Patrick J. McShay, The George Floyd Psyop: Anarchists, Protesters, and Traitors; Just Who Are “The Racists”?

Patrick J. McShay

“Even allowing for the existence of discrimination in the criminal justice system, the higher rates of crime among Black Americans cannot be denied,”
*James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein in their classic 1985 study, “Crime and Human Nature”

Our controllers are once again using their influence over violent racists and Marxist groups like “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” to break down the rule of law, bring about anarchy, and to delegitimize and defund the police. We are told that this racism is systemic and that until something is done black men will continue to die, but is that true?

I don’t believe much of what we’ve been told so far. For one thing, the mug shot picture of the cop named Derek Chauvin who was arrested for killing George Floyd doesn’t show the same man in the videos and pictures shown to the public on the news. Mug shot Derek has a markedly different hairline, different ears., nose, jawline, and appears 10 years younger. He also has very little gray hair, the Derek Chauvin in the video with Floyd had quite a bit of gray in his hair and his beard. Has no one in the media noticed this?

Mike Adams from reports that several sites are questioning the official story and have seen some inconsistencies they believe should be investigated. without exception, these authors, who are mostly Black, believe:

* At least one of the police officers was actually a hired crisis actor who has appeared in other staged events in recent years.

* That the Black man depicted in the viral videos is not, in fact, an individual named George Floyd.

* That the responding medical personnel were not EMTs but were in fact crisis actors.

* A Texas Attorney named Timothy D. Japhet has come forward with a claim that he played football in college against the George Floyd in question and represented him in a case in Texas. He says Floyd died at Christus Spohn Hospital in Corpus Cristi 3 years ago. Hmm…

Something else the media won’t talk about is the reason Mr. Floyd was in an encounter with police in the first place. He was apparently drunk in the middle of the afternoon and attempted to purchase cigarettes using a counterfeit $20 bill. An autopsy showed that he had Marijuana, Meth, and Fentanyl in his system. The store called police and Floyd was still in front of the store when police arrived. There is no way of knowing exactly what happened because the footage the media has shown us is heavily edited and only begs more questions, investigation, and transparency that is likely, not forthcoming.

Another thing that the media doesn’t like to talk about is St. George’s criminal record. George Floyd had a long history of crime and incarceration and had emerged from a 5 year stretch in a Texas prison for his involvement in a violent home invasion of a young pregnant woman. St George was identified as the thug who pushed his way into her home holding a pistol to her swollen belly and when she screamed, he struck her on the head and hissed that he would kill her if she screamed again! Why isn’t the media telling the whole truth unless they are invested in the lie?

Why hasn’t the media mentioned that Floyd has also worked as a porn star for the black porn site “The Habib Show” under the name “Floyd the Landlord” with Black porn actresses Nelli Tiger and Kimberly Banks?

Floyd was seen dropping 2 bags of a white powdery substance on the sidewalk during his encounter with the cops. There is video of this online, why has the mainstream media not shown it? Why have the police not mentioned it? I guess they figure he’s dead, why spoil the funeral? The headlines should read, “Violent Thug Gets Funeral Fit For A King”. The cable news channels spent most of the day covering Floyd’s funeral, you would have thought he was a “Head of State” if you didn’t know who he was. What’s really going on?

The one thing everyone should agree with is, regardless of what George Floyd did, he did not deserve to die. Floyd was already handcuffed and witnesses said he appeared cooperative while he was standing on the sidewalk near the passenger side of the police vehicle, how is it he ended up face down on the ground on the drivers’ side of the vehicle with 4 cops on his back? They have the video, why won’t the mainstream show the unedited footage.

The President of the Minneapolis City Council went viral this week when she said she wants a “police free society”. Anyone who argues that we don’t need policing is either a fool or an anarchist. The problem with American police policy is they don’t fire the bad cops when they should be fired. Officer Chauvin flouted the rules for years and after 18 formal complaints and 3 disciplinary actions here we are. More often than not when I read an article about a cop abusing a suspect, the Cop has a history of abusing suspects.

The truth is, black on black crime should be a bigger concern.

