Patrick J. McShay, Vote Fraud: The Cheaters Are Being Exposed

Patrick J. McShay

It is now being reported after an investigation into SEC filings that Dominion Voting Systems, the company that tabulated the votes in 28 states in our recent elections, was wired $400 million from a Swiss bank that is controlled by the Communist Chinese Government. Why didn’t we know about this before the election? Did these State officials that used Dominion know about this payment. An earlier payment of $200 million was also sent to Dominion in 2014.

In a shocking statement today at a raucous rally in Atlanta Georgia with Sidney Powell, Georgia Congressman Vernon Jones, and thousands of Trump supporters in attendance, Attorney Lin Wood said that they have evidence that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State BradRaffensperger are criminals and both took money from Dominion and he can prove it. We should find out the name of every politician and state official that took money from Dominion.

Having sat through 8 hours of witness testimony from poll watchers turned whistleblowers in the Phoenix hearing, it was a bit odd that midway through the testimony, with Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and 10 Arizona State Senators, word came in that Republican Governor Doug Ducey had just certified the election for Joe Biden. Giuliani told the crowd that he had reached out to Ducey and he hadn’t gotten back to him.

Why is Doug Ducey in such a hurry to certify this election when there is a growing mountain of evidence of every kind of vote fraud imaginable? Did Ducey take money from Dominion? Someone should ask him!

I also sat through 8 hours of poll watcher testimony from workers in Michigan and Pennsylvania and I can tell you that just what I heard from the poll watchers should give everyone pause, especially these governors, as new evidence is emerging on a daily basis.It’s clear that the media has no interest in the subject of massive vote fraud and not a single media source covered the Phoenix hearing. There is no curiosity on the part of the media that Trump had 10 million more votes than he had in his landslide victory in 2016 and still lost which has never happened before. The media should be interviewing these extremely competent witnesses to the biggest case of presidential election fraud since Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams stole the presidency from Andrew Jackson in 1824. Why aren’t they?

Where is Fox News’ Tucker Carlson? Carlson hasn’t had a single one of these poll witnesses on his show, why? The one thing all of the poll workers agree on in these cities is that the rules for a free and fair election set down by their states were thrown out the window. There was no care taken whatsoever in the chain of custody of the ballots which was essential to stealing the election.Another big issue is poll watchers are supposed to be able to view the ballots, make sure that the rules and regulations are being followed and make sure that the signatures match and have the ability to challenge signatures if there is a problem with the signature match. There was no verification process in these cities because officials in these cities wouldn’t allow it. Workers were told that because of the COVID-19 virus, watchers would not be able to get close enough to see anything. Another problem that all of these poll watchers had while trying to do their job were the poll workers in these states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, and Georgia.

Poll watchers describe Democrat poll workers as extremely biased, hostile, abusive, and argumentative. One poll watcher in Michigan said 2 poll workers followed him around bullying and  intimidating him all day. He said they looked like Antifa thugs, I’m sure they were.It turns out that An Executive for Dominion Software named Eric Coomer has been outed as an Antifa member or sympathizer who is in charge of security at Dominion. He is a known Trump hater who promised a Biden win on social media and when asked if it was possible for someone to bypass the election systems software to go directly to the data tables that manage systems running elections, he said “yes, if they have access.” Hmm…

In a new report from Jack Hadfield at, shocking video of a Dominion employee was caught of him downloading data from the central server at Gwinnet County’s election central responsible for tabulating ballots and certifying results. He downloaded the data to a USB from the server, plugged it into a laptop, manipulated data, then palmed the USB and left. There should never be laptops in these rooms because of this kind of illegal manipulation.Is this an example of the kind of access Mr. Coomer was talking about?

