Mike Adams, PSYOP? George Floyd “death” was faked by crisis actors to engineer revolutionary riots, video authors say

Mike Adams

(Natural News) Numerous videos are now surfacing that directly question the authenticity of the claimed “death” of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Several trending videos appear to reveal striking inconsistencies in the official explanations behind the reported death of Floyd.

These videos appear to reinforce the idea that the George Floyd incident was, if not entirely falsified, most definitely planned and rigged in advance. It is already confirmed that the Obama Foundation was tweeting about George Floyd more than a week before he is claimed to have died. Obviously, since Barack Obama doesn’t own a time machine, the only way the Obama Foundation could have tweeted about George Floyd a week before his death is it the entire event was planned in advanced.

Note: We do not endorse every claim in each of the videos shown below, but we believe the public has the right to hear dissenting views that challenge the official narratives, and we believe public debate that incorporates views from all sides of a particular issue offers inherent merit for public discourse.

Numerous video authors are now spotting stunning inconsistencies in the viral videos that claim to show white cops murdering George Floyd in broad daylight. Without exception, these video authors, many of whom are black, believe:

  • at least one of the “police officers” was actually a hired crisis actor who has appeared in other staged events in recent years.
  • that the black man depicted in the viral videos is not, in fact, an individual named George Floyd.
  • that the responding medical personnel were not EMTs but were in fact mere crisis actors wearing police costumes.

Each of the video authors shown below reveals still images and video clips that they say support their claims. Here’s an overview of some of the most intriguing videos and the summary of what those videos are saying:

– This video says globalists are getting desperate to control the masses because too many people are waking up. The person who took the first viral video from directly behind the vehicle reportedly driven by George Floyd was a “camera man plant” who parked suspiciously close to Floyd’s vehicle in order to get video footage that would later be released to the public to spark the riots.

A look at the street video surveillance of the scene shows the car allegedly driven by George Floyd parked along the sidewalk (on the top right of this still frame), with another civilian car parked very closely behind the Floyd car. This is the car from which the viral arrest video was captured.

Something is very odd about this vehicle, video authors explain. After filming the video of the arrest of Floyd, this car quietly slips back into traffic and drives away:

Note the unusual pattern on the rear right hand window panel, as well as the location of the white stickers on the bottom right and bottom left of the read window. (Does anyone have the license plate number for this vehicle?)

– This next video reveals how no medical equipment was used to assess George Floyd’s health condition. Cops, not EMTs, jumped out of the back of the ambulance. No EMTs were present. The “medical response” was a farce, says the video author:

– This video claims that the “white cop” is a crisis actor, not a real cop, and that he also appeared in Sandy Hook and other “false flag” events:

– Yet another video says that the name “George Floyd” was faked. It is an anagram for “Edge of Glory,” the title of a Lady Gaga album that promotes globalist messages against humanity. Lady Gaga is also pushing covid-19 vaccine mandates along with Bill Gates and the WHO.

– This video shows that Floyd falls down at the right rear wheel of the police car, then magically other viral videos show Floyd appearing on the LEFT rear of the car, not the right side where he fell.

Here’s a screen shot showing Floyd falling down at the LEFT rear side of the police car:

But in the most famous video clips released to promote the outrage and the riots, George Floyd appears on the RIGHT rear of the police vehicle:

– This final video reveals a more detailed look at the total hoax behind the faked killing of George Floyd, revealing that people are mysteriously missing from the sidewalk, where they were supposed to have been located in order to take the video that became the most popular footage:

Even as Big Tech is banning all analysis that doesn’t fit the controlled narrative of the dishonest media, more and more people are using video footage and logic to question the official story

We present these videos in the interests of public debate and discussion. We cannot vouch for every claim made in each of these videos, but we believe that all free people should have the freedom to think for themselves and question official narratives.

The upshot here is that even though Big Tech is using extreme censorship to eliminate all viewpoints that don’t fit the establishment narrative, an increasing number of independent analysts are questioning the official story. Was George Floyd really killed that day? Is the man depicted as being murdered by cops really George Floyd? Are the cops crisis actors? Was the man shown in the video actually killed, or is he alive and well to this very day?

