Mike Palecek, Reflecting on the Revolution from My Garage

Mike Palecek

So, yeah, I’m sittin’ here at the kitchen table worryin’ about if there’s still enough time to get my boat out on the lake for ice fishing.

And other stuff, getting the dishes done, at least started, get them soaking. Being a perfectionist, I usually like to let them soak for two or three days.

See, I am in my first week of retirement and well …

And of course, I’m writing a new best-selling book what else would I do. And I’m supposed to complete or at least look at this list of daily and weekly duties on the refrigerator, and I sit down in the living room with a nice blanket over my legs and all the lights out because I like to be cozy when I pray. I used to pray when I was in the seminary and I asked God to send me out on wonderful, dangerous [just kinda] missions, slay Republican dragons, fulfill my density, and just be humbly extremely famous for being good, maybe the best ever.

And so, I’m praying, remembering all of this that happened back in 1979, that was the day before yesterday and now it’s not. After those innocent, hopeful, stupid days, shit happened, of course, like it does. In there somewhere I went through a no-God phase, but now since I’m at retirement age it seems like a good time to renegotiate my position on the afterlife. So, I sit down in the comfy chair, close my eyes, put my hands prayerfully in prayer position and give God the good news, I’m back!

Open my eyes, look at the clock, and there are still one hundred hours left in the day. To do whatever I want. Hmmm.

I return to the kitchen table, write a little bit, look around.

Pull everything from the cupboards because I was supposed to “come up with something” for supper. And so I think of those cooking shows where they give you half a pineapple, three tomatoes, a bag of Doritos, a sledgehammer and say, “fix dinner.”

So I throw all these bags and half bags and cans on the counter and let them get to know each other, and then I look around.

These days you have to go on the computer to make an appointment at Anytime Fitness. I have to go to Anytime Fitness of Somewhere Fitness or I will die. At least that’s what I have convinced myself of. And take certain pills that I have taken for about twenty-five years and if you are like me you know what I’m talking about and if you are not, God bless you.

So. I am driving in my black car.

Oh, yeah. I retired from my job at a facility for disabled adults. Since March I’d been reading and watching and thinking about the covid thing, right? Of course. You really have no choice. And so, finally, I decided that I would tell the management that if the mask requirement was not lifted by Christmas then I was quitting. And since I had also recently turned 65 I would be able to retire, blah-blah-blah, all fit nicely into a kind of neat little package for me to make a strong, courageous statement and also be able to honorably go sit in the garage with the wood stove and eat Doritos for the rest of the winter.

And a couple months prior to that I had been told by said management that I could no longer drive my bus routes to pick up clients because my memory was not so good. I don’t agree, you can’t fight them, or course I’m going to think that, blah-blah-blah, anyway.

I’m driving my black car. If I look in the glove box I would see that it’s a 1997 Honda Accord, but if I do that I will cause an accident so I don’t, I just listen to classical music and KFAN radio in Minneapolis.

KFAN is telling me, as they always do, as little about sports as possible and as much as possible about how crazy I am as being one of those. I would guess they receive scripts from somewhere, but that would be crazy, I realize, because they have told me so.

Okay, I park and reach for my blue mask. You have to wear them in Anytime Fitness and if you do not you will die. I am a very sneaky old man so mine has a slit cut in the mouth area in a Che image, so I can breathe.

As soon as I climb on the bike I pull the mask down from my nose a little, not all the way or someone might tell someone and I will get kicked out and will die. I switch on the TV on the bike and search for something on the Trump rally in Washington, D.C., knowing they won’t have it, because it looks like the ATF budget has been cut because all the sports channels are gone and have been replaced by quilting shows and Bob Ross.

But there it is. It’s on NBC.

At home, before leaving, on the computer, I had watched some of the rally, heard Trump talk, and that can only last for a while, until I start remembering all that he is not, Iran, allowing the killing of wolves in Minnesota, the border fence. There is a lot not to like.

But anyway.

