to hurt Trump. The suffocation of the country’s small businesses could be blamed on Nancy Pelosi’s bailout of big business and Wall Street. Big business and Wall Street had valiantly kept us alive despite the Democratic hate for free enterprise. At the bottom of the right’s food chain, there were constant whispers that brown people from New York had streamed out of their warrens to purposefully infect the heartland.

Anthony Fauci and a Few of his Friends

What the stories had in common was that they featured someone to blame, someone who could be the target of valid but misplaced rage. By contrast, the stories told by the Democratic candidate and the corporate press were accurate but had no villains and no heroes, and hence were not stories in the normal sense at all, just a complicated conglomeration of facts that looked good on a blackboard but had no heart.

The Democratic candidate’s quiet campaign refused to get exercised about much of anything. When the candidate was asked whether he or she would investigate Trump’s dilatory response to the coronavirus at the beginning of 2020, the Democrat said no, because “I know Donald loves this country and even out of office we’ll need his shoulder at the wheel to beat this thing.” What about prosecuting senators for insider trading? No, the candidate explained, because “when I’m president the country will all pull together.”

With a terrifying resurgence of Covid-19 in the fall, and the Democrats failing to secure universal vote by mail, that November saw the lowest turnout ever in a presidential election. The Democratic base — confused, demoralized, and frightened — didn’t show up. Trump declared his modest win to be “the greatest landslide in history.”

The Republican base became even more rage-filled and vindictive in victory. “The Washington Post is trying to destroy America,” Sean Hannity began to declare each week. “Someone’s got to shut it down.” Two days later, a gunman infiltrated Post headquarters and was stopped just before he could open fire.

Trump was now free of all restraints, and he commenced an enormous bombing campaign against Iran. Protests were outlawed for public safety. Large numbers of Americans continued to die from the coronavirus, although no one was sure exactly how many because the government no longer released statistics on it. Fox began quietly, and then more and more loudly, claiming that opponents of the war were importing “biological bombers” from Iran to spread the disease. The stage was set for the classic collapse into authoritarianism, with the official outside enemies purportedly collaborating with the enemies on the inside.

No one knows today which path the U.S. will take. But it’s going to be one or the other: The right or the left will emerge as the champion of the coming American rage. All we can do now is try to make the anger and its consequences rational, based on an accurate understanding of the world and the unnecessary sorrow we experience. We need to make people angry at the crime.

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22 thoughts on “Jon Schwarz, The Democratic Party Must Harness the Legitimate Rage of Americans. Otherwise, the Right Will Use It With Horrifying Results.”

    1. When Bill Gates talks, it’s wise to listen because he has plans for you. How does someone become a self appointed World Health Expert? It’s best to start with 100 billion dollars and a foundation to provide the tax shelter thats wields unimaginable financial power. Gates can buy scores of scientists to come up with the conclusions he needs to help reduce World Population, stop Climate Change and oh I forgot vaccinate everyone whether they want it or not because Gates knows what’s best for you.

      Duper’s Delight… you will see it often from Gates when he becomes very amused by how brilliantly he is scaming us. Watch the smug son of bitch’s latest interview.

    2. The Raw Deal (8 April 2020) Review of the accumulated evidence that we are being subjected to a manufactured political pandemic, not a medical emergence, which appears designed to destroy small businesses and the middle class to return to a medieval state where the rich resided in their castles surrounded by moats and the rest of us toiled in the fields as serfs and slaves.

  1. The interview was pretty good too. When you fit this material into the bigger picture with the lectures of Eustace Mullins, interviews with Anthony Sutton, Aaron Russo’s from Freedom to Fascism, your work and too many others to list then look where we are now… crashing the economy comes as no surprise. The part I never saw coming… was such a uniform willingness to go along with an economic suicide pact.

  2. If Jon Schwarz read or watched anything by David Icke, he would not be thinking of the Democrats as saviors but instead as Satan. Who is this chucker? Another Left leaning poor soul desperately hanging on to illusions of Democrat party past. This guy is not worth the time to read. When I read the sentence “Not long from now, almost everyone will have a family member or friend who died of Covid-19 . . .”, I immediately tune him out. He doesn’t have sense enough to know the numbers of Corona/Covid cases are fraudulent – the powers that be are cooking the books to stoke mass hysteria and mandate vaccines that contain not just the usual toxic sludge but genetic altering material too. Anyone who buys into the lie that CONrona is killing millions daily is too gullible and/or co-opted to be writing for any media organization. I guess Schwarz head is too far up Soros/Gates/Clinton/Obama butt to notice the Dems at all govt levels leading the charge to demand shutdown of businesses and control public’s ability to even go out for a walk or a loaf of bread. When Trump and Congress were debating about checks to help people during the govt forced shutdown it was the Dems who delayed matters and who also added to bill funding for items that had NOTHING to do with helping people pay their rent and buy food. Talk about a brazen puff piece for the DNC. Word to Schwarz: The people’s rage is directed at BOTH parties with the rage being targeted more towards the Democrats after 4 years of them acting like fools and even more years of them not doing anything of note to improve people’s lives.

