E. Michael Jones, The Invisible Man at the Race Riots

E. Michael Jones

[Editor’s note: Originally published 4 September 2020 but worthy of republication.]

“History rolled right over my body.” — Sidney Rittenberg

At the end of Euripedes’ play The Bacchae, Cadmus asks his daughter Agave, “What do you see?” Agave is sitting center stage with a severed human head in her lap. It is the head of her son Pentheus, who was torn limb from limb by the women of Thebes as they danced naked on the mountainside worshipping the Asiatic god Dionysos. Still intoxicated by the revelry that led to her son’s death, Agave says, “it’s a lion’s head, a trophy for the palace.” At this point, Cadmus says, “Look carefully. Study it more closely.” As the intoxication wears off, Agave recognizes what she has done and answers, “I see horror. I see suffering. I see grief.”

“Does it still look like a lion?” Cadmus asks.
“No, Pentheus. I am holding his head.”
“You were mad,” Cadmus tells his daughter. “The city was possessed by Dionysos.”
At this point, Agave awakes to the full consequence of her actions.
“I see now,” she says, “Dionysos has destroyed us.”

• • •

America went through its own bout of Dionysian intoxication in the days following May 25, when a Minneapolis cop by the name of Derek Chauvin knelt on the neck of a 46-year-old Black man by the name of George Floyd, causing his death. Corrupted by 66 years of bad education, America’s Black Lumpenproletariat erupted in an orgy of rioting that brought the rule of law to an end in many of America’s large cities. As of this writing, Antifa, a group which Donald Trump has designated a domestic terrorist organization, is still in control of a six-square block section of downtown Seattle, which they have designated the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” In Minneapolis, the town where the rioting started, their Pentheus, Mayor Jacob Frey, was denounced by one of the Bacchant women who spoke in the name of Black Lives Matter after he refused to defund the Minneapolis police department. Frey was not torn limb from limb, but he was expelled from the crowd and had to take refuge with the police he was ordered to defund.

The race riots of May and June 2020 were only the latest installment of what might be called the regime of governance by crisis which began four years ago, when the Deep State decided to do whatever was necessary to depose Donald Trump. That campaign began with Russiagate, followed by the impeachment, followed by the hate speech campaign of 2019 which sought to ban “unwanted content” from the Internet, followed by the Covid-19 pandemic. What united all of these crises was oligarch unhappiness with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and a desire to replace the institutions of representative government with ad hoc committees of crisis managers masquerading as scientific experts and/or aggrieved minorities.

By now it should be obvious that the racial narrative writes itself whenever a Black man dies at the hands of a white cop. Floyd’s body was still warm when the mainstream media took up the story which had already been written and declared him a saint, complete with halo and wings. In reality, Floyd was a violent felon who died with traces of fentanyl and cocaine in his system, but the BBC described him as someone who “was simply trying to live life as any other American, in search of betterment in the face of both personal and societal challenges.”[1] He then became “the latest totem of the ills that plague the country in 2020.” After growing in wisdom, age, and grace, Floyd’s life suddenly “took a different turn, with a string of arrests for theft and drug possession culminating in an armed robbery charge in 2007, for which he was sentenced to five years in prison.” Missing from the BBC account was any mention of Floyd’s incarceration, drug dealing, violence against pregnant women or his role as a porn star,[2] but no one needed to tell a graduate of America’s public school system that he was witnessing the latest installment of the ongoing saga of American racism in action.

The Palestinians who watched the same video, however, saw something else. They recognized the knee hold that Officer Chauvin inflicted on Floyd as the same technique which Israeli police routinely used on Palestinians. Also missing from the mainstream account of Floyd’s death was any mention of the role which the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) played in weaponizing the Minneapolis police department. The ADL has been pressuring police departments across the country for years to train with Israeli instructors to learn submission techniques like the knee on the throat hold. But more importantly, the policemen who are subjected to the Israelification of local police forces learn more than techniques. They learn attitudes, and the main attitude they learn is that they should treat the locals who fund their departments with their tax money in the same way that Israelis treat Palestinians. Whenever the race issue gets raised, the Jewish revolutionaries who are the main orchestrators of incidents like the Floyd riots remain invisible. This was certainly true of the ADL, which arranged the 2012 meeting in Chicago which brought together the Minneapolis police department and counter-terrorism experts from Israel at a conference sponsored by the FBI and the Israeli consulate in Chicago which focused on “terrorism prevention techniques.”[3]

