Jim Fetzer, The Real Joe Biden vs. The Actor “Joe Biden”

Jim Fetzer 

[Editor’s note: Having previously published that the Debate “Biden” and Joe Biden are not one and the same, I am delighted to have this convincing photo to confirm the accuracy of my observation. We now stand in the highly anomalous circumstances that the man most Americans (at this point in time) believe will be inaugurated as President of the United States on 20 January 2020 turns out to be a complete unknown, whom the DNC and its allies substituted for reasons explained in my Complaint (below). Please share this as widely as possible with political actors, because this has to be the most obvious and compelling proof that the DNC conspired with its allies (including a vast number of members of the mainstream media) to bamboozle the American people in their effort to depose Donald Trump, no matter how outrageous, illegal or unConstitutional the means.]

Having dealt extensively with body doubles (in the case of Paul McCartney and of Hillary Clinton, for example), it was probably easier for me to notice that the guy who debated Donald Trump on the national stage (twice, in fact, the second time in Nashville, TN) was not Joe Biden than for most of the public. Having made that observation, however, it became incumbent upon me to bring the matter to the attention of the appropriate authorities, where a submission has been made to the FBI Field Office in Nashville by a California attorney of note with support from my friend and colleague, Scott Bennett, who, like myself, is a former commissioned officer of the US military (Scott, Army; me, Marine Corps).


As I understand the matter, the fraud involved here violates 52 USC 30102 on the organization of political committees, including the following:
(e) Principal and additional campaign committees; designations, status of candidate, authorized committees, etc.
(1) Each candidate for Federal office (other than the nominee for the office of Vice President) shall designate in writing a political committee in accordance with paragraph (3) to serve as the principal campaign committee of such candidate. Such designation shall be made no later than 15 days after becoming a candidate. A candidate may designate additional political committees in accordance with paragraph (3) to serve as authorized committees of such candidate. Such designation shall be in writing and filed with the principal campaign committee of such candidate in accordance with subsection (f)(1).
(2) Any candidate described in paragraph (1) who receives a contribution, or any loan for use in connection with the campaign of such candidate for election, or makes a disbursement in connection with such campaign, shall be considered, for purposes of this Act, as having received the contribution or loan, or as having made the disbursement, as the case may be, as an agent of the authorized committee or committees of such candidate.

Be that as it may, the American people are entitled to know that the so-called Democratic Party has been perpetrating a fraud upon the public, where their designated candidate, Joe Biden, appears to be in the stages of Parkinson’s Disease, including the loss of his cognitive abilities, where the anti-dementia medication he is taking has the unfortunate side effect of incontinence, such that he could not participate in a public debate with his opponent, Donald Trump, for 90 minutes without changing his adult diaper. For that reason, it appears, the DNC resorted to “Plan B”, which was to use an actor who strongly resembles Joe Biden in his place. This has been done without notice to the American people and clearly constitutes a form of campaign fraud upon the public, which I substantiate as follows:


I, James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., declare and state as follows:

  1. I have first-hand knowledge of the fact set forth hereinafter, or, at the least, based on the information stated herein, I have a good faith belief that the following is true and correct.
  1. I am 79 years old.  My residence address is 800 Violet Lane, Oregon, WI 53575. My telephone number is (608) 835-2707 and my email address is jfetzer@d.umn.edu.
  1. I watched the Presidential debates, and have studied the photographs, audio recordings, and visual information regarding the debates involving President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden, which occurred on 22 October 2020 at Belmont University, 1900 Belmont Avenue, in Nashville, Tennessee 37212.
  1.   I am a former military office, who resigned his commission as a Captain, USMC, in 1966 to enter graduate school and earn a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science, and a McKnight University Professor Emeritus of Philosophy on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota, from which I retired in June 2006 after a 35-year career in higher education.
  1.   I have reason to believe that the person who appeared to debate President Trump was not the real Joe Biden, but another person (aka a “body double”). Comparing original photographs, and reviewing the debates several times, I have noticed that Joe Biden has free ear lobes, not attached ears, like his body double; that Joe Biden has a smooth chin, not a cleft chin, like his body double; and that Joe Biden also has a wider cranium than his body double.  Others, including myself, noticed that Joe Biden has blue eyes while his body double has brown. (See Exhibits A-F for photo comparisons.)
  1. Based upon the foregoing—and other indications of less significance, such as that Joe Biden ties his tie with a double Windsor, but his body double only a single Windsor–I believe that the person appearing during the Presidential debates as Joe Biden was, in fact, an impostor (a body double) and not the former Vice-President of the United States of America.
  1. If so, then I believe a great fraud has taken place over the nation’s airways to deceive the American people about the appearance, health and cognitive competence of the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States; and that such inconsistencies may justify an investigation and/or certification of the former Vice-President’s appearance and attendance.
  1.  As far as the voice, I would defer to the analysis done by the FBI regional office in Nashville, Tennessee; but I understand that voice morphing technology has advanced to the point that even a body double can project a voice that is indistinguishable from that of the impersonated party.
  1.  I shall make myself available to discuss this matter at any time, and would encourage, recommend and implore the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct any other measurable analytics to ascertain and determine whether or not Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, or an impostor (a body double) appeared in his stead at the first and second Presidential debates, held on 29 September 2020 and on 22 October 2020, respectively.

