It’s Over: Trump Promises “Orderly Transition” On Jan. 20 After Biden Win Certified


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Millions of Americans will remember Wednesday as the first time in decades that the US Capitol building was successfully stormed and overrun – though, to be fair, when the British sacked Washington during the War of 1812, they didn’t stop to take selfies with the Capitol Police.

At any rate, the flashes of the chaotic crowd breaking windows and scuffling with police, accompanied by the news that 4 people died during the chaos (1 woman was shot by a Capitol Police officer, while 3 others died during unspecified “medical emergencies”, according to media reports) was enough to convince half the US that a low-key “coup attempt” had just taken place. Though the fact that lawmakers returned to the floor a few hours later to finish up the certification vote sort of undercuts that notion.

Citing Wednesday’s unrest as justification, GOP lawmakers largely dropped their objections and allowed the Electoral College tally to be certified, cementing his win.

And as several staff members reportedly threatened to quit in protest, President Trump published a statement via spokesman Dan Scavino promising an “orderly transition” on Jan. 20. While Bloomberg described the statement as a “concession”, Trump continued to insist that he still “totally disagrees” with the outcome of the election.

Twitter, Facebook muzzle President Trump amid deadly D.C. riots

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said. “I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!”

Matt Pottinger, a deputy natsec advisor and an avowed China hawk, is reportedly among the staffers who resigned in protest. Pottinger was recently in the news for going public with new, credible allegations that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a Chinese lab.

Meanwhile, the president’s twitter account remains locked.

Snapchat joined Facebook and Twitter in blocking the accounts, according to a company spokesman.

Before the vote in the Senate, VP Pence spoke to promise that those who contributed to the chaos will be prosecuted. According to Capitol Police, some 52 people were arrested.

“To those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win,” the vice president said. “Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the people’s House.”

Of the 52 arrests, 47 were related to violations of the 1800 curfew set by Mayor Muriel Bowser. 26 people were arrested on Capitol grounds. Several others were arrested for carrying firearms, either without a license or unlawfully.

In addition, the DC police chief said two pipe bombs were recovered from the headquarters of the RNC and DNC, while a cooler from a vehicle on US Capitol grounds that contained Molotov cocktails. 14 police officers were injured, 2 of whom remain hospitalized after being attacked by members of the crowd. Police said more arrests are expected as investigators will now attempt to identify people from camera footage.

The vote in the Senate was completed early Thursday morning. One senator told reporters that she had backed away from the opposition vote because of the chaos.

“When I arrived in Washington this morning, I fully intended to object to the certification of the electoral votes,” Sen. Kelly Loeffler, who was supposed to take the lead on objecting to results from Georgia, said on the Senate floor Wednesday night. “However, the events that have transpired today have forced me to reconsider, and I cannot now in good conscience object to the certification of these electors.”

By the end of the proceedings, both the House and the Senate had rejected challenges to results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, while no senators signed on to challenges in Georgia and other states.

The FBI late Wednesday asked the public to submit tips, such as images, videos and other information to help agents identify people were “actively instigating violence.”

During what several media outlets described as a “siege”, at least one Trump supporter entered the Senate chamber, while others smashed windows in an attempt to break onto the House floor, where police officers brandished guns to keep them away. Police placed the building under lockdown, and lawmakers were instructed to prepare to put on gas masks as pepper spray filled the chamber.

Meanwhile, in keeping with the media narrative that Trump supporters aren’t proud Americans but crypto-fascists hoping to trample on democracy, Joe Biden – speaking from Delaware – said the Capitol’s storming bordered on “sedition” and called “on the mob to pull back and allow the work of the democracy to go forward.”