There are these people, protesters, on the steps of the Capitol and, as an old civil disobedience peacenik type guy it looks like that’s what they are doing, sitting on the steps and refusing to leave. And I’m getting into the peddling, looking around, pulling the mask down just a little off my nose, open up the mouth space a little more, getting bolder and bolder, rebellious.

And then.

These people kind of surge up the steps, and the cops retreat, run up the steps, and the people keep coming, and more join them, and I get chills. The people get to the top and they are waving flags and calling for the others to join them.

And it’s freaking wonderful.


I watch them and feel good, for them, for what they have very likely gone through, well, since March at least, with the covid operation, and the election operation. And I think they are thinking about how this is the revolution and finally, finally, finally.

I think about all those who have gone through so much and done so much and tried so hard to make sense of this all and find some way to fight, to do good. I realize the whole world is watching and recall how that was used before by others also trying to do good, to fight the all-powerful who most of the time seem to be too big, too powerful, and then all of a sudden, not so much.

I think of Bill Blackolive, down in southeast Texas, in a trailer, who has really no other way to fight other than to study and learn and suffer through all of this, because he knows what’s up, cares enough to learn what is going on, and then what do you do when you know and you also know there is nothing you can do. This is for him. He is there, waving a flag from the top steps of the Capitol.

Of course I have long turned off the sound because Lester Holt is on TV. I don’t need the sound to know what Lester Holt will tell me. And I wonder about who is also in that crowd, and what plans are now being formulated to twist this reality into something else, but for now it’s real, right in front of me, and so I think of all the people in there, maybe somebody has a sign, or is shouting about 9/11, Boston, Waco, Oklahoma City, the Berrigans, Randy Weaver, the people still in prison from the ’60s, because it’s all about that, and more, much more. And maybe there is an old guy up on the stage of the chamber, a mask over his face, pounding a gavel, shouting at the entering protesters, “And I suppose we never went to the moon, either?”

This is about free elections, a time when the media won’t lie to us, when the people will at least have a freaking chance.

Maybe we will be able to talk to each other, without risking Household Volcanic Eruption. I recently sent to a relative a link to videos showing empty hospitals, an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts and a South Park bit, was told not to ever do that again. I won’t. Just as I was advised by a college friend sometime this summer:

“Well, pretty warm here, but fall is coming next week, if you can believe the weather people. Sorry Mike no time to watch your opinion and a few others, I’m sure I can find all kinds of opinions to the contrary, but I’ll use the mind the good Lord gave me to process quality print information and make my own decision and once again Dr.[ ] and his wife [ ] are both Medical doctors on the front line with the VA system in [ ] and their experience and opinion outweighs any internet you tube that any bone head can put out there. What happened to good quality journalism with fact checks and validation before putting misinformation out, we’re living in age of “everybody has an opinion, but they also have an asshole and I don’t need another one. “Sorry, but glad to hear the weather is good, when’s that grandchild due?”

So, yeah, I’m back home now, back at the kitchen table, back on the computer looking for reports from Washington, when Susan [not her real name, her real name is Ruth] comes up the steps, home from work at the same place I used to work, asking about Washington, “when did it happen! … you do NOT mix rice with spaghetti! … were they Proud Boys? … someone said they were waving Confederate flags … they said on TV “shots were fired.”

And so now I’m sitting in the garage. I have a good fire going, extra wood all around me, empty beer cans, whiskey bottle broken glass and old Prozac containers lying around, for ambiance. I’m writing, trying to write.

As of yet I have not seen any more reports from Washington, am not up to the minute on all that happened there, just trying to close my eyes and feel, just for a moment, some good thoughts, some good things.

I probably don’t know anything about the real stuff, the educated reports that have probably already come out, that will come out, about what is really going on, I just know how I feel at this moment.

And by the way, if you believe any of what I’ve told you here, then I’ve got a duck blind in the woods behind our house to sell you and these here books, these stories about slaying dragons.