I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of Tennessee that, based on a good faith belief and information, the foregoing is correct and true.

/s/ James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.

Executed this 29th day of October 2020, at Oregon, WI 53575.

EXHIBIT A: Joe Biden vs. Debate “Biden”

Joe Biden has pendant ear lobes, his double does not. Biden has a smoother chin, his double strongly dimpled. Biden has a wider cranium, his double a narrower. His double appears to be a more diminutive version.

EXHIBIT B: They have different colored eyes

James Woods was the first to observe that the double has brown eyes, while Biden’s eyes are blue.

EXHIBIT C: These differences are repeatedly manifest

Thousands upon thousands of additional examples are readily available on the internet via a search.

EXHIBIT D: Some photos leave no room for doubt

It turns out that ears cannot be surgically altered and are just as distinctive as fingerprints.

EXHIBIT E: Body language reinforces their difference

The body double and Jill stand apart, not close together, where she is not beaming but appears to be distressed and he is not smiling, which is one of Joe Biden’s distinctive behaviors

EXHIBIT F: Body language likewise leaves no doubt

With the double, she looks grim, he is not smiling, and they are remain physically separated. She is not reacting the same way because this is not her husband. It would be easy to find a huge number of photos on-line, because they are using the double a lot.

[Editor’s note: If this does not convince you that Americans are being manipulated on the basis of (elaborate) conspiracies of the greatest importance, I cannot imagine what would. If you mind is now open to the prospect, you may want to take advantage of the False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Virtual Conference (5-6 December 2020) I have organized and will moderate, featuring 24 experts on events like JFK, 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the 2020 election, the COVID-19 “pandemic”, the godfathers of sex abuse (Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein), staging hate crimes (Jussie Smollett, George Floyd, Bubba Wallace), high-tech censorship, and much more. I have just authorized a 50% discount for the meeting, cutting the Pay-Per-View from $100 to $50. Check it out. This may be the most important intellectual investment of time and money of your lifetime: False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 (5-6 December 2020). Use the discount code C2C.

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45 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, The Real Joe Biden vs. The Actor “Joe Biden””

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  6. I can’t speak to the truth of this article, but I can say that articles like this likely make traffic I direct here by posting links in Breitbart, etc., think this site is not trustworthy.

    I’m not saying you don’t have a right to discuss it, just that it may not be a good decision, when considering the big picture. I.e., Joe Biden is a puppet, so whether they were using a double really isn’t that important – a Joe Biden administration would still suck just as hard.

    I saw a podcast with you one time where you were saying that some other guy said some really crazy things, and you thought that perhaps they wouldn’t let him keep speaking unless he said some crazy stuff to discredit himself. Anyway, this reminded me of that.

    1. Well, considering this is the most obvious and direct proof of fraud, which completely invalidates the DNC and the Democratic Party candidate, I think you have missed your mark, not narrowly, but by an enormous margin. Incredible!

      1. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m not seeing how whether pedophile and Chicom agent Joe Biden is using a body double for the debates matters at all. The Demonrats lie constantly, they control the MSM and Big Tech, the Communist Party USA hasn’t run a candidate in years because the Dims have a close enough platform.

        The country is going down the tubes if “Joe Biden” be it the real guy or double body is sworn in on 1/20. The “real” Joe Biden is a puppet so certainly the body double would be. So I can’t see how one additional lie by the Dims matters, given they’ve gotten away with stealing the election, brainwashing the public with MSM and Big Tech censorship, etc.

    2. Brian…Did you look at the evidence, do any research or are you just reacting to something that does not fit in your own reality and thereby dismissing it on its face? In other words are YOU a victim of cognitive dissonance?

      1. As I said in the very first sentence, I wasn’t speaking to the truth or falsity of the claim, but the prudence of running the story at all. We here all want to live under freedom and the Constitution, and that means we’ve got to red pill enough people to stop the globalist takeover. If you want to get through the brainwashing, you don’t talk about body doubles, or reptilian aliens, etc. You start by telling him how the Gulf of Tonkin is now officially recognized as a lie, pointing out all the evidence in the JFK assassination pointing to multiple gunmen, ask them to consider the evidence that WTC 7 was brought down with controlled demolition by showing them the video.