What else are we not allowed to see or know, given that the media establishment and anti-free speech tech giants are maliciously censoring all content that questions the official narrative?

It’s easy to see that the timing of these riots is designed to destroy President Trump and cause social chaos in the months leading up to the 2020 election, just like Black Lives Matter and Antifa were unleashed against the nation in the run-up to the 2016 election. Isn’t it an amazing coincidence how the masses are whipped up into an emotional rage every four years just as election time comes around again?

The Real Deal (5 June 2020) with Nick Kollerstrom, “Crisis Actor Triggers Race War”: to watch, click here

It begs the obvious question: Was this event staged and rigged, then coordinated with a radical left-wing terror network to unleash violence, riots and mayhem across America while the lying Lamestream media provides the cover by describing such events as “peaceful?”

That’s for you to decide, but Big Tech has already declared that you have no right to see this evidence and make your own decision. They have already decided for you, and no dissenting views are allowed in this left-wing obedience cult.

A dangerous obedience cult is now rapidly sweeping across America, resembling Nazi fanatacism

That’s why the radical Left is now claiming that “white silence is violence,” meaning that any white people who do not bow down before these allegedly staged events and worship the false narrative are to be targeted for condemnation, censorship or even physical attacks. You are now required to bow down to the left-wing obedience cult, and if you drift the tiniest amount away from the official false narrative, you will be condemned as a racist and a danger to society.

We have now entered a dangerous era in America, where the radical, extremist Left is running a mind control training camp across the entire country, demanding absolute obedience to what these many video authors say is a completely fabricated hoax.

What do you think really happened?

Sound off by uploading your own videos to Brighteon.com, which is 100% censored by Facebook, so don’t use Facebook to try to share the truth about anything, since the truth is banned by the tech establishment.

Join the real revolution against deception and social engineering by posting your own videos at Brighteon.com.

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32 thoughts on “Mike Adams, PSYOP? George Floyd “death” was faked by crisis actors to engineer revolutionary riots, video authors say”

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  2. Something I haven’t heard yet but it’s probably been mentioned somewhere, but I was thinking about it immediately on that day long before I considered that it might be an act, and that is, people kept talking about the heavy pressure on the neck, and my thought was that we can’t see the officer’s other knee that well, or his right hand, so we really don’t know how much actual pressure was on this guy’s neck.

    It might not have been very much. He may have been using his other knee and right hand to carry most of the weight, plus, if an act, then they might have practiced this routine many times to get the positioning and balance just right so it didn’t hurt him. Secondly, in the video you can see multiple times the officer is adjusting his knee and balance position.

    We also can’t see the other side, his legs, etc, so there may have been signals being sent like a foot wiggle or a hidden tensing of a leg muscle, finger twitch, etc, that Floyd could use to indicate that he was actually ok during the act.

  3. Absolute best video by outstanding New York patriot.

    Spread this one far and wide to effect change in the minds of the people now.

    This one should be copied on to 153new.net as well as Bitchute immediately because YouTube will delete this one pronto.


    15:30 video runtime

    This is A Live Exercise
    •Jun 12, 2020

    Richard Lopez
    11.6K subscribers
    Women comes with the hardcore truth on what’s going on with the vid! We are woke! Support my brother Adam Lawson’s channel, great lyricist!

    1. Thank you, Dachsie…I am not sure of that womans identity, but she looks very familiar and deserves much praise for her courage. At 9:50 Trump’s role is apparent. To those of you who see him as the lesser of two evils, I call bullshite.
      Evil is evil and his place in this is as diabolic as it gets. I care not about any pressure he may be under. A planet and 7 billion lives are at stake.
      The solution is NOT in any politician. It’s in ourselves. Until we all understand that and utilize our power, NOTHING WILL CHANGE permanently. NOTHING..