— Mike Palecek

Saginaw, Minnesota




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21 thoughts on “Mike Palecek, Reflecting on the Revolution from My Garage”

  1. Hello Mike, On my Dad’s side of the family were farmers mainly from Germany. The Abbe homeplace which I visited about 30 years ago was near Albert Lea, MN. It was a hog farm then. They had friends in Georgia where I have lived about 55 years. You live where it gets deathly cold in winter. He grew up in Mora about 60 miles North of St. Paul where my Mother grew up. My great grandparents on his side are buried at a beautiful rural Lutheran cemetery with magnificent red granite grave markers. My parents both graduated from the University of Minnesota, one of the greatest institutions of higher learning in the world, near the bottom of the depression, she in English and he in mechanical engineering in 1936. He had his first job as a mechanical engineer at the American Steel and Wire company, owned by U.S. Steel Corp, at Cleveland, Ohio where I was born in 1939. In 1940 they left Cleveland and drove to California in a 1931 Chevy with rumble seat. In 1943 they moved to paradise Sierra Madre where I grew up to 1966. Jim grew up in South Pasadena from 1940 but our paths would not cross until decades later 2014. Minnesota is one of the greatest states of the Union I visited there in 1948 when GrandMother died. We went by train through Kansas City. All the best to you Mike. The treatment of an intellectual giant and friend Jim Fetzer by Sandy Hook thugs and Judge Remington is shameful but in time the truth will win. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics, Athens. Georgia about 55 years.

  2. We all know what happens in the next few days….maybe even the next day….may tell us if we survive as the nation we have known (with it’s myriad faults) or if it devolves into some unrecognizable communist/bidenesque hell hole. When and IF it takes that road, all here will need or may want a way to communicate once the Internet and possibly the power grid are shut down.
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    1. Very clear vid. A 45 caliber would not only spray blood all over, t that range, it would almost take her head off or at least go straight through and be embedded somewhere. Absolutely staged, no doubt. But I do find it odd that few are talking about the shooter who appears to be in a suit. Has no one tried to identify him?

  3. Mike, I cannot express what a pleasure it is to read your ramblings.
    You may be exhaling CO2, but it’s oxygen to me.
    Thank you…
    Nuthin wrong with spaghetti and rice….just make sure you cook them separately and introduce them to each other so they become friends.

    1. I quite agree with Dr. Fetzer that if Trump takes no action to put down the coup, there is no other choice but to take up arms.

      But I also agree with Paul, who complained about mask enforcement, that people have gone along with all the covid nonsense so far and that this is an indicator of what they will do in the future.

      1. Ralph, Looking for my source on that observation. Sorry about that. This may be of greater interest: anonymous but highly plausible:

