Dr. Eowyn, Were Antifa thugs among those who stormed Capitol Hill?

Dr. Eowyn

Yesterday, January 6, 2021, as Congress critters convened in a joint session to certify the Electoral College’s votes for Joe Biden as the winner of last November’s presidential election, tens of thousands of patriots descended on Washington, DC, to protest the rampant election fraud that state governments and the courts, including the Supreme Court, simply refused to even investigate or give a hearing.

Source: @DineshDSouza

At about 1:00 p.m., some of the protestors advanced on the Capitol building. At about 2:15 p.m. the barricades manned by the District of Columbia police were breached, and Capitol security advised the members of Congress to take cover. Rioters broke past security to enter the Capitol itself, some on foot, some used ropes and makeshift ladders to invade the building, and some broke windows to get in.

Police officers drew their guns inside the House of Representatives chamber and pointed them towards the doors to the chamber, which were barricaded with furniture. In a stairway, one officer fired a shot at a man coming toward him. Police shot an unarmed female protestor, Ashli Babbitt, while she was climbing through a barricaded door behind the House chamber. Babbitt later died from her injuries.

During the 4-hour seige of Capitol Hill, numerous acts of looting and vandalism occurred, including the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, where tables and flipped and photos ripped from walls. Observers saw “debris, trash, all in the elevators, things knocked down, posts knocked down” in all parts of the building. Glass windows were broken in the National Statuary Hall. Rioters chased away reporters and trashed the Associated Press’ recording and broadcasting equipment outside the Capitol building.

“Multiple” police officers and protestors were injured. In addition to Ashli Babbitt, three other protestors died after suffering “medical emergencies,” including at least one heart attack. (CBS News)

Capitol Hill was locked down. National Guards were called in. DC mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, declared a curfew and extended a public emergency declaration until January 21, the day after the presidential inauguration.

Improvised explosive devices were found in several locations in Washington, D.C.:

  • A pipe bomb at a building containing Republican National Committee (RNC) offices. Both the RNC building and DNC headquarters are a few blocks from the Capitol.
  • A homemade bomb at the Democratic National Committee complex.
  • Another suspected pipe bomb on the grounds of the Capitol complex.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo, who has chronicled the violence of Antifa movement in Portland OR, dismissed claims that the rioters were actually Antifa because, in his words, “The people occupying the Capitol building do not look like antifa people dressed in Trump gear or Trump costumes.” (Washington Examiner)

Seasoned journalist Brit Hume believes otherwise. He tweeted: “Do not be surprised if we learn in the days ahead that the Trump rioters were infiltrated by leftist extremists.”

Hume’s suspicion seems to be borne out by the following evidence of Antifa and BLM elements among those who stormed Capitol Hill.


OANN (One America News Network) correspondent Jack Posobiec tweeted: “Eyewitness reports one of the first people to break a window at the Capitol wearing a US flag shirt but took it off and tossed it in bush after. Others in dark clothing urging people to rush forward, starting anti-govt chants in crowd.”


Some tweeters say this bearded guy has the Communist hammer-and-sickle tattoo on his hand:

But others say the tattoo is from the video game “Dishonored”.

Below is a comparison of the bearded guy’s tattoo, the Dishonored symbol, and the hammer-and-sickle:


Tweeters say a rioter wearing a horned buffalo hat is not a pro-Trumper because he had been seen at a BLM march in Tempe, AZ, in June 2020.

Buffalo-hat guy has a tattoo of what appears to be the boy-lover pedophile symbol on his chest. No MAGA patriot would have a tattoo like that.

But other tweeters point out that the tattoo is actually the Valknut, a symbol of three interlocking triangles from the pagan Norse mythology, used by white supremacists who call themselves Soldiers of Odin, willing to give their lives in battle for the Norse god Odin.

Another tweeter claims that beneath the Valknut tattoo are other Vking symbols: the Yggdrasil tree, Mjolnir and Thor’s hammer.

According to the Associated Press, buffalo-hat guy, whose name is Jake Angeli, is a Trump supporter.

But wait!

Angeli is an actor and voiceover artist, who also goes by the name of QAnon Shaman. (News.com.au)

After Capitol Police secured the U.S. Capitol, the House and Senate reconvened, and certified the Electoral College vote, followed by Vice President Mike Pence confirming Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

Conceding the election, Trump said in a statement that “there will be an orderly transition” on Jan. 20. (Fox News)


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77 thoughts on “Dr. Eowyn, Were Antifa thugs among those who stormed Capitol Hill?”

