Pat McShay, Who Planned the False Flag on Capitol Hill?

by Patrick J McShay

“The Republicans chose Whiteness over Democracy.”

— Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

“Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and Native American
owned small businesses and women-owned businesses”

— Joe Biden, President-elect

“Marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully
and patriotically make your voices heard.”

— President Donald J. Trump on January 6, 2021

Joe Biden talks about unity while his Big Tech enablers at Twitter, Facebook, and Google censor, blackball and de-platform Conservative and Christian content.

Joe’s idea of unity looks like Saul Alinsky’s idea of Cultural Marxism. In his speech on the 6th of January, the president told the crowd to march peacefully and patriotically. This speech is what the Democrats are now using to impeach the president for inciting violence.

This attack is as dishonest as was the first attempt to impeach him and people around the country and the world are seeing that Donald Trump is being persecuted by traitors on both sides of the aisle who are sold out to the globalists and the Communist Chinese Party. The President gave a speech today in Alamo Texas that was completely ignored by all of the mainstream and cable networks with the exception of Newsmax.

The timeline proves it was planned in advance and not inspired by Trump.

Trump is being trashed by just about everyone in the media as if on cue, and the RINO, Never Trumpers like Ben Sasse and Adam Kinzinger turned on Trump faster than you can say “Crazy Nancy Pelosi”!

The media is doing everything they can to show President Trump in a bad light and Big Tech has banned not only Trump but Conservatives across all of social media. Sydney Powell and Lin Wood have both been banned from Twitter and the state of New York has begun the process of stripping Rudy Giuliani of his license to practice law.

This is an Alinsky tactic from “Rules For Radicals”; they are dirtying up Trump to head off a future run for president, and making him look guilty to his base and showing what happens to anyone who still has the ‘audacity’ to support him.

They are going after politicians who support him, attacking Republican Congressmen Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordon as well as Senators like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley who had hoped, since no court bothered to look at the mountain of vote fraud evidence they had seen, it might be heard in the January 6th hearing, only to have a well-timed riot break out just as the hearing was getting started.

There is video online of Trump supporters being ushered into the Capitol taking pictures with the Capitol police who let them in. These people are now being rounded up and charged with federal crimes, while known Antifa and BLM thugs who were bussed in and caused the majority of the violence were released. Here’s the video:

One of them, was John Sullivan, a BLM leader from Idaho who stormed the Capitol and is on video saying he “wants to rip Trump from the White House”; he was no Trump supporter and was quickly released. Earlier Sullivan admitted in a tweet that BLM came to the nation’s capitol in buses. Who bussed them in?

Karl Rove just said Trump’s reputation is “stained” and he is “leaving in disgrace!” I don’t believe the 74 plus million people who voted for Trump think he is stained and doubt they have turned on him. Most people know BLM & Antifa thugs were bussed in for this False Flag Operation to cause violence, stop the evidentiary hearing, and use it to marginalize Trump and his base.

The hypocrites on the Left refused to condemn the violent burning and looting of stores and businesses, the attacks of innocent people in their cars and in restaurants, attacks and occupation of police precincts, as well as leaving cities with over $2 billion in damage.

Where were Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden then? Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, what was her son-in-Law Michael Vos doing in front of the Capitol on the 6th with known BLM activists; was he directing their actions? See below

Here is a screenshot from the National Public Radio (NPR) home page showing “Trump supporters storm the US Capitol and clash with police”.  The timestamp shows it posted at 9:33 am. How did they know that 5 hours before it happened?  This shows foreknowledge of the event: 363867324420/photo/1

Here, an emergency management coordinator who says he witnessed BLM and Antifa activists talking about making Trump supporters look bad right before breaking out a window:

Also, Trump supporters don’t wear black helmets to rallies! This was obviously a planned false flag.  Where is any evidence showing Trump supporters were violent? There were half a million Trump supporters in D.C. for 2 days without a single violent incident. While Dopey Joe was certified as president, Federal and State authorities opened a criminal investigation into his brother James and his incorrigibly criminal son Hunter on charges from money laundering to tax fraud to securities fraud.

Trump should name a special prosecutor for that investigation or it will go nowhere. Where is the criminal media when it comes to reporting the Biden Family’s crimes? Bill Barr, who was mostly missing in action during his tenure as Trump’s Attorney General, has piled on since the Capitol Hill fiasco saying he believes Trump “instigated insurrection.”

