Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., FAKE NEWS: “The Truth vs. Alex Jones”

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.

Robert Barnes, the celebrated attorney, said (of his visit to the Alex Jones trial in Austin) that it was unlike any courtroom he had ever seen, with three cameras (one of which was pointed at the jury) and that “it looked like a made-for-TV-movie”!

No doubt, Robert Barnes got it right! And the outcome was the film, “The Truth vs. Alex Jones”, which contains very little truth (as I shall explain) and distorts the law regarding freedom of speech by grossly misrepresenting the First Amendment to present a contrived and fabricated case against him for (allegedly) lying about Sandy Hook. But for a person x to lie about an event E requires that (a) x makes assertions about E that are false, (b) that x made those assertions knowing they were false, and (c) with the intent to deceive a target audience about E. From the clips of Alex talking about Sandy Hook that are included in this film, it should be obvious he believed what he was reporting and was attempting to inform his audience of the truth about Sandy Hook. That means that, even if what Alex was reporting had been false, he cannot have been lying because he believed that what he was saying was true.

As though this elementary point were not telling enough, Alex Jones’ early reporting was not even false. I know because I am one of the “professors” and “school safety experts” Alex said had “misled” him about Sandy Hook during his exchange with Elon Musk, which I reviewed (in some detail) during my interview with Sean on SGT Report: Never Speak of This” (28 December 2023) and at the College of Complexes (10 February 2024), including how we know that three of the “victims”–Noah Pozner, Emilie Parker, and Vicki Soto (or the persons they were based upon)–are alive and well. You can’t do better to appreciate the enormity of the Sandy Hook hoax than by reviewing the evidence I provide there, where I co-edited the book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control” (2015, 2nd ed., 2016), which amazon.com banned less than a month after it had gone on sale and sold nearly 500 copies.

SGT Report: Never Speak of This (28 December 2023)

Why would amazon.com ban a book that was destined to become a bestseller, you might ask? Because I brought together thirteen (13) experts, including six (6) Ph.D.s, and we established that (i) the school had been closed by 2008 (where it turns out to have been closed in 2006 and was not even an elementary school), that (ii) there were no students or teachers there (as Alex Jones’ correspondent on the scene, Dan Bidondi, reported at the time), and that (iii) it was a FEMA drill presented as mass murder to promote gun control. For over the past two years, I have been in communication with two of the participants in the drill–Margaret Alice Cottle, who was cast as the student victim, “Emilie Parker”; and Victoria Aurelio, who played the role of the heroic teacher, “Vicki Soto”. Margaret even found the Sandy Hook exercise listed on the schedule of CT FEMA Headquarters (as drill L-366) in Bridgeport, CT:

For a quick take, Victoria Aurelio (aka “Vicki Soto”) has gone on to earn an advanced degree in Special Education from New York School of Career & Applied Studies (2017), five years after her reported death at Sandy Hook–and under the name “Victoria Soto”! I learned from her and Margaret (via our mutual friend, Steve Lucia), that those who participated in the exercise have substantial “fringe benefits”, including not paying taxes and free tuition in pursuing their higher education, as she has done. I was on the phone with Steve when Margaret, who was with him, spoke with Vicki and asked her how much she had been paid for reprising her role as “Eva Morales”, a teacher reportedly killed at another (staged) school shooting in Uvalde, TX, which was $210,000. Eric Holder came to Newtown in 2006, they told me, and offered Newtown (the community) $114,000,000 for participating in this “Capstone Event”.

One of the striking features of the “false flag”/staged events Brian Davidson–a private investigator licensed in Texas–and I have discovered is that FEMA likes to use the same “crisis actors” again and again, especially when they have been found to be reliable in the past. The Uvalde, TX, school shooting was modeled after Sandy Hook, where (in this case) instead of shooting his mother and then killing 20 first graders and several teachers, at Uvalde, the shooter shot his grandmother and then killed 19 second, third, and fourth grade children. It’s fairly absurd, but even Wayne Carver, the Medical Examiner from CT, was recycled and made an appearance in Uvalde, as we documented in a two-part series, Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here). The Uvalde event was so sloppy that they they even featured two “fathers” for the same alleged victim, where the perps (FEMA and DHS) have become casual about details because they have found (based upon Sandy Hook) that the public is gullible enough to believe anything they produce as long as it carries emotional impact!

