Art Olivier, The Coronavirus Transformation Ritual

By Art Olivier

Secret societies have used initiation rituals for millennia. The goal is to transform the initiate into a useful member of their society. Whether it is the Mafia, Freemasons or witches, the process is similar; the initiate is separated from his normal day-to-day routine. He is told where he can go and what he can do. His mind is cleared of his previous life and he is forced into a new normal. The director of the ritual controls what the initiate perceives by controlling information and repeating certain phrases.

The news uses repetition in convincing us that we must conform to a new normal as well as the current TV commercials that repeat a variation of “In these uncertain times, while the distance between us has grown, we can still stay connected in the safety of our home. We can all get through this together.”

The initiate may be required to sacrifice things he once held dear in order to receive the transformation.  The pandemic is forcing us to sacrifice our personal and economic freedoms.

The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca states “Initiation is a rite or Ritual that marks the psychological or spiritual crossing of a threshold into new territories, knowledge, and abilities. Initiation brings a sense of attainment and accomplishment and effects subtle changes deep within the psyche in terms of how an individual perceives herself or himself. The central theme to initiation is suffering, death, and rebirth. The initiate undergoes an ordeal, symbolically dies, and is symbolically reborn as a new person, possessing new wisdom.”

Masks are quite often required during a ritual to help create a new identity. From Ritual, Masks, And Sacrifices”, Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, Vol. 11, 2004), “Ritual is intimately connected with the mask, either in the wearing that hides the true face, or in the adoption of a public face. The mask makes the disengagement from ordinary time and the connection to the ancient and repetitive, which is the heart of ritual, psychologically acceptable. Together, ritual and mask facilitate the apprehension of identity and its connections with paradox by placing the mystery of change outside of life’s ordinary reasonableness into the domain of magic and power. This change and transformation is enacted by the sacrifice of the ritual.”

To help facilitate the rebirth, the fear of death is introduced in the ritual. The initiate is purposely kept in a state of confusion, becoming dependent on the director to show him the way forward. We are told many contradictory statements such as; death rates are up, deaths are down, wear a mask, masks won’t protect you, hydroxychloroquine will cure you, hydroxychloroquine will kill you, stay home, businesses are opening, infections are rising, a second wave is coming. In this confusion, we become dependant upon our leaders to tell us what we are supposed to think. Eventually the old self withers away and the director molds the identity of the initiate to assimilate him into his new reality.

The George Floyd incident was a ritual in a ritual. He was out of work because of the Coronavirus. He is shown standing next to a Corona poster and the medical examiner said he had Coronavirus. The protests in his honor didn’t spread the virus, but maybe they did. We’ll just have to watch the news for the latest.

On George Floyd’s chest is a big tattoo of the Masonic Double-headed Eagle of Lagash. If Floyd were a Mason, he would have attended The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Minnesota. Part of the Master Mason ritual is the Brethren praying on one knee around the body of Hiram Abiff. The lodge is a half-mile on the same 38th Street where Officer Chauvin, the Chauvinistic One, confronted Floyd.  3 minutes after arriving on the scene, Officer Chauvin placed his left knee down and held his Masonic pose on George Floyd for 8 minutes. The Chauvinistic One’s ritual lasted 11 minutes. Then Abrahadabra; the whole world is genuflecting, kneeling with one knee.

It may seem odd for protesters to take the same pose that a slave took to show submissiveness to his owner and the same pose that Officer Chauvin took, but that is the power of the ritual.

Abrahadabra, everyone is kneeling!

The 11 minutes on 38th Street is an important part of the ritual. In the center of the United Grand Lodge of England is a black and white floor with 418 squares, 11 on one side and 38 on the other. The address for the Minnesota Prince Hall lodge is 310 E. 38th Street. Zeros mean nothing in gematria. 31 is the 11th prime number. 11×38=418.

Aleister Crowley said “the key of the rituals” is “Abrahadabra” which equals 418 in Hebrew Gematria. Crowley said that ‘Liber 418’ was his second most important book after ‘The Book of the Law.’ The 11 (3+8) minute ritual on 38th Street gives us 418.

The 11 letters of Abrahadabra represents the uniting of the macrocosm with the microcosm represented by the hexagram and the pentagram, the 6 and the 5. Abrahadabra has 6 consonants and 5 A’s. George Floyd has the 6 and the 5 in his name, as does Donald Trump and Corona Virus.