Aaron Bandler with “The Daily Wire” posted the 7 Statistics You Need to Know about Black on Black Crime? Here they are:

1) Data shows that 93% of Black homicide victims are killed by other Blacks.

2) Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that
whites do.

3) Black crime is even more prevalent in larger cities and counties. In 2005 New York City Blacks committed 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies and, and 66% of all felonies, despite composing only 23% of the population, according to Author Heather McDonald, the author of, “The War On Police”.

4) There were nearly 6000 Blacks killed by other Blacks in 2015. The same year 258 Blacks were killed by police.

5) The percentage of Blacks arrested for crimes is consistent with police reports. Every study of crime is using official data that shows Blacks to be over-represented of persons arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for street crime.

6) Black crime was lower in the 1940s and ’50s when poverty was higher and discrimination was rampant.

7) A direct line can be drawn between family breakdown and youth violence. In 2013 over 72% of Blacks were born out of wedlock. In Chicago in 2003 79% of Black babies were born to single mothers and today Black women are more than 3 times as likely to have an abortion. Is that the reason for the violence in Chicago today?

Officer Chauvin’s knee to the neck, while 3 other officers were on Mr. Floyd’s back holding him down, is an Israeli technique used regularly on Palestinians. Most Americans are unaware that American policemen have trained with the Israeli’s since George W. Bush’s administration. Sadly, nothing good has come from it.

This narrative that blacks are treated differently is certainly true. Because Blacks are statistically involved in a much higher percentage of crime than Whites they draw more attention. I wrote in my Article, “NFL Players Are Strangling The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg”:

“While Blacks make up just 13% of the population, statistics show they are involved in much of the reported crime. The Wall Street Journal reported that in a 2009 study on crime, Blacks were charged with 62% of all robberies, 57% of all murders, and 45% of all assaults in the largest 75 counties in the country”.

This may account for the higher rate of interaction in the Black communities. While there are more white people in the country, there are more than twice as many white people killed by police than blacks every year. Paging Mr. Sharpton!

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has acquiesced and admitted that he was wrong not condemning police brutality, apparently based on the killing of George Floyd. And Drew Brees, the quarterback for the NewOrleans Saints has now backed off of his patriotic message of unity that was somehow turned into a racist statement by his teammates and has been bullied into apologizing for transgressions he was never aware of. Big mistake Drew!

Will we see kneelers this year in the NFL, and will the fans paying for high priced seats, $8 hot dogs and $10 beers be so easily manipulated? Does Roger Goodell not care that the fans not taken in by this manufactured outrage over George Floyd are the same people who left NFL stadiums half empty the last two years?

Police brutality is not a black issue, it’s an issue for all races. Cops are still arresting citizens who film them despite the fact that it is perfectly legal, and Cops are routinely caught beating prisoners after they have been handcuffed. Any officer caught beating a handcuffed suspect should be immediately fired! They should be fired for these offenses because lawsuits from these actions are paid by the taxpayers, not from the offending officer who rarely gets more than a slap on the wrist.

Every cop who ends up on Youtube brutalizing a suspect has a long history of complaints and violent encounters. Officer Chauvin was no exception. A former Co-worker at the nightclub said that Chauvin and Floyd knew each other and that the two had issues, where is the media on that? Every cop should be mandated to wear a body camera. If an officer turns off his camera, (which happens frequently), during an interaction or arrest they should be immediately fired! Body cams would have shed much light on Floyd’s case.

The media is also not telling the truth about Black on white crime. According to the Bureau of Justice statistics show:

2018 statistics on Interacial Violent Victimizations not counting homicides between Blacks and Whites.

*Total number of violent interactions- 593,598

*Crimes committed by Blacks against Whites- 537,204 – roughly 90%.

*Crimes committed by Whites against Blacks- 56,394 – roughly 10%

Groups like Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Sunshine group among others are radical groups that push violence at Trump rallies and contrived protests and are financed by Trump haters like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

The Sunshine Group is a violent Marxist army in training that radicalizes and trains children as young as middle school-age kids, with organizers teaching them military tactics, preparation for “high-risk action”, and teaching them that setting buildings on fire is a legitimate and powerful form of protest. American children are being stolen in front of their parents eyes and they don’t even know it.