After seeing the video of Officer Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, Neta Golan, the co-founder of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) said: “I remembered noticing when many Israeli soldiers began using this technique of leaning in on our chest and necks when we were protesting in the West Bank sometime in 2006.”[4]Israeli training of US police is widespread: “Since 2002 the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”[5] In the aftermath of Floyd’s killing, Palestinians were quick to draw parallels between the final images of the man suffering under the knee of the officer, and similar choke holds used by Israel occupation forces. “Crazy how the same thing happens in Palestine but the world chooses to ignore it,” Palestinian athlete Mohammad Alqadi wrote on his Twitter feed above four separate images of Israeli soldiers pinning Palestinians to the ground with their knees on their necks or head.[6]

Israeli involvement in counter-terrorism training given to the Baltimore Police Department led to death and rioting in that city. Amnesty International claimed that the Israeli group which had been involved in training Baltimore police officers had been cited by the U.S. Department of Justice for “widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement, and culture of retaliation.” Amnesty International went on to say that: “Baltimore and other police departments should find partners that will train on de-escalation techniques, how to handle mentally challenged or ill citizens, on the constitutional rights of citizens concerning filming and how to appropriately respond to those using non-violent protest to express their opinions. Israel is not such a partner…”[7]

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman made a name for himself as a critic of violent video games in the wake of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado. After 9/11, the Bureau of Homeland Security under the direction of dual American/Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff became a potent source of funds for anyone willing to promote the Israelification of law and order among policemen. Grossman at this point became a sought after expert on “killology,” which promoted the idea among police officers that they were “at war” when they patrolled America’s streets.[8] In 2016 police officer Jeronimo Yanez shot and killed an unarmed man during a traffic stop outside Minneaopolis. One year later, Yanez was found not guilty to all charges stemming from the shooting, but the Minneapolis watchdog organization Communities United placed the blame on Grossman after learning the Yanez had taken one of his Bulletproof Warrior courses years earlier.

Deaths related to training courses which militarized police enforcement then led to de-escalation courses in which “police officers were supposed to be retrained on how to restrain suspects” when Chauvin was on the force, but it is unclear whether he took the course or, more importantly, whether the course had the desired effect or whether it convinced police officers who were already feeling beleaguered to use the methods which the Israelis and Grossman had already taught them. In April 2019, a little over a year before Chauvin was involved in Floyd’s killing, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey banned “warrior style training in Minneapolis” after calling it “fear based.”[9] “If cops got less of this training,” according to one observer, “less [sic] people would die. There’s no question about that.”[10]

In April 2018, Durham, North Carolina became the first city in the United States to ban police exchanges with Israel. The main group behind the ban was the Jewish Voice for Peace, which explicitly condemned the ADL as “the premier provider of these exchanges,” which “are basically trying to exchange a kind of worst practices” which “target people of color in both places.”[11] The ADL, JVP rightly concluded, was guilty of “a systematic attempt to bring those worst practices back home,”[12] where they increased the likelihood of violence and deadly force.

After investigating the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of Baltimore cops in 2015, the Justice Department issued a report which documented “widespread constitutional violations, discriminatory enforcement, and culture of retaliation” within the Baltimore Police Department which was traceable to tax payer-funded training from Israeli officials. “Since 2002, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee’s Project Interchange and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs have paid for police chiefs, assistant chiefs and captains to train in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). These trainings put Baltimore police and other U.S. law enforcement employees in the hands of military, security and police systems that have racked up documented human rights violations for years” and have been condemned by groups as diverse as Amnesty International and the U.S. Department of State.[13]

So much for the white cop side of the Chauvin/Floyd equation. Jewish organizations are also involved in funding the Black side of racial conflict in America. In the wake of the racial unrest which followed Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore in 2015, George Soros’s Open Society Institute donated $650,000 to Black Lives Matter, the main agent behind racial unrest in America from Ferguson to Minneapolis.[14] According to one watchdog group, “In 2016 organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement received $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundations, founded by Hungarian hedge fund manager George Soros in 1993, and the Center for American Progress, founded by former White House chief of staff and Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in 2003.”[15] According to the Washington Times, access to Soros money insured another $100 million from “a series of wealthy liberal foundations including The Ford Foundation, in addition to $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundations, with additional grant-making from the Center for American Progress.”[16]

