BOMBSHELL: MI Judge Grants Attorney Matt DePerno Permission to RELEASE Results of Forensic Examination of 16 Dominion Voting Machines In Antrim Co., MI

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This morning, during an emergency hearing, MI 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer granted permission to Attorney Matthew Deperno to release the findings from their forensic examination of 16 Dominion Voting machines in Antrim County, MI where thousands of votes flipped from President Trump to Joe Biden on November 3, 2020.

Earlier this week, we reported about a lawsuit filed by Matthew DePerno of DePerno Law on behalf of Central Lake resident William Bailey. In addition to thousands of votes that were flipped from President Trump to Democrat candidate Joe Biden, Bailey was concerned about ballots that were re-run through the Dominion tabulator machine after a 262-262 tie on a vote a ballot initiative that would allow a marijuana establishment to be located within the Village of Central Lake.

While ballots were being inserted into the machine, 3 of them were destroyed and were not placed through the tabulator. At the conclusion of the recount by the tabulating machine and with three fewer votes, the result was 262-261, and the initiative passed. Of course, this result could only be possible after 3 of the ballots were destroyed.

Two more unexplainable vote counts in Antrim County also left voters stunned by the unexplainable outcome of the vote result by Dominion.

In Central Lake’s School Board election, 742 votes were added to the total after a recount on November 6. (First image)

Dominion’s vote totals showed 663 people voted in a district where there were only 6 eligible voters and only 3 of those 6 actually voted. Somehow, Dominion added 660 additional votes to the final tally. (Second image)

Do you think Dominion machines were rigged?

“Based on all the allegation of fraud, statutory violations, and other misconduct,” DePerno wrote, “it is necessary to immediately permit the plaintiff to take a forensic image of the 22 precinct tabulators, thumb drives, related software, the Clerk’s “master tabulator,” and conduct an investigation of those images, after which a manual recount of the election results and independent audit of the November 3 election may be ordered to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the election.”

In his lawsuit, Matthew DePerno claims that based on the evidence they have provided to the court that Dominion Voting Systems “committed material fraud or error in this election so that the outcome of the election was affected.”

At 5:30 PM on Friday, December 4, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer granted permission to William Bailey and his team of IT experts to conduct a forensic study of the 16 Dominion voting machines, tabulators, thumb drives, related software, and the Clerk’s “master tabulator.” In his court order, Bailey was also granted the ability to conduct an independent investigation of the images they obtained in their examination.

Matthew DePerno was able to quickly assemble a team of seven highly trained forensic IT experts who agreed to arrive the next day (Saturday) to conduct the forensic examination.

After 8 hours, the collection was complete. With 16 CF cards (similar to SIM cards), 16 thumb drives, and forensic images of the Dominion voting machines in hand, the IT team was escorted to the local Antrim County Airport by two Antrim County Sheriff vehicles, where they boarded their jet plane with evidence in hand.

DePerno waited patiently for the results of the forensic examination of the Dominion voting machines to arrive. While he was waiting for the results, Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel who won her election after bragging she was the best candidate for the job because she didn’t have a penis, added Michigan’s far-left, dishonest Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to the lawsuit as a defendant on Wednesday.

On Friday, Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno, who is now in possession of the initial preliminary results of the forensic examination of the Dominion voting machine, 16 CV data cards, and 16 thumb drives from the Dominion machines, filed an emergency order asking Judge Kevin Elsenheimer to lift the protective order prohibiting him from sharing the results of the inspection, calling it a matter of “national security.” In his emergency motion, DePerno reminds the judge that time is of the essence, as the deadline for electors to vote for the next President is Monday, December 14, 2020.

In his order, Deperno states that Secretary of State Benson has refused to permit a forensic examination of the Dominion software, presumably because she is fearful of violating the Licensing agreement with Dominion. DePerno points out, however, that the agreement produced by Antrim County was not signed, and that they have not been able to verify that the contract was actually signed.

DePerno asked for the preliminary results of the election to be released to the people of Antrim Co, of the State of MI, of the USA, and to the President and Vice President of the United States, as well as Chad Wolf, Sec. of Homeland Security and DNI John Ratcliff

In his emergency order, DePerno argued that the protective order placed on sharing the results of the forensic examination was for the purposes of preventing the plaintiff from reverse engineering Dominion’s software for malicious purposes. DePerno argues that his plaintiff, Mr. Bailey, and his IT team have no intention of reverse-engineering the software for malicious purposes. Mr. DePerno adds, “the public interest weighs in favor of granting the Plaintiff’s preliminary injunction.” He explains, “The Court believes that confirming the accuracy, integrity, and security of the electoral process is a greater public interest at this juncture than the potential misuse of reverse engineering data.”

On Sunday evening, the Gateway Pundit wrote – Michigan’s radical Attorney General Dana Nessel tweeted a warning shot directed specifically at “Lawyers who practice in Michigan,” letting them know that their oath prevents them from filing “unjust and/or frivolous actions” or from misleading the court.

Fun fact: Lawyers who practice in Michigan are required to take an oath to support the MI and US Constitutions, not to file unjust and/or frivolous actions or mislead the court. The spate of Trump lawsuits in our state violates each of these tenets. It demeans our profession.

Fun fact: Lawyers who practice in Michigan are required to take an oath to support the MI and US Constitutions, not to file unjust and/or frivolous actions or mislead the court. The spate of Trump lawsuits in our state violates each of these tenets. It demeans our profession.