A major bombshell was dropped in the Pennsylvania hearing that has been completely ignored by the media. Retired Colonel Phillip Waldren with a background in electronic and information warfare and expertise and analysis of election fraud data. Waldren pointed out several curious and questionable vote dumps, one close to 600,000 votes. Of those 578,000, Waldren, testifying under oath said that approximately 575,000 went to Biden with just 3200 going to Trump. \

Hmm…Another item that should cause concern among those like Attorney General Bill Barr who says he’s seen no evidence of systemic fraud, at least not enough to change the election, is that there were 1.7 million mail-in ballots sent out in Pennsylvania but they counted 2.5 million. That should be a big problem! Wasn’t Trump’s lead before they stopped counting around 700,000? Poll watchers said many Republicans who showed up to vote were told that they had already voted by mail. Illegal ballot harvesting was being done by Democrats across the country with no accusations of ballot harvesting leveled against Republicans anywhere. Tens of thousands of dead people voted for Biden, I’ve seen no evidence that Trump got any of the “Dead” vote!

 A Michigan poll worker turned whistleblower, Adam Angelis says he saw the plan to destroy all provisional ballots for Trump. Angelis, a Democrat, also recorded 3 training sessions for the Democrat poll workers during which he realized the training were classes on “How To Cheat During An Election.” In a series of posts called #DetroitLeaks by journalist Shane Trejo he says that they planned to steal the election all along which the more evidence one sees, the more evident it appears to be the case.

In training sessions, poll workers were instructed how to prevent Republican watchers from seeing the ballots. That’s a big violation. Angelis said the level of election security he witnessed was a joke and said they were instructed to allow people to vote twice with duplicate entries and was told that once it went into the tabulator there was no way to determine which one was which.Bill Barr just announced that the Justice Department has found no evidence of systemic widespread fraud which should surprise no one. I’ve previously warned that as a longtime Deep State fixer and cover-up operative, Barr was unlikely to get to the bottom of anything. As the Bush Crime Family’s consigliere for years Barr could not be trusted to help Trump drain the swamp. He has been a major disappointment to patriots everywhere. The fraud wasn’t systemic nationwide, it was targeted in specific areas in states that Biden had to win, that is very clear.

Former Kansas Attorney General Philip Kline, the director of The Amistad Project announced that the FBI had requested data put together by former Trump campaign strategist who now leads the “Voter Integrity Project”, Matt Braynard, who has found hundreds of thousands of problem ballots that no one is addressing and the media won’t talk about. This information was just requested a few days ago by the FBI, how did Bill Barr decide so quickly that there is not enough evidence to make a difference? Kline also presented 3 whistleblowers, who are truck drivers, in a press conference yesterday saying that they transported hundreds of thousands of completed ballots from state to state. One of them, Jessie Morgan, said he thought it was odd that he was asked to drive what he was told were 288,000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. The FBI is apparently investigating so don’t get your hopes up.

The reason so many Americans don’t believe that Joe Biden won the election is because Trump got more than 10 million votes than he got in 2016, and the highest percentage of Black and Hispanic votes since 1960. This is a historic election if for no other reason than no incumbent president has had more votes than his first election and lost.

We are also expected to believe that not only did sleepy Joe beat Trump but that he also received 15 million more votes than Barack Obama in his historic landslide in 2008. Even Democrats must be rolling their eyes at that one. Here’s more:

From J.B. Shurk’s Federalist piece entitled: 5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms.

1. 80 Million Votes

Holy moly! A lot of Americans turned out for a Washington politician who’s been in office for nearly 50 years. Consider this: no incumbent president in nearly a century and a half has gained votes in a re-election campaign and still lost. Americans turned out for a Washington politician who’s been in office for nearly 50 years. Consider this: no incumbent president in nearly a century and a half has gained votes in a re-election campaign and still lost.

2. Winning Despite Losing Most Bellwether Counties

Biden is set to become the first president in 60 years to lose the states of Ohio and Florida on his way to election. For a century, these states have consistently predicted the national outcome, and they have been considered roughly representative of the American melting pot as a whole. Despite national polling giving Biden a lead in both states, he lost Ohio by eight points and Florida by more than three.

For Biden to lose these key bellwethers by notable margins and still win the national election is newsworthy. Not since the Mafia allegedly aided John F. Kennedy in winning Illinois over Richard Nixon in 1960 has an American president pulled off this neat trick.

