Marc Theissen, Biden can’t Blame Trump for Anarchy in the Streets

Marc A. Thiessen

WASHINGTON — For months, Democrats ignored or excused the chaos engulfing our cities. Sen. Kamala D. Harris, D-Calif., went so far as to raise bail money for those arrested during the riots in Minnesota. The looting and vandalism went completely unmentioned at the Democratic convention. In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden condemned the violence in Charlottesville three years ago, but not the violence that was taking place in Portland, Ore., that very week.

Now, all of a sudden, Biden is finally speaking out. What changed? The polls. A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll finds 77% of Americans are extremely or very worried about crime in our nation’s cities, and a majority believe that local officials are not arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators. So, Democrats have come up with a new strategy: Instead of ignoring the violence, they are trying to blame it on President Trump. The anarchy, the vandalism and assaults on ordinary citizens in Democrat-run cities, they say, is not the fault of Democratic leaders. It is “Donald Trump’s America.”

Nice try.

Let’s go back to the very beginning. The unrest we are witnessing today was sparked by the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Who oversaw the city’s police force and its policy and procedure manual that explicitly allowed the “knee-to-neck” restraint technique that took Floyd’s life? It was local officials in the Democratically controlled city, not Trump. In virtually every major city where violence is taking place, Democrats run the cities, and the cities run the police forces.

And what has allowed the violence to continue unchecked for months? The refusal of Democratic state and local officials to take forceful action themselves or accept Trump’s offer to help quell it. In our federal system of government, the president has to either wait for governors to ask for help or override them by invoking the Insurrection Act. That law has been used by a dozen presidents to put down violent unrest, but when Trump suggested he might use the law, Democrats became apoplectic and accused him of wanting to use the U.S. military to crush peaceful protests.

The fact is that allowing chaos in American cities is a policy choice by Democratic officials — and so is ending it. In Kenosha, Wis., Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called in the National Guard and quickly stopped mass arson and rioting. By contrast, Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan stood by and allowed gun-toting radicals to take over several city blocks for nearly a month — waiting until two people were killed before dismantling it. In Portland, Democratic officials have allowed the uncontrolled violence to go on for three months. When Trump sent federal officers to help protect the city’s federal courthouse, Democrats howled in protest. Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, called the federal agents an “occupying force.” Portland’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, declared that “we do not need or want their help.”

Not only are Democrats failing to control the violence, the intellectual left is also legitimizing it. The author of a new book called “In Defense of Looting” recently told NPR that looting is a strategic resistance tactic to fight injustice that “gets people what they need for free immediately … without having to rely on jobs or a wage.” The Nation published an article called “In Defense of Destroying Property.”

Now Democrats who have opposed any federal intervention are complaining Trump “can’t stop the violence.” Sorry, they can’t have it both ways — refusing Trump’s offer of federal assistance to subdue the unrest, but then blaming him when the unrest continues. Democrats have told Trump: Stay out; we’ll handle this. That means Democrats now own the results.

Amazingly, they are actually trying to use the violence that they failed to control to win control of the White House. On Monday, Biden asked: “Does anyone believe there will be less violence in America if Donald Trump is reelected?” Translation: If you vote for Trump, your cities will continue to burn. That sure sounds like blackmail.

Need to Know (7 September 2020) with Giuseppe Vafanculo (and other shows)

In his speech, Biden mentioned “right-wing militia” but not antifa or Black Lives Matter. Sorry, it is the radical left that is doing the looting, rioting, arson and harassment of people going about their lives — and Americans know it. Many millions have seen the video of “peaceful” protesters bullying a woman at a D.C. restaurant because she would not raise her fist in a black power salute. Millions more have watched the video of Sen. Rand Paul being attacked as he left the White House.

Americans understand that Democrats are in charge of the cities on fire. They know their policies unleashed the violence, and their elected leaders are failing to suppress it. They know that riots are Biden’s America, not Trump’s.

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66 thoughts on “Marc Theissen, Biden can’t Blame Trump for Anarchy in the Streets”

  1. “Aleksandr Solzhenytsyn noted in his book “Gulag Archipelago’ that ALL of the Gulags were run by Jews, and only Zionist/Communist Jews ran the CHEKA, SMERSH and later the KGB!