Jim Fetzer and Brian Davidson Methodically Dissect the Uvalde, TX, School Shooting (1 June 2022)

From a logical point of view, the technique employed by Amos Pictures was “special pleading” by citing only the evidence favorable to its point of view and suppressing the rest (though a few slipped through). Also known as “the method of selection and elimination: select the evidence that supports a predetermined conclusion and eliminate the rest. A nice example is the FOIA Hearing prompted by Wolfgang Halbig’s efforts to secure answers to his questions about Sandy Hook, where the First Selectman of Newtown (equivalent to Mayor), Patricia Llorda, admitted under oath that the sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”, was placed there by Homeland Security, which would not have been there had this been a bona fide event. Others, of course, include the FEMA manualthe CT FEMA Schedule, and the FBI Consolidated Crime Report for 2012, which shows (at the intersection of “Murders and Nonnegligent Manslaughters” and “Connecticut” the numeral 0 (none, nada, zilch, zero):

The most egregious deceit of “The Truth vs. Alex Jones” came from Mark Bankston, Attorney for Neil and Scarlett Lewis, where Neil continues to insist that he held his son, Jesse, in his arms at Sandy Hook, contradicting the assertion of Wayne Carver, M.D., during his (bizarre) press conference the following day, that the parents were not allowed to come into contact with their children, which was done instead using photographs. That was appropriate, because most of the kids were legal fictions who only existed in the form of photographs. Since this point has been made (again and again) by Sandy Hook skeptics (including in my briefs to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and to the US Supreme Court), one might have thought that Amos Pictures would at least avoid such blatant contradictions. It’s a sign of the arrogance of the government (FEMA and DHS) running the show that they continued to perpetuate the logical impossibility of the parents not being allowed to come into contact with their children and Neil Lewis insisting that he held his dead son in his arms.

What Mark Blankson asserts is that the First Amendment does not protect Alex Jones from lying about Sandy Hook (which is the predicate upon which the entire film is based). Giving the matter more thought, however, it should be obvious that opinions of every sort–even diametrically opposed!–are protected by the First Amendment, which provides strong protection for speech, even in situations where a person is not telling the truth—intentionally or unintentionally. [Added 19 April 2024: In fact, the media can legally lie to the American people.] Since Alex Jones was sincere in his belief that Sandy Hook was staged (following what “professors” and “school safety experts” had reported), he cannot have violated the First Amendment. What he meant to say is that sometimes persons can be liable for false claims that are defamatory, but even then it requires that it must be a provable assertion of fact (not an opinion). The Dane County Circuit Court would not even allow me to present proof that Sandy Hook had been a drill and not a bona fide mass murder on the basis that it was “not relevant” to the truth or authenticity of a death certificate for an alleged victim:

But that anyone died at Sandy Hook has never been established in a court of law. All of these cases–including the Remington and Alex Jones in Austin and in CT–have been decided on the basis of presupposition, assumption, or (in Alex case) failure of discovery. There has been no legal determination that anybody died.  You might think that, if Amos Pictures had only known what I am presenting here, they would have done this differently. Wrong! They did know. They interviewed me for the film (or so I was told), where I now believe that they were using me to get to Wolfgang Halbig and James Tracy (another professor), whom they wanted to use as targets in the film. And it worked! After they had interviewed me–where I had explained everything I have explained here–I sent documents from my legal case in subsequent correspondenceSo they had it all. Which means they knew that Sandy Hook was a hoax but asserted it to have been real with the intent of misleading the public. Somebody lied, but that would not be Alex Jones.

