Debate: Trump Wins On Issues As Wallace Torches Own Reputation

[Editor’s note: Giuseppe Vafanculo and I did a color commentary of the debate LIVE, which you can find on my twitter page @JimFetzer. This is an excellent analysis of what happened during the debate.]

Strong second-half performance overcomes moderator bias.

Once things transitioned from temperamental bickering to substantive discussion, President Trump had an easy walk in the first 2020 presidential debate in Cleveland on Sept. 29. And all the blatant efforts to aid Democratic challenger Joe Biden made by his unofficial cornerman Chris Wallace failed to stem the incumbent’s momentum.

First Trump-Biden debate: Fox News' Chris Wallace, the moderator, criticized for chaotic clash - MarketWatch

The Fox News host and allegedly impartial debate moderator repeatedly attempted to rescue Biden just as the candidate was noticeably struggling. One moment stands out as the most crucial exchange of the evening and it alone is enough for the president to claim victory in this first showdown between the two contenders. When Wallace tried to equate the rioting and street violence that has plagued American cities since the death of George Floyd in late May with an alleged “white supremacist” threat, Trump deftly turned the conversation to Antifa.

Biden then proceeded to carry water for the destructive leftist revolutionary group, calling it “an idea not an organization.” It was a devastating mistake and his media protector sensed it immediately. “We’re done, sir,” Wallace instantly pronounced, shutting down conversation on the topic as Trump eagerly prepared to pounce on Biden’s major misstep. But the damage had been done. Biden had put the exclamation point on a disastrous law and order segment and Wallace had revealed the sheer audacity of his flagrant bias. In one fell blow, Trump had scored big against both of his opponents.

Rocky Start All Around

The night did not start out as promising for Trump. In what must have been a deliberate move aimed at confusing the 77-year-old Biden, the president repeatedly interrupted and chirped throughout the opening 40 minutes. It was a questionable strategy in that it served to help Biden dodge issues. Instead of letting the Democratic standard-bearer talk and forcing him to make meaningful arguments before the American people, something he has struggled to do thus far in the race, Trump kept cutting in and allowing Biden to stop and regroup.

But if Trump intended to anger Biden, he succeeded. The former vice president snapped off a couple of nasty remarks at the sitting president. “Folks, do you have any idea what this clown is doing?” he asked at one point. “Will you shut up, man?” was another riposte. That said, it was a frustrating first half, high on belligerence but severely lacking in weightiness.

That all changed when the subject turned to the Coronavirus. Democrats see this as a winning issue, but Trump shined by spotlighting the disastrous effects of harsh lockdowns in blue states that he said were harming the economy and causing severe distress to citizens.

“It’s almost like being in prison,” Trump said of the unprecedented social curbs on the personal freedoms of Americans in the name of health that are being most enthusiastically pursued in states with Democratic governors such as Michigan and New York. “You look at what’s going on with divorce. Look at what’s going on with alcoholism and drugs. It’s a very, very sad thing. And he’ll close down the whole country … We don’t need somebody to come in and say, ‘let’s shut it down.’”

It is a framing that tens of millions of Americans can relate to. Rather than addressing this powerful imagery, Biden weakly responded that “millionaires and billionaires like [Trump] in the COVID crisis have done very well,” totally ignoring the personal pain regular people are experiencing in their everyday lives from the punitive lockdowns.

This marked the first real drawing of blood in the debate, and the clear winner was Trump. Three more decisive victories were to follow.

Second-Half Blowout

A law and order discussion proved dominant for the president. After painting a bleak picture of the chaos in Democrat-led cities from rioting and looting in the name of “social justice,” Trump touted the backing he is receiving from police officials across the nation. “Name one [law enforcement] group that supports you,” Trump tauntingly challenged his opponent. “Go ahead, think, we have time.” As a tongue-tied Biden struggled to respond, Wallace dove in to push him off the ropes.

“I think, gentlemen, I’m gonna take back the moderator’s role, and I want to get to another subject,” the faux newsman hurriedly interjected. It was an unprofessional act even by the expected standards of bias inherent in establishment media organs today. Sadly, it was the norm for the evening rather than the exception.

Biden’s significant error in defending Antifa came soon after, with Wallace once again scurrying to change the subject. Trump was in top form by this point, however, and kept connecting on his punches despite Wallace’s unceasing efforts to find comfortable ground for Biden.

Live coverage: Trump and Biden's 1st presidential debate | MPR News

When the Democrat tried to tout his late son Beau’s military service as part of a larger attack against Trump over spurious and anonymously sourced accusations that the president had labeled U.S. soldiers as “losers,” a razor-sharp Trump quickly turned the tables by bringing up scandal-plagued Biden son Hunter.

“I don’t know Beau. I know Hunter,” Trump tartly stated. “Hunter got thrown out of the military, he was thrown out, dishonorably discharged, for cocaine use.” “That’s not true … none of that is true,” a flustered Biden replied. But it is mostly true. He was discharged in an “other than honorable” way for his cocaine use.