    When Hitler’s Intelligence Agents (well placed in the Kremlin) discovered that Stalin was planning to invade the West, Hitler positioned forces under Operation barbarossa, which failed miserably due to weather, industrial shortages, and logistical problems.

    Nikita Kruschev (aka Solomon Perlmutter, a Georgian Zio-Communist Jew) stated that ‘We will bury you!’ at the UN in the early 1960’s. He meant that literally, and that the great work would continue.

    Trump needs to remove the Kushners from the White House. He has been told and advised to do this from educated analysts. It’s actually Jared Kushner’s White House; Jared is running the country in behalf of Israel, and the Trumps are just living there! We are all paying the price for this now with the civil unrest, threats from top Jewish Generals in the Pentagon, and from the Fed.

    The Zionists posing as Jews, (and vice-versa) are ping-ponging our President and keeping the heat on him for the benefit of Israel. They are making sure that NOTHING constructive gets done or accomplished in the U.S. due to the anti-Trump methodology. After all, the Jews control Hollywood, the media and ALL of Congress!!! They control the monetary systems, and train law enforcement in the U.S., which is why police executions of citizens has reached a peak!

    After watching the Al-Jazeera documentary ‘When Israel Attecked America’ about the USS Liberty massacre in 1967, knowing full well it was an American Ally they were attacking, the cowardice that streamed out of DC was appalling for not standing-up to these assassins.

    Speaking of assassins, the Mossad has carried out the most number of such every year since the late 1940’s.

    The U.S. sends BILLIONS of our taxpayer dollars to Israel, which in turn are the most obnoxious, nastiest group of people any American Christian will ever encounter. Personal experience here in this regard…they spit, throw booze bottles at Americans, and gather to mob anyone open-carrying a Bible.

    Rep Jim Traficant warned America about the influence that Israel has over America, and the blackmailing tactics are now in the open via Epstein, Maxwell, and a host of others who have now confirmed that most all of the U.S. Congress has been compromised!”

    Rex Reptilian (comment on

  2. Give it ten minutes from this point and then ask yourself as I have, WHY is no one acting on this, calling it the treason it is and issuing arrest warrants to these military leaders who are clearly violating their oath of office and the UCMJ?? Maybe someone can correct me, but I see no reason Trump cannot call this INSURRECTION and stop it in its tracks.

      1. Unless they stand up.

        I hope Dr. Fetzer is correct in his assumption that Trump is just faking by going along with Covid 19.

        But in any event, it probably won’t matter that much. Because if Trump reveals that he is not part of the secret society and the Jew World Order takeover by pushing back and righting the ship (which he hasn’t done so far), he will be removed.

      2. But it’s my contention that Trump will not be removed because he is part of it. Or has perhaps Trump decided that he just can’t fight it, and therefore the best thing for him is to go along— otherwise be destroyed. Trump isn’t stupid, right?

        Why would Trump install William Barr, a known fixer and deep state stooge?

        Why would Trump go along with Fauchi and Covid 19— at one point even be photographed wearing a mask?

        Why would Trump go along with giving Moderna pharma huge taxpayer money to develop a vaccine?

        Why would Trump go along with the stupid vaccine anyway, and enlist the military to vaccinate the population?

        Why would Trump give the Zionists and Israel everything they want?

        Why would Trump appoint Zionists and Israeli dual citizens to his cabinet?

        Why would Trump even listen to his Super Jew son in law Jared, much less allow him to shape US foreign policy?

        Why would Trump push for more Fed / Blackstone money printing and crony cash give aways when that will ultimately destroy the country? Do you think Trump is that stupid?

        I guess it’s all one big fakeout by Trump!

      3. You make a strong case, Ralph, and if I am mistaken about this, it will be one of the most bitter disappointments of my life. Keep pouring it on! We want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even if the truth is brutal.

      4. Could be he has seen the Godfather enough times for that famous quote of Michael Corleone to become his political strategy….

        “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

        Very few know what goes on in the head of Trump

        In about 51 days we MAY have an answer or maybe after the inauguration.

        The suspense is killing me for damn sure. But I have patience, because the reward of watching and listening to the Dems go into full meltdown …. and the tears…oh, the tears….will be so worth the wait.

        And if all fails, Baja is looking good.

      5. Never mind about Trump. Politicians are all owned. The point is that the International Jew bankers control them, as well as everything else.