And, to substantiate everything I have said here, you may now download both cover and content of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (Redacted ed… 2024):

BONUS: In September 2018, I collaborated with Robert David Steele in producing a Memorandum on Sandy Hook for (then) President Donald J. Trump, which I am also making available as Sandy Hook Truth (Redacted edition, 2024), including 31 short essays and 5 appendices, you can download here.

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor of Philosophy Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. Six of his books have been banned by amazon.com. For more, see his “Law Enforcement False Flag / Staged Event Checklist” co-authored with Brian Davidson.

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60 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., FAKE NEWS: “The Truth vs. Alex Jones””

  1. There’s an account at X that belongs to a musical prodigy and supreme satirist guy, who is also hip to every lie we talk about. Finally, an actual musician who gets it!

    Anyway he wrote a really great essay about his experience with posting about Sandy Hook anomalies on X. He considers Sandy Hook to be a pivotal event, not at all lost in the past. Here’s part of what he says.


    This may be the most important event in the last 20 years. Can it unravel even more decades of deception? Although the US government had long been employing propaganda and false flags against its population, in mid-2012 the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act officially allowed it to engage in “information and psychological operations” within the United States.

    In the early 1990s, William Cooper warned that staged school shootings as “false flags” would soon be used in the US as psyops. In the aftermath of these highly emotionally-charged events, the public can slowly be swayed into relinquishing key rights. Cooper argued that the 2nd Amendment in particular was one of the single greatest impediments preventing the establishment of the New World Order. If you want to take over a country, a heavily armed population is not ideal.

    Cooper’s warning turned prophetic after the Columbine shooting in 1999. Even that story is highly suspect, including many accounts of more than the official two shooters. In the time before ubiquitous smart phones and constant access to social media, it was easier to stage mass casualty events and pass them off as something else.

    Read the rest here:

    And do yourself a favor and give him a listen!


  2. Jim Thorium is more plentiful than uranium. 6 parts per million in soil. Not sure what levels you got in the dust. The Russian guy (whom I think is compromised because he thinks or was told to say by the FBI, the government saved the 6 million people by killing 3000, bit like your argument that they could have shot down the planes if it was true,but isn’t) said (and German guy thinks radiation reduced by being underground, to which ae911truth scoffed when he gave his presentation to them in Switzerland) in an underground test the radiation basically stays in the ground, but with WTC there was a hole at the top, but basically the radiation stays in the ground and the dust form from the crushing to dust wave from the expansion not the radiation. That is why the radiation was not a problem. “Thorium: It is found in small amounts in most rocks and soils, where it is about three times more abundant than uranium. Soil contains an average of around 6 parts per million (ppm) of thorium. Thorium is very insoluble, which is why it is plentiful in sands but not in seawater, in contrast to uranium.”

    1. https://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2001/ofr-01-0429/chem1/WTCchemistrytable.html
      The ppm for thorium were about 9ppm but up to about 36ppm, this can be much higher than the normal average of 6ppm.
      The lower levels aren’t much higher tha normal average. The thung is when you explode the nuke below ground most of the turning to dust is from compression escaping, the nuke ground is in the hole in the groud and is vapourised. That is why the ae911truth guys don’t get it, plus their leaders probably having a non-nuke agenda.

      1. Thank you. Good to know. Misgvings, indeed, but this does seem like a good time to put those aside….if ever there was one.