        I am pretty certain unholy hell will be unleashed this weekend, and as I keep saying, it is going to be GLORIOUS. I cannot buy enough popcorn and fireworks. Let me add one caveat. The timing is the most difficult thing to predict because events force plans to change. Moves and counter moves. This is also the time for me to remind you to have two weeks worth of food, water, toiletries, etc. Fill up your gas tank. Expect the internet, social media and phones to go down. I am 100% serious. ALL signs point to this being the moment. This is running through my mind as I type this. Let’s go back to my flurry of emails from last night.
        Trump DID NOT concede. Basic logic tells us that is the case. How do concessions usually work? The person who lost typically calls a press conference, then gives a (usually) gracious speech thanking their supporters, the people who worked on the campaign, makes a vow to keep fighting, and typically wishes the next person success.
        That video posted by Trump yesterday was ODD. First of all, it was just him and he seemed stiff. I think he said those words through angrily gritted teeth. But the video was about 2:30 long, and they switched camera angles mid-way through. Why? That is VERY odd. I think it was comms. The flags were arranged VERY specifically. I tried to figure out what was in the background paintings, but I can’t be sure.
        Another point. Why would Trump hop on the Doomsday plane then go to a military bunker command center? If he thought this was over and was going to concede, then he would stay in DC and do so. Until he specifically mentions the words “concede” AND the word “Biden”, I don’t buy it. Plus, Trump has NEVER lied. Never. Before yesterday he said to his millions of supporters he would NEVER concede, and said he would NEVER give the White House to Pedo Joe. He said he thinks this was a coup, and he would AWLAYS keep fighting. That hasn’t changed. Plus, he STILL hasn’t used ANY of the tremendous power at his disposal as a war time president and Commander in Chief.
        One aside. Trump posted two tweets today, and one is concerning people. He said that for those who ask, he would not be attending the inauguration January 20th. Again, NO mention of Pedo Joe. Want to know how I take that? There will be NO inauguration on January 20th. The language he is using is very precise, and his omissions are more important than what is said. Right before that tweet he said that his supporters will have a “GIANT VOICE long into the future” with a bunch of MAGA rah rah stuff. THAT is more important. That is not the post you make after conceding.
        I also maintain there is a giant disinformation campaign taking place. I think he is trying to keep the media and deep state off guard, thinking he has accepted defeat so they don’t flee. Think about Trump the man. I heard the best description of him to date this morning. He is Sun Tzu and Attila the Hun in one. Those are two of the greatest military minds and conquerors in world history. Trump by nature is a fighter. Just knowing what we know about him, there is no chance he rolls over and accepts this, especially with recent events. (This is another of the endless encomiums to Trump alone, that always seem somehow to omit that he has a very large team behind him, both on-planet and off. – REC)
        What am I talking about? I TRULY believe they intended to arrest and possibly kill Trump on the 6th. This is not the stuff of crazy theory conspiracy. Look. Since Trump posted the video that the uninformed are taking as a concession, has ANYONE on EITHER side acted like he conceded?
        Not in the least! No one is believing it, even if the scared masses are. Look at what Nazi Pelosi said. She said that they would impeach him and use the 25th amendment to remove him next week! WHAT?! He is in theory gone in 12 days, and you plan on impeaching AND using the 25th in that time? There is NO time to do that, and WHY? That is the question you have to keep at the forefront of your thoughts. WHY! Is it just drunk Nazi Pelosi showing ungraciousness?
        Well, yes, but that is NOT her motivation. She is PANICKED like never before. How about this? Adam Kinzinger, a republican, just said they need to use the 25th amendment to remove Trump. Need more? Lindsey Graham said the 25th amendment is on the table. One aside, isn’t it LAUGHABLE about how the Constitution all of a sudden matters?
        Back on topic, all of this in the last TWELVE days of his office? What about the other actions? FakeBook and Instagram have banned Trump permanently. Shopify has removed all Trump stores from their platform. Big Michelle Obama, just demanded ALL tech platforms ban Trump. FakeBook banned Trump’s social media guy who hasn’t posted anything in eight days just because he has access to Trump. Celebrity after celebrity is calling for Trump’s arrest. Boris Johnson said Trump encouraged the “violence” at the capitol. By violence he means people escorted by Nazi Pelosi’s son- in-law to the proper location for selfies?
        Barr said it was inexcusable to call for crowds to pressure Congress. Hawley, who objected to the theft, had his book deal cancelled for questioning a clearly fraudulent election. Numerous people have resigned from the Trump admin citing the capitol building incident, the latest being the Education Sec’y. Dan Bongino was just banned from Twitter. ABC said removing Trump is easy, but they have to cleanse all his ideology from the country. Flight attendants are trying to ban the woman who called Romney a traitor from being able to fly in the US. I am sure I am leaving out more. The point is they are in FULL ATTACK mode going after Trump and anyone who followed him. If you even QUESTION the obvious, you are a target which brings me to this:
        WHY are they doing this? Has any outgoing president ever been threatened like this before? Not even CLOSE! As a collective, they are acting like they have to capture the single most wanted man in the world for some heinous criminal act. The reality is he has ALL the information on them with the military at his back and they KNOW IT.
        The military guys say Trump knows that if he did actually step down, they would kill him and his family off. I think the deep state intended to do this on the 6th, as I mentioned above. The facts say this is true. When Trump spoke at the rally, he was behind enormous layers of bullet proof glass for the first time ever in his presidency, and people in attendance saw snipers on roofs all over the place. IMMEDIATELY after he spoke, instead of going to the Capitol with the demonstrators as he had just said he would in his speech, he jumped on the E-4B and went to Abilene to a military command center. THAT is why they are attacking Trump today. Lin Wood (LW) said he “heard a rumor that Pence and the coup leaders were going to arrest and execute Trump”. LW KNOWS what is going on. To validate this statement, he posted screen shots from Hunter’s laptop as HE was going through the contents.
        Back on point, Trump’s departure was not expected by the deep state. I truly believe that they planned on betraying him in Congress, which they did, then arrest him, claiming he would never go quietly. After Pence betrayed Trump, he was given some coin covertly, then he smiled and acknowledged Nazi Pelosi in a mission accomplished moment. Pence deployed the National Guard on the 6th. Pence does NOT have the authority to do so. Going back to LW’s post, sounds like Pence did indeed plan on arresting Trump. In retrospect, I think Trump’s call for millions of supporters, which he received, was to offer him a layer of protection hoping we would TRULY rise up if they arrested him.
        The military guys say it served another purpose. In order for the active military members to remember their oath and perform ops INSIDE the US, they needed to see that the country supported Trump. Mission accomplished. After Trump fled, the traitors were caught off guard, as the person who poses the biggest threat to their lives with full support of the military is now out of their grasp. Frankly, I don’t see an alternate explanation. Their threats and attacks after the 6th speak of pure FEAR. They want him and anyone near him silenced and neutralized. They aren’t pretending like they plan on being gracious and accepting. This is pure evil exposed. Okay, that’s an interesting, and likely accurate, theory on my part, but why this weekend? A bunch of reasons. Let’s use logic; first then, the facts of what has happened:
        We are coming down to an artificial deadline that the media and most people in the US view as the day when the transition is supposed to take effect. That means the window is down to 12 days. He caught the deep state off completely off guard by going to Abilene. Another aside. How many exiled generals, former rulers, etc. has history shown us come back to conquer their banishers? The deep state KNOWS this, and they intended to kill this quite literally.
        Back on topic, the deep state is off guard, and for the moment without almost all of them located in DC right now. That means the longer you wait, the more likely they are to form credible counters and flee. Tactical operations become more difficult the longer they wait. Another factor is the rhetoric and actions by the libs is becoming increasingly hostile towards him and ANYONE who supported him. Q has said over and over again our safety was of prime concern. The longer they delay, the more likely a MASSIVE false flag becomes. I mean some major city nuked off the planet, but only a city in Trump country, like Nashville for instance. I can see them literally calling him to tell him they will nuke a city unless he turns himself in. The military will not wait for this to happen. (This confirms the Sampson Option, discussed by both geopolitical analysts like Benjamin Fulford and representatives of the galactic forces portion of the Earth Alliance, like COBRA.