  1. It is not a civil matter that 9/11 , Sandy Hooke, the Boston bombing, etcetc were fraudulent, it is treason and murder and illegal to the nth degree, and the president should have exposed it. If Trump did his job and exposed it, Jims case should have been exposed that the whole Sandy Hooke was a sham and Jim was right. End of story.
    Also on “changing one’s mind” you and Jim have both said Trump was “mad” as in insane. Then Jim says he is “great”. You cannot ctiricize me for pointing out the obvious “fickle” nature of you and Jim when it comes to reversing your pronouncements of so called facts. And I have changed many of my ideas about religion and the world, so get down from your high horse and realise your own short comings.

    1. BillAu…Your argument is spurious at the least and inane and illogical at the most.
      If YOU have never changed your attitude or mind when new information comes available, your intelligence is in question. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Why are some of you are shocked at this revelation? What happen at the Capitol was planned out many years ago. How many of you have read the Pink Swastika or any books by Dr. John Coleman. Or Anthony Sutton ? Have you Dr. Fetzer ?
    These degenerates have been waging a war against the world for years and their end is near.

  3. Jim, I’m listening to Need to Know right now and I can’t enter the live chat and the regular comments have disappeared. I have a comment so I guess I’ll put it here:

    I agree with you that that video of the woman’s shooting looks totally fake, and said so at the time. But what about the footage taken from the rear angle, that Scorpio referenced last night? It’s more convincing.

    (I can’t find a link to it right now. Perhaps some non-cartwheel turner can find it.)

      1. At my first watching, I don’t buy it. All the narrators certainties could be explained. One thing I noticed is that as the cops came up the stairs, there seemed to be no urgency in their faces…as if they were just acting on cue.
        i still believe it was staged.

      2. Will, I didn’t mean the guys exegesis. I didn’t even listen to it, so I don’t know. I was just trying to point out the raw footage everyone should see.

        Of course the cops and everyone is fake and looks it. Perhaps they were lead to believe it would be a fake shooting.

      3. Just saying… it’s probably not a coincidence that the video taken from the angle above is so hard to find, while the one that looks fake is everywhere. Making the false flag even more obvious could be how the event engineers play truthers. They are counting on the captured media to cover the whole outrage-at-Trump’s-insurrection part, but real outrage, like at the death of someone, maybe turned out to be too far for them too go. They probably thought they could use an actual death to spur the election fraud cover-up, but then realized that the narrative could turn bad for them if this video was widespread.

        If anyone has an account at 153news.net, please go to the link above and ask the uploader there if he would post the raw video he used to dissect the event.

    1. Found the video that records the shooting of Ashli Babbitt from another angle. First watch her death and then convince me that any crisis actor could be this good. They don’t even do it that way in Hollywood.


      Then watch the ‘witnesses’ and see if their reactions can be attributed the slow realization that this was an actual shooting. They are unconcerned at the apparent sniper at their backs, but become increasingly agitated as time elapses. Case in point: Black Lives Matter activist, John Sullivan (shown below) appears to be having a believable emotional response. He probably thought it would be pinned on BLM. You never know who will be the patsy when you play with the big boys. I bet Ashli didn’t.


      1. Toni, personally, I cannot base my opinion on the acting quality or not of the participants. I’ve seen movies in which actors were great and some in which I could have done a better job. Right now, until convinced otherwise, I base my opinion on the video I posted in which a suited individual behind the barrier emerges and aims his what appears to be a 45 caliber weapon initially at the supposed deceased, but then discharges it in a different direction. IF, as I said in my previous comment, the bullet weapon actually struck that woman, it would have torn through her neck with blood spattering all over OR it may have taken her head pretty much off…..at the most, it would seem to be about 8 feet (possibly less) from the muzzle of that .45 to her neck. Whether or not it removed all or part of her head, blood would be everywhere. Maybe someone with more weapon experience than myself can present evidence to the contrary.

      2. Perhaps she was not shot by the ‘shooter’ who may be part of the deception, but by someone not seen and by some weapon/caliber that wouldn’t ‘take her head off.”

      3. Anything is possible. It’ll likely be like all these other events….we will never know for sure. Certainty ad truth in todays existence seems vanished. We now live in a world of ambiguity fueled by lies and deception.