Just who are the racists? These facts don’t jibe with the mood of the self-serving liars on the left and a media that seems obsessed and driven to cause conflict among the races, which is no doubt why the media keeps Americans unaware of the real problem. at the end of the day the sad reality is, Blacks commit crimes at nearly 3 times the rate as white people and our controllers will do whatever they can to distract the public from that truth.

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25 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, The George Floyd Psyop: Anarchists, Protesters, and Traitors; Just Who Are “The Racists”?”

  1. Please watch this and check out the list of companies that YOU buy from who SUPPORT BLM …the same organization that is doing its best to bring down America. BOYCOTT THE BASTARDZ!

    And here’s the list of those instrumental in subverting the United States of America….IT WILL AMAZE YOU…..stop buying from these traitors…it’s the least we can all do!!

    1. Part of that very short article reads…..David Bernhardt, says that the use of the unarmed soldiers were requested earlier in the week.

      I’ll say this that likely no one here wants to read….If Trump allows soldiers to go in unarmed against these animals, he should just resign.


    Rayshard Brooks
    I await your verdict.
    You do not see hit shot.
    The police chief in the US city of Atlanta has resigned as protesters took to the streets hours after the fatal shooting by police of a black man.

    Dozens of demonstrators took to the streets outside the restaurant on Saturday afternoon in a fresh wave of Black Lives Matters protests.

    Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she accepted the resignation of police chief Erika Shields after the killing, with Rodney Bryant becoming the city’s interim police boss.

  3. THIS is going to be MORE than interesting. I hope they live stream it!!!

    Hell’s Angels and Mongols head to Seattle
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend
    The Mongols have been around since the 1960’s and are worse (I mean better) than the Hell’s Angels. It’s a smaller club but still enough to take on Antifa all by itself. The two clubs, which have a history of killing each other have formed an alliance and are heading to Seattle. This ought to be fun to watch.

    I HOPE TO GOD somewhere around 10,000 Harleys show up with every rider – varying from moderately stable (in this situation) to totally unhinged (in this situation) go in there and half of them are armed. They are going to have to deal with the police, who are supporting antifa first, but if they actually do get in there with bikes, spikes, and attitude they might write a chapter of American history no one ever expected to read. I’d LMAO if they went in there and re-took that autonomous zone all by themselves. They certainly could, and it would be worth it to have a SEVERE altercation with the treasonous cops to have that happen. That would make them heroes.

  4. Where is the break down of society heading? It looks designed to leave Trump no choice but martial law. The NDAA was never rescinded and neither were the other Tyranny on a stick edicts. The old story that everyone wishes was bunk comes back to mind. The neatly stacked plastic coffins, the special train cars, the FEMA camps all over creation, talk of Guillotines, FEMA buying millions of hollow points and now we hear about a cyanide shipments. Have you’ll seen the latest?

  5. More scenes of insanity from the Colorado High Country: The latest victim of Covid Fake-Demic: Softball as I have played it for 40 years. There is now eight bases, one for every baseman and the catcher, and one for every would be base runner. Tag plays have been eliminated! No tag ups are allowed on fly balls to the outfield! The game is a pathetic shadow of it’s former glory. Imagine trying to fight every baseball instinct in your body. I suppose it’s better than nothing, barely!

    1. dK…Personally, I would simply refuse to participate. AND, I would refuse to participate in any other area that has undergone such changes. And if other would take that attitude, something could change. Could be it’s time for some kind of general strike.
      We must stop conceding to these changes that are tearing apart our society and destroying our CHILDRENS ability and desire to have contact with their classmates and friends. It is just unfrigging acceptable.