        Why is this? Because they control the money supply. It’s as simple as that.

        In order to fully come to grips with all this, I urge everyone to study Dr. Eric Karlstrom’s robust website.

        It’s all there. All you have to do is read. We are in huge trouble.

      6. Just for kicks, I am going to go question by question and give you my take. Why?
        Because at this point (with all we see and know about the Dems, BLM and ANTIFA, not to support Trump is supporting the other side and that is blatant insanity.

        Why would Trump install William Barr, a known fixer and deep state stooge?

        Ans: Trump is a businessman. The political world is new to him. He depends upon advisors. He must. With the schedule he must have, I see no way he can have the time to check things in the way researchers do online. From the beginning, he has been given bad advice and as far as I remember, when he found out, he made changes. Right now, with his rating as high as it is, firing Barr would not be politically smart this close to the election. He’s walking a very fine line.

        Why would Trump go along with Fauchi and Covid 19— at one point even be photographed wearing a mask?

        Ans: Trump wore a mask in the beginning. After all…..and those running this scam know this…..he’s a germaphobe. I have not seen him in a mask lately and Fauci has been pushed to the background. Again, he likely got some bad advice.

        Why would Trump go along with giving Moderna pharma huge taxpayer money to develop a vaccine?

        Ans: This is likely a political move. He realizes many Americans are in fear. To refuse money for research at this point would be political suicide.

        Why would Trump go along with the stupid vaccine anyway, and enlist the military to vaccinate the population?

        Ans: Recheck that quote….His wording was careful. he did not say they would ‘vaccinate’ the population. He said they would help in the administration.

        Why would Trump give the Zionists and Israel everything they want?

        Ans: He gave them something, but not everything. Right now, they are likely quite angry because he did not expand the war in the ME. He toned it down.

        Why would Trump appoint Zionists and Israeli dual citizens to his cabinet?

        Ans: I would only speculate, that he is under the same nuclear blackmail all presidents have been. Would YOU take that chance when it would be easier to appoint them and just not pay much attention?

        Why would Trump even listen to his Super Jew son in law Jared, much less allow him to shape US foreign policy?

        Ans: That’s a hard one. Best I can say is that Trump is a family man and puts family above all and it’s a good move to have a family member siding with Israel, eh?

        Why would Trump push for more Fed / Blackstone money printing and crony cash give aways when that will ultimately destroy the country?

        Ans: Think of the alternative….especially with the economy shut down. He did move the FED to the Treasury as far as I know…unless that was rumor. There vis something going on with the FED few have privy to.

        There ya go…best I can do.

      7. Yes Ralph, the use of Jared to represent the US in the middle east is appalling. His persona is not a right fit, plus its bad optics.
        Plus let’s remember that Trump is very vain about how he looks. This is proven by his daily use of ChloraPrep on his face. It gives him that orange-red tinge. His Derm Dr. used it on his face when he had a dermal face surgery several years ago. Trump thought it looked good. I think it looks ghastly. Its available on Amazon. The applicator is the File photo.

        We’re in this covid mess because Fauci told him that there might be 2 million deaths [the actual death number is just over 9,000]. He panicked and agreed to the total lockdown. Now bozo Fauci has been sidelined and replaced by Dr. Atlas.


  3. There has been many conflicting reports as to whether ANTIFA is starting the fires in Oregon. I was looking forward to a discussion with my neighbor re this very topic, but she did what most Dems do these days…just ran away in anger. There is no middle ground any longer. So, here is an image that pretty much proves they are involved. If the image does not come through clearly, just go to:


  4. Dear Regulars: Please watch and comment on the following RNC Presentations… don’t worry each video is short to the point and hits you right between the eyes. I keep telling people to watch all of them and almost no one has. Each one is a Howitzer Shell up the ass of the Beast… Lucifer seems to be pushing the collectivist cultural revolution. What other evil force wants to kill live born babies and call it abortion? Take away Religious Service because of Covid, but allow and even encourage protesting in large packed crowds? Lucifer checks all the boxes.