  3. W2 I think Russian guy is some sort of part-truth guy, probably sent to muddy the waters and make the government look good. He may be right about much, but he is dodgy as hell. If the two “nuclear” missiles arrived after the towers fell, they would have still hit something and blown up and killed many. W2 I did a download it but it said originally he didn’t charge but he got virtually no money so now he wants money even if it is $2 etc, the copy I had was your link. t is special note 1 put near the back, you can find it on the index. I am banned by wife to get our bank accounts connected to sites. I even offered to mail Corbett Report guy money, but he never replied. Anyhow the video is easier. I noticed what Judy Wood said about the ground looking hot but being cold is wrong. On the Russian’ video it is definitely hot, and Judy said the hoses didn’t go on the tractors but they did and the firemen’s boots melted, so Judy is full of shit on that. The German guy liked Judy, but I have gone off her. The dust is that the building turned to dust but can keep its form sometimes until you touch it. Russian guy says CGI planes, I am more with RDHall. Ian Johnson is RDHall’s mate, he is mislead to agree with Judy about Fetz being gatekeeper, he is misled himself. I know WTC7 did have a pile of rubble, Russian says it didn’t, that is wrong. There is a round hole in the pentagon, that Russian missle was had little wings i think, so the hole would not be round, and where is the missile, and Fetzer always says look at the “punch out here” or similar where it looks to be jackhammered out. And why didn’t the missie explode, and where are the other unexploded missiles? There may well have been three missiles, but no bombs, RDHall thinks the planes were probably electronically cloaked missiles, or similar, .

    1. Russia guy is saying:
      1 missile in pentagon
      1 missile in WTC1 reported as a plan
      1 missile in WTC2 reported as a plane
      possibly more planted in the buildings
      WTC7 had the bombs and tranported by tunnel to near WTC1&WTC2
      They blew up WTC7 to hide the tunnels and infastructure
      The towers were blown up to destroy the boms from the plnes and posssibly planted in buildings.
      That he added the last section because of what the FBI told him.
      He was guided by the FBI, possibly a hint he may not believe the stuff about the government having to use the nukes that were prearranged for the building demolitions.
      Different stories were told to the officials some were told more “truth” than others to get their cooperation.
      I, BillAu think this is pointing back to our original thouthts that this was done like letting the Japs do Pearl Harbor to get into war, WW2. When questioned then why did the USA invade the middle east , the Russian guy says as a sort of coverup for theUSA governmemt blowing up the towers. He is reversing everything. I remember that one of Steeles submissions, a guy said that the WTC buildings had a demolition order on them. I think they wanted to do all the things we always thought, demolish the buildings, get the insurance, anbring in the patriot act, invade the middle east, etc. I think that the EPA and such would not offically allow nuclear bombs to go off in this age. Maybe in the earlier years, but not in 2001. I think Larry Silverstein say “pull it” was part of the coverup.

    2. Russian guy says the French (I’m running out os countries) guy who blamed the explosions on clandestine nuclear reactors under both WTC1&2 was wrong because nuclear reactors melt not explode. But I remember Chrenobyl exploded, it did I quote Wikipedia “The Chernobyl disaster began on 26 April 1986 with the explosion of the No. 4 reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR, close to the border with the Byelorussian SSR, in the Soviet Union. Wikipedia”. So for nuclear expert he got that wrong. (That is why Thorium reactors are betteer they use molten salt that solifies as soon as the reactor stops)

      1. Probably what he means is usually the reactors melt down or something less than a full scale explosion.

    3. Russian guy says the seismic records are fake, the reading should have been higher, this was to look like mini nukes by Bin Laden to satisfy the people of lower ranking who were told bin Laden used mini nukes, not theFBI upper ranking officials were told they had to blow up the buildings because the missiles were in the bto the buildings. I think the story by FBI supposedly to Russian guy about the government protecting the people 6miilion saved by killing 3 thiousand is a lie.

    4. The fifth hour the Russian is on Kevin Barrett’s show (and coming back next time to talk to the vets today guy).Kevin disputes the Russian, Kevin thinks nanothermite and wants to talk to Richard gage about the Russian’s ideas. At the end he says the Israelites Mossad were involved more because they advised USA to blow up the towers to destroy bombsbin the building I think the Russian guy has some good technical knowledge about underground nuked, but I cannot believe it was done to protect USA.

      1. “Russian…Russian Guy”…for keericed sakes, the man’s name is Khalezov…K-H-A-L-E-Z-O-V…give him the courtesy of that respect.
        Until you have read the book or at least skimmed through it, I will not respond to anything. That interview of which you speak has some good information, but it was aired long before even the first edition was written, much less the final 1096 page tome. I know the man, I was privy to the book AS it was written. It does not cost a thing to read it…or at least skip around using the index.