  4. >>>”a feint to distract those who are about to be arrested”
    This is beyond clutching at straws. The Titanic has sunk, hit the bottom of the ocean, you are now in the icy water without a jacket, half frozen and seeing visions.

    Who will be arrested, and who will do the arresting ?

    Do you actually imagine that there is a military force or a police force that can hardly wait to carry out Trump’s orders to take over America as the Boston police took over Boston a few years ago ? Are there a few divisions of marines and paratroopers standing ready to take control of key locations ?

    Is the D.C. police going to arrest somebody ? How about the FBI? or the DoJ, or homeland security, perhaps ICE ? Will the Georgia National Guard arrest the governor ? or the Pennsylvania national guard ?

    In Georgia the democrats took two senate seats from the republicans in MAGA hats, in broad daylight, right before their eyes. Even after seeing what happened on November 3, MAGA hats could not prepare for and prevent a massive vote fraud. But somehow the tooth-fairy will now come foreward from her dwelling place and put things into order ?!?


    “Without bloodshed, and rivers of it, there will be no political change” —this observation was made 150 years ago. Party politics and electioneering is not the method by which you achieve good government.

    1. You appear correct about this matter, unless Trump pulse out a TUMP CARD????
      But the titanic was not sunk, it was a trick and deliberate insurance fraud, it was the sister ship the Olympic. They drowned people against the fed too. Many years ago. Jim did a show on the movie:

    1. And as far as this “witness” goes….I am not buying it. So, they interview him and he still has blood of the “murdered” woman on his hands.Who would do that? First thing I would do is wash it off. AND, he mentions nothing of the shots coming from behind the barrier from someone in a suit. He reminds me of that witness on 9/11…”and the plane careened through the side of the building etc. Paid witness. Period.


      1. I hadn’t seen the footage taken from behind the victim when I made the remarks that it was not real. Scorpio pointed out on Need to Know last night that this footage looked exactly like a death he witnessed in real life. It is horrific to watch her die. And as a political pawn, too. Isn’t it convenient that she can be linked to qAnon? As if she deserved it. It is heartbreaking.


        The unreality also remains. The cops and secret service or whatever as well as the witnesses don’t act like they are in an active shooter situation. Witnesses might not know how to act, but cops/military? I find this hard to believe they wouldn’t take charge of the situation. “And then we were ushered out,” says the witness Will mentions. Really? No lockdown? No questions? No witness reports?

        This event was staged instead of an assassination of Trump. It strives to take down his supporters, too, by giving them a big deficit to start off their social credit ratings. Try getting or keeping a job after it’s known you were a Trump supporter at the Capitol. This is Charleston on steroids.

      2. Hands own, it was a false flag. I saw no credibility in that witness. He reminded me of all the others we have seen through the years. I hate to, but I have to give them credit for the plan. The patriots could not have been prepared even if they had foreknowledge. From other vids I have seen, they tried to stop ANTIFA, but it seemed too late. And when you have the entire CONgress, the DC mayor and cops working against you, what chance is there. And then they were locked in their hotel rooms.
        The entire thing stunk to high heaven.

      3. (I fractured my wrist and it will never heal if I don’t stop mousing around, so I’m giving up typing for now.)


    Donald Trump

    Trump Says He Won’t Attend Biden’s Inauguration
    By Ivan Pentchoukov

    January 8, 2021 Updated: January 8, 2021

    President Donald Trump said on Jan. 8 that he will not attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

    “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th,” the president wrote on Twitter.

    Trump made the announcement one day after Congress certified Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. The president has not conceded the race but has said there will be a peaceful transition of power.

    Congress certified Biden as the winner early on Thursday morning after its joint session was halted by protesters who broke into the Capitol building. The joint session resumed hours later.

    Some of the senators who had committed to objecting to the counting of slates of electors for Biden withdrew their signatures after the session reconvened. Only two out of as many as seven objections were ultimately considered and rejected.

    Shortly after Twitter lifted a suspension on his profile, Trump sent a message to the supporters who voted for him, advising that they will have a “giant voice” going forward.

    “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” Trump wrote.

    Biden blamed Trump for the breach of the capitol.

    Biden said Thursday that those who massed on Capitol Hill intending to disrupt a joint session of Congress that was certifying his election victory “weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters. They were a riotous mob—insurrectionists, domestic terrorists. It’s that basic.”