At some time during the early part of the 21st century, Soros’s Open Society Foundation got involved in funded races for local political offices like district attorney and county prosecutor with devastating results for the impartiality of law enforcement. After arrests following the Floyd riots in St. Louis, Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner released all George Floyd “protestors” from jail, according to Missouri attorney general Eric Schmidt.[17] That number included the 25 demonstrators who were arrested between Monday and early Tuesday, June 1-2, when four officers were shot. Gardner released all of those suspects without filing charges against any of them.[18] Schmidt called the release of felony suspects a “stunning development,” but Gardner had already come under fire during her first run for circuit attorney after “accepting at least $30,000 from a super PAC belonging to controversial liberal billionaire George Soros,” who “is well known for supporting candidates, specifically city attorneys, who push liberal bail reform and sentencing platforms.”[19]

Both sides of the racial conflict which George Floyd’s death ignited were controlled by Jews. The ADL has consistently played a double game by condemning the racial violence that their training seminars have created. According to the Democratic Socialists of America, “The police violence happening tonight in Minneapolis is straight out of the IDF playbook,” adding, “US cops train in Israel.”[20] After the death of George Floyd, the ADL, eager to avoid any association with the violence their police seminars wrought among Blacks, tweeted: “As we continue to fight for justice for #GeorgeFloyd, we also need to fight for justice for #BreonnaTaylor, who was murdered in her own home by police. We need justice for everyone who has been a victim of racist policing & violence.”[21]

At the same time that the ADL was demanding justice for George Floyd, they made no mention of the death of Iyad Hallaq, an autistic Palestinian man who was gunned down after pleading for his life while on the way to his special education class in occupied East Jerusalem.[22] The Electronic Intifada, which did mention Hallaq’s death, then singled out the Anti-Defamation league as “a major player in the industry of bringing US police junkets to Israel for ‘counterterrorism’ and other kinds of joint training.”[23]

Docile Negroes at traditionally Jewish organizations like the NAACP routinely get praised for their work against racism, but as soon as Black Lives Matter began its Black solidarity with Palestine campaign, the Israeli government and its lobbies in America attempted to disrupt the Black Lives Matter movement in retaliation. In 2018 Al Jazeera’s documentary The LobbyUSA revealed how The Israel Project “pulled strings behind the scenes to get a Black Lives Matter fundraiser at a New York City nightclub canceled.”[24]

So on the one hand we have American policemen being trained to treat their fellow citizens in the same way that Israelis treat Palestinians, including the knee holds that will subdue and sometimes kill them. This explains the white cop side of the equation. But on the other hand, we have George Soros funding Black Lives Matter and the insurrections which follow incidents of police brutality as the black side of the equation. Taken together both Jewish-funded groups perpetuate the cycle of increasing violent racial conflict in America, while remaining all the while invisible.

Black Lives Matter was a reincarnation of the Black-Jewish Alliance, which began with the founding of the ADL after the lynching of Leo Frank and has continued to this day, with time-outs taken for the World Wars of the 20th century. Shortly after World War II, Louis Wirth, a Jewish sociologist from the University of Chicago began implementing his plan to “integrate” housing in Chicago. When Chicago’s ethnic neighborhoods understood that “integration” was a euphemism for ethnic cleansing, riots ensued, beginning with the Airport Park riots of 1947 and culminating in the arrival of Martin Luther King in Marquette Park almost 20 years later. As one more indication that Black Lives Matter was the reincarnation of the Black-Jewish Alliance, Alicia Garza, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, was born in 1981 to a white Jewish father and a Black mother.

Black Lives Matter was funded by George Soros to promote race war in the United States, but BLM also promoted sexual deviance, another cause dear to the heart of the world’s most prominent Hungarian Jewish philanthropist. In their recently published manifesto, BLM situates its attempt to be “unapologetically Black in our positioning” within a matrix of sexual deviance, including attempts “to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk,” by disrupting “the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and putting in its place a “queer-affirming network.”[25]

If that jargon sounds familiar, it’s because it stems from the university gender studies programs which provide the matrix from which groups like BLM and Antifa get both their ideas and their recruits. The ultimate cause of the uprising which took place in city after city in the wake of George Floyd’s death was bad education. Beginning in the late 1980s, literature departments had been taken over by “tenured radicals” who have used critical theory, derived from thinkers like Foucault, Derrida, and Gramsci, to undermine the validity of all structures of authority. This essentially Nietzschean transvaluation of all values transferred moral superiority to anyone who could claim oppression according to oligarchic endorsed categories like race and gender, allowing the tenured radicals to take over one department after another and, more importantly, allowing the proliferation of new departments, invariably ending in “studies,” as in gender studies, which drove the traditional liberal arts from academe turning traditional universities into Maoist inspired re-education camps. The takeover of academe reached its bitter culmination when Antifa led groups of disaffected, badly educated young people, who were aware of nothing more significant than their grievances, into the streets in what became an uncanny replication of the Chinese cultural revolution of 1966. One of the most unlikely leaders of that revolution in China was an American Jew from Charleston, South Carolina by the name of Sidney Rittenberg.