      2. ..and in any case, I know this blog could be used to address more current and important issues for the USA at this time. Our country is going the way of Australia et al…it’s being destroyed from within. There is a time to spend valuable energy to discuss things that have happened in the past. This is not that time. We are in the midst of a Marxist takeover and i am sorry to say it’s succeeding. You may hate Trump or you may love him. BUT, understand that a vote for Biden is a vote for the end of America as we have known it through our lives. It will also be a vote for Obama’s fourth term. No one is their right mind can possibly believe Biden is anything but a prop and a hand puppet for Obama’ radical Marxist/transgender agenda.
        The law fare circus continues as they now come for Giuliani, Mark Meadows, John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Christina Bobb, Boris Ephsteyn and others in some damn fake case in Arizona.
        Our country is being raped as we are expending effort on events in which the government will NEVER admit the official story was a lie.
        Yes….. speak of whatever you wish…this is one of the places that still allows free speech…but, please update your priorities.

      3. The Russian guy was mates with the Mossad agents especially the one he thinks was the mastermind. The Russian says the Mossad guy travelled under afrench passport and the French protected him becuase (according to Russian guy, I dont believe it) the French convinced USA to blow up the twin owers to priect the 6 million nearby from bombs supposedly in the towers,with the nukes designed to demolish the owers.

  4. Sorry I doubted you Jim. I’ve given up on christianity but I think there is something after this life. I am inpired by Rupert Sheldrake and “psychic parrot” and his other talks. He proves the parrot can read the owners mind. So anything is possible. Will II I will study the article you posted, and get back to you. The article I posted was from the comments on Jim’s post. Ihope you recover well Jim. Keep up the good fight.

    1. Sorry again Jim you may well be right about RD Hall’s work on “no planes”. The projected image would still be able to vary on the viewpoint, the same as a cloaked missile(or similar) and as you say there was an Australian version for sale.

      1. I got confused with cgi that Richard had claimed not valid due to variable images on viewooint, and some one saying he had stopped considering that , and you said well it’s yours now(oe similar). You version is just acepeting the gap between the radar image and him saying it was a constant image. So really RDHall and you both think it was a hologram.

      2. Typos corrected : I got confused with cgi that Richard had claimed not valid due to variable images on viewpoint, and some one saying he had stopped considering that , and you said well it’s yours now(or similar). Your version is just accepting the gap between the radar image and him saying it was a constant error. So really RDHall and you both think it was a hologram.

      3. RDHall said then gap was probably a constant error, but Jim’s theory doesn’t need that.

  5. A way to get America back…..at least a beginning:


    From the article:

    Bring our national establishment to heel and to counter actions taken by foreign, domestic enemies

    To bring our national establishment to heel and to counter provocative actions taken by foreign and domestic enemies, we must:

    1) Establish honest 2024 and future elections. Paper ballots, voter ID, same-day voting, and voting systems that cannot connect to the Internet or any outside control or influence must be set up. Election Fraud or interference is a criminal act. We cannot allow foreign governments to control our elections.
    2) Update the definition of Treason to specifically include non-kinetic war, including Mind War, Unrestricted War, Cyber Warfare, and Bio-War. We must end foreign donations to elected officials through family or corporate connections. Severe criminal penalties for this new form of treason need to be enacted urgently.
    3) We must stop the security state from being weaponized against political opponents. NSA and CIA activity against citizens must be halted pending an overhaul of the system. FBI kill teams must be held accountable. Raids on churches, priests, and ministers must stop.
    4) Government censorship or propaganda must be banned. There is no “Ministry of Truth.” This is not Stalin’s Russia. Obama’s legislation allowing propaganda in the United States must be canceled. It smothers the First Amendment.
    5) The stolen 2020 Election and the J6 coup need to be investigated entirely (with criminal penalties) before the next election. The CCP elected Joe Biden, not the American people. Free the J6ers NOW!
    6) Borders must be controlled, and dangerous illegals must be deported or jailed.
    7) Enact legislation and an Amendment to our Constitution prohibiting any foreign influence, treaty, or Executive Order that will endanger or weaken our national sovereignty. We also need local militias and the 2A to ensure “law and order” and personal safety.