      1. You know Will, I tend to agree. But I’m so starved for my usual activities, I am playing anyway as much as I despise the changes. On Monday I go to court, again… after my landlord swindle law suit has been continued several times due to the fake-demic. She is milking this for all it’s worth. Playing the decrepit old lady card and the judge is swallowing it hook line and sinker. The last time the court allowed a phone in appearance. What a crock. I held up a hand written receipt for $2700 penned by the landlord and the old bat denied it was legit by long distance. I was told I was out of order as I held up the proof. But now i found another victim who has her signature and it of course matches. I want to nail her on perjury and get a default judgement because she claimed it was fake under oath. (by phone!). It’s the biggest sham of justice I’ve personally experienced because no audience members are allowed. It’s me, the judge, the clerk and a shitty speaker phone. It’s bogus beyond belief. But it’s small claims, so no attorneys. I have now found 4 other victims. I need a hand writing expert to verify it, but it’s so obvious they match. Any ideas?

      2. I understand. We have to make choices that work best for us.
        Don’t miss last night Raw Deal in regard to your court case.

  6. Living in the twilight zone with logic turned on it’s ear. Lionizing the wicked and vilifying the brave and the righteous. How did all this start in the land of the Vikings? I am certain 95% of their population is appalled by what has happened in their state. Take away the large urban areas of every state, it’s likely a similar sediment with a small minority participating in the malevolent mayhem. The Burkenstock Bolshevics were all dutifully marching with their “badges of virtue” slave muzzles. I must have watched a 1,000 of them walk by a camera and 99.9% were muzzled. It’s so pathetic I can barely stand the sight of anyone with a mask. I find myself just wanting to run up and breath in their faces and watch them shakily dialing 911 to report an assault with a deadly weapon.


    1. Well, I know he’s not a Zionist and I know he’s not senile.I know he has no use for either party. I know he’s not a lifetime politician. As a former SEAL, I know he respects what is left of this country. I know he has common sense and is a simple man. I know he did not allow lobbyists in the governors office and I know he returned a surplus of property tax to the residents of Minnesota. In todays atmosphere is it humanly possible to keep emotions out of choices? I doubt it. He may run…he may not. But his candidacy would be my only incentive to re-register as I am totally disgusted with both parties. If you can find a non-bias source of what he did as a governor, please post it. Google rules the search engines and you can bet they hide any of his accomplishments on page 5 or 6….if they are there at all.
      Have at it

    1. Will, I agree with many of your preferences for Ventura. However, how does he get financed for the campaign, does he expect to have a couple exorbitantly well heeled Zionist financiers to take care of his needs? The US has a serious, severe jew problem and I am not sure Ventura can do any better than the slugs we called “Mr. President” in the past 6-8 terms. I’d love to see Ron Paul as President, though. His son, however, is pro-jew and that disqualifies him from getting my vote, should he run.
      The US is in dire straits, I’m not sure the nation is saveable. We can thank you-know-who for that……

      1. What to say? I agree with what you have said. I do remember Jesse saying he spent 300,000 bucks to get elected as governor…all from small donations. The average Joe and Jane are so disgusted with both parties, this may be the time for a REAL grass roots movement in which small donations could do the trick. It’s a dream, but it’s better than resignation and turning what’s left of this country to the tribe.

        The IDEA of America may be salvageable, but the actual country itself, absolutely rotten to the core, is very likely beyond help without divine intervention.

        When a country loses its ability to protect its children, the end is very near.

        We look for heroes and they fail us all the time because no one man is beyond the corruption of power and extortion. We the People have the power of numbers and consistently refuse to be courageous enough to use it. And yet, an organization like Antifa can bring cities to a standstill.
        It baffles me…and others, I am sure. What do they have that good intended people like ourselves do not?

  7. This goes against all figures I have previously heard.

    4) There were nearly 6000 Blacks killed by other Blacks in 2015. *****The same year 258 Blacks were killed by police.*****


  8. This is an excellent article. I might expand a bit on it.
    I have a friend on the East coast. He’s black and he reports to me almost every day about his life in his family. He tells me that being in a black family can be hellish. There is constant bickering, fighting, bullying and anger. Insults and taunting are common. His mother and grandmother have assets of over one million dollars. The cozy TV shows about black families is a total fiction. My friend’s constant comment is that he hopes that his angry, hateful father would drop dead.


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