Robert David Steele

Sent via White House comment line and via email from four surrogates:

At you will find an open letter that outlines how President Trump can get a 10% or better bump on Election Day if he asks you to arrange a debate with the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian Party candidates on 29 October, with Dr. Cynthia McKinney as the moderator, ideally in Georgia.

I have put complete details at the top of and also sent Fedex to your NY address, and  to the White House. Because your mail is intercepted by enemies of the President, I am calling to give you those tracking numbers: 398239071451 to New York and 398239218170 to the White House.


STEP 1: Propose to the President that he debate the three third-party candidates on 29 October, ideally in the CNN Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia where the murder of Herman McCain makes both an appearance and respect for Dr. Cynthia McKinney even more vital.  If he cannot afford the travel time, do it at the White House — 90 minutes = 10% bump if not better on Election Day.

I am FIRING @debates and do special with @LWV @CNN Atlanta 29 Oct with @LPNational @GreenPartyUS @cnstitutionprty moderator @cynthiamckinney


STEP 2: Meet with the League of Women Voters, from whom the presidential debates were stolen precisely because they were inviting third party candidates and would not provide questions in advance, and devise a joint press release — you need to manage this time-sensitive event, but this positions you to be a leading figure with them going forward. You manage this one event, they manage debates again after this one.

STEP 3: Schedule the event and ensure the three third-party candidates  receive both red carpet treatment including presidential-level transportation to and from, and that #UNRIG Electoral Reform Act is on  the table for November 2020 in  time to impact on special elections in 2021 as well as normal elections in 2022 and beyond. This positions you as the champion of democracy who has taken the initiative to respect Independents and third-parties. You could even invite the Sandernistas (Cynthia McKinney talks to their populist leaders who have all rejected Bernie Sanders going forward) and invite questions for the debate from them.

STEP 4: Post the free version of the document on  the White House server along with a public survey that will inform you and the President of how people react to each of the twelve specific election reforms, while harvesting public suggestions for additional measures. Our humble website could not handle the load.


2020 UNRIG Guide 1.2

The deal is simple: IF President Trump brings this legislation to fruition such that Independents, Libertarians, #WalkAways, and others can achieve proportional representation in Congress in 2022, ending the centuries of two-party tyranny fronting for the Deep State, THEN Independents and Libertarians and others should give our President the Mother of All Landslides.


This text, and the link to the free document, are at

This is the ONE THING none of you are considering that could give you a last minute bump toward the Mother of All Landslides.

How we win matters.  To win without having paid respect to the third-party presidential candidates is in my view a huge oversight and an unnecessary slights to the 70% of the voters now disenfranchised by the two-party  tyranny.

Very respectfully,


Robert David Steele



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18 thoughts on “Robert David Steele, PERSONAL FOR IVANKA TRUMP – TIME SENSITIVE”

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  2. Here’s how you know that Robert David Steele and his Public Intelligence Blog are a scam:
    He’s backing up not only the blatantly disinformative Veteran’s Today, but also globalist tool and gleeful racist, Sacha Baron Cohen in the latest desperate attempt to downplay Hunter’s Laptop-from-Hell and smear the Trump campaign.

    Cohen’s work relies on fooling his subjects and then taking them out of context; it’s his only shtick. Guiliani had just taken off his sound equipment and was tucking his shirt in. They were FILMING. It’s BORAT, for chrissake.

    These are desperate people.

  3. Imagine all the Blue States moving to award all electoral votes to the popular vote winner backfiring in a nuclear explosion for Trump?

    Debating third party candidates will be counter productive to re-electing Trump. That’s why I don’t see it being worthwhile. I don’t see any Trump supporters being swayed by such a debate and voting for a third party candidate or becoming insane and voting Creepy Uncle Joe.

    Instead Trump should focus on thwarting the massive voter fraud that is albeit guaranteed. Pray to God our side isn’t lowered or even tempted to cheat – feeling they are justified by the Communist “win at all costs” mind set. Will more “legit” voters pull Biden’s lever over Trump? I doubt it. How many people do you know personally – that think disbanding, defunding or declawing the police will yield any positive results? How many do you know that advocate arson, looting and random violence ? Advocate higher taxes of any kind? Advocate for dissolving our borders? If this election was truly legit, I don’t see anything but a landslide in popular vote and electoral victory. Imagine all the Blue States move to award all electoral votes to the popular vote winner backfiring in a nuclear explosion?

    Praise the Lord that 18 inches of snow just fell on the biggest of the “WILDFIRES”. I put it in quotes because of this photo from the CAL-WOOD fire west of Boulder. I wonder what it will take to get anyone’s attention? Houses reduced to white dust ash surrounded by untouched forest in all directions. This danger that I see is far more frightening than the invisible Kung Flu. Yes forests around Boulder are burning and that runs a convenient cover for the SMART fires caused by Directed Energy Weapons. This is a genuine threat you can see if only you open your eyes a bid wider


  4. I tend to agree with several comments here. Trump must walk a tight rope over an open lava pit to the left and a pond full of hungry crocodiles on the right. Pandering to Israel, as revolting as that is, is a survivalist instinct. The same could be said of patronizing the M.I.C. and Big Pharma. My view is he must keep those three entities in his corner. Because by doing so, he gets to survive and do all those amazing things like prison reform and removing the anvil weight of onerous business killing regulations. Trump is ending the senseless wars while spending record amounts rebuilding the Military. That’s a brilliant strategy when you really think about it. The MIC gets to stay at the hog trough without all the flag draped body boxes.