  4. I think it is instructive to compare this fake saga in Minneapolis today with an investigative report about 60 years ago by top investigative journalist Edward R. Murrow on Thanksgiving Day, 1960 regarding the massive problem involving all races of abusing those with little political muscle to overcome gross mistreatment by powerful growers and farm interests. Everything went against these groups on both sides of the country basically because they were prohibited by law from exercising the basic right to strike. or withhold services. . If you think slavery ended with the Civil War watch this powerful video “Harvest of Shame” with Edward R. Murrow by CBS Reports on Thanksgiving Day, 1960 about a century later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJTVF_dya7E

    1. Crisis actor Waynel Sexton is being paraded again as Floyd’s teacher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCYQdWifRjk Also spotted an article in Daily Mail UK that purports to show “Racist White Woman” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8416527/California-police-searching-Karen-linked-THREE-racist-incidents.html
      I could be wrong but this woman bares a striking resemblance to Sexton. The scarves, hats and glasses are a giveaway.

  5. Why was George Floyd’s casket kept closed throughout all three memorial services held for him? I watched video of the complete service for him at North Central University in Minneapolis on June 4. I also watched video of the complete memorial service for him in Raeford, North Carolina on June 6. Finally I watched video of George Floyd’s funeral in Houston held on June 9.

    The casket remained closed for all three services. There may have been private viewing of the body by family and close friends, but I have not found any mention of such. You would think his family would have wanted to view him and the memorial services would certainly have been much more emotional and politically powerful with the casket open.

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  8. The author questions what he is doing laying down on the left side of the car, when he fell on the right side. Well, you have to piece together the various videos. Tthere is a video where you see him fall on the right rear side of the vehicle on the curb. They then get him up and lean him on the right rear of the car, open the door, and then the next scene is of a cop pushing someone or something that is inside the rear of the car. At some point, you presume Floyd is inside the vehicle because the cop keeps pushing from the right rear door into the car. Youalso see cops running over to the left rear door of the car.. .

    We are told that Floyd came out the left side after being pushed into the car from the right side, and that is when he fell again. There is no video of him coming out on the left rear door, and falling onto the pavement for the next scene we see is the scene where he is on the ground with the cops on top of him, and you have seen the rest of it.

    There are numerous videos that must be pieced together. the best video of what happens when he is on the ground is the one published by The Daily Mail.

    1. To get a better insight as to how these tragic episodes, Travon, Ahmaud , George Floyd are generated and promoted, and by whom, here’s a start.
      Search YouTube:
      The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America – film

  9. One could write books discussing the totally corrupt failure of the police authorities and their supervisors all over this country on many basic issues of public concern way beyond the narrow areas the lying media is ranting about today. How about the age old problems of the 5 vices:
    smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, illegal gambling and prostitution? Smoking is clearly a very dangerous vice which clearly causes cancer. Although there may be laws prohibiting it most kids have smoked by age 14 or less. If I had not stopped at age 21 due to a horrible cold I know I would have been dead long ago. We all know the story of the efforts of the women’s movement to outlaw alcohol. Americans actually mustered votes to reverse the Constitution on that! But the other three vices have been largely ignored by law makers. Instead of legalizing them and regulating them, the corrupt lawmakers have kept them all illegal. Yet is there any shortage of illegal drugs? Our corrupt government is selling them on the black market to finance our massive debt. This is why we are in Afghanistan stealing them and selling them world wide but corruptly arresting local hoodlums and ruining their lives and making good easy money for corrupt police departments and local governments. How about gambling? While many local laws outlaw it, it is going on everywhere off shore. All sports events of any size are fixed by powerful gambling interests. How about prostitution? Wouldn’t it make more intelligent sense to legalize and regulate this vice which over uses antibiotics and other drugs? Our government today is totally corrupt because it a dismally failed in these basic areas. We are really no more advanced than in the early days of corruption by Al Capone are we? And none, zero, of any of this is even mentioned in passing as we gang rape the police today in the America of FOOLS we live in.
    What a shameful disgrace. Is there any shortage of any of these vices anywhere in our land today? NO. If the failure of government to address these five basic vices is not proof positive of its dismal failure what is? Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  10. “at least one of the “police officers” was actually a hired crisis actor who has appeared in other staged events in recent years.”

    go to
    on this
    7:29 runtime video

    George Floyd’s second grade school teacher looks very familiar

    “related story…


    #GeorgeFloyd’s 2nd grade teacher is the crisis actor from numerous HOAX events! They keep RECYCLING her! Now she is a blonde

    Same Crisis Actor

    George Floyd death
    Thousand Oaks Massacre
    Orlando Shooting

    A very powerful video could be made to show the truth of false events using film clips of this factual frequently occurring phenomenon of the same crisis actor playing a role in multiple false events. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    1. I searched the Texas teacher certificate website. It has current and past certifications listed. I did a search for Waynel Sexton and got no results available.