        I’m talking tactics here. I’m sorry that you can’t see that. Preaching to the choir is fine, but these articles are going to make newcomers, who are difficult to convince of anything, think that this place is the Babylon Bee or something.

      2. “As I said in the very first sentence, I wasn’t speaking to the truth or falsity of the claim,”

        …and that is where you, myself and if I may be so bold as to say Dr. Fetzer part ways or “agree to disagree” as you mention in your reply to Jim. In the years I have been on this blog and listening to Dr. Fetzer, I have not once heard him express concern over “traffic”. His may concern has always been to get the truth out there as he sees it and PROVES it with little if no mention or concern over how many are listening; letting the chips fall where they may.

        Maybe you know better, but in regard to this particular blog, I doubt it very seriously.

      3. I’m so glad this is “finally” being addressed. You can correct almost any part of your face or body with plastic surgery – but they can’t change the ears. And ears are just as unique (if not more so!) than fingerprints. My sister and I laughed when we saw the actor signing executive orders with his left hand! Bet you can’t find that video any more! There are definitely Two Joes! My question remains: is the actor a good guy, or is he there to help expedite the “deep state agenda”. It’s possible that Jill Biden’s body language gives a clue…she’s clearly not happy with the guy! Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  7. I was born at Cleveland, Ohio about a year before Jim in 1939. My parents, who were from Minnesota, left Cleveland the same year as Jim was born and drove to California in 1940. Jim grew up in South Pasadena. I grew up in Sierra Madre, opposite ends of this great city. Jim graduated from South Pasadena High School; I graduated from Pasadena High School. We never met until about 74 years later. I believe Jim contacted me based some article I posted on the internet. Pasadena was and is a large city but it was the internet which brought us together. I believe this is one of the most important articles by Jim which I have read. It shows what a powerful true scientist and scholar Jim is. I believe he is correct in his conclusion that the corrupt Democrats are seeking to defraud the good American Public they purport to serve. Shame on them. Jim has changed my life and the way I view events. Thank you Jim. My late parents were both from the great state of Minnesota; she from St. Paul and he from a small town Mora about 60 miles North of twin cities. Both graduated from the “U” as it was called, she in English, he in mechanical engineering in 1936. I salute professor James Fetzer, Ph.D. for all he has unselfishly done for humanity and science and for his friendship. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

    1. Toni….One would think, especially in the case of this election, that ALL machines should have been frozen. And if not, why not? Does this not remind us of all the past false flags (including 9/11) in which the evidence was immediately destroyed? What the hell has happened to the system of justice in this country.? Is there any? At this juncture, I would say NO! IT’S GONE.
      All the more reason for a paper ballot system with many copies stored in secure separate areas UNDER GUARD.

      1. Of course the courts are compromised and corrupt. What are you new here? (just kidding)

        Wending their way through the corruption of the courts is part of the exposé. Didn’t Powell say any official who defends this election is probably dirty themselves?

      2. Yeah…I realize you are kidding….but I am just looking for an iota of justice….some distinction between good and evil that will be upheld. If there is no remnant left whatsoever, then whatever we do or say means zip.
        I’m at a loss at this moment and my head hurts from hitting it against the wall.
        Thank gawd for the little smoke since I gave up booze ages ago.

      3. Imagine if citizens were to open-source election software. I guarantee you that there are teenagers out there who could design election software and systems that could not be accessed or manipulated. All we need to acquire a secure electoral system is to open up the design and testing. Security flaws would be identified by white-hats. Just let everyone at it.

      4. You know, I just remembered something that was obvious at the time. The stupid paper chads that disrupted the 2000 Florida election were meant to discredit paper balloting and usher the way for electronic voting. Queue Dominion.

      5. No doubt. I was in Palm Beach County when all that came down. I lived in Boynton Beach. It was obviously all bs and staged. Bush had help from all over….including his brother, Harris and Scalia. I often wonder if Scalia met his fate the way he did because he was thinking of spilling the beans….maybe in a book or something. In any case, it was all a production to make damn sure Bush the younger got in. He could have been running against the man himself…JC…. and still won.

    2. And here we go…

      “Federal judge orders Georgia voting machines be preserved– then reverses; hearing set for Friday

      “Amid rumors that Georgia elections officials intended to alter or wipe voting machines used in the 2020 election, a federal judge has ordered that the machines be preserved in their current state. He then abruptly reversed that order, according to the attorney who asked for it.”



  8. And I should add, if the presidential election made it to SCOTUS in 2000, WHY NOT NOW??

    It seems to me, there is a lot more evidence now than the contrived evidence in 2000 to put in Bush and open up the Iraq invasion.

    Again, what am I missing?