Though the chaos has subsided, Mayor Bowser’s public emergency declaration will remain in effect for 15 days, allowing her to impose restrictions on people’s movement.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Over: Trump Promises “Orderly Transition” On Jan. 20 After Biden Win Certified”

  1. How soon they forget! Tyler Durden seems not to remember the hordes of anti-Kavanaugh protesters who stormed the Capitol and invaded offices–a little over two years ago. The crowd was vast and mostly peaceful–even in the Capitol itself.
    Much evidence exists that ANTIFA instigators carried out most of the violence. Trump never once incited or condoned any violence. This was all a setup to take the attention away from the massive electoral fraud debate that was to unfold and to prevent Trump from filing a SCOTUS appeal. But, Tyler’s right in one respect–it’s over.

  2. 2020 (-1) it was the Demoncraps turn, 2000 was Republicunts turn,
    remember All Gorey????
    No work of fiction could have plausibly captured the extraordinary twists and turns of the 2000 U.S. presidential election. After mistaken television network projections on election night leading to a concession call by Al Gore to George W. Bush that was withdrawn an hour later, and the ensuing 36-day political and legal war over how to resolve what was essentially a tie, Bush ultimately garnered the presidency when a sharply divided and transparently political Supreme Court ended the manual recount in Florida that might have produced a different outcome. It was the closest presidential election in American history, with only several hundred votes in Florida determining the winner out of more than 100 million ballots cast nationwide.

    George W. Bush moves to the White House under the most inauspicious of circumstances. He is the first president to lose the national popular vote since 1888, and only the fourth in American history. He won a bare majority in the electoral college, and only because of his contested victory in Florida, where the best evidence suggests that flawed ballot designs, confused voters, and antiquated voting equipment kept the plurality of citizens who intended to support Gore from having their verdict reflected in the official count. His election was effectively certified by five conservative justices of the Supreme Court, whose judicial activism, newfound disregard for states rights, and creative use of the equal protection clause of the Constitution to prevent “undervotes” disproportionately cast by minorities from being counted has left legal scholars of all philosophical stripes stunned. While he leads the first unified Republican government in almost a half century, it is built on the narrowest of majorities in Congress, with Vice President Dick Cheney required to break the partisan tie in the Senate. Bush faces a Democratic party unified and energized by the politics of the recount and cheered by their improved prospects for regaining control of both chambers in the 2002 midterm elections. He will also have to deal with informal recounts of the Florida vote by news organizations and lawsuits brought by angry civil rights activists.

  3. The coup is complete. They have defeated their enemy – Trump.

    They now occupy the Hill. They will now become the ultimate enemy of the people. Pence is now under pressure to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump by tomorrow as President. There is a push to do this tomorrow, claiming urgency. Many people are resigning now rather than just waiting for the 20th. The word is out to invoke the 25th Amendment and then this alone would prevent him from running again which is their real concern. Additionally, claims he would invoke Martial law are really absurd. The military will not follow Trump at this stage. It is over. This was in the works for some time and it is the result of the Supreme Court refusing to take any case. All others will now be dismissed as moot.

  4. Highly feasible:

    Pence was a traitor through all 4 years of Trump’s presidency.
    Want to know who the leaker was that Trump could never seem to root out? It was Pence. Pence was a traitor from start to finish and Trump never figured it out. And an interesting thing happened today. When the capitol was stormed Pence ordered the activation of troops, NOT TRUMP, and the Pentagon said NO. We had damn well better hope that means they are on our side and will follow Trump’s orders or we are doomed, that is IF Trump gives the orders and after his lilly limp wristed response to the storming of the capitol it is hard to discern whether or not even he is a troll. That response was the WORST thing that could have ever happened to the country. We will know if even Trump is compromised by whether or not he at least tries to have the military save us.

    Pence IS THE TRAITOR we feared.

    1. Will, the Capitol police chief refused offers of Guard and FBI support before and during the event. One can hardly blame Trump for that. For all the drama, there was very little damage or violence inside the Capitol itself and only one unarmed person was shot point blank for (perhaps) trying to get through an undersized window. And who even instigated the violence–Trump supporters, who have always been peaceful and respect police, or ANTIFA infiltrators, who relish violence against police.


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