Perhaps world leaders are trying to implement the biblical prophecy of the First Horseman of the Apocalypse that is given a corona and uses his bow to spread pestilence around the world. (He rides a white horse; the pale horse comes later.) It may be more than a coincidence that the first case of Coronavirus was identified on 12/12 (6+6/6+6), exactly 6666 days after 9/11/2001 and that Congress introduced H.R.6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

The transformation may not merely be psychological, it may also be physical. Moderna (stock symbol MRNA) is developing a vaccine with mRNA that may complete the transformation. The military already has a contract with ApiJect for Coronavirus syringes. ApiJect has an optional RFID/NFC tag on each syringe so its serial number as well as the GPS location and the time of the vaccination can be uploaded to a government database. Perhaps if a contact tracer discovers that you have not received your Coronavirus vaccine, the military might show up at your door to ensure that you complete your transformation.

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20 thoughts on “Art Olivier, The Coronavirus Transformation Ritual”

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  2. As I was checking out at Lowes today, I noticed the cashier was wearing a plastic shield (along with the Plexiglas shield between the cashier and myself). My usual simple question is that if these ridiculous masks were really for the purpose they claim, why not mandate the plastic shield and not the paper or cloth mask since it obviously would do a better job AND allow one to get more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide Answer:…because it’s a RITUAL and they are interested in all performing this ritual of totally obscuring your face and not in the health aspects or your welfare.
    And it cannot be about cost because the shield can be used, cleaned and used again…over and over.
    Prove me wrong, please.

  3. Just to back up my post at 6:50 AM (at one time, there was a reply button beneath unmoderated comments…it’s no longer there, so I am making an additional post)

    From the CDC …

    They only recommend a face covering if you are asymptomatic…

    They also clarified that wearing a mask isn’t necessarily to protect yourself from getting infected, but from infecting others if you are ASYMPTOMATIC. “The cloth face cover is meant to protect other people in case you are infected,” they continue.

    So, who is going to be running around in public IF they have this deadly disease. Answer:…No one in their right mind, yet everyone should be forced to wear one…does that make any sense whatsoever???
    Friends, it all total bullshite.

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  5. Wonder why all these corporations go along with the corona scam, masks, lock-downs and tests and sooner or later, vaccines? Out of control capitalism…ya gotta love it…OR HATE IT……and right now, it sucks. The greed of these mega-corps (corpse) give not a damn about your welfare or well-being.

    Well, it’s all about $$$$….as usual….

    Dispatches from the War: Three men who control corporate America
    Why did mega-corporations accept the Covid lockdowns?
    (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)
    Airlines, hotel chains—you name it, they all folded when the lockdowns were imposed. They closed up shop, they took a knee, they opted for bailouts. Why?

    The CEOs of these corporations are supposed to be hard chargers and ruthless operators. Why didn’t they rebel?

    I could cite several reasons. Here I want to focus on a little-known and staggering story.

    It starts with an analogy. Imagine an employee of a company who is motivated to speak out against the lockdowns and go public. Then he thinks about the owner of the company. That owner happens to sit on the board of a large hospital.

    Uh oh. That owner is SOLIDLY WIRED into official medical reality. He isn’t going to appreciate a naysayer who says the lockdowns are a ridiculous and destructive overreach. Better to stay quiet. Better to fit in and go along.

    Okay? Well, it so happens that three of the most powerful corporate bosses in America DO have deep connections to major hospitals, and these three men run corporations that OWN CORPORATE AMERICA.


    The three men are Larry Fink, Joseph Hooley, and Mortimer Buckley.

    Buckley is the CEO of the Vanguard Group. Hooley is the CEO of State Street. Fink is the CEO of BlackRock.

    These three companies are investment funds. Financial services companies.

    Buckley is a board member of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. From 2011 to 2017, he was chairman of the hospital’s board of trustees. Hooley serves on the president’s council of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Fink is the co-chair of the NYU Langone Medical Center board of trustees.

    Let’s look at their companies: State Street, BlackRock, and Vanguard—known as The Big Three. The reference is an article at theconversation[dot]com, “These three firms own corporate America,” 5/19/17, by Jan Fichtner, Eelke Heemskerk, and Javier Garcia-Bernardo.

    “Together, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have nearly US$11 trillion in assets under management.”

    “We found that the Big Three, taken together, have become the largest shareholder in 40% of all publicly listed firms in the United States.”

    “In 2015, these 1,600 American firms [the 40%] had combined revenues of about US$9.1 trillion, a market capitalisation of more than US$17 trillion, and employed more than 23.5 million people.”

    “In the S&P 500 – the benchmark index of America’s largest corporations – the situation is even more extreme. Together, the Big Three are the largest single shareholder in almost 90% of S&P 500 firms, including Apple, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, General Electric and Coca-Cola.”

    “What is undeniable is that the Big Three do exert the voting rights attached to these shares. Therefore, they have to be perceived as de facto owners by corporate executives.”

    “Whether or not they sought to, the Big Three have accumulated extraordinary shareholder power, and they continue to do so…In many respects, the index fund boom is turning BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street into something resembling low-cost public utilities with a quasi-monopolistic position.”