The academic pedigree of Rittenberg’s successors became apparent when Antifa warlord Joseph Alcoff got apprehended in Philadelphia in 2017 for assaulting a group of Hispanic Marines. Alcoff’s arrest shed light on one of the main figures in a society that remained literally faceless because of their habit of wearing masks at the protests they disrupted by their violence. Alcoff, who was known as the leader of Antifa in Washington, DC, was the child of radical academics and had co-authored an academic paper with his mother Linda Alcoff in Volume 79 of Science and Society in the special issue on “Red and Black: Marxist Encounters with Anarchism,” entitled “Autonomism in Theory and Practice.”[26] Radical theory in the mind of Linda Alcoff led to violent praxis in the life of her son. As with Black Lives Matter, the ADL has played a double game with Antifa, condemning its tactics while at the same time defending it against accusations that it was morally equivalent to the “white supremacists” it attacked in the streets of Charlottesville in 2017.

Continuity between the generations was made possible by the Jewish revolutionary spirit. The fact that Alcoff was a Jew got suppressed in virtually every mainstream account of his activity,[27] which sanitized his communist connections by linking him to the Democratic Party through figures like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Alcoff was more forthright when he spoke in his own voice, saying on one Youtube video, “I’m a Communist, motherf***er,” before spitting into the camera.[28] Christians for truth portrayed Alcoff as “a self-styled modern-day Leon Trotsky” and attributed the suppression of his ethnic identity to the fact that “Antifa’s political manifestations are funded by the billionaire Jew, George Soros.”[29]

Andy Ngo, who was severely beaten by Antifa thugs in Portland in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, claims that “prominent media figures and politicians glamorize and even promote Antifa as a movement for a just cause. CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have defended Antifa on-air. Chuck Todd invited Antifa ideologue Mark Bray onto Meet the Press to explain why Antifa’s political violence is “ethical.”[30] Ngo goes on to mention Joseph Alcoff as one of the most visible figures in what is otherwise a clandestine organization, and claims that he had access to Democrat Representative Maxine Waters in 2016.[31] He also mentions Adam Rothstein, who is associated with the Rose City Antifa group which assaulted him in 2016. Rothstein conducted a series of “secret lectures” at a Portland bookstore where local recruits learned how to “heckle” opponents and make them “look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered,” and convinced that the “Trump thing is gonna go by the wayside.”[32]

Armed with political clout of this magnitude, Antifa can easily overwhelm local police forces, which is what happened in Portland in 2016. The result is that “city government and police lack the political will to protect citizens.” What happened in Seattle in 2020 with the creation of the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” was only the logical conclusion to what began in Portland in 2016 and spread all over the Pacific Northwest, “where Antifa is especially active.” In its attempt to destabilize and destroy the nation state and its sovereign borders, Antifa drew support from “mainstream progressive politicians, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who normalize hatred of border enforcement and sovereignty as such.”[33]

Antifa has continued to be successful in disrupting local government and thwarting police attempts to bring them under control because it is a Jewish organization which can always count on favorable press from the Jewish-controlled mainstream media, which renders the connection invisible. The same cannot be said for the Jewish press, which cites Antifa’s Jewishness with thinly-disguised ethnic pride.

