Bill Willers, The Mask as a Symbol of Subjugation

We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.
— The New England Journal of Medicine, May 21, 2020

(T)hey told us exactly what was coming, and advised us to shut up and follow orders. Tragically, most people have done just that.
— CJ Hopkins, 2020

It’s difficult to imagine a crueler attack on the human family than the insidious prevention of person-to-person contact. What amounts to house arrest, plus enforced wearing of masks, plus the order to stay a body length from others, has the stated aim of preventing contagion, but as philosopher Giogio Agamben put it recently, “It is political contagion, let it be understood”. He’s correct. The contagion that must be checked is not viral but political. The triad of official mandates hinders communication that cannot be monitored. If online, unauthorized political discourse and strategy can be recorded for the individual’s dossier. In the street not so, at least not yet.In 1933, Hitler suspended the Weimar Constitution following the Reichstag fire. Citizen rights under that Constitution were abolished and never reinstated.

Real Deal Reports (6 July 2020) with Dean Ryan and Blake Walley, both in Austin

A similar drama continues to play out in the United States since the 9/11 attack, which resulted in the Patriot Act (of ironic title) that trashes the U.S. Constitution, resulting in free rein for the nation’s intelligence organizations in concert with the social media giants. The First Amendment is being negated according to someone’s definition of “hate speech” or “community standards”, with entire sites of information and opinion being “deplatformed”. The Fourth Amendment is a hollow lie in that each citizen’s every act is recorded toward that planned-for day in which all activities are digitally recorded, and woe betide creative souls who offend the rules.

The lockdown was never really about a pandemic. Covid19 was just the pretext. Bill Gates himself admitted (in an unguarded moment?) that earlier SARS and MERS were more “fatal,” i.e., more lethal, than Covid19, yet they came and went without crashing the economy. But more than just the economy, it was day-to-day existence as we all live it that was a prime target of the lockdown. Ending the lockdown tomorrow would not counter the damage already done.

We’ve been psychologically mauled, and there’s no end in sight. Warnings of “spikes” and of future waves come daily. Yes, countless jobs and businesses are being lost, but it is the devastating psychological impact that permeates society throughout that is inescapable. The emotional and spiritual damage will not be healing anytime soon. As intended, we are disoriented and will be for decades as the “conspiring internationalists”, so-called by David Rockefeller, prepare us for a life according to their globalist design.

Real Deal Reports (7 July 2020) with Dean Ryan in Austin and Mike Bara in Seattle.

The cloth masks seen everywhere now are symbolic. However useful in stopping airborne droplets, they do not hinder the passage of viruses, made clear by the warning on a box of the type of mask commonly seen. The media’s favorite expert, Anthony Fauci, stated flatly on CBS 60 Minutes in March that “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask”. Two months later, as lockdown demands intensified, his stance shifted to the mask as “a symbol for people to see”. Review articles indicating that masks are ineffective, or even counterproductive, rarely make it to mainstream viewers, or they are simply disappeared. But symbol the mask certainly is — a symbol of subjugation.

Living fully and free carries a normal level of risk. In addition to assorted germs and parasites that are a part of nature, there are lightning strikes, auto collisions, falling down stairs and being victimized by criminals — primarily elements within our governing structures. We are being conned with a manufactured terror campaign by a power bloc that considers the bulk of ordinary society a herd to be manipulated. The many who understand this, but who nevertheless wear a mask simply to conform to what they assume to be majority agreement, are allowing themselves to become part of the con. Take the damned thing off! Breathe free!

Bill Willers is an emeritus professor of biology, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. He is founder of the Superior Wilderness Action Network and editor of Learning to Listen to the Land, and Unmanaged Landscapes, both from Island Press. He can be contacted at willers@uwosh.eduRead other articles by Bill.
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8 thoughts on “Bill Willers, The Mask as a Symbol of Subjugation”

  1. This is how a town council handles freedom of speech….just shut the damn meeting down….DISGUSTING!…BUT, at least a few in Florida are speaking up!

    One thing for damn sure…what the majority wants is no longer valid…all that matters is what some ‘suppressed minority’ must have…what minority is next….drug users?….homeless?…those driving cars older than 5 years?…..
    RVers?…..overweight?…freckled?….bald?….narcoleptics?….those with dentures?……

  2. I am happy to say not a single customer for our float trip down the Colorado River showed up with a slave muzzle today. Hallelujah. Everyone thought the tyranny and despotism would come from the Feds, who knew it would come from your friendly local health department and town councils. Just as true here as anywhere. Wearing masks in July couldn’t be more insane. I play softball for the local hospital co-ed team and maybe three of the women have worn masks at various times. None of the men have and they have various front line roles like anesthesiologist. Six of us went to a local tavern for after game cocktails and sat shoulder to shoulder and dangerously wore no slave muzzle. How daring !


    1. Come November, the Dems had better order that salve by the truckload. Dual purpose….for all those in jail and all those Biden supporters on November 4th, 2020.


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