    These actions must be taken before the 2024 elections. Failure to do so should also be considered a TREASON against our republic.

    Thomas Jefferson once stated, “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.”

    1. Will II I think there are “death and taxes” and the good thing is we hopefully RIP in a better place no matter what religion, maybe with a reward system, superannuation not pension, metaphorically speaking.
      “In Australia my voice identifies me” the tax phone message says, and says it can identify you by your voice and you have been recorded. So they could do that in other ways, eg. ringing in on radio shows. Not that it botherd but Jim’s show moved to about 3am here then I got upset with him. Now I am happy with him again.
      In Melbourne we have paper ballots. We had the worst lock down and supposedly they re-elected Daniel Andews, but now he retired. If you ask most people they say they don’t know anyone who voted for him. But ther are hundreds is millions of dollars being spent on underground tunnels here ans the workers who get paid a fortune may have done it. The voting peope told me theywere still counting the votes, but the governmant media had Daniel winning after 30% of the vote counted, how can that be so? Thet means 70% were not counted. So many say our paper voting was rigged? Personally I think the people are stupid enough to vote in the guy who locked us down the worst in the world and caused so many suicides, metal health problems and bakruptsies. My son’s school visited the hollow-$-cost museum, and now the federal opposition leader he said to the Jews he will make every child in Australia visit the hollow-$-cost museum. I have nothing against people who practise the ten commandments. I think I worked out that the Hell’s Angels are a way to sell Harley Davidson motorbikes. Evidently they have to ride american bikes prferably Harlies according to a website on YouTube. And harley Davidson are evidently Jewish. Ha Ha.

  6. It is a weird world. The other day Infowars was using a Bill Cooper clip that said Israel was setup to start the armagedon w
    type war, following the bible script not necessarily by god but the elite, and the jews are just fodr like the rest of us, “scapegoats”.

  7. Thank Schumer the Jew for Mayorkas’ (another small hat)’ getting away with it all..

    …long, but you can skip around to get the essence….


    …I would also like to say it’s more important for me to present important and pertinent information on this “blog” than it is to comment on Fetzer ignoring his commenters.

  8. Anderson Cooper is always called out for his disappearing nose in this interview (I hope you can make the attached jpg big enough to see), but the most glaring thing exposing the green screen is the kicker light above Anderson’s head. If the woman had been in the same place as Cooper, she would be getting hit with the light from Anderson’s kicker, but she’s not. This is the most obvious tip-off, along with the artifact ‘halo’ seen most clearly down Anderson’s back.


    1. This is at Sandy Hook, by the way, at least the woman appears to be. This was referenced in the new HBO doc, the Truth vs. Alex Jones, which is where the kicker light shining down on Cooper’s head jumped out at me.

      1. “A kicker light is an accent light that helps to highlight the edges of the subject.”

        It’s been perfected at CNN to illuminate Anderson Cooper’s silvery pate by shining down on his head.

        In the interview, Anderson visually stands out and is not in the same light as the other person, therefore indicating a green screen.


      2. So, Toni…is that done to sort of fuzz the outline to make it look more real and blend in?

      3. No, kind of the opposite. These lights are used to set the person off from the background, to separate them. Notice in the screenshot from the night-time video of the interview that this is done for Anderson but not the other person. The camera crew would have had to construct some kind of overhead screen to keep his light off of her, and why would they do that?

  9. I hope everyone is seizing the opportunity to download both books and share them as widely as possible. That Bill is the only one to comment on this–one of my most important blogs-troubles me. And I will try to do more in comments myself.

    1. I cannot believe what you just said, Jim. Toni, Myself and GRB have been keeping this blog alive for months with not a comment or reply from you. Along comes BillAu, making the same comment he has for almost a year. …and you are perplexed because no one else has a made a comment on your article.
      Wow and wow.