When Donald Trump referred to Antifa as a terrorist organization, the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz came to their defense, “Trump’s Attacks on Antifa Are Attacks on Jews.”[34] According to an article which appeared in the Forward, Antifa activism “is an affirmation of Jewish identity, both religious and secular”[35] which stretches all the way back to 1897 with the founding of Bundism, which “sought to organize the working-class Jews of Russia, Poland, and Lithuania.”[36] After members of a specifically Jewish Antifa group defaced a plaque in New York City honoring the president of Vichy France Philippe Petain, they left a note which defended the rationale behind their act of vandalism:

With Monday’s actions, Jewish antifascists and allied forces have served notice that fascist apologism will not be tolerated in our city in 2019; that anti-Semitic ideology and violence will be confronted with Jewish solidarity and strength; and that the Holocaust will be remembered not only with sadness and grief but also with righteous anger and action: ‘We will never forget. We will never forgive.’[37]

In the final analysis, Antifa is a Jewish organization in the same way that Bolshevism and Neoconservatism were Jewish political movements. Not every member of Antifa is a Jew, but Jews invariably find their ways into leadership roles in places like Portland, Washington, DC, and even in China, as was the case during the Cultural Revolution of 1966, because they have an advantage over non-Jews in embodying the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which is the hidden grammar of all revolutionary movements.


This is just an excerpt of the full article available in the September 2020 issue of Culture Wars magazine. Please purchase the digital download of the magazine below to read the full article.


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9 thoughts on “E. Michael Jones, The Invisible Man at the Race Riots”

  1. This entire shitshow (George Soros junkie stunts, BLM, fake mass shootings, covid, et.al.) will come to an end ONLY when Jew owned cental banks are out of business and honest money replaces the fake.

    And note how the clever Jews have installed a goy as Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, to take the fallout just in case it comes apart sooner rather than later.

    This is a MUST listen……


  2. Close but no cigar!
    Perhaps the author rushed to conclusions before exposes identified the death of George Floyd as a staged false flag. Or, possibly, the author wrote the article to promote the acceptance of the claim that police killed George Floyd.
    In any case, he never mentioned the fact that George Floyd’s former attorney — a formerly competing high school football player of Floyd– claims the real George Floyd died in a Corpus Christi hospital in Texas three years earlier. He fails to observe, as Jim Fetzer did, that immediately after the alleged killing of George Floyd, live footage of demonstrations showed all cops and ambulance personnel wearing masks, when the prepared fake-news videos presented by the dominant media featured all cops and ambulance personnel not wearing masks — indicating the production was filmed before the COV19 scare. Easily identified crisis actors from false flags like the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook and a training manikin are also observed in the fake-news videos of George Floyd’s death by cop.

  3. Jews hate White America.

    The White Plague (opiod epidemic) is the handiwork of an irredeemably evil pharmaceutical industry. If we peek behind the curtains of Big Pharma, we find the true culprits who deliberately crafted, planned, and inseminated the White Plague — the New York Jews known as the Sackler family, the patriarch of which was the architect of Big Pharma itself.

    Just as the Great Recession of 2008 provided us with a glimpse of the Jewish corruption of the American financial system into a malevolent oligarchy of organized crime, the tale of the Sacklers’ rise to power, of the Jewish perversion of the pharmaceutical industry, provides us with an incredible glimpse into the Jewish coup of the twentieth century, into the Jewish corrosion of every single one of our institutions.

    The White Plague is emblematic of Jewish deception, greed, and hatred — not apathy, but hatred — for Whites. The White Plague is also, almost coequally with the Jewish promotion of sexual nihilism, a powerful, calculated instrument of White genocide and control.


  4. Who are the real culprits? Rogue elements of the CIA who run Operation Mockingbird and control the media. This has been ongoing for many many decades. Trump and others call it Fake News.

    When you control the media, you control the narrative and the agenda. The US does not have a free Press. Just ask Jim Fetzer….look what happened to his Sandy Hook Book and others. It was banned by Amazon. When the truth is the enemy, that nation is doomed.

    With the current scamdemic, things have only gotten much worse. Add it up and the US is on the road to Hades. Prove me wrong.


  5. This E. Michael Jones article, while kosher on the surface, seems to have a shillish slant to it. Problems with his narrative: 1. This was not an actual murder, it was a staged psyop with ample evidence no one was killed, but that it was all staged. So what does it matter about “Floyd’s” (if that his the crisis actor’s actual name) background? 2. Jones tarpapers “Jews” without remembering or pointing out that the vast majority of Jews support a Palestinian homeland and are not the Zionist Jews/Neocons that are puppets of the Rothschilds cabal, which is behind all this. And of course he does not mention the name of these real culprits behind the war being waged on America right now. Conclusion: Either Jones is sadly misinformed or he is a disinformation shill. Either way, I am not reposting this slanted article and I warn you, Jim, to distrust this man’s posts, and other such similar slanted posts, in the future. He could very well be a mole trying to covertly validate the spurious MSM narrative.


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