Even more unbelievably, Biden is on his way to winning the White House after having lost almost every historic bellwether county across the country. The Wall Street Journal and The Epoch Times independently analyzed the results of 19 counties around the United States that have nearly perfect presidential voting records over the last 40 years. President Trump won every single bellwether county, except Clallam County in Washington.

Whereas the former VP picked up Clallam by about three points, President Trump’s margin of victory in the other 18 counties averaged over 16 points. In a larger list of 58 bellwether counties that have correctly picked the president since 2000, Trump won 51 of them by an average of 15 points, while the other seven went to Biden by around four points. Bellwether counties overwhelmingly chose President Trump, but Biden found a path to victory anyway.

3. Biden Trailed Clinton Except in a Select Few Cities

Patrick Basham, a pollster with an accurate track record and the director of the Democracy Institute in D.C., highlighted two observations made by fellow colleagues, polling guru Richard Baris of Big Data Poll and election analyst Robert Barnes. Baris noted a statistical oddity from 2020’s election returns: “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.”

Barnes added that in those “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.” In the states that mattered most, so many mail-in ballots poured in for Biden from the cities that he put up record-breaking numbers and overturned state totals that looked like comfortable leads for President Trump. If Democrats succeed in eliminating the Electoral College, Biden’s magic formula for churning out overwhelming vote totals in a handful of cities should make the Democrats unbeatable.

4. Biden Won Despite Democrat Losses Everywhere Else

Randy DeSoto noted in The Western Journal that “Donald Trump was pretty much the only incumbent president in U.S. history to lose his re-election while his own party gained seats in the House of Representatives.” Now that’s a Biden miracle! In 2020, The Cook Political Report and The New York Times rated 27 House seats as toss-ups going into Election Day. Right now, Republicans appear to have won all 27. Democrats failed to flip a single state house chamber, while Republicans flipped both the House and Senate in New Hampshire and expanded their dominance of state legislatures across the country.Christina Polizzi, a spokesperson for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, went so far as to state: “It’s clear that Trump isn’t an anchor for the Republican legislative candidates. He’s a buoy.” Amazingly, Biden beat the guy who lifted all other Republicans to victory. Now that’s historic!

5. Biden Overcame Trump’s Commanding Primary Vote

In the past, primary vote totals have been remarkably accurate in predicting general election winners. Political analyst David Chapman highlighted three historical facts before the election. First, no incumbent who has received 75 percent of the total primary vote has lost re-election.Second, President Trump received 94 percent of the primary vote, which is the fourth highest of all time (higher than Dwight Eisenhower, Nixon, Clinton, or Obama). In fact, Trump is only one of five incumbents since 1912 to receive more than 90 percent of the primary vote. Third, Trump set a record for most primary votes received by an incumbent when more than 18 million people turned out for him in 2020 (the previous record, held by Bill Clinton, was half that number). For Biden to prevail in the general election, despite Trump’s historic support in the primaries, turns a century’s worth of prior election data on its head. We are told that “Basement Joe” Biden achieved the impossible. It’s interesting that more journalists aren’t pointing that out. Since 75 million Republicans know this election was stolen, and the fact that most Democrats will figure out the election was stolen if they haven’t already, what changes will be made in these states to keep this from happening again? Antifa thugs can’t be allowed to count the votes and they can’t be poll thugs like we saw in this election.

Where is the media while our country is being stolen from us? Americans have always been told that if you don’t like the direction the country is going to take it to the voting booth and elect a representative that will make change that is necessary. This can no longer be seen as a viable remedy based on the massive fraud that has been uncovered in this election, and the authorities dismissal of the mountain of evidence proving otherwise.

 Sadly, the media in this country has become a propaganda arm of the Deep State relegated to misinforming the citizens of this great country which makes it imperative that the president lift the liability shield enjoyed by social media sites and finally end the censorship from Silicon Valley. We need to ask ourselves what motivates these people who are fighting so hard against the most “America First” President since Teddy Roosevelt in order to install a dementia impaired, bungling oaf who is compromised by the Chinese Government? To them I say, Trump will win this in court!