    If the CEO of a corporation whose main shareholder is The Big Three thinks about rebelling against the official medical consensus…

    And he knows that The Big Three bosses are heavily wired into the US medical complex…

    That CEO has one more reason, among others, to forget about being an old-time hard charger. He has one more reason to swallow his anger when he’s told to lock down and shut down. He has one more reason to knuckle under and play the game. He has one more reason to surrender to a story about a virus and Fauci and Bill Gates. He has one more reason to stand down and stand aside and watch economic devastation sweep over the land.






  6. Jim Stone lives in Mexico…’s what happened to him a few days ago:

    We went back to the neurosurgeon with my father in law’s brain scans. Everything with that came up OK, and then, he started talking about Bill Gates and corona being manufactured, the WHOLE 9 YARDS and I thought, UH OH. She assured him he was paranoid, was beginning to evolve the conversation to “maybe there is something wrong with you” and I then intervened and said I have direct contacts that introduced me to people who had their kids killed in the hospitals with it falsely registered as covid. At this point she started tapping her phone furiously.

    She fired back saying NO, it is real, I know people who are working with this and I responded back, no, it is not real, I know of a kid who got stung by a scorpion and died of covid, another who had a broken arm and promptly died of covid, and a mother who had a difficult delivery and when the kid died, got offered a large sum to register the death as covid. At this point the doctor damn near freaked out and started saying the doctors are Catholics and blah blah and IT IS REAL.

    I then said people die of pneumonia with the flu, and that despite this one being fake the next one that will arrive in october will be real because the fake one did not get the results the communists wanted, so they are going to do it for real this time, don’t throw away your mask. She asked how I knew all this and how I got this info, and I said “It is my job”.

    We then left and she followed us out hounding us about how it was all real and I told her “Believe what you want”. The entire time she was in her phone rapidly using it like it was some sort of emergency. She stayed on the floor her office was on.

    HERE IS THE KICKER: When we got down to the hospital lobby one of the things she did with her phone was have the hospital locked down so we could not leave. Another thing she did was call the police. Another thing she did was have my car barricaded in it’s parking spot.
    So the hospital staff was befuddled at how the doors got locked, they were not told anything, and let us take a clearly marked unauthorized route out of the hospital. When we got out to the front, the police, with no one behind the glass to bust (that’s when we saw them) quickly left. We got to the car and it was blocked in it’s spot, with a drainage canal that had a six foot (or so)drop into it in front, and a guy saying “No, I will not move my car, you have to WAIT. Wait for what? there was nothing preventing him from moving, and parking lot assistance forced him to move. I knew what was up by then and tipped him 20 pesos and on the way out security was watching us and totally active communicating.

    I figured we’d drive for a little while and get pulled over. I at least got back to type this.

    I am confident the reason why more people have not spoken up is because “hospital staff did not allow trapped people to take the unauthorized staff only” way out.
    I strongly suspect that if we had not quickly been allowed that, I would not be typing this, those doors are NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE LOCKED. They were the ones we entered through both times and left through last time and the staff was wondering what the heck happened with the doors.

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    1. Check this out Will… Little kids required to wear masks at the summit of Vail Mountain at over 10,000 feet above sea level. The Oxygen level is already down to 14.3% and with a mask you lower it down to 11.3% which is equivalent to 16,000 feet above sea level. This is child abuse


      1. dK..I have never seen a people march do willingly to their own demise. Even swine put up a fight when they know it’s their time. I just do not understand. I tried calling the ADA yesterday, but the waiting time to speak with anyone is ridiculous. As long as Tee Vee is in their control, I am afraid we are toast.
        Masks in my area are being mandated by most stores. So far, Winn Dixie is holding out. I am not sure about Publix. SO, I’ll be shopping in a smaller town called Mayo starting shortly. The population is comprised of mostly simple country folk who know better and have the COMMON SENSE to not put up with this insanity…..a quality sorely lacking in the vast majority of Americans.
        Speaking of common sense, ever need a laugh, go to the Q and A section of hand tools at Lowes or Home Depot. I remember looking at hammers a while back. Someone seriously questioned if the hammer came in a left hand version. One of the reps answered that it was in the left hand aisle. I would bet they went and looked in the hand tool area and tried to figure out which way they should be standing to determine which side would be the left side. But, hell, with arrows now on the floors, that would seem to be easy, eh? Good Lawd!

      2. So, now Winn Dixie has succumbed to pressure and starting on the 27th will demand customers wear masks….apparently partly due to a Trump Tweet….(me…DISGUSTING…Trump sold us out yet again!)

        We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance. There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!
        — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 20, 2020

        BYE BYE WD!

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