    No.1 Black Bank Robber pardoned on TV by Trump for creating a program to help paroled convicts return to society. His story of redemption is Kryptonite to the lying leftists whopper claim Trump is racist. This is a powerful moment that made the DNC seem like a group sob complete with therapy puppies and large supply of Kleenex

    No. 2 Black Grandmother’s prison sentence commuted by Trump. This is an air-born with fins popping out nuclear missile to the “Trump is a racist” savage evil lie. All evidence points to the contrary:

    No. 3 Maine Lobsterman sings Trump’s praises to the stars. Donald was able to get hefty European Union tariffs abolished and Obama closed fishing grounds reopened. Nearly every commercial fisherman in this great land will vote Trump this year. I put their vote at 99.7%

    No. 4 Here is the Minnesota Logger that drills the Obama / Biden administration a new ass. Obama bent over for the Radical Environmental Activists shutting down the logging industry. Obama bending over is nothing new, just look at the Iran Nuclear Bribe. Another powerful case to re-elect Trump.

    No.5 Here is the powerful case made for Trump by high level brass Military. Like all the other presentations, it comes across as powerful, genuine and sincere. The General paints the Obama Biden administration as derelict in their duty to properly fund and equip the military to a ruinous state of decay. That their foreign policy was just as bad for stability around the world.

      1. It’s somewhere in the middle.

        But the big laugh with both of these clowns is at the beginning when Goodman asks Jones who did 911, or words to that effect. Jones, with a straight face, said: a consortium of nations. Israel was never mentioned.

    1. RS…never mind…I found one mention by skimming through it about Dr. Fetzer at about 31:00…not very monumental…just mentions the Dr. in passing…BUT, he does again state that he believes SH “happened”; although, he’s very careful in stating he believes it “happened”. He does not say it “‘happened” as per the official story or that it “happened ” as per various theories. As always, he dances around the issue with a very careful use of words. THAT is Alex Jones. I might say he’s more interested in his position and safeguarding his status than the truth, but far be it for me to say that. “It depends upon what the meaning of is is”, eh? Sound familiar?

    1. Kennedy not only knew about Operation Northwoods–which was designed to harm civilians and then blame it on Cuba and justify and invasion–but he (fortunately) rejected it. Operational Northwoods, Operation Gladio, 911, etc., are classic examples of false flags.

      1. That may well be true, but have you any evidence that backs it up? I read Douglas’ JFK and the Unspeakable many years ago…it may have been mentioned in that book, but if I am to be honest, I do not recall.

      2. eah…That’s a 6 hour video. I would appreciate it if you could narrow it down to the question at hand. Thanks.

      3. But Kennedy rejected the Northwood proposals, BUT, as we all know, the invasion of Cuba went ahead. How do we know the covid op followed by the riots all over the country were also presented to and rejected by Trump?…and yet, as with Cuba, they continue (remember, Pompeo said the ‘vid was a live exercise to which Trump responded, “you should have told us”)….another reason certain factions of the military are planning a coup against Trump in an attempt to overthrow this republic.

    1. It’s been said before countless times and will be said again until it sinks in and something stirs within all of us; WE HAVE THE NUMBERS AND FAIL TO USE THEM. If cowardice be the excuse, then so be it. What is coming, we will deserve. But if it is not cowardice and is a question of continuing to spread information, ride on and do as much or as little as what works for you.But do something….as minor as it may seem. Time is running short. THAT is undeniable. The dems/commies have said they will not accept a Trump victory ( that victory being all but written in granite). Those of us who still care for what this country stands for must say WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT TREASON.

    2. The ignorant, easily cowed USA population is submitting right now by the silly mask wearing.

      As several doctors have said the mask is like trying to control mosquitoes with a chain link fence.

      Remember last March 13….”don’t worry, the lockdown will only be for 2 weeks and then its back to normal”.
      USA….you’ve been had…again.

    1. RS…Did you read this article? It seems to go against everything you have previously posted in regard to Trump and his affiliation with Zionism and/or the Jews. As far as I can see, Trump has given more to the state of Israel than any previous president. Foxman disputes this and wants to join VT in their degradation of Trump. What in the name of all that is holy happened to VT? Duff makes this ridiculous and unsubstantiated statement….

      …..and put Trump in office though he lost the popular vote by not 4 million but closer to 15 million votes.
      ..Where in the hell is proof of that?

      He goes on to say: (Duff, that is)

      For decades, Abe called standing up for America, like he is asking others to do now, “anti-Semitism.” Now that Jews around the world face the gas chambers again…(for holocaust denialists, for the first time)…

      “..gas chambers again?…What does that even mean. it’s just sensationalism and feeds the long disproved holocaust/victim narrative.