  3. The division that Schwarz calls for mirrors the division I see online. I made the mistake of trying to post differing opinions about Covid and the crisis on Nextdoor since this lockdown. It took them almost two weeks to ban me. (Not the first time.)

    I didn’t post David Icke, either. I posted mainstream articles that talked about subjects like the rigging of death numbers by listing cause of death as covid even when it was something else, or that covid infection numbers rely on clinical diagnosis, not tests. And just basic stuff about the purpose of fevers and building robust immunity through contracting infection, and the coming horror of not gaining coronavirus immunity year after year.

    Contrary to some people’s opinion, I do not attack anyone. I made jokes when they called me an idiot. When they said I’m a right-wing propagandist, I told them FOX believes everything they do. They accused me of ‘spreading misinformation’ as if they could tell. Spreading misinformation appears to be the umbrella crime under which users like me are banned. “Can’t people make up their own minds?” I pleaded plaintively. Lol. “I really hate you,” came the actual response. None of the attacks on me were frowned upon at all, not that I care. I can take it.

    The Nextdoor in my neighborhood started out shaming people who they felt were not taking the ‘crisis’ seriously enough. They are behind enforcing the 6 feet apart thing, the wearing of masks and gloves by everyone, lines outside supermarkets, the demonization of take-out food. Their latest project is getting everyone to roll-up their car windows when they drive so as not to infect the street!

    Now they are calling for force. “Did you call the police?” they ask, when someone says they saw a family get-together, or 3 guys playing soccer. The Mayor of Los Angeles has set up a hotline and famously said, “Snitches get rewards.” The psy-op is on pretty heavily here.

    The best case scenario is that the anger Schwarz is hoping for will not result in the tired right-wing/left-wing construction that appears to be the philosophy of every ‘young’ person I encounter. Instead the anger should come from everyone, and be aimed at the elites who have so easily coerced the closing of the economy and are now forcing their vision of surveillance through medical monitoring upon the world.

    1. 1984 is alive and well. NextDoor is a trip but it just mirrors the sentiments of 99% of the sheeple who believe mainstream media. Where I live NextDoor is the same; a scant few don’t buy the hype but the majority are crapping their pants in a fetal position over CONronavirus. The powers that be are laughing their butts off; they never thought it would be this easy to install a police state worldwide. Kudos to the genius who thought of using the fear of death via a flu bug to easily get the sheep to line up for slaughter. It’s very frustrating to not be able to convince people, especially close family members, that some funny business is going on with this Corona hysteria. But Operation Mockingbird Media has done such a good job with 24/7 misinformation, er, lies, that it is impossible to break through the cement ceiling of propaganda.

  4. While everyone is focused on the virus, state legislatures are up to up sorts of mischief. In Colorado right now they are attacking gun ownership with several new laws. Everyone is familiar with Red Flag laws which are unconstitutional on their face. Here are some new wrinkles. I should be approved for a gun purchase with no criminal record in minutes. It now takes 4 days wait just to get permission to buy a gun. That’s good news since it was up to 7 days the last time I checked!

    Two new bills aimed at more nanny state gun control are being considered:

    While this is happening people are getting arrested surfing alone in the ocean, playing ball in the park with your kid and many other ridiculous things.

    1. Dave, I wish I could see that Facebook link. Sounds like Renee Hathcoat Artist is in Los Angeles.

      We don’t tolerate no surfin’!

  5. I can’t agree too much with this one Jim. The premise of no one will go untouched by corona virus deaths? Not buying that one. FDR created the middle class with the New Deal? Isn’t he the one that outlawed gold ownership? Always wondered why hardware stores weren’t sold out tar, feathers, pitchforks and torches on all roads leading to DC the very next day. Wasn’t FDR the key to suckering us into world war 2 with his list of 10 things to piss off the Japanese?