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Preview YouTube video Michigan democrat poll workers trained to cheat

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Preview YouTube video Michigan democrat poll workers trained to cheat

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Preview YouTube video Michigan democrat poll workers trained to cheat

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  6. Tucker and Don Jr….a really powerful interview re the Ga Senate seats…….possibly the most important Senate election ever. But, notice Don’s passion and Tucker’s lack of the same. it’s SO obvious someone has taken the wind out of his sails…if it was any more obvious, he would be wearing a button that says “COMPROMISED”. What a difference from the Carlson we used to watch.

  7. In a new lawsuit filed today, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block four battleground states – Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, from casting “unlawful and constitutionally tainted votes” in the Electoral College.

    In the brief submitted to the Supreme Court, Texas includes a declaration from Pacific Economics Group member and USC economics professor, Charles J. Cicchetti, Ph.D.

    According to Dr. Cicchetti, his calculations show the probability of Joe Biden winning the popular vote in the four states independently given President Trump’s early lead in those States as of 3 a.m. on November 4, 2020, IS LESS THAN ONE IN A QUADRILLION…that’s
    1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000

    Dr. Cicchetti’s analysis calculates that for Joe Biden to win the four states collectively, the odds of that event happening decrease to less than one in a quadrillion to the fourth power.
    (1 in 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,0004).

    1. I don’t view Trump as the Enemy. The Enemy is obviously the Globalist parasites. I view Trump as a highly entertaining buffoon. The “accidental president.” Which would be great, except for the fact that he’s not doing us much good.

      Because , for some reason, either because he’s stupid, or controlled, or perhaps just weak——- whatever, I can’t figure it out, Trump goes along with the Globalist Agenda. This is the problem.

      Why on earth would Trump be pushing vaccines? That’s all you need to know.

      And thank you for your comment.

  8. You’re not going to like this. I don’t like it. I had great hope in Trump’s legal team. Now, I am not so sure. Lionel is a an avid Trump supporter, so for him to present this very objective analysis cannot be very easy. I pray he’s wrong because I am not looking forward to hitting the streets in the winter…. which MUST happen if Biden is inaugurated. Here it is…please tell me what you think. Give it time….Lionel loves to blabber.

  9. This is beyond the pale. It would seem we have reached the full on WAR MODE. Prepare accordingly. I am dead serious!

    I was skeptical at first, but this Infowars ( _) report proves the Dems issued Governor Kemp a threat to not do a signature audit by murdering his daughters boyfriend. NO QUESTION.
    They chose the daughter’s boyfriend because that is not immediate family and will be overlooked, yet it sent a clear message. It is obvious the car exploded from either a drone strike or car bomb because the engine was ejected 180 feet, just like Hastings. My guess is they rammed a a directional car bomb with a blast trajectory similar to a claymore between the firewall and the engine. The proximity of everything ruptured and ignited the gas tank despite the overall trajectory of the blast being towards the front. That’s the only way the engine would have been totally ejected for a huge distance with no frontal collision at all with the rest of the car mostly intact. If you look at the photos, the hood is wrecked and open. That’s because the engine is no longer in the car. I’ll go for precision places shaped explosion more so than drone strike, but anything is possible I guess.

    1. AND, from one of the comments in that article:

      Ware County, Ga has broken the Dominion algorithm: Using sequestered Dominion Equipment, Ware County ran a equal number of Trump votes and Biden votes through the Tabulator and the Tabulator reported a 26% lead for Biden.

      37 Trump votes used in the equal sample run had been “Switched” from Trump to Biden. In actual algorithmic terms this means that a vote for Trump was counted as 87% of a vote and a vote for Biden was counted as 113% of a vote.

      Those conducting the test were so shocked that they ran the same ballots again. The same results appeared. ONE PIECE OF THE PUZZLE SOLVED. (It is worth noting that this was one County, and on one Tabulator alone. Dominion Tabulators could have been configured with different algorithms in different Counties or States.) The point is there is now hard evidence of electronic manipulation of the Election.

      The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software.