This comes from the guy who refused to look at the evidence for vote fraud before saying there was no evidence. I said when Trump chose Barr that he was a Deep State fixer who would get nothing accomplished, and here we are.

The truth is that Mr. Barr’s FBI was warned prior to January 6th that they had intelligence that violent groups were planning operations and claim the Capitol Police were warned ahead of time.  Also, incendiary devices were found in the building proving that nothing the president said at the rally had anything to do with what happened at the Capitol.

CNN is now reporting FBI investigators believe the riot at Capitol Hill was planned days before and not inspired by a speech from the President. The impeachment crowd just couldn’t wait a few days for the truth.

In a poll this week in battleground states, 60% of voters polled said impeachment is a waste of time. These Republicans that don’t get that this was a planned operation and are blaming Trump are clueless dupes who don’t understand what’s going on and should find something else to do.

This is serious business with no time to coddle dummies. AOC calls for the ‘liberation’ of Southern states, accuses all Republicans of supporting white supremacy. This arrogant Coastal Communist AOC, who has never lived outside of New York, thinks that she knows who the racists are. Methinks AOC is the racist! The absurdity doesn’t stop there. Eric Swalwell, the Democrat Congressman, who as involved in an inappropriate relationship with a female Chinese spy, has been named as the manager of Trump’s impeachment.

Swalwell has compared the president to Osama bin Laden leaving no doubt that he is unhinged and likely still angry that the President called for an investigation into his illicit affair with a Chinese spy! According to FEMA whistleblower Celeste Solum, Joe Biden and the unhinged Left are poised to oversee the Great Reset and a nationwide lockdown that will destroy more businesses and likely result in a medical police state and pervasive food shortages. Trump vowed to fight the reset and wanted to open up the country and get us back to normal.

The truth is the CDC just announced that 96% of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 were in reality the result of other illnesses. Why aren’t we being told the truth? Is Dopey Joe preparing us for the “Dark Winter” he’s been talking about for months?

I wrote in March that this pandemic was a hoax and not a single thing has happened since to change my mind.  This impeachment is about the Democrats refusal to allow a hearing to address the mountain of evidence of vote fraud that was laid out in hearings the media refused to cover. The courts refused to hear the evidence and repeatedly threw these cases out.

The Supreme Court could have settled this case but they too refused to look at the evidence. This evidence is documented in a 270-page report put together by attorney Sydney Powell and is also documented in 2 reports done by Peter Navarro. (links can be found below)

In Joe Biden’s zeal for diversity, he has thrown out any commitment to competency in the candidates for his cabinet and has announced that his new administration will have “race-based priorities”. If that sounds racist, it is!

Tucker Carlson reported that Joe Biden’s choice to lead the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Kirsten Clarke, is a vile racist who hates white people. She has made the claim that Blacks are smarter than white people and was admonished by the Harvard newspaper in college who called her out for her racist rhetoric! I wonder if she got the same help from Affirmative Action that Michele Obama received to get into Princeton and Harvard Law? Why hasn’t any reporter asked Barack and Michelle Obama why they lost their Law licenses? Maybe they could write a book!

The Democrats have ranted and lied that Trump and his supporters are racist and white supremacists but the closer you look at the Democrats there are racists everywhere! Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says she wants a Truth Commission pertaining to the media.   She said she wants to reign in the media environment so they just can’t say what they want. Well, we all now have to go through AOC’s “Ministry of Truth”? It all sounds so 1984; can she hear herself?

The Founding Fathers warned not to bring charges of impeachment lightly. They were adamant in their instruction that high crimes and misdemeanors should be the standard. These morons, who are sure Trump is a racist, impeached him because they just can’t stand him. Back in the day, this wouldn’t have called for impeachment but there would have definitely been a duel.  Why did so many Democrats call Trump a “White Nationalist” in the impeachment hearing? Words matter, they should have to substantiate their incendiary accusations, I doubt they can.

Nationalism is not racist; US sovereignty and patriotism is not racist. The Democrats are pro-censorship and anti-free speech, they are the party that was caught spying on the Trump campaign and administration and no one went to prison. They are the party whose president and his son who have an inappropriate, criminal relationship with the Communist Chinese Government, our greatest enemy on the planet.  They are the party that brazenly robbed 74 million voters of their president’s 2020 election victory and refused to even look at the evidence.