    The protesters smashed windows to get into the capitol and roamed the halls once inside. A woman climbing through a broken inner door was shot and killed by law enforcement inside.

    Trump and third parties pursued dozens of lawsuits in the aftermath of the Nov. 3 election, but the courts repeatedly rejected the challenges. The lawsuits argued that state authorities unconstitutionally altered election laws and removed safeguards on the integrity of the ballot. The Trump campaign filed lawsuits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Some of the lawsuits are still pending before the Supreme Court.

    The breach of the Capitol is intensifying scrutiny over security at the upcoming inauguration ceremony. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take the oath of office from the Capitol’s West Front, one of the locations infiltrated by the protesters, who also scaled and occupied the scaffolding and bleachers in place for the ceremonies.

    1. This looks to me like a feint to distract those who are about to be arrested to lower their guard. Of course, he will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden because there will be not Biden inauguration, if I have my facts straight, but a re-inauguration of Donald Trump.

      1. Could very well be Doc…Trump did not get where he is today by conceding. One does not become a billionaire as a milquetoast or quitter. I still believe he’ll take this to the hilt…even post inauguration. I don’t believe the crimes committed are under any kind of statute of limitation.

  6. An important addition to my post of 9:14 AM today. Stone is absolutely correct. That was not Trump in that concession speech. Take a look at the following video. Look carefully at where his neck meets his shirt. The movement is not natural….best to look full screen. Compare it to any other speech and you may notice the difference especially in that region. I could be wrong, but right now, it looks very odd.
    I think it’s a deep state fake. Play it at half or 3/4 speed and notice the area above his lip…there is something too undefined there.


  7. This merits posting in full. It may seem a bit off-the-wall, but we are no longer dealing in normality in this world. Very little is beyond possibility.

    TOP ITEMS on this page:
    These are the important items on this page that you should scroll down to if you have not seen them yet.
    1. Nancy’s son in law led the raid on the capitol.

    2. VP Chief of Staff Marc Short was likely the one who shot Ashley in the capitol

    3. Trump surrendered. UPDATE: There is good reason to believe he was seized physically and is in custody.

    Very suspicious circumstances surrounding Trump
    1. Nancy led a fake raid on the capitol that she did not inform everyone about beforehand and this is guaranteed because her son in law was one of the organizers.

    2. As fallout from the raid, Twitter suspended Trump’s account only to have what may be a deep fake of him speaking be the only thing posted since “he was allowed access” It is a good deep fake but it lacks the clarity of original video. People have dissected this quite well, and have found where the video repeats the exact same facial expression with the body in two different positions. It does indeed look sketchy and it would be expected during a communist coup.

    The following shows two different frames from his “concession video” that were spaced about a minute apart and I agree, this does not look right.
    Please note: I did not create this gif, it was posted anonymously by “trumpy” to makeagif.com. However, so many people are screaming deep fake that I don’t think this is going to be debunked.

    We all wondered how we’d spot a deep fake once they started doing it for real. Answer: they are easier to bust than faked photos. If there was a screw up like this when it really mattered, deep fakes are simply not there yet, and likely never will be.

    3. At the exact same time Trump got suspended, his entire family went silent on social media. This would match having the communists seize everyone simultaneously so no one could get the word out. It is how they do it.

    There are rumors Trump went into hiding and is safe with the military, plotting a way to save the country. But those are only rumors, what I believe this matches is the bolshevik revolution, where everyone was flagged bagged and tagged, and seized at the exact same moment so no one could warn anyone about what was going on. They’ll probably release a few more deep fakes and attempt to let the entire topic of Trump fade into obscurity.

    To summarize the above: Nancy led the raid. It was not a secret to her. Trump posted a twitter video condemning the raid and calling for peace. I saw it, and at the time believed the raid was real and ridiculed Trump for what he said. Twitter deleted that video, called Trump violent which was an abject lie, and suspended his account. Simultaneously Trump’s entire family went silent. A supreme court case scheduled for the 7th never happened and Trump would have had to have been there. And then the deep fake video of Trump “conceding” got posted.

    One of two scenarios is possible: 1. Trump and family went into military protection all at the same time, or 2. They are captured the way communists always do it, and could already be fish food. Time will tell. ONLY time will tell.

    That’s pretty weak trollage when Twitter can delete tweets! OBVIOUS: If they can delete them, they can add them!