  10. Check out the complete story of the Postal Service contract trucker… hauling election ballots from New York to the Harrisburg PA shipping center. That’s when things stopped making sense as they made him wait 6 hours without off-loading as per usual. They refused to issue the proper paper work and the Trucker was instructed to drive to Lancaster where his favorite trailer vanished overnight and with it the ballots.

    The Deep State is in full court press to cancel the election fraud investigations even doing so at the Georgia Senate runoff debate with questions designed to skewer Kelly on supporting Trump’s lawsuits.

  11. Court ordered sample of Arizona’s mail in ballots found 11% Fraudulent

    December 5, 2020 9:22 PM

    A court ordered statistically significant sample of Arizona’s mail in ballots found 11% of the accepted ballots did NOT match according to the Democrats’ own expert. That is THIRTY TIMES more illegal ballots than the margin of victory. Georgia, Pennsylvania & Nevada likely worse.

    — Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) December 5, 2020

    Robert Barnes
    Trial lawyer. High-profile wins for clients in civil, criminal & constitutional law. Political Gambler. From Bloomberg News: “next time, bet with Barnes.”

  12. A few encouraging words from the side of truth and justice:

    See you tonight at 7PM, Georgia!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 5, 2020
    I will easily & quickly win Georgia if Governor @BrianKempGA or the Secretary of State permit a simple signature verification. Has not been done and will show large scale discrepancies. Why are these two “Republicans” saying no? If we win Georgia, everything else falls in place!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 5, 2020
    Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensperger, Geoffrey Duncan, Gabriel Sterling.

    Remember names. They are ALL going to jail. They are complicit in foreign interference with national election.

    They will be joined by many others.

    To those threatening me, stop wasting your time. I am fearless.
    — Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 5, 2020

  13. A general reflection on the world in which we live:

    The beautiful simplicity and wonder of humanity has been complicated to the extent that we are rapidly becoming unrecognizable as flesh and blood men and women. Previous to nine months ago, it was disheartening enough to go into a coffee shop, try to strike up a conversation and find more interest in that screen in front of your potential conversant than in the face attempting engagement. I thought that was sad and stopped going to places like Starbucks. Then the ‘vid came along, many masked up and kept their distance, making any person to person contact almost impossible.
    Now, we are finding that a process like voting, which is basically adding 1+1 until there is nothing left to add, has become hopelessly confusing and complicated; not because it had to evolve that way, but because like all else in our lives, we are allowing machines and politics to dictate what is right and what is needed.
    Truth is simple.
    What is right is simple.
    Anything that interrupts that does nothing good for your well being and peace of mind.
    It’s there to remove you from the simplicity and beauty of existence.
    It’s there to make you think you need something you do not.

  14. Ever watch an avalanche? It’s an unstoppable force until the vertical drop runs out. The election fraud evidence is starting to pile up on the edge of a cornice. One more ounce of excrement will collapse the Headwall. The Demolition Party will soon need a dig out and as they cry “there’s no evidence”.

    1. Its not that Nations and States tweaked the Dominion machines AFTER they bought them. The Dominion voting machines WERE DESIGNED to cheat elections.


      1. Don, I see no distinction in the article that would warrant you rebuttal….BUT, that aside, do you think the designers of these particular machines would place easily detectable flaws in these machines OR make the users aware of ways in which they could be hacked and skew the votes?

      2. The makers of Dominion machines of course made the buyers aware of how the software could be manipulated to change votes. Sworn statements reveal that Dominion employee personally traveled to the various States to INSTRUCT the Tabulation supervisors on HOW to do it. There is NO booklet that comes with the machines that tell how to cheat.

        I understand that you need special instructions on how to manipulate the machines to get the fraudulent results you want. Is anyone surprised by that? Its not obvious by just looking at the machine. There are NO little signs on the machine that say, “push here to erase and change votes”.

        Since Election Day, Dominion PR teams have vigorously screamed that Dominion machines are innocent and incapable of such chicanery. Is anyone surprised by this???

        So far Dominion employees have REFUSED to testify under oath on any questions about their products.

        Dominion is such a sleazy company that most nations of the world BAN the product.

