Jim Fetzer, Could Michelle Obama become the Saviour of the Democratic Party? or its Greatest Embarrassment?

Jim Fetzer

Several journals are suggesting that Michelle Obama might become the key to success by the Democrats in 2020, where she might play the role of “Biden’s trump card”. Steve Grammatico, “Is Michelle Obama Biden’s trump card?”, laid out a compelling case in The American Thinker (17 July 2020), which was–highly appropriately–picked up by patriot outlook.com, where several political commentators have regarded her choice for Biden’s running mate as obvious. As have i.

Thus, for example, In April, author and political commentator Michael Walsh predicted that Joe Biden would choose Michelle Obama as his running mate within a month or so: “[It] would be an unstoppable ticket, and potentially give the Obamas eight more years in the White House.”  Walsh quotes Dick Harpootlian, South Carolina’s former Democratic Party Chair: “If she engages, God help Donald Trump, because she’s tough as nails and enormously popular.”

Grammatico presents considerations that make her choice almost inevitable and overwhelmingly desirable, where the scenario that Walsh lays out makes her choice politically irresistible:

* The party would enthusiastically unite around Mrs. Obama.

* MSM coverage would be universally adoring.

* Former president Barack Obama instantly becomes a valuable asset.

* With the Obamas breaking trail, Michelle and Biden handily defeat Trump and Pence on November 3.

* On January 20, Joe Biden is inaugurated.

* On January 21, the Bidens announce the that 78-year old president is resigning, as “he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

* Michelle becomes president.

* On January 22, President Obama names her choice for V.P.

Douglas Herz posted a partially concurring opinion at The American Thinker (4 July 2020), where Biden’s search for a black, woman candidate gives Michelle “time to make up her mind about running”. It might initially appear to be a slam-dunk, an open and shut case: Joe and Michelle prevail in November; then after their inauguration, Joe steps down “for reasons of (mental) health) and Michelle ascends to the Presidency, aided and abetted by her devoted husband, Barak.

But there turn out to be good reasons why she might hesitate to make the move, no matter how obvious it might be to Democratic Party advocates and leaders. Michelle has a history of which most Americans are completely unaware–and which might sabotage her candidacy. These are reasons more often covered in tabloids than in mainstream news venues, but were Michelle to become Joe’s running mate, they would almost certainly become “BREAKING NEWS”.

Although many of the sites that have featured reports about Michelle have (unsurprisingly) disappeared, it turns out that (s)he was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson and even played football at Oregon State University with a certain degree of success before changing his name and transferring to Princeton with the female persona as “Michelle Robinson”:

Other photographs confirm that “Michelle” was a man long after she and Barack Obama became an item, including, for example, the following with (young) Bill Gates, where “Michelle” noticeably lacks a feature that most women possess which is breasts. Other photos, however, show that (s)he has a package that most women do not possess:

The physician assigned to her during Barack’s campaign walked into her taking a leak standing up in a trailer near Trenton, where they paid him millions for his silence. He has, however, spoken out that Michelle Obama is not a man who become a woman but that Michelle Obama is instead simply a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill:

Joan Rivers exposed the truth to a reporter, who asked, “Will we ever have a gay president?”, to which she replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny . . . a transgender. We all know.” Two months to the day, Joan was reported to have died during a routine endoscopy, although some of us suspect that she’s still alive:

Diligent students even tracked down the real parents, which cannot be the offspring of Barack and Michelle (since two men cannot give birth); and the older looks just like her father and the younger just like her mother. They were “adopted” to give their marriage the veneer of having children but, like many other relationships, was an illusion rather than a reality.

While Barack and Michelle have been voted–year after year–as American’s most admired couple, whether that would remain the case once the public learned of their real identity is another matter, indeed. And, for reasons such as these, Michelle has to decide whether or not to run for the Vice Presidency and (if successful, anticipatory) to assume the Presidency itself.

Having voted for Barack Obama twice (but no longer a true believer), it’s up to every American citizen to decide whether or not to vote for Joe and Michelle, which every American has the right to do. But it should be an informed decision, where it might make a difference to know that “Michelle” is not a woman but a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill!

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15 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, Could Michelle Obama become the Saviour of the Democratic Party? or its Greatest Embarrassment?”

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  2. Google has been desperate to scrub this photo from the Internet but here it is. To illustrate how non female Michelle can be, a designer sent her a dress that she wore backwards to an event at a school.

    Her ignorance is beyond belief. You would think that someone in her 23 person WH office would have noticed.

    [btw, Melania has a staff of 4.]


  3. This type of thing should be unconstitutional. I had the same problem when Hillary ran. It’s just a dirty sneaky way to get yourself another term as President. Run your spouse! No spouse should be allowed to run divorced or married. As for her being a man. Duh! I’ve always thought this. Look at her arms and her body in general. As for it stopping her? LOL Nobody will care. It will just be crazy conspiracy BS. Democrats want power so bad and Trump out so bad they’d vote for a pile of rabbit poop. The democrats are definitely up to something which I thought day one. I’m not buying this Biden is losing it garbage. It’s too obvious and over the top. Democrats wouldn’t run someone with dementia. They’re either going to replace him as suggested in this article or setting up a can’t lose (so they think) for Trump. Let’s not forget everything that’s happened so far is thanks to trump. It’s entirely possible he’s a manufactured crisis.