As Trump was poised to further his advantage by bringing up Hunter Biden’s controversial financial dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Wallace again stepped in to cut him off. “I think the American people would rather hear about more substantial subjects,” Wallace decreed. “Well, you know, as a moderator, sir, I’m gonna make a judgment call here,” he then told the president. “You know, I’d like to talk about climate change.”

“So would I,” Biden unsurprisingly agreed. Amazingly, the official presidential debate moderator not only helped the Democratic candidate avoid an exceedingly tough topic, he moved him onto a key partisan talking point as well. The bias was simply breathtaking.

Yet here again Biden imploded. Trump was unflappable, and eventually managed to maneuver Biden, who has been desperately trying to pivot away from the progressive stridency of his party’s primary process, into disavowing the Green New Deal that is sacred policy among the left-leaning Democrats that his campaign will need to turn out in droves on Nov. 3.

“The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward,” Biden began. He then confusedly backed away from this agenda. “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal,” he proclaimed. “I support the Biden plan that I put forward … which is different than what he [Trump] calls the radical Green New Deal.”

This, of course, is a direct contradiction of his statements during the Democratic primary race. In fact, Biden’s official campaign website at this very moment specifically touts his support for the progressive plan. “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face,” his campaign declares.

Lest he had any remaining shreds of professional reputation still left, Wallace allowed himself one last moment to immolate them during this last portion of the debate. “I can’t remember which of all his rantings it was,” Biden mockingly said of Trump’s final question to him. “I’m having a little trouble myself,” Wallace cackled.

It was the capstone on a display of journalistic malpractice. But the bigger takeaway for the night was that when Trump backed away from the early needling and honed in on serious issues, he seriously dinged Biden time and again. That he did so even on the Coronavirus bell cow that Democrats are banking on to help win the election bodes very well for his campaign over the next month.


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26 thoughts on “Debate: Trump Wins On Issues As Wallace Torches Own Reputation”

  1. Saw this article on Aust ABC.
    Seems the first prime minister of modern Israel could not get his way with the Rabbis.
    Seems this guy thought God may be just like nature. Maybe he was right, maybe not. I believe in a God, everything is too complicated to just happen, but if that is the just happen, call it God, whatever. To me the maker of the “mind” is much greater than the mind created. I think Jesus existed but his story has been embellished, probably by the Romans, just like Confucius was by the Chinese. Now the Communists have conficius centres that un=embellish Confucius.
    I saw this article years ago, it helped my eyes about religion. I think there is a God, but I think religions are manmade attempts to explain the meaning of life. The fact that we yearn to find that meaning, I think, explains that the goal is real.

    Now I will attempt to link this to Trump. Trump is coonected to Israel. That draws critcism.

    1. As far as I know, there is no so-called covid-19 test. The test is actually a ”corona virus test”. Anyone who has had a flu shot, the flu, or the common cold has a 95% chance of testing positive. This is because all of the mentioned situations ARE coronavirus related.

      People’s brains are somehow fixated on the tag ”covid-19″ and use it constantly in error. This whole new-flu hysteria is rife with lazy thinking. Many people like to gain bragging rights by claiming to have had covid-19 when in fact all they had and recovered from is the common flu or even a cold.

      1. I am not saying it is true, but a fact website said that they can tell the genetics and differentiate from the flu.

        I rang the Vic gov info line months ago and asked to speak to an expert, she was a nurse, and she said she did not know anything about the tests.

        Some Demi’s are saying Trump is lying, that he does not have the virus, some say he hasbit and hope he dies.

        Trump tweeted he has it, so that’s his opinion.

    2. Now Trump and Melania have ‘tested positive’… what makes me think this is just part of the effort to oust him? They want him off the campaign trail. I hope they play it like both are ‘silent carriers’, and the virus can be further exposed as the hoax it is. But then, this could be the way they assassinate him. Take him out and blame it on covid.
      The Dems are already saying, “Too bad that Trump flouted all the mask and distancing rules. Look what it got him! Serves him right.”
      “And now he’s dead,” is what they are breathlessly waiting to say, and to their delight, so will be the critical election that so annoys them.
      For a review of the methods of the pre-emptive politics, including assassination, used by the deep state against its rivals, please read, “Trump vs Deep State: From Midterm Defeat to COVID-19” at:

    3. From Zerohedge:
      Bloomberg’s John Authers’ first thought on what Trump’s covid infection means reveals how this info will be used:

      “This is almost certainly negative news for the economy, because the chances of a significant relaxation in lockdown provisions in the U.S. have just been sharply reduced. It was much easier to argue for reopening the economy when a large part of the population truly believed that the pandemic was a hoax. That will change, and many individuals’ behavior will probably change even without a change in the official rules.”