    The communists are ALREADY calling for ethnic cleansing in the United States
    They are minimizing Trump supporters by only counting the votes they claim he had. But even with that said, there were only about 150 million votes, which means Trump, at a minimum, took 47 percent of the country. That’s over 160 million. We all know it was rigged, so Trump in fact has at least 230 million supporters. That matches the number Deagel said was going to die.

    Trump is not even “techinically” out of office, and ABC news has already said this:

    FOLKS, WHEN YOU SEE THAT TYPE OF THING PUBLISHED FROM A NATIONAL SOURCE, AND YOU HAVE GUNS, YOU START KILLING. That statement even by itself proves the election was stolen. THEY got rid of Trump, we did not. And now, THEY are going to get rid of you. We already have a deep fake of Trump posted to Twitter, he’s probably gone, and next, if you don’t start shooting, it will be YOU.


  8. Look at this crowd!! Can you imagine the damage they could have caused IF they were violent? THEN, imagine what would have happened if this was an ANTIFA or BLM crowd? The American public who buy into the narrative put forth by the fake media quite simply lack any ability to reason and are likely the same who wear masks, take the test and vaccination and practice social distancing (an oxymoron if ever there was one). When will they ever learn?


  9. Trump Commits To “Smooth, Orderly And Seamless Transition Of Power”

    This is the real, thoroughly chickenshit, and CONTROLLED Donald Trump.

    Do you believe it now?

  10. Our Australian Bulldust Commission
    is completely twisting the protest story
    they are saying BLM are peaceful
    they are saying trumpets are violent
    it is the opposite

    3 / of3

    Police response to pro-Trump protesters was different to Black Lives Matter. I know why
    By Cole Brown
    Posted 9hhours ago, updated 6hhours ago
    A man in a shirt that says ‘liberty’ holds his fist in the air and shouts with the Capitol building behind him
    Not long ago Black Lives Matter protesters occupied the same streets as yesterday’s pro-Trump demonstrators.(Reuters: Leah Millis)

    Like many in Australia, I awoke Thursday to an America in crisis.

    From Sydney, I pounced on the images as they filed in — MAGA-clad rioters scaling the walls of the Capitol, or taking selfies on the floor of the Senate, or laidback in the office of the Speaker of the House.

    In those initial moments, they left me, above all else, confused. Where were the wounded? The fallen?

    I’ve lived in DC and I’ve seen the forces that patrol our halls of government. Surely, I assumed, they didn’t give way willingly.

    In the midst of the attack on the Capitol, CNN commentator Van Jones was one of many to echo a quickly growing call: “Imagine if #BlackLivesMatter were the ones who were storming the Capitol building”.

    It wasn’t long ago that BLM occupied those same streets, so we don’t have to strain hard to imagine.

    In June, authorities unleashed flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets upon peaceful Black Lives Matters protesters assembled in Lafayette Square, mere blocks from the Capitol, so that President Donald Trump could pose for a photograph in front of St John’s Church.

    Donald Trump holds up a bible in front of a church
    US President Donald Trump poses for a photograph in front of St John’s Church, after Capitol Police used force to clear Lafayette Square.
    When speaking of protestors outside the White House the day before, Trump said that if they breached the gates they “would … have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen. That’s when people would have been really badly hurt, at least”.

    Cities across the country witnessed violence unleashed on protesters — peaceful and otherwise — and over 10,000 people were arrested.

    Those national protests were, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, 93 per cent peaceful.

    In response to Thursday’s violence, MSNBC commentator Joy Reid stated the seemingly obvious: “Guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in DC there would already be people shackled, arrested or dead

      1. This your blog.
        9/11 was fraud.
        Sandy Hook was fraud.
        Trump is either incompetent or a fraud.
        He cannot be the greatest.
        He has the power of a president, but never used it.
        Time after time he did not stop the corruption.
        He has the mayor of 9/11 New York as his lawyer.
        He never prosecuted his mates like Larry Siverstein for 9/11.
        He is mates with Nethanyahu, the man you say was behind 9/11.
        You have become a disciple of the great Trump, in the face of him being apparently nothing more than incompetent or a shill.
        Have you forgotten you voted for Obama.
        If Trump had come good in the end it might have been OK, but he didn’t.
        So your conspiracy theory stuff is great, but you cannot see that Trump is not coming up with the goods.
        I wish I was wrong, but it seems he has “cooked his goose”.