    Did you hear about the guy in Brighton, Colorado arrested at a park by four policemen. His crime? Playing at an empty park with his wife and kid. Wait till we see more of this insane behavior, maybe then we can demand an end to the Fascist shutdown in Colorado…/man-arrested-in-front-of-daughter…/
    An interesting tidbit is the guy arrested was 33, just like BillGates said in his last interview the virus will go up 33% … went right over everyone’s head .

    The consitutional right to freely assemble was said to be inalienable. That means it cannot be taken away under any circumstances. Colorado Governor Jared Polis just put another few weeks lien on the Right to Assemble. Tyranny is now protecting us from the latest Boogie Man they created. This shutdown is designed to impoverish us and has nothing to do with protecting your health. The Politicians that are taking absolute control swore an oath to protect the Constitution. They are shitting on it and setting it a’fire. Can you imagine one of the Founding Fathers standing up at the Continental Congress and saying “but none of this shit counts if disease breaks out, right?”

      1. Thanks. Toni. I have just added the following: [Editor’s note: My expectation was that the embedded video, graph and photo would be sufficient to blow apart the psychotic ravings of the author of this piece. The Democrats are in a state of mass illusion. Look at the embedded parts for the reality of the situation we are in. There will be an enormous reaction with the public realizes the full dimensions of this scam–and it’s not going to work out well for Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and their perverted allies.]

      2. The editor’s note says people will react very strongly when they realize the scope of the scam directed at hapless Americans. Will they say stuff like “gee whiz, golly gee, and holy smoke?”If so, that will be the extent of their dies irae. Americans have lost their spunk, men are feminized, what indicates that Americans have “had enough”? You tell people in your group that this is a scam and you have just lost your friend. Been there, done that.

      3. God, I hope you are wrong. But I cannot deny that there are signs that you just might be right! Ugggg.

      4. you got me on this one Jim. I thought someone hacked you there even with david Icke’s video. I missed that note sorry. maybe it was the italics

      5. No, Dave. I ADDED the Editor’s note after you reported how you had read it. I left it up in the air. Thanks for letting me know. Toni got it right, but others found it ambiguous, too. So I needed to disambiguate.

      6. Okay, I felt like a sucker there for a minute. I have been just devouring information since they closed Vail Ski Area and set a bonfire to all reason and 50 to 70 million in lost revenue. Trying desperately to really understand this. There is new video from Dr Shiva I just got half way though and he really ties the Scamdemic together in a masterstroke that I’ve heard from no one else. Suddenly I feel a real turning point in this misadventure. He ties Fauci to the highjacking of the AIDS narative, the Sustainibility goals from the UN, the CDC and Big Pharma and of course the Scamdemic. I had no clue Big Pharma was in any kind of financial trouble. His bottom line is the Pills take too much R&D, testing and approval and carry a huge liability. But thanks to the creation of the vaccine court in 1986 and the limit on liability of 250K… even if they kill you…vaccines are the cash cow. The double blind studies don’t even need to happen in a crisis, right? near instant approval with no downside compared to medications. Just think of the dollar signs behind making the corona virus vaccine mandatory. Meanwhile they are arresting people for surfing alone. Dr Shiva delivers the goods even more in depth than before

      7. Dear Jim: My mind is blowing apart as I watch the re-run and write this. And so will yours be blown when you watch Criminal Minds from December 6, 2017 Season13 episode 9 called False Flag. The trailer:

        You won’t believe it ! The intrepid sleuths interrogate “Truthers” and denegrate them six ways to Sunday. One of the Truthers is Femme Fatale that exposes Sandy Hoax and the horrible actors. And every single fake mass shooting you can think of. The FBI gal tries to convince the Femme Fatale the plane crashes on 911 were just how they seemed and people just want to believe it was something more. Then she and her sleuths paint truth seekers far and wide – five shades of insanity. The JFK conspiracy and Rosewell … you name it. They even put down taking vitamins! They touch on Lennon’s Murder and Reagan’s attempted hit with Catcher in The Rye which dove tails to Mel Gibson’s movie.

        One Truther Book Author says his buyers are gullible fools for his work and all he has to do is trigger them and they open their wallets for pulp fiction. He said he just makes it all up like connecting the Bilderbergers to anyone and anything. This nugget of truth lets them paint the Truth Movement with the same brush, color and texture. They have too much time on their hands as they search for a Unabomber starter shack, used rifle, and some suvival food at the Surplus Store. They wrote the episode while logged on to your site and pleasuring themselves! Take that Fetzer ! I guarantee they sourced your site for this episide! Maybe you should sue Criminal Minds for doing a Mad Magazine style spoof, satire and lampoon of your life’s work. Maybe you should be flattered. I would be!