        Plus, according to all analysts, Trump has been waiting on using the military until EVERY last legal option was used. NO ONE can say he didn’t try letting the courts at every level do the right thing. Or the legislature. Or Pence. Or Congress. At this point there is only ONE option, the option Q told us four years ago was the ONLY way. The crime has been completed; now it’s time to arrest the guilty. Do I have any evidence? Of course!
        The FCC sent a message out to everyone involved in using the Emergency Alert System telling them to be sure to have the EAS fully functional for everyone in the country. That is not coincidence. Just look at the censorship we have seen towards Trump for him calling for PEACE! Pretty much everyone agrees the Ratcliffe report is in Trump’s hands, which will show foreign collusion to steal our election and install foreign puppet Pedo Joe.
        Recent events have shown that our former ally, Italy, was actively involved in trying to steal the election. What do you expect? This was a country that took 6 MONTHS to beat Ethiopia in WW2 using tanks while the Ethiopians used spears. Plus after WW2, do you know why the new Italian navy built glass bottom boats? To see the old Italian navy.
        Anyway, with the Ratcliffe report, EO2018 goes into FULL effect, and Trump took an OATH to protect the country from JUST this thing. Trump is going to be at Camp David all weekend, another highly secure area, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t even true. He might be on the E-B4 the entire time. Sec’y of Defense Miller ordered 6,000 National Guard members to DC from six states. Why? Always ask WHY. This is AFTER the betrayal and rally. Six THOUSAND.
        It’s because it’s all about to go down. The White House is on full lockdown. Again, WHY? Because they are denying the traitors access to all confidential information. Trump keeps the launch codes on him at all times, so I doubt they can access those. Then we have proof from the military itself. A marine let his friend know that all comms went down at a Marine base on the east coast. The Marine demanded his name not be used. That makes sense, because the deep state knows a military strike is coming so they would try to disable comms. That goes back to earlier this week, when the Marines posted them doing drills so they can perform operations when comms go out. Remember, there are NO coincidences.
        By the way, one of our fellow readers, a MASTER at kempo like you cannot imagine received a call form the Dept of Defense telling him to expect comms to go down. Then there is this, and this REALLY matters. The 18th airborne posted a tweet of worn out soldiers with a caption saying “Don’t let up, the weekend’s almost here”. The picture was of the 10th Mountain Division soldiers, which Q directly refers to in RED4. This post is pretty much coming to life right before our eyes. I think they are telling the troops to not let up because the weekend ops are about to take place.
        I MUST say that the timing of events is absolutely impossible to predic,t as ANY event can alter the entire plan. However, time is running out, and the longer they wait, the tougher and more dangerous this becomes. As I mentioned before, I fully expect all ops to be in the middle of the night.