      2. I tolerate a lot of stupid remarks, Bill, some of which are yours. We are all doing our best. Enough is enough. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. It ain’t over yet.

      3. The same to you. If Trump eventually wins it has to be better than Pelosi & Biden & elosi

      4. Trump should pardon James fetzer for the sham Sandy Hooke trial. Also Assange. Why didn’t he???

      5. umm…BillAu….As far as I know, Jim is not in prison and did not commit a CRIMINAL act and Assange is not in the USA.I don’t think Trump’s right to pardon extends to supposed defamation OR prisoners in other countries.
        You’re really not thinkin’, friend.

      6. Jim…As some of us understand it “ain’t over yet”…My question would be, is a president actually the president after he is officially certified or after the inauguration? And, underlying all of this, can an election be official IF it’s fraudulent? It would also seem that if a president has been elected FRAUDULENTLY, anything that ensues is illegal.

        In any case, do not miss the video attached to the article. In a previous vid from Stone’s site, they actually show the shooter coming out and firing more shots nd he does not appear to be in uniform, but in a suit…unless officers are wearing cuffed shirts.

        Btw, I might mention that anyone who cares to contact me can reach me at bidenwillneverbethepresident@protonmail.com

      7. Will I am thinking. I have seen plenty of articles that Trump should pardon Assange, why not James Fetzer. Put it this way why did Trump not expose Sandy Hooke as a sham? He went to the sham hospitalization of the fake shooting. He never said that was a sham. If Trump exposed 911, Sandy Hooke, Boston bombing etc, it would be all over, but he never exposed anything. He was president, he could do anything like that if he wanted. If Sandy Hooke was exposd by the president , surely James Fetzer could win his court case appeals.

      8. BillAu….There is no case to win. The judgment is in appeal and if I remember correctly, Jim is not supposed to speak of it…to what degree, I do not know.
        And as I said previously, I think defamation is a civil matter, not criminal. Everything in existence is not Trump’s fault or responsibility; certainly not a case that has been settled in the civil courts. I can’t say too much more. The discussion is actually ridiculous.

      9. It is not a civil matter that 9/11 , Sandy Hooke, the Boston bombing, etcetc were fraudulent, it is treason and murder and illegal to the nth degree, and the president should have exposed it. If Trump did his job and exposed it, Jims case should have been exposed that the whole Sandy Hooke was a sham and Jim was right. End of story.

      10. He is fired. I believe you that the votes were fraudulent like Bush junior did, but the result is , it seems he has lost his job, that is fired.

      11. Not really, BillAu…in the case of the presidency and other official positions, fired is called impeachment. That is not the case here.

      12. I had no reply option so posted it in reply to Jim. Will I am thinking. WHy did Trump not pardon James Fetzer and Julian Assange? You say it can’t be done directly. I if so, indirectly it could, drop the extradition order for Assange, which England has denied, and expose Sandy Hooke as a sham and then prosecute the judge who convicted James Fetzer.

      13. When a president is not elected for a possible second term that is “fired”, bill Clinton was impeached but stayed on president penis sucked

      14. Impeachment of Bill Clinton – Wikipedia
        Although proceedings were delayed due to the bombing of Iraq, on the passage of H. Res. 611, Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998 on grounds of perjury to a grand jury (first article, 228–206) and obstruction of justice (third article, 221–212).
        Charges: Perjury (2), obstruction of justice, abuse of power
        Date: December 19, 1998 to February 12, 1999
        Outcome: Acquitted by the U.S. Senate, remained in office
        Category:Impeachment of Bill …

      15. In January you wrote on this forum that Trump is a Netanyahu stooge, unfit to be President of the U.S., now he is the greatest —what keen political eye you have.

        The Democrats played the MAGA crowd like a fiddle; they set them up, released the kraken and humiliated them. It was criminal negligence on the part of MAGA to not prepare for trojan infiltrators, to go there without organization, discipline.

        Once again, which one of you imagines in his day-dream that you can just vote out of office those who unleashed several world-wars, a civil war, to get to the position where they are ?

        Where is Trump’s grand chess move to ensnare the deep-state swamp creatures ? —the grand chess move you invented in November

        Ye may collect all the data, evidence, videos, pictures, it makes no defference whatsoever.

      16. ((Ye may collect all the data, evidence, videos, pictures, it makes no defference whatsoever.))

        Of course it makes a difference…..just not to interlopers as yourself who pop in now and then to simply criticize and fail to follow the blog.

