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“President Trump Must Take Out ALL Traitors With One Strike”

“The POTUS must have military law enforcement
(after invoking the Insurrection Act) apprehend
each and every high-level traitor and coup plotter
with one perfectly timed surgical strike—PERIOD.”

“The POTUS is facing the “presidential decision of the Millennium”. The fate of the American Republic hangs in the balance. The election thieves will not be thwarted in this naked steal.  They don’t care that much more than half of America knows Biden outright stole it. The globalists own and operate all the relevant institutions including the entire US Intel Community. The seditious Mainstream Media is functioning as the CIA’s Mockingbird Media it was set up for.  So Trump will have one, AND ONLY ONE, shot at it before January 20th.  He needs to cut off the head. 

That means all the ringleaders of the Democrat-run coup, the Deep State-coordinated election theft and the Globalist-overseen color revolution must be rounded up and GITMOed.  Everyone — the Obamas, Clintons, Bidens, Harris, Soros, Gates, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Comey, Mueller, Weissmann, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Cuomo, Newsom, de Blasio, Schmidt, Zucker, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Fauci, Birx, Redfield, etc. must all be apprehended post-haste.  The arrests must take place well before Inauguration Day. These traitors will NOT let President Trump occupy the White House after that. They will not, under any circumstances, submit to any type of prosecution. And, they’re determined to prosecute Trump for their own crimes against the Republic. 

Given this reality, Team Trump is between a rock and a hard place…with NO wiggle room whatsoever. Only a perfectly timed surgical strike will work.There will be no second chance.  Trump also needs to signal to the Patriot Movement his urgent requirement for total armed support.  Every gun-owning patriot needs to arm up and show up.Ten million locked and loaded Patriots surrounding Washington, D.C. is the only thing the Left understands. Another armed-to-the-hilt 90 million can surround the statehouses.That way the Intel Community will think twice about POTUSnapping or assassinating or incapacitating President Trump.This is very serious stuff. And it requires extremely serious timing! Because if the Right fails to prevent Biden from entering the Oval Office, getting these communist perps out of their positions of power and influence will be very difficult without a full-scale civil war. (See: If the U.S. Supreme Court enables the Democrat’s election theft, Civil War II is inevitable!)

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

What could possibly be added to this critical analysis?!?!

In any event, it’s of paramount importance for the Right to understand just how prepared the Left is to carry out a full-blown communist takeover of the country.  Given the extreme desperation and unparalleled recklessness demonstrated by the 2020 election theft, there’s absolutely nothing holding them back.  At this point the subversive Democrats believe they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, which is why the following two exposés are more essential to understand than ever.

Whistleblower Reveals the Plan


Is About Ready To Go Prime Time


Because of the massive nationwide election fraud, the ranks of the Right have swelled considerably during 2020.  Independents have left the Democrat reservation forever as have many liberals with a conscience.  Because the political center has migrated significantly to the Right, there is now a vast majority of Americans who want this slow-motion communist revolution extinguished for good.

Clearly, President Trump has a sufficient number of Patriots and Nationalists behind him to snuff out this rebellion once and for all.  However, he needs to know that for sure.  Every one of his major nation-saving initiatives henceforth will require an unprecedented show of strength (and brute force when necessary).  The incorrigible cabal of criminally insane psychopaths squatting inside the Beltway only knows hard power, only understands brute force and will only react appropriately the threat of highly consequential violence.

Why does Trump only get “one strike”? 

Because once the traitorous perps understand they’re
being hunted, they will start their own hunt in earnest
and not stop until they have killed their prey, that’s why!

So it’s high time to arm up folks. It falls upon the Right to take back the USA from those who have stolen it. Only a critical mass of We the People can do this successfully and expeditiously.