        This is a good time to discuss our men and women in the military. These are TRUE patriots. These people signed up to protect and defend our country. They have given up their lives and limbs in foreign fighting in the forever wars for the deep state out of a sense of duty to the country thinking they were helping America. Trump ended those. Now they have a CREDIBLE threat to their home, their families, their country, their loyal Commander-in-Chief. I think our military will be the most motivated they have ever been since WW2.
        I have received a bunch of emails from fellow readers who are former military saying they will fight. My son wanted to sign up for the military last night. Look at the deep state response to the Trump supporters, 200+ million of them (only 80 million voted). They FEAR us, and to quote the great Thomas Jefferson, “When the gov’t fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the gov’t, there us tyranny”. Sound like THIS moment? Q spoke to us about this moment in his famous post 34. He/they laid out the plan four YEARS ago. He/they said they would be met with “swift fury”. That is how our military does things. Blitzkrieg. It’s over before you saw it coming.
        This weekend, I am looking for what I think will be the last Tweet Trump ever makes while it is still in the hands of Jack Dorsey. Q told us it is going to be “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us…..”. IF he does that, and IF everything happens as I imagine it will, that statement will be the stuff of history books generations from now. By the way, the military guys are NOT concerned.
        MonkeyWerx posted a live feed as Trump released the video, and jumped to the conclusion it was a concession, but the other military guys on the feed made the same points I have. Word is that our spec ops entered the capitol building with Antifa and captured a dozen deep state laptops, but they specifically got Nazi Pelosi’s. Does it now make sense as to why she is calling for impeachment AND the 25th amendment? We have ALL the proof of her collusion and guilt. She is in a PANIC.
        Misc items: Did you know a guy accused Pence in 2016 of murdering 51 kids and raping 77 others? Remember all the booms that keep being heard across the country? The military guys say Trump (with, of course, the indispensable aid of the spec ops military — REC) has been destroying the hidden deep underground military bunkers where most expect the deep state to retreat to (as well as where they have been storing and killing the trafficked children they have taken — REC).
        Dominion is suing Sidney Powell (SP) for $1.3 BILLION. BWAHAHAH! Why not make it a brazillion dollars? They think that some big number is going to scare her, when the videos of their guilt are already all over the internet for the world to see? We found out during the GA elections that they transmitted the data to China and Islamabad then back to GA. Yet another fraudulent election. ALL will be reversed, and to quote LW, “Every lie will be exposed” Dems are acting like the capitol takeover was a violent revolution. The ONLY violence came from the cop who MURDERED a young female vet, otherwise it was a frat stunt like you’d see on a college campus pre-CV-19.
        Meanwhile, they ACTIVELY celebrate and ENDORSE violence at all their “protests”. Remember Cuomo asking this summer who said protests are supposed to be peaceful? The Portland mayor was punched in his soy boy face by the same people he has let destroy his city for the past eight months. I hope he called a social worker after defunding the police. The other Cuomo announced he would not be attending the Bills’ playoff game after NYC put together a 50,000 person petition demanding he not be allowed to go to the game. Yet these same d’bags voted for Pedo Joe, even when we have the untampered data. This same d’bag is going to fine hospitals $100,000 if they don’t use up all their vaccine supplies in seven days. Hospitals are supposed to create demand –how exactly? What will happen is, that hospitals will keep a minimal supply on site.