        Then they cue up the heart string music as the FBI “Sister” cries on cue and tell us she was there at Sandy Hook and it was just awful and yes it was real. It will be so transparant to our tribe. To the sheep, I’m sure they just slurped up the slop. Oh man, wait till you see this.


      8. Any mention of my methodology of bringing together groups of experts on different aspects of these events to take them apart and separate truth from fiction?

        About the current crisis: “People are too trusting. People don’t ask the right questions.” – Richard Day

        A pediatric physician, Richard Day, was a professor of medicine at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York City. Formerly, he was the medical director of the Rockefeller-sponsored Planned Parenthood Federation of America. On March 20, 1969 (51 years ago), he gave a talk to students, social scientists, and doctors to inform them of coming social changes. His audience was asked not to take notes or record his remarks. A student disobeyed, jotting notes on a paper scrap. Overnight, from memory, he transcribed the talk. Later, his reflections of it were tape-recorded.

        This site shatters the bubble of secrecy and reveals a stunning prophecy of change-laden events that re-shaped America. It was planned, organized, and executed. Presently, combined with evidence from additional sources, we may speculate the plan’s execution phase is in full swing. Since it’s fair to say most Americans don’t have a clue, there ought to be alarm bells from all quarters. Do you hear them? Please advise.

        BTW, I looked for info that disproves or questions the speech. Zero to this point. If you suspect fraud and have links to substantiate, please share.

        Introduction | The Revelations of Dr Richard Day

      9. I just finished the body of the lecture and have to break before I finish the interview. Earth shattering information from a 1969 lecture. It’s shocking and whats more shocking is the lack of reaction from all those doctors who weren’t horrified by what they were hearing. The good doctor has a helluva memory. I just tried to remember lectures from 19 years in Vegas at a sports fitness conference. I remember almost nothing other than a general feeling of what the speakers said. I do remember the evils of aspartame were discussed and had no idea I was already consuming it, maybe that’s why I don’t remember much ! HAHA. Of course they never talked about using sex ed as a weapon destroying the family unit or using drugs to create a hellish jungle like urban environment. That exactly describes Baltimore, near my home town. I map quested a drive to play music at a bar. One route looked super out of the way, the other was a straight shot. You can guess I took the short cut. All the sudden I felt like I was in a different country. Without a gun in easy reach, I started to feel like a zebra dragging a broken leg across the Serengeti. I went on high alert when I became surrounded by cars at a traffic light and had no place to go. Sure enough a little Black boy pedals up. He said “hey mister, do you want that mountain bike?” referring to the one of my roof. He was ready to jump up and take it. I said “the gears don’t shift and it’s a piece of junk”… all true ! Then the lights changed and I crossed a bridge back to civilization. I thought wow I dodged a bullet just now and how did our society create such a place? After I read the lecture, it makes perfect sense now. Dr Shiva brought up an important way to look at these grand conspiracies. He likened them to a collective consciousness phenomena like when you see 5,000 birds flying in a whirling motion without colliding. The birds didn’t have a pow-wow and plan and agree what to do. They know exactly what to do without a meeting

      10. Every day new signs of insanity, paranoia and over reach of politicians protecting us from a dangerous world. Remember when Wyatt Earp visited Doc Holiday in his death bed? That was a place called Glenwood Springs, Colorado. This from Prison Planet:

        The city’s public health order, which passed by a 6-1 council vote, requires people to wear the masks “when entering and while inside of a place or conveyance open to the public” and “for all essential activities outside of their home.”
        The punishment for not wearing a mask is a fine of up to $1,000 or 364 days in jail.
        City attorney Karl Hanlon explained that the order does not mandate residents wear masks when they leave their homes, but as soon as they encounter a situation in a public place where people cannot maintain safe social distancing, the masks become mandatory.
        Face coverings such as bandanas and scarves can be used in place of medical masks because there is currently a shortage and officials don’t want residents to put a strain on supply.
        Councilor Tony Hershey, who voted against the law, said it went too far.
        “As a more conservative person, I can’t support micromanaging people’s lives,” Hershey told the Aspen Times. “To some extent we have to legislate… but this is a city council, we should do it in cooperation with the county government and with the state government and, yes, with the federal government.”

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