~ May God Bless the America ~

State of the Nation
December 2, 2020

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SOTN Editor’s Note:

There’s only one way forward for the United States of America. The Democrat Party must be dissolved immediately for the good of the Republic. The Mainstream Media must be shut down or completely taken over with all deliberate speed. ALL operations within the U.S. Intelligence Community must be suspended with the FBI and C.I.A. terminated ASAP. The existing DoJ must also be closed down. The IRS needs to be shuttered and the Federal Reserve rolled under Treasury. Similarly, Big Social Media needs to be promptly nationalized and restructured, as does most of Big Tech. The Senior Executive Service must be terminated and all SES employees fired so that a big piece of Deep State disappears overnight. The tremendous stranglehold of the New World Order globalist cabal on the U.S. Federal Government is a different story. What can be done now is that all contracts with British-owned SERCO need to be cancelled—YESTERDAY! As for the rest of the foreign enemies and criminal co-conspirators who have surreptitiously infiltrated the US Government and Corporate America, that will take time to search and destroy them.  Nevertheless, each and every one of these daunting tasks must be carried out with complete success if there’s any hope of getting our country back.  Semper Fi!

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  1. Is this guy some left-over agent from Elohim City ?

    Or is he magic-mashroom day-dreaming about the dead bones of Ernst Rhöm and Gregor Strasser marching in at the head of a million-men guardian detachment ?

    1. Neither…he’s just a true patriot thinking of an efficient way to stop America from coming to an abrupt end through the actions of treasonous dogs where the entire system of checks and balances has been turned to trash.

      1. When the guardian detachments cleansed Germany, didn’t the United States of cheques and balances start a war ? Didn’t the amerikano lynch-mob pillage and mass-murder Germany and make the planet a safe place for swamp creatures ? (thank a veteran) And now you fantacise about the Sturm Albeitung’s coming to the rescue of morbidly obese degenerates ? is that unmitigated audacity or cognative dissonance ?

        Would the planet not be a better place without evil empire US, given to us by Abraham Lincoln & crew ? Isn’t Washington and London the axis of evil ? (and have been for more than a century)

  2. I find it more than disturbing that Lindsey Graham is asking Trump for proof of election fraud; as if the innumerable sworn affidavits from eye witnesses are not enough, he wants it proved in court. If the truth exists only in the courts, Dr. Fetzer would not now be subject to a judgment of 1.5MM bucks. There may be time to bring the problem to SCOTUS, but there is certainly no time for a trial by jury in these many, many cases. Graham must know that.
    Am I incorrect?

    1. Graham is on some strange toot.
      People get all confused about the legal and court system. They think you need a film to convict…you don’t.
      People have been sent to the gas chamber on less evidence that Trump has on this Election Fraud.

      This is not a Perry Mason TV show.

  3. “Instead of discarding, they were just rescanning, rescanning, rescanning,” Carone said. “Counting ballots NINE TO TEN TIMES.

    From this article:

    …and you will find the actual testimony in this vid….

      1. All of these witnesses who signed affidavits are courageous. The way they were intimidated by the Dems at the polling locations AND by the Dems at this oversight committee AND by their friends and neighbors for telling the truth is beyond disgusting. This type of behavior is the act of a desperate and guilty group of traitors. It’s time for the Republicans to get off the defensive and make some offensive moves to ferret out these creatures. We cannot win a war from a defensive position. The Dems know this. WHY don’t we?
        Trump….start the arrests and get this madness behind us. Anyone in their right mind….Dem or Repub……KNOWS that Biden will never be the president.

      2. Thousands of the mail-in type of ballots showed up in the State Tabulation rooms with NO fold marks.
        How could that be?
        The Testimonies of fraud reveal a TON of evidence.
        Trump and the people who support him all know this.
        Barr may need to be fired. The clock is ticking on him.

        Remember that Lincoln fired his Union Army Generals until he finally found one who would fight.

  4. I could not agree more. Time is short and we all need to have a plan among ourselves come 1/20/2021…… beyond the Internet, as it could very well be taken down.



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