    Our president has plenty of warts and who among us does not? Trump risks his life and that of his family every day he serves as President. His bombastic self promotion knows no bounds and that’s off-putting to many people. But ask yourself this… would a humble individual be up to the task?

    1. That is probably all true.

      But if Trump doesn’t expose the Covid hoax, all of the other wonderful things that he is going to do are moot.

      Because the USA will be destroyed.

  5. On the surface, an excellent idea, as so many that Robert David Steele comes up with. I actually wish he was in a serious advisor position with Trump. I’m sure Trump would benefit. However, at this late stage in the game, Trump is probably going to figure that there would be too much risk involved. What if the Third Party candidates didn’t play nice and made him look like a fool or villain? They could do that in ways even a recondite fellow traveling major party guy like Biden wouldn’t, by hitting below the belt on some of Trump’s personal baggage, like his long-ago minor Epstein connection — or what if they expressed a preference for Biden’s anti-fracking policies? The Greens certainly might. Such a risk is not something Trump or his advisors would probably court at this time when things are looking good. But keep trying, RDS!

  6. Does anyone find it odd that President Trump never talks about the Covid hoax and all its disturbing details, only that there will be a (federally funded in part) vaccine?

    What about how Covid seems to have killed the flue, as well as all the mass shooters and the other terrorists.

    Maybe Trump will expose the Covid fraud when he gets reelected.

    1. Yes, I myself have wondered why Trump doesn’t just expose Covid, not to mention Sandy Hook, 9/11 and the Boston Bombing. Hell, he could do JFK and the Moon Landing, while he’s at it. Surely, if he did, Americans would finally see the light about these events, and the perpetrators would give up the charade. The guilty would go to prison, and the security state would wither in shame. Not even the media would object, as the newly enlightened electorate ecstatically returned Trump to the White House. What a triumph, and so easy, if Trump would only do it. I really don’t know why he doesn’t; it’s obvious there’s no danger involved.

      1. Either Trump is dumb as a box of rocks, or he knows all about the foregoing. Right? So, what is the explanation?

        Could it be that even though Trump initially had altruistic motives, certain people whispered in his ear? He does have a lot to lose…… Right?

        Or, because Trump is a billionaire, he’s just a member of the club.

        It’s all quite confusing.

      2. Trump is kinda good at buying hotels and golf courses but there’s a huge problem in his brain. He lacks “critical thinking”. He never looks deeply into any event that happens….he merely accepts it as the news reports. He is aware of the lies the media tells about himself BUT that’s as far as it goes. Many billionaires are not intellectually smart.

        Yes, most people are dumb as a load of lumber…..Trump is one of them, as are 99% of the US population.

        I voted for Trump.

      3. Haven’t we witnessed enough assassinations?

        If there is one thing of which we can be certain, it’s that Trump’s life is in danger. Now he needs to maneuver through this election, winning over the electorate without getting killed. I think exposing covid would shock many people who don’t question the hoax. He needs their votes and any truth-telling on his part will only alienate voters who would be battered by MSM accusations that ‘Trump is a conspiracy theorist!’

        So he did the next best thing. He “got it and recovered.” Stronger than ever.

        You mention exposing the influence of Zionism. I don’t have to tell you how dangerous that is.

        It’s short-sighted to think Trump should just be playing to us, because ‘truth’ or something.

      4. Trump is doing a delicate balancing act. He mostly sends out his conspiracy views in code, , mentioning the JFK assassination (in the context of Ted Cruz; father), pedophilia (e.g., the Joe Paterno frame-up), 911 (criticizing the Bushes), his questioningof the Bin Laden raid and Seal Team 6, etc.. There is no reason for him to go so far as to alienate key voters. But, we’ll know his true intentions if he fires the heads of the FBI, CIA, and DOJ after the election.

    2. I sincerely hope Trump is about a fast vaccine, just to steal some votes from the vaccine-and-contact-tracing extremists on the Dem side. They’ll vax our dogs and lawn furniture if we let them. Trump certainly has been a target for being soft on the scamdemic already. For once I hope Trump is out-lying Biden — no easy task!

    3. Trump could expose a lot of stuff … and get killed. Or maybe he is partially co-opted. Or maybe he doesn’t want a civil war. Or maybe all three. Try to put yourself in his place and imagine what you would face for telling the total truth. And what he had to do to get where he is in the first place.

  7. I used to follow Steele a few years ago. He was often sending urgent words of advice to the President. I have no idea if the President ever read those letters or was even aware of them. I finally gave up on Steele. He seems sincere as are many other wannabe advisors. He should be aware that President Trump likes to follow advice given to him in private. There are no advance revelations of what his actions are going to be.



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