        Someone noted that there were 40 ACTIVE populist risings across the world pre-CV-19, and now there are none. Remember the yellow jacket riots? Tucker Carlson unfortunately said Trump has outlived his expiration date. I think his intentions are good, but he might have lost MAGA nation going forward. Finally, liberal feminazi and super model Emily Ratasomething said if Zuckerberg could ban the president of the US, then no one is safe. Did someone FINALLY wake up?

      2. Thank you Dr. Fetzer.

        That is a darn compelling summation. And I have to admit it makes a lot of sense.

        I certainly hope I am wrong about Trump and that he has the backbone to do this!

      3. Excellent points Dr. Fetzer. And I agreed President Trump still has the military options and COMMS will go down this coming week. I have old active duty friends who are stating the same thing. Stock up yesterday on water ,non-perishable food and ammo if you live near a big city.
        Let’s hope the Trump card gets played.

      4. The traitors do seem desperate for Trump to leave immediately.

        Nothing would make me happier than to see the criminals in handcuffs.

      5. Jim you said Italy was your ally it was your enemy. It was your ally in WW1.
        “Recent events have shown that our former ally, Italy, was actively involved in trying to steal the election. What do you expect? This was a country that took 6 MONTHS to beat Ethiopia in WW2 using tanks while the Ethiopians used spears. Plus after WW2, do you know why the new Italian navy built glass bottom boats? To see the old Italian navy.”

      6. Ralph you previously said:
        “Ralph Seymour says:
        January 8, 2021 at 8:15 am
        Trump Commits To “Smooth, Orderly And Seamless Transition Of Power”

        This is the real, thoroughly chickenshit, and CONTROLLED Donald Trump.

        Do you believe it now?”

      7. Yes I did say that. And I stand by it until proven wrong.

        I hope to be proven wrong.

        The subject summation that Dr. Fetzer provided contains a lot of plausible new info of which I was unaware.

        Feel free to reprint my opinions as often, and in as many publications, as you wish!

        Thank you for your comment.

      8. Let me put it this way:

        Unless and until Trump stops the coup by military force, I stand by the position that what we are witnessing is a billionaire Jew shill being replaced by a millionaire Jew shill.

        Perhaps Trump has changed his stripes and will proceed to arrest the criminals and thereby stop the coup. If this happens, he can maintain that all of his previous feckless behavior was necessary in order to trap the criminals. Whatever.


      9. Yes I hope Trump wins, but it is very late in the “day”.
        I hope too that he has a TRUMP CARD up his sleeve.
        The thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is that his lawyer is Rudi Giullani the guy who presided over 9/11 as mayor, he must have been a player in 9/11, he should be in jail.

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