  4. Mail-in ballot fraud is the least of Trump’s worries if he doesn’t end this coronavirus economic shutdown including mandatory mask wearing. Yes, the Democrats helped orchestrate this PLANdemic designed to tank economy to oust Trump (among other aims which include cashless society and mandatory vaccines). But Trump is president and therefore the face of the economic apocalypse so come election time he will bear the voters’ ill will. Trump needs to fire Fauci NOW. Not only fire him and Birx but expose fact Fauci has lied and misled about the virus from day one. Put an ethical doctor at the helm who can educate the public about coronavirus and reassure people it is fine to resume life full speed ahead – no masks and social distancing required. I no NOT recommend using the Surgeon General as he is another establishment hack who will kowtow to the CDC and AMA, both of whom are knee deep in coronavirus deception. Until Fauci is out and a new doctor is in, Trump’s re-election prospects are inching closer to the toilet. Dems and Independent voters who voted Trump in 2016 but have been negatively impacted by the lockdowns are no sure bet to turn out again. Some GOP voters who are jobless or lost life time business due to the lockdown may be too devastated and disillusioned to show up in Nov for Trump. Fox News is part of the presstitute media and is also filled with Trump haters. They follow the official narrative about coronavirus which is lies and misinformation so its GOP viewers aren’t being given the truth about the virus. Fox will report a few morsels of truth about the virus, Tucker Carlson will do a couple of commentaries, but their reporting leans heavily toward the official storyline. The line “It’s the Economy Stupid” still rings true for any election. Trump has to stop allowing Fauci to act as de facto President and Official Fearmonger. Trump must take podium alongside a truth telling doctor and get this nation back on track. If that is not done by month’s end, his election chances move closer to the toilet – voter fraud or no voter fraud.

    1. Yes Fauci needs to be fired. He has a 35 year history of medical mayhem in the various positions he has held.
      He told Trump [who is easily scared] that over 2 million people would die if the nation did not go into lockdown.

    2. Not a chance Trump will be re-elected. His base will stay home like they did in 2018 when he lost the House. 4 years of his embarrassing presidency: no end to DACA, no end to birthright citizenship, no end to Obamacare, no FISA abuse prosecutions, no “lock her up”. No “drain the swamp”, very little WALL, no infrastructure. His daughter is doing business with China while he goes after Hunter Biden. 4 years, only 4 accomplishments: (1) his ass got impeached, (2) we got a pandemic, (3) 48 million lost their jobs and (4) we have a RACE WAR.

      1. Rev White Owl…Sadly, I agree….and if Michelle (Michael) runs in the second or FIRST slot, Trump is toast. But I DISAGREE with the premise he will not be re-elected because of impeachment (all know that was a sham), pandemic (all know that’s a sham), a race war (same) and 48 million lost their jobs (a result of a fake virus). His non-reaction to these riots is what may be his downfall. NO ONE I know is happy with that particular performance.
        Good to see you posting here…I’ll never forget all your help. BTW…got a better radio for the keets!

      2. Rev….also sorry to say it was not his base staying home that lost the house in 2018…it was Google’s interference……and so far, I see nothing that will stop them doing the same in 2020 along with the unbelievable voting corruption that will be a result of mail in ballots.

      3. Jack, You must be the least well-informed poster on my blog. Are you unaware that, in December, a Rasmussen poll showed 40% of Black Likely Voters were supporting Trump and, more recently, that 37% are standing with him through thick and thin? that he shot up 10 points in recent polls? that Biden is brain damaged? that the Democrats are destroying the country in the vain hope that it might improve their prospects in November? I hate to say it, but you appear to be as cognitively impaired as Joe! It’s the Democrats who are going to go down.

      4. What happened? I accidentally flagged James Fetzer’s post and didn’t mean to. It was an accident! i was trying to his the Reply button and my hand slipped. Or my mouse slipped. I can’t believe I just accidentally flagged the freedom fighter I most admire in the world! Please don’t ban him from the Internet, Powers That Be. I didn’t mean it. And all I wanted to say was I ttotally agree with James Fetzer. on everything as usual except one point. I think Michelle Obama would be a great Vice President because with his football experience he could effectively tackle any legislation that was in any way threatening to the Democratic Party Regime. That’s all. Not much of a comment. Kind of sarcastic actually. But at least I got a chance to accidentally flag the man I most admire in the world!

  5. Michelle is rarely photographed next to other women. Her massive torso is very revealing that something is not right with her DNA. Her shoulders are as broad as a most male football players.
    As for those two adopted daughters….what could be more obvious. Remember that all of Obama’s Christmas trips included the two bio parents…..they were always lurking in the background. I guess holidays were a whole family affair.
    As a Demo VP the information about her past would be an onslaught 24/7.


  6. I have said all along this will be the case….But, I diverge a bit. Michael will get the nomination…not Biden. Putting Biden in the #1 spot will lose votes. Michael in the #1 spot will get the black and LGBTQ vote (along with whatever other perversions they might add on) and with those mail in ballots, there is a great possibility Trump will lose. It’s a harrowing prediction and I hope to gawd I am dead wrong…but we have learned there is no depth to which the Dems will not sink to hang on to their miserable existence . No matter who runs, Trump must do something to stop this mail-in ballot theft that is on it’s way as sure as Pelosi and Biden’s teeth rattle.


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