      1. From a point of view of reader participation this site really sucks. I just posted a comment which is once again in moderation. But worse yet, I pasted into the box nicely formatted text that was then run together into a single unformatted paragraph once posted. People don’t like not being able to easily format their work, or edit out mistakes they see after posting.

        Another issue is the anyone who posts anything here is obviously put on an FBI watch list. You have to be a risk taker just to post anything here. People who do post here aren’t as smart as those who don’t. Judge Napolitano is reporting that the FBI is interrogating citizens over their posts on “social” media. If you agree with Fetzer on most anything, you could end up in solitary confinement for several years awaiting trial.

      2. Will II, do you think Judy’s idea that they used directed energy has any merit. I have thought it looks like the bemas were falling and turning to dust. Jim says that is from a nuclear bomb, what fo you think?

      3. Jim and Judy both say the other is a gatekeeper or shill. Some oneone said to me it could be ll different things. One thing Judy points out is that there were black fumes coming out the side of building seven for many hours before it collapsed. Nobody else ever mentioned that.

      4. BillAu….I have a first edition of “Where Did the Towers Go”. Wood presented some very convincing evidence that DEW was used; I thought she had it figured out…at first…..especially considering the toasted cars blocks from the towers. I do believe they used directed energy weapons….no different than using controlled demolition to bring down building 7. Nothing else can account for the toasted cars. But DEW was not all that was used and was not the main cause of the towers falling. It could have been a distraction. I do believe nukes were used as the main device, but not the types of nukes of which Fetz speaks.I believe they were fulled blown mega kilo ton nukes of which Dmitri Khalezov speaks in 9/11 Thology…The Third Truth. Even Dmitri could not logically explain the toasted cars (he said they were manually torched which I find ridiculous), he did not agree with Wood. I have not checked in with him for years, so his attitude may have changed. If you have not read 9/11 Thology (1096 pages) , I would advise attempting to find it on line…best I know, it was never put in print.

        In any case, we’ll never know the truth…as with JFK , SH et al….It would likely bring down this beyond corrupt regime under which we exist.

      5. Will II see what I found in the 2020 comments in Jim’s article, it is on the blog now, Judy’s unknown weapon was the towers being nuked, not only that is brought to us byae911truth. So I got what I wanted, I wanted Jim to be right but I could not get past Judy’s evidence. And ae911truth brought it to us.

      6. Keep ’em coming, Will II. But I was sure you’d have loads of comments about this expose of Sandy Hook.

      7. Sorry about that, Will II. Would like to do better. You know I had a heart attack last FEB and open heart surgery in June. Been through 60 hours of cardiac rehab. Still doing 22 hours of shows on the internet. Keep posting and I’ll try to do better. You and Toni and BillAu have been faithfully keeping the blog going. THANKS FOR THAT!

      8. Jim, I said it was a waste of effort because nothing I presented was addressed by BillAU. And as I have said many times, I KNOW you are busy and had major health problems, but taking a few minutes to encourage your commenters would not have been that difficult.
        I think we have lost some good commenters as a result. AND, I do not wish to put you in a position of stress in which you feel obligated to pay attention to the blog. It’s your choice….as it has been mine to come and go out of frustration because of a lack of response.
        As far as SH goes, I am saturated. I KNOW it did not happen per the official story. We can present more and more evidence, but it will never change that story….along with that of JFK, RFK, MLK et al. Has any official story ever changed (for example, the fake moon landing) with more information? No….it will take much more and at this juncture, I feel it’s very likely too late. So, I would rather put my energy into keeping the blog current and looking for ways to confront what is being done to this nation AND this world AND what is on the way. That strategy may not change it, but it could be a start and we at least will not be on our knees when the SHTF.
        Be prepared.
        Thank you for responding. I still and always will have great respect for your work. It’s monumental….but you and no one else can get a mesmerized population off it’s ass. I do know there has to be a saturation point and as far as I can tell, we passed that a long, long time ago. The lawlessness, depravity and law fare we are now experiencing is because We the People have ignored all the signals.
        I do not know if that self immolation of Maxwell Azzarell was staged. But I do know much of what he stated in that manifesto has weight and should not be ignored. Remember, it’s part of their sick ritual to tell us what’s going to happen.
        May God protect us all and give us the strength to overcome the madness and chaos under which we now find ourselves.
        In case anyone missed Azzarello’s the manifesto I put up :