      What’s going on here, RS? Are they resorting to the tactics of National (hopefully now defunct) Enquirer which used off the wall headlines to gain peoples attention at the check-out?

      This is not journalism…It’s unadulterated trash.

  5. Abe Foxman criticizes Donald Trump in the Times of Israel on 10 September 2020!


    How is this possible when Donald Trump has staffed his administration with Jews, has given Israel whatever it wants, and Trump’s own daughter is Jewish via conversion?

    The explanation is rooted in greed. Trump’s largesse is not enough; Jews know they can get more from Biden.

  6. “At this point, the only thing that can save American democracy is a Trump electoral victory too large to be challenged. Can this happen when such a large percentage of the white population has been too brainwashed to be capable of acting in its own interest?”

    1. The Dems are self-immolating on an almost daily basis. Kamala Harris keeps putting her foot in her mouth while it becomes more and more doubtful Biden can even find his mouth or his foot for that matter. Voters see this despite the MSM attempt to hide it. They see the riots and understand the pundits calling them peaceful is nonsense. They see the attempt to defund the police and know this too is madness. They have watched the futile and baseless efforts to impeach Trump at taxpayers expense. They realize that in 51 years of politics, Biden has accomplished nothing of lasting value. They have seen his lies in front of the camera all those years. They have no respect for the Dems taking a knee in the halls of Congress. They have seen the FBI cover for Hillary’s criminality. They are tired of fighting Zionist wars and fed up with their control of Congress.They are sick of a press that is so far left they may as well be broadcasting from Beijing. They know Fauci is a mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical companies and that Gates from Hell is interested only in becoming the worlds richest individual (I dare not call it a man) through a vaccinate everyone scam. They know Pelosi is teetering on the edge of her decent into Hades and closer to spitting her choppers out in the halls of congress than ever before. American voters are becoming more aware as we speak. Do not underestimate them. Trump may well carry every damn state.

      1. Hey Will, I am right there with you. I think all the random acts of unprovoked violence, arson and looting seem more widespread than they really are and the numbers of people actively involved is tiny compared to the massive 331 million total population. I think it’s far less than 1% of the population, like a tenth of a percent or 331,000 people. That many deranged angry people could cause plenty of damage and have. But that’s just three Michigan football stadium crowds full of people plus a Red Rocks Amphitheater crowd. That puts the problem in perspective. Half the country is not against the insane destruction, It’s nearly all of us.The average American wants calm, safety and not worrying about the daughter just walking down the street. The people that get hard watching a 100 year old business burn to the ground are the lunatic fringe. The animals that join in on stomping someone defenseless on the ground, it’s a minuscule number of miscreants. Because Americans are good and we do good. 99% of us would help that man on the ground getting stomped even if we did not know him.

        It looks to me that the Dummycrats have self destructed and have thrown the election purposely. Picking Joe Biden, it’s just an insane thing to do. Trump has taken the gloves off on Joe’s melting brain and him being a vessel for the communist cultural revolution. But Trump has not gone after the Perv for sniffing and groping anything female from age 5 to the elderly, at least yet. This needs more exposing since I heard someone say Creepy Joe is just super affectionate. That’s like saying Jeffrey Dalmer was just really hungry. The gaul of a Presidential candidate groping young girls while a video camera runs and the world watches is off the charts. How can anyone with a daughter vote Biden after seeing the groping highlight reel ?

        I pray for our President daily as there are many that want to see harm come to him. I have heard people say they wish truly terrible things would happen to him. And they don’t know the first thing about the hard work Donald has done on their behalf. The News has built a firewall of lies to hide the amazing things Trump has done. The fresh start program has helped many incarcerated Black Men and Women successfully re-enter society. Obama had 8 years and did jack shit about it. Trump pardoned a convicted Black Bank Robber on live TV because of his seminars to help paroled convicts make the transition. Every day they attended his program was a day taken off their sentence. This man’s redemption was an incredible and uplifting story told at the RNC. I keep telling people to go back and watch all of the RNC presentations. Almost no one has. The Black Grandmother that was released early from an unjust prison sentence is another incredible story of redemption fromTrump’s Administration. Her story is Kryptonite to savage lie of Trump being racist. Have you ever heard CNN tell the story of Trump donating his salary to charitable causes? Of course not. If Donald cured cancer Tomorrow, ABC News would chide him for putting Oncologists out of business.