  2. Alex Jones has Trump tweeting he and his wife have covid19. They say they may have had it and not shown symptoms. The HCQ may have helped.

  3. There is no doubt Trump walked away with the debate. Do we pull the stops out at debates and allow anything to go? IMO, a bit more decorum from both would have served better. William Buckley and James Baldwin…now THAT was a debate! Those days are gone.

    BUT, I do find it interesting that no one has yet to bring up that BLM was on the no go list…kinda like any mention of Israel….politics and honesty…they just do not go hand in hand and are actually total opposites.

  4. They only Kayo Punch was thrown by Trump in asking again and again for Biden to mention one Law And Order group that supports him — with no response. That could have been emphasized. Also, the situations of burning, looting, and anarchy in Seattle and Portland and across the nation could have been emphasized in relation to Democratic mayors there and Democratic leadership in general, which should come out in all the following debates and speeches. Also Trump could have acted more Presidential, being dignified, letting Biden give it to him on the ropes without flinching and then in response sharing FACTS, calmly, evenly, fatherly, presidentially, the facts of his record, not personal jibes at Biden We need a President, not a pugilist. He looked kind of like a bully and Biden looked kind of like a conman kid, Tom Sawyer, with his hand stuck in the cookie jar. The feminist left hates bullies, and the right hates lying weakling conmen, so it’s not likely either demographic got swayed. If Trump learns how to curb his temper at the punk and merely calmly and steadfastly repeat the FACTS of his record, his offer to send in the National Guard, his support by law and order groups, his building up the economy while Biden supported NAFTA and TPP (this fact must come out, Mr. President) our country is much more likely to be swayed to the side of strength and character and law and order. We need a strong and patient father, not a juvenile conman (Biden). No one likes these riots. That’s Trump’s major campaign card. But he’ll play it best as a man of truth and moral rectitude who is strong in knowing himself and what he stands for — not a loose cannon trying to pull Biden out of pocket and only looking like an argumentative bully.

  5. Biden was extremely lucid last night. They must have pumped him up with some strong drugs. No gaffes, lapses, nothing. Or maybe this was his body double. OR, maybe one of the DNC Hollywood friends had special effects dept make a mask of Biden’s face and the imposter was sporting it. You know those movies where the guy pulls of his face to reveal someone else underneath? LOL. It would have been good if Trump had talked about mortality rate of COVID being the same as or lower than the flu – given actual numbers. Today, the mortality rate for the US is 2.85% down from 3.04% on Aug 31. Trump also needs to focus on talking up the economy and plans to bring more manufacturing jobs back. The question about why voters should elect him – he went on about how many judges he would appoint. People don’t give a hoot about judgeships; economic issues get voters to the polls. When pressed about denouncing white supremacy, instead of dodging it, just say “I denounce any group whose message is about violence and intolerance” and then proceeded to slam Biden on Antifa.

    1. IMHO all quite true, Bricer. I’ve just seen some evidence that Biden had a wire on him, like Dubya had in one of his debates, with a big box in behind his suit jacket when debating Kerry. Biden can’t function on his own. He had ongoing coaching and even words put in his mouth during the debate and his set piece indignant reaction about his Bronze Star son had all the authenticity of Sylvester Stallone killing postboard terrorists. Trump though he could jab Biden out of the book, but he tried too hard and lost his own balance. His A Game is being strong in himself and running on his record. I hope he owns his own personal power better in the next one and acts more presidential and fatherly and calmly in charge all together. As for covid, Trump’s promise of a vaccine soon is probably just him being tricky in preempting the Democrats as the cv curers. He probably knows as well as most intelligent Americans that the whole cv thing is just a scam, but he has to placate the ignorant sheep whose votes he needs.

      1. Here’s a graphic showing Bush’s equipment during his debate, as well as the wire on Biden’s shirt which Soros-aligned media insist was a crease in the cloth.


  6. Several times Wallace turned to the President and shouted ”sir, sir”. This was meant to be insulting and demeaning to Mr Trump. Calling any President “sir” in that auditorium under those Debate circumstances was totally rude and hugely inappropriate. It shows what a lowlife Wallace really can be.

    1. Yes, Don, the establishment NWO media “liberals” act all professorial when they’re really full of snotty innuendo. But IMHO unfortunately the audience is generally bound to identify with the emcee. You have to treat him with visible respect, even if he is a condescending traitorous dupe. Which Mr. Trump, being the consummate businessman generally did. At least he didn’t say “You’re fired!”

      1. I agree.
        Wallace was whiny and obviously trying to make it easy for Biden. His chiding, scolding and calling the President ”sir” were reprehensible and ugly. Its been known for years that Wallace hates Mr. Trump.

        The two candidates did their own thing but the Moderator should be above the fray. But no, Wallace had to get down and dirty. He spent most of the 90 minutes rolling in the mud.

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