      9. I downloaded the pdf, he wants to be paid and I am banned from that stuff and with all the stuff going on with scams I agree. I used to be in the ae911truth meetings because some guy got me in, but then he wanted money, I gave some but it did not go through and my wife banned me and stopped me going to the meetings on line. I am on you tube now Dimitri Khalezov (really spelt Dimitri Khalezov) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Dimitri+Khalezov+Dimitri+Khalezov . Videos are easier than reading 1000+ pages anyway.

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  11. Jim I believe you on this Sandy Hook stuff. But Judy Wood says you and Richard Gage are “gatekeepers” on 9/11 and the directed energy. How can you deny the pictures of the towers turning to dust. And, how can you say there are no such things as viruses, when you had the COVID virus twicw, you said that on your shows, that you went to hospital twicw.

    1. Well, one of us may be a 9/11 “gatekeeper”, but that would not be me. Check out “On C-SPAN, Richard Gage leaves 9/11 Truth in a ‘time warp””, where I summarize thee differences between Gage, Judy, and me. OF COURSE the towers were turned to dust, which is one of the signatures of the use of nuclear devices. You are letting Judy play you as a gullible sap.


      On viruses, you have not been paying attention. I agree viruses exist and in the science of virology, but there are important questions about their role in transmission of disease and the like. The whole COVID-19 thing was a humongous scam as I presume you are aware. I am troubled by where you are getting your information, because it does not appear well-founded.

      1. James I hope I am wrong and Judy woods is wrong about directed energy not nuclear weapons dstroying the towers. I still believe what she says at the moment. As for COVID that was dodgy but there was a virus. I think the negative interest rates were threatening to ruin the Ponzy scheme we are under. Now we have massive inflation and high interest rates, to suppoedly cure inflation, which wwill slow things down, but in turn cause its own inflation. Australia has capital gains, land taxes, council rates that are based on house prices, so the government loves the infated house prices, plus we had a shortage of housing and now very high immgration making there less housing available, and the builders are all going broke from the infation of materials because they had contracts at lower material prices and high interest rates, meaning there are less people to build the extra houses required.

      2. Jim remember I found something in the “comments” of a webpage by some guy, that although the temperature in the upper atmosphere is above the melting point of metal(s) there are not enough “hot” molecules to give the amount of heat to melt the metal. You agreed and changed your theory, as you said satelites don’t melt etc. Now I have found in the comments on your talk 6sep2020 comments by “jsmithwick” “I watched this AE911Truth presentation from Switzerland where they examine the nuclear demolition theory. It’s really well done. 9/11: A Nuclear War Crime – Presentation by Scientist Heinz Pom”mer
        https://www.bitchute.com/video/EJdRKfRDe4Rq/ “. Now 9/11: A NUCLEAR WAR CRIME – PRESENTATION BY SCIENTIST HEINZ POMMER” is very interesting. He says there was a nuclear volcano that caused 911, and that says you James Fetzer are right, it comes via ae911truth, and he says Judy Wood is right too, but that the “machine” that Judy Wood did not know what it was, was the nuclear antena that formed from the detonation of the underground nuclear device. So James Fetzer, Judy Wood and ae911truth(this talk was in 2017, ae911truth previously in 2015 at least refuted the nuclear blast theory) actually all agree. It seems James you were right but so was Judy Wood, and the talk was prented by ae911truth. So we all owe each other an apology, I give you mine , but I was right too, so was Judt Wood, and the the Pommer talk was supplied by ae911truth. We are all only mortal.

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