  7. From yesterday’s Need to Know…The Fetzer Report….Trumpers turn violence into a sensational and creative MAGA dance…a must watch …quite short but incredibly inspiring….watch the clip and then the remainder of the show….You will not find this level of integrity and fact anywhere else.

    1. Let the record show that I am giving Trump even more credit today:

      On September 4, Donald Trump announced his administration “would prohibit federal agencies from subjecting government employees to “critical race theory” or “white privilege” seminar…

      1. It’s CNN, so you have to keep your expectations low — but notice the blatant use of extreme language, e.g. “unprecedented attack” — someone should remind the people at CNN that Trump is commander-in-chief, and can criticize the military and/or any member of the military as much as he wants: every single one of them serves at his pleasure — as PCR says about ‘The Atlantic’, CNN is probably also a media asset of the CIA.

        For a guy who’s strongly identified with the catchphrase “You’re fired!”, Trump has made amazingly little use of his authority to fire people and thereby shape agencies under control of the executive branch to better fit his priorities — he should have started with anyone/everyone associated with the ‘Russiagate’ nonsense — for all of his populist bluster, Trump is not a friend of taxpayers, and the ballooning debt is just one example of that.

      2. I have to agree about Trump.

        If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck and flies like a duck, it must be a duck. And Trump is obviously just another idiot. And a weak one at that.

        To be fair, he’s done a few good things. He’s done a lot of stupid things. And he’s left a lot of important things undone. He’s a mixed bag.

        But he is very entertaining, the opposition is unthinkable and the Jews want to get rid of him.

        So more power to Trump.

  8. Jim Ston’e take on Trump and the vaseline…whoops, I mean vaccine…..I get mixed up because they can both be put where the moon don’t shine!
    Trump and the vaccine –
    Lots of trolls are going over how Trump is pushing a new COVID vaccine, and are using that to bash Trump as a “pro vaccine” president. Many readers would have seen this happening. Here’s my take –

    Trump is bluffing. It is politics. He knows the dems will be against anything he pushes and wants to get even with them bashing his coronavirus response. There will be no vax, but there will now be plenty of opportunity for Trump to say, “Hey, we have the vax, why vote by mail, AND GEE, THE DEMS WERE AGAINST IT. Why would the Dems be against you “staying healthy???”

    There will be no vax for as long as Trump can stop it, just watch.

    1. It took me a long time to become comfortable addressing the JQ, but now I think it’s absolutely essential that more Whites (not ‘fellow Whites’) be made aware of the influence of Jews and Jewish organizations, which is too often malevolent.

      Another recent small example: the article ‘APA calls for true systemic change in U.S. culture — The association is working to dismantle institutional racism over the long term, including within APA and psychology’ was written by Zara Abrams, who in all likelihood is Jewish:

      The current head of the APA, Sandra L. Shullman, who also appears to be Jewish, recently wrote ”We Are Living in a Racism Pandemic’:

      What responsible white parent wants their children to grow up listening to how ‘racist’ they and the society their forebears built are? — the APA does not appear too concerned about that psychological crime.

      1. How interesting is that? The pot calling the kettle black, eh? Zionists are the most hateful group of humans on the face of the earth, with their ultimate goal, according to passages in the Talmud, to eliminate most of those not Jewish and enslave the rest. So, it’s their typical technique to blame others for the very same behavior they exhibit themselves. It’s reflective method and they use it incessantly and throughout their history to preempt any criticism of the ‘chosen ones’. It’s a brilliant strategy and must work well because any criticism of Zionism or the Jews is actually a crime in many countries. What a scam of which all of us are victims. Name one other religion, ethnicity or nationality, the criticism of which is a crime…just ONE.

  9. Once again, the Dems use that insipid strategy of blaming others for what they do. In my time, we called that projection. The small hats are also known for that same technique. Any thinking human can understand what’s being done. Of course, it feeds those with TDS and in that strange state of trance in which only ideas that support their agenda are accepted; anything else is conspiracy theory. I know quite a few whom I considered fairly intelligent who are victim to this psychosis. There is not a FACT available from any source that can logically and reasonably put these riots at the feet of Trump. It’s totally ridiculous.


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