  15. The following is of course my opinion. But it’s not just my opinion. It is shared by many others.

    What do you think it would take for Donald Trump to Fire Fauci and Birks, expose the covid scam, arrest the deep state traitors including Hillary and dissolve the CIA,the FBI and NSA, and pardon Julian Assange?

    Let me tell you what I think it would take: I think it would take a fucking miracle.

    Because in so doing, Trump would sacrifice his relationship with his Jewish bankers, which I suspect is critical to his business. And Trump would probably be placing the lives of members of his family at risk. And Trump would absolutely be placing himself at risk of assassination.

    Why do I say this? Let’s not exaggerate, it’s because the City of London Jewish Bankers in collusion with the British Crown run the world. This includes Donald Trump. Covid is the catalyst for the creation of their communist utopia, aka NWO. And they are going to own the USA and all its tax slaves lock stock and barrel, come hell or high water. And Trump knows this.

  16. Here’s a remarkable parallel. Even Lincoln was almost a victim of voter fraud via mail in ballots.
    As we all know, he was re-elected despite the fraud but assassinated in 1865…TRUMP, once you take office again, WATCH YOUR BACK: (credit to Jim Stone for this find)

    Mail-in ballots were part of a plot to deny Lincoln reelection in 1864

    1. Slight correction. Lincoln only became president for the second time because vote fraud and federal soldiers around voting stations helped him. The little bank-lawyer exterminated 600,000 men, maimed and ruined the lives of countless others, threw women and childlen out on the snow, in order to subjugate the member states under the firm control of the central government in Washington. If you like Lincoln, Kamala is your guy.

  17. RE: Need to Know, Episode 79

    Carl Herman not only believes in “Q”, but he also believes that long time, deep state stooge and fixer William Barr, who has publicly stated there was no election fraud, is playing 5D chess with Trump to corral the criminals ——- at the very last minute.

    What possible rationale could there be for this? The need to collect more evidence? They already have enough evidence.

    This defies common sense; Barr hasn’t prosecuted a single deep state criminal.

    Recall that Steve Pieczenik said arrests were being made on November 5. What arrests?

    A Harvard degree is not required to see this.

    1. But you can make a case that the stolen election is practically moot:

      1. The Covid 19 scam, a life and death reality, is apparently immune to any political scrutiny. Most politicians embrace it, the rest ignore it.

      2. Donald Trump has shown us that the president controls very little.

      1. RS….How has Trump demonstrated more than other presidents that he has no control? Common sense seems to show just the opposite. If he was in lock-step with previous admins, why would he be under attack for the last 4 years? I’ll tell you why…..because he never joined the club…no different from what Ventura said many, many times…he was never part of the club and he never played their game. IF that is not the case, give me a reason for his being an outsider. And please do not tell me it’s all part of an act. In light of the events of the past 4 years, that stance would be absolutely IRRATIONAL.

      2. Donald Trump might not be in the club. But then again, he just might be!

        Operation Warp Speed makes me believe he’s in the club. Or maybe he’s just stupid. You decide.

      3. There are good reasons to doubt that Trump supports vaccinations, including that his own son was damaged by a vaccination. But you are right about how it LOOKS.

      4. Oh, I get it. This is 5D chess.

        Trump is fooling us for no apparent reason. For example, why would Fauci still have a job?

        Trump is going to spring his elaborate and historic trap any day now!

        Everybody in his cabinet will be in jail. Along with all his advisors. And Hillary.

        Trust the plan!

      5. It would be a good, educated guess that 99% of world leaders are going along with the ‘vid fraud. The slightest bit of reasoning will tell you those orders are coming form on high……from beyond high; almost as if there is a threat that is unimaginable as the incentive behind all this scamdemic What that would be, I have NO idea. IF this is so (and I can see nothing that would dispute it, unless one actually believes this thing is real), then Trump’s little hints along the way are certainly MORE than I have seen from other world leaders. He must be under tremendous pressure under which even his treating this the way he has (healing quickly….telling Pompeo “you should have told us”….et al) could be a death warrant. He’s dancing on a thin line that no other leader has attempted.