      1. That’s also my best guess. I cannot see the entire Trump team going through this knowing they have no standing. Why would “standing” disappear since 2000…..and that was when there was only ONE STATE involved.

  9. https://www.newsmax.com/headline/trump-election-recount-inauguration/2020/11/29/id/999153/

    Comments? Dr. Fetzer?

    What is interesting is, they are telling Trump he does not have “standing”. Wtf does that even mean? IF POTUS does not have standing in the courts, who the hell does….certainly not someone like Dr. Fetzer…another patriot trying to get the truth out.

    From all I have read, even if SCOTUS kicks it back to the house, and the states vote, he still has it.

    What am I missing?

    Will all here take a stand if Biden is put in or will we back down?


    1. Disturbing. My belief is that the Supreme Court WILL hear the case and that attorneys as astute as Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis and L. Lin Wood know what they are doing. But I also agree that, if “Joe Biden” were to be inaugurated on 20 January 2020, a 2nd CIVIL WAR is on!

      1. Really a great interview. Trump sounded determined, but I am sorry to say he sounded a bit powerless. If POTUS cannot get a case into the Supreme Court, who can? That concerns me.
        He laid it out as honestly as possible….it was rigged.
        As a bit of an aside, when he blames ANTIFA for all the violence, he could include BLM. He never does.

      2. The Rhinos, Dems, Never Trumpers and media are a shouting chorus in Trump’s ear, they’re saying: “Mr. Trump, accept the election figures, cheating is the new norm in this country. Cheating is a way of life. Accept, accept, accept the Dems, they’re world-class cheaters, you got snookered….its your reality Donald, this is the real world now. America is not a shinning city on a hill, its a cheaters paradise.”

        Sickening, isn’t it.

        I agree Jim….I pray this all comes before the SCOTUS….and soon.


      3. From a friend:

        What’s Kraken?…Joe Biden reportedly sprained his right ankle and ANKLE BRACELETS are always fitted to the RIGHT FOOT. with inevitable “Boot”…. Why would Biden be walking? I draw on my 30 years in hospital admin to tell you a suspected foot fracture always requires a wheel chair.

        Was Biden fitted with Ankle bracelet while media covered the story as injury in Great Falls DOG Park?

      4. Simon delivers up a very full box of goodies. Can they all be believed? I’ve heard this kind of deliverance for years…..very little of it has ever arrived.
        A shootout in the German building? Ok, maybe this actually happened. Reuters denies all of it.

        Simon seems sincere…..cliché time…..Time Will Tell. Thanks Jim for the link….very interesting to say the least. Hopefully its all true.

      5. From Fulford this AM

        However, it now turns out as some readers have noted, Trump, whose own son is a victim of vaccines, was playing 5D chess. Here is the explanation from the Pentagon:

        “The FDA, CDC, DOD, UK, EU, and Trump are aware that the Pfizer, Moderna mRNA vaccines may alter DNA, cause sterility, or have nano components that can be triggered by 5G. So this may be a trap to arrest the eugenicists and nationalize Big Pharma.”


      6. RE: Simon Parkes Video

        I have to agree with Don; Simon’s report sounds too good to be true.

        Maybe he got his intel from “Q”.

        CIA security KILLS 5 Army special operators—– only one CIA wounded?

        Hundreds of flights to Gitmo?


      7. In stark contrast to Simon’s report, this does sound real:

        COMMENT: Hi Martin

        Just thought you might be interested in this article in today’s Sunday Times in the UK – our military intelligence are going to be involved to ensure that we don’t get to hear the opposing points of view with respect to vaccine safety – they really are worried that many people will think for themselves and not take these vaccines!
        Best wishes

        REPLY: France has withdrawn its troops from Iraq to use the military to fight COVID. In Canada, Trudeau is also calling in the military to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution. This is not simply vaccines. They KNOW that there is rising resistance to this entire 2030 Agenda which the people have NEVER been allowed to vote to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we no longer live in a democracy. Our computer has been projecting rising civil unrest and I think that there is nobody who could have been forecasting this trend years in advance other than a computer. We will exceed more than 100 times what we saw during the 1960s over race riots and protests against Vietnam.

        Make NO MISTAKE about this! Governments are calling in the military to PRETEND to be assisting with vaccines. But they are really being positioned for civil unrest which will rise to the level of revolutions in 2021 in many places.


      8. In stark contrast to Simon’s report, this does sound real:

        RS….There’s really not much of a basis for comparison. The comment speaks of occurrences in the UK re the ‘vid…….Simon’s report is in regard to Trump’s moves to expose a fraudulent election among other things.
        So, of course there is a contrast….they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  10. To further support Dr. Fetzer’s analysis, I am re-posting an earlier comment in which I enlarged the ears of the real and fake Biden…

    Real Biden:



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