— Dana Nessel (@dananessel) December 13, 2020

The brave patriot and Constitutional Attorney told The Gateway Pundit that he’s curious about the timing of Nessel’s tweet, and he wonders why “Attorney General Nessel is bringing the power of the state in to threaten attorneys?” He also told us that if Nessel is aware of misconduct by another attorney and isn’t reporting it, she is actually violating her oath by not reporting it.” DePerno told The Gateway Pundit, “Nessel’s only goal is to intimidate.”

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6 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: MI Judge Grants Attorney Matt DePerno Permission to RELEASE Results of Forensic Examination of 16 Dominion Voting Machines In Antrim Co., MI”

  1. Rand Paul backing down….saying he is more concerned with going forward….not willing to protest the results…”he ain’t his father for damn sure”. He’s not Cynthia McKinney either…or all those who stepped forward in 2000 to protest those electorates. Typical politician interested only in his next election. He’s accepted Biden’s election…screw him and his fathers coattails he road in on.

  2. A documentary about the 2020 election from:
    The Epoch Times
    December 14, 2020

    The year 2020 has been most unusual.

    It started with an unprecedented global pandemic caused by the CCP virus, and it’s concluding with the U.S. presidential election, which has captivated the world.

    On election night, on Nov. 3, an assortment of anomalies were observed, followed by a large number of specific allegations of election fraud. As the integrity of the election continued to be questioned and evidence continued to emerge, most mainstream media stuck to a one-sided narrative by calling the 2020 election the most secure in American history, and sought to silence opposing voices.

    The results of the 2020 election will not only decide the future of the United States, but also determine the future of the world.

    Following election night, The Epoch Times’ investigative team quickly went to work. In an attempt to uncover the issues behind the election, investigative reporter Joshua Phillip traveled across the country to swing states to interview whistleblowers, big data experts, and election experts.

    This is the first investigative documentary published on election integrity in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

  3. Jonathan Turley’s blog, a cogent comment from Sam on the forensic audit of Dominion machines:

    Finally, a forensic audit of the Dominion machines.

    The Dominion voting machines were used in some 19 states (and most of the swing states). It has long been known that those machines are easily corruptible. (See the 3 Texas reports on why they rejected Dominion.)

    And now, a *post-election* forensic audit of those machines has been completed. The report was ordered to be released by Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer. Here are some of the highlights (lowlights?) from that audit:

    — “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is *intentionally and purposefully* designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.” (Emphasis added.)

    — “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of
    68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”

    Let that sink in.

    The FEC allowable error rate for voting systems is .0008%.
    The dominion machines error rate is *68.05%*.

    — “A staggering number of votes required adjudication. This was a 2020 issue not seen in previous election cycles still stored on the server. This is caused by *intentional errors in the system*. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency or audit trail.” (Emphasis added.)

    Combine the above point with this:

    — “Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years; but *all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing*. The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software.” (Emphasis added.)

    Here is the complete report:

    Please do not claim: “Well, even if that report is accurate, it’s only a few Dominion machines that were rigged.”

    SOP in audits: If some in a lot are found to be tainted, assume the entire lot is tainted — and throw them *all* out. That is why manufacturers clear out the shelves of a product — nationwide — when just some are found to be tainted.

    If you trust Dominion, I dare you to eat a brand of ice cream in, say Georgia, when that brand has been found to contain listeria in, say, Michigan.

    (Before you commit the fallacy of ad hominem, by smearing the auditors, you might want to check out their credentials. Better yet, focus on their *argument*.)

    1. Toni…That is a tremendous find. Thank you. If my calculations are correct….someone PLEASE correct me if not (I walked out of advanced calculus for a reason)….the error rate that is acceptable is .0008% and what the forensic auditors found is an error rate of 68.05%. That would mean these “fraud machines” were kicking out ballots at an error rate 85,000 times what is acceptable (85,000 times .0008 = 68)…….NOW LET THAT SINK IN…LET ME WRITE IT….EIGHT FIVE THOUSAND TIMES THE ACCEPTABLE RATE. HOLY CRAP! SOMEONE HAS TO GO TO PRISON.

      So, because I cannot come back here (edit function, please!) and correct a math error if I am way off course, my mathematic ineptitude will have to last into perpetuity (however long that may be). But I can handle it. Hey, I still use REAL CHECKS and balance my account every month, so I can’t be that inept…..haven’t bounced a check in at least 10 years.

      I actually hope I am wrong because if this is the level of accuracy We the People are willing to accept, we may as well put in our application to the CCP and get a lifetime supply of masks right now.

  4. RE: Need to Know 15 December 2020

    I have never set foot on the campus of Harvard University. And since I never even went to college, you can make the case that I’m not qualified to analyze anything about higher education. But here it is anyway:

    I’m guessing that whatever goes on there robs people of whatever common sense they had before they went. Perhaps that’s part of the deal. Common sense gets replaced by “higher education”.

    As an example of this, Harvard man Carl Herman still believes that “White Hats” in the government are going to arrest the deep state criminals. And for some reason, they are waiting until the last minute to do so. Carl doesn’t say so, but perhaps the “White Hats”, along with Donald Trump, allowed the stolen election for dramatic effect!

    Belief in this fairy tale requires suspension of common sense. It implies that “White Hats” are more powerful than than the people that have hijacked the entire USG and have poisoned American society.

    Here’s some common sense for you Carl: Nobody walking the face of the earth is more powerful than the people who control the money supply. These are the people that have trashed America.


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