    1. Photo from CCTV shows VA woman removing suitcase from under table after she told GOP Observers to leave Tabulation room. Woman takes several suitcases to desk where ballots are counted. Four people spend several hours counting ballots with no Observers in the room.


      1. error 11:34 comment: That should be GA woman not VA. She’s wearing an orange top and she also changed her clothes during the time she was counting ballots without Observers.

      2. A GA State voting official now tells us that what we see in the CCTV video is all ”normal”. Oh really?

        The Tabulation Room supervisor tells all of the GOP Observers to go home because Tabulation has stopped for the day.

        When ALL the GOP Observers leave the room, the Supervisor and 4 assistants start to pull suitcases full of ballots out from under a table [where is the chain of custody? ] and take them to the Counting machines. SINCE WHEN IS THIS NORMAL??? Since when is it normal to hide ballots under a table???

      3. Agreed…it’s Just maddening. It’s obvious any amount of evidence will make no difference. It will be ignored. I feel beyond doubt, only martial law will fix this mess. This is a take-down. This is WAR and it MUST be handled appropriately. We will not win a war in the courts. Let loose the dawgs of war….and watch these cowards run for the holes in which they belong!

      4. And I want to add some emphasis to this….the evidence thus far is overwhelming, as the MSM and just about everyone else outside the alternative media is going along… idea being multi, multi millions (possibly trillions) have gone to bribe every participant in this theft. Money talks, but when it comes to prison or worse, these creatures will cave and turn on each other. I really do not see another way to solve this problem

      5. Gateway Pundit has isolated a ballot counter in the Georgia video at the State Farm Center who sent the same stack of votes through a tabulator THREE times. Watch their analysis here:

        “UNBELIEVABLE: The Mother Who Along With Her Daughter Handled and Counted Ballots Alone for Hours in Georgia, Ruby Freeman, Caught Running the Same Batch of Ballots Through Tabulator Three Times!”

      6. This cannot stand, Toni…WE cannot LET it stand. The more I think of it, the more I see the necessity of using the Insurrection Act to clear this out NOW.
        Folks are fed up. The evidence is overwhelming. And the left is acting as if nothing happened. This is their typical modus operandi. They either ignore facts, project or simply lie. That is their entire strategy. And it works. There is no defense against it….especially since they own and control the media.
        The only voice conservatives have is their own WHEN they can find a venue. And even then, as I witnessed in regard to the Michigan hearing, the MSM will twist it into knots and hide the true meaning.The guilty (which very likely is at least 100,000) MUST be rounded up and indicted. This is nothing less than treason.
        The courts cannot clear this….at least not in time.

      7. Just in:

        Judge orders FORENSIC review of Dominion “FRAUD MACHINES”

        December 4, 2020 11:29 PM

        A judge in Antrim County, Michigan, has authorized a forensic audit of 22 Dominion Voting Systems machines, according to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

        “BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” the former New York City Mayor wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.”

      8. One of the comments re that forensic audit of the Michigan Dominion machines:

        Mark Thompson STOP_THE_STEAL • 10 hours ago

        We have a machine from an obscure county here in Georgia. Just dumb luck they released it to a poll worker who was curious to test it. The guy is a Libertarian. He has the physical ballots he worked on and every time he runs the paper ballots through the machine it increases Biden’s vote plus 37 per 100 when compared to the actual paper.


    This CCTV video shows tabulation fraud in GA. Woman places a black table in the counting room. Moments later she pulls suitcases [4] from under the black table and takes them to the counting area. This fraud happening before your eyes.

    Ballots are not supposed to be in suitcases. Hopefully these 3 videos will not be scrubbed.

    Another 2 links to the suitcase fraud.

  19. Biden says he wants Trump at his Inauguration and to shake hands. This is total BS. That means that Trump will accept cheating and bow down to the cheater. I disagree with this 100%. Cheating is not the way of life in my USA.
    Trump should not attend under any circumstance.

    Trump now has 1000s of sworn statements from people who saw massive cheating.
    Biden now wants to humiliate Trump and spit in his face.


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