      17. Jim & Will both saying Trump is no good:
        “Will says:
        January 5, 2020 at 7:27 pm
        I continue to state Trump has gone mad and/or has lost all sense of right and wrong.
        We illegally invaded Iraq and built military bases at the cost of billions. We treat Iraq like it’s a candy store and we have unlimited credit. Iraq justifiably asks us to vacate THEIR country after he committed an act against all recognized international law on Iraqi sovereign land and this is Trump’s response:

        Just hours after Iraq voted to expel US troops stationed in Iraq, Trump made it clear that he has no interest in vacating the nation that has been a stalwart US military outpost in the middle east for nearly two decades ever since it was invaded by, well, the US in search of fabricated weapons of mass destruction, and speaking to reporters on Air Force One said “we’re not leaving” unless Iraq “pays us back” for a US air base built in Iraq.

        “We have a very extraordinarily expensive air base that’s there. It cost billions of dollars to build. Long before my time. We’re not leaving unless they pay us back for it.” Trump told the AF1 reporter pool.

        That, however, wasn’t enough, and Trump also made it clear that that in addition to billions in reimbursements, unless the US left on a “very friendly basis”, the US would hit Iraq with “very big” sanctions like “they’ve never seen before ever.”

        “If they do ask us to leave, if we don’t do it in a very friendly basis. We will charge them sanctions like they’ve never seen before ever. It’ll make Iranian sanctions look somewhat tame.”

        And just to make it abundantly clear, Trump also added that “if there’s any hostility, that they do anything we think is inappropriate, we are going to put sanctions on Iraq, very big sanctions on Iraq.”

        I am sorry, but this is not the logic of a rational man….it’s the ‘logic’ of a self-appointed king who hubris has taken on monumental proportions.


        Reply moderated
        James Fetzer says:
        January 5, 2020 at 8:35 pm
        Your thoughts parallel mine. I am distraught. He appears to have gone stark raving mad. I also can see no alternative explanation.”

      18. The ability to change one’s mind and adapt as as new information presents itself is a sign of intelligence, intellect and reasoning.

        You, BillAu should try it.

        You may learn something.

        You may grow as a human.

  11. I heard from my contact on Rudy’s team. Breaking news: The RNC hosted a winter retreat on Amelia Island at the Ritz this past week where the plan to lay down like a prom date was made. All the state chairmen attended. Out of options is the way my contact put it and was quitting after over two months of 7 days a week every waking moment working on this. Confirmed the backstabbing by Pence and to watch for him to get a fat cat corporate post for betraying this county.

      1. This is sensational, Will. Thanks for letting me know about this. FASCINATING! Gives me hope. It really ain’t over yet!

      2. I have yet to hear the weight challenged lady sing.
        All due respect to Kate Smith….now that brings up some memories, eh?

      3. as much as I want to believe their story… these three fellows in the video, I fear they are tilting at windmills. The story sounds way too good to be true. Even if it is, relaying this information would require the military to seize control of all the networks and shut down Suck-A-Bug and Dorsey’s shit-casting platforms. When they came back it would be 24-7 the all Trump network on all channels. Laying out all the evidence for a whole week. The evidence should include nothing you can’t see or touch. I have a feeling there are many many more ballots out of suitcases after midnight videos

      4. Dk…Precisely….sounds right to me….MAKE IT SO!
        Nothing will change until all those moves you mention take place. Compared to what the left has done for the past four years and more, it’s a cake walk. The media MUST be seized and those in charge imprisoned.
        What has gone on recently and in the past since Trump interrupted the com______t plan, has not been strategizing or brilliant political moves from inside political circles. It has been a filthy underhanded coup to remove a sitting president and install a com_____t government influenced by what may be several foreign powers.
        This is war and war takes bold and drastic moves.
        Now, IF Trump has conceded after saying he never would, I will be among the many to condemn him.
        If you hear that lady sing, get ready for war….get ready to defend your country. The next two weeks may be the longest of our lives.

      5. Jim, the video by Parkes as well as the interview by Steele with Parkes and Ward seems almost too fantastical. We’ve been teased for almost two months now about how Trump has these aces in the form of special ops and secret information. Some of the folks doing the teasing seem very credible … but is this all disinformation?

        The only thing we can be sure [of is that there was massive fraud in this election and that the courts and political leaders outside of Trump have no interest in hearing about it.

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