  11. The Obama Twitter part has been debunked.


  12. When I saw the video of Floyd being pulled from his car from INSIDE an SUV sitting directly behind Floyd’s car, I thought wow this is very suspicious. In the next video scene the SUV has disappeared. Who was filming from inside that now missing SUV?
    Plus, who was the passenger in the ball cap? Has he ever been identified?

    The only possible conclusion ‘imo’ is that a lot of fakery was going on that day.

  13. Not that anyone cares but the George Floyd Memorial Fund is now a staggering $13.85 million. Imagine making that kind of doe on the back of your dead brother. Do you think they will ever get over the “tragedy”. This organization needs to be investigated. Everyone says “follow the money” to the truth, but no-one gives a rat’s ass about this. https://www.gofundme.com/f/georgefloyd

    1. I do. When I think of the legitimate cause to which folks could be sending their money, it makes me ill. But they pulled the same scam in SH and all these other BS false flags. Let’s put up one for Fetzer to pay off that ridiculous settlement. THAT would be a legitimate cause.

      1. I have no intention of paying a nickel. The suit was absurd and pure harassment. I expect it will be reversed by the Court of Appeals. If it were not by them, then perhaps the Wisconsin Supreme Court would decide the case. And they just might rule in accordance with the law and the facts, for a change. Nice! The judicial system in the US has become massively corrupt. Needs to change.

      2. Good for you. The corporate justice system stinks to high heaven. It needs to be replaced with one based on COMMON LAW, not maritime law or the UCC in which only BAR members speak their language.

      3. Jim, I think the most damming evidence of the fake death of George Floyd is that the paramedics, not dressed like paramedics I might add, didn’t do what paramedics do, meaning they would have examined the patient made a diagnosis and would have made an effort to resuscitate the victim, possibly installing a neck brace and only then carefully put the patient on a supporting backboard of some sorts to be carefully placed on the stretcher. What was filmed was quite different from what should have happened. The same can be said for Boston, Sandy Hook, 9/11 etc, etc, etc. By the way, nice show, with your powerful commentary, playing on the Rense network today.

  14. I just saw a video from a car driving the entire length of 5th Avenue in NYC. I would say 99% of the stores were boarded up. So much so I’ll bet there’s a shortage of plywood in the area. If you can name the high end brand, chances are the store has been shattered and looted and apparently there was no attempt to stop it. How many cops do they have in New York? Around 38,000 with a 4 billion dollar budget. After their epic failure, maybe they should be disbanded. And replaced with what? An Elected Sheriff would provide at least some accountability.

    I keep thinking back to my South Africa story of 26 years of ANC crony communist rule and what they have done to a once prosperous first rate country, because the same forces behind that monstrosity are behind the BLM, Antifa and another organization called Sunrise … one I just heard about in Minneapolis. Their conference calls have been leaked and after hearing a young snowflake that is part of their leadership advocate burning down buildings to further their cause, I can see why they are calling for disbanding the police. No police means no one is held accountable for the damage they inspired and orchestrated.

    Blocking highways is part of their strategy… that’s straight outa Africa’s terrorist playbook. Remember the genocides? The play would involve turning a stolen bus sideways and lighting it on fire, then after traffic is backed up a few miles, they block the back end and go car to car hacking people to death. Do you remember Reginald Deny yanked from his truck and beaten senseless? It’s a miracle he lived to tell the tale. As a longtime commercial driver, I have a real problem with protestors blocking roads. Anyone blocking a road intentionally should be dealt with harshly because people are so vulnerable and sitting ducks.

    Here is the history lesson of road block used for sitting duck mass murder from 1992 Rawanda. Anyone that tells me road blocks are valid forms of protest should watch this, the Reginald Deny story was a game of paddie cakes by comparison to what can happen.



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