I predict dark days coming under a Joe Biden presidency as long as he lasts, and worse under Kamala Harris who just might use the 25th Amendment to banish dopey Joe sooner than later.


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Sydney Powell’s report

Navarro’s 1ast report on voter fraud

Navarro’s 2nd report on voter fraud

Nancy Pelosi’s Son In Law with BLM in front of the Capitol

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24 thoughts on “Pat McShay, Who Planned the False Flag on Capitol Hill?”

  1. This is daunting..very daunting……I prefer to be more optimistic…but it’s wise to get ready for any scenario. I will never write Trump off, but I will take care of myself and my own.


    There will be sanctuary states. These states will probably be North and South Dakota, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas. The Mormons in Utah are likely well prepared but don’t bother with that state, the actual net resources are not abundant and none of them are stupid about protecting assets.

    I am certain an American catastrophe is on the horizon. The left wants anyone of good moral standing dead. They have continuously stated this over and over again – that anyone who supported Trump or the United States must be removed from society. It is redundant to say it. Everyone knows it. So where do you go? You go to any state that is likely to secede. I don’t know how all of this will play out but Biden did say there would be a dark winter, the darkest period in American history after he takes office.

    For the FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY we have a provably stolen election, with the thief telling us after he takes power it will be the darkest chapter in american history. There have been LOTS of conspiracy theories floating around over the last few decades, and even though they all have now come true, NONE of them ever had anything like that in them. I urge my readers to focus on being able to be mobile, with a large food cache WHILE MOBILE, (you have to take a substantial amount of food with you) and IF tshtf the way I expect it to, GET TO TEXAS, WITH FOOD. Don’t arrive hungry. Arrive with ALL the food you can take plus a tent and camp out on BLM land IN TEXAS.

    Prediction: Texas is going to understand.
    They know damn well what happened, and they are talking about secession. There is very likely not one single place better to go than there. And what do you say? “They cut the power and are trying to starve everyone to death. That is why I am here. And I’d like to do my part to make Texas a great place.” YOU WILL NOT GET KICKED OFF OF BLM LAND, but the rules are you have to change locations once every 2 weeks. And during that time, you MUST try to find a way to integrate with society before your resources run out. Hopefully by the time all of this gets going Texas will have woken up to the reality and won’t let everyone who goes there starve. You have never worried about water before, but you can safely bet that if you go to Texas and have to camp in the desert for a while you will. You’ll need to bring at least 20 gallons of water that can all be filled in one whack. Don’t be foolish by bringing small bottles, they should all be gallon size and up.You need to be able to re-charge your water for an entire week in one whack, otherwise going to get it will destroy too many resources. Water holes will be dangerous but flowing streams will be relatively safe, and if you can camp out near a dam, you’re probably going to be in good shape.

    “I don’t want to leave everything behind! Everything I know is here!” Yes, but it is not the same world anymore. The communists are taking over, and want YOU eliminated.
    Obviously we have to wait to see if they really are going to proceed with a genocide or not. But I am betting they probably will if they have already openly talked about it.

    If what Texas provides you is total sh*t compared to what you are used to, but at least you can live, DO NOT COMPLAIN, their resources are going to get stretched to the MAX. You might get stuck in a desert tent eating corn mash for 3 years.

    ME….Personally, I would head to South Dakota…I was invited there by the Lakota years ago because I have a certain percentage of native American blood.

    1. I think you starting to come around to my way of thinking. I note from some of your recent posts that you have awakened to the Jewish Problem. You are making progress.

      But whatever you do, don’t write Trump off!

      1. What makes you think YOUR way of thinking is exclusive to you? Have you once asked ME what I think of what you perceive as the ‘Jewish” problem (which I classify as the Zionist problem….no different than any distinction between an ideology and an extreme ideology) ? No, you have not. It’s likely (or not) I have been aware of the Zionist problem longer than you have. I just CHOOSE not to make it my life work, blaming even my dry skin and the mole on my back on the Zionist problem.
        Other factors DO exist.
        Hamlet…Act III Scene II

      2. Check this out, Dr…..


        The future becomes clear. They are going to remove Biden very early on for taking 140 million from the treasury and handing it to burisma and then Kamala takes over.
        This cinches it, Trump is OUT. They knew damn well for over 5 years that Biden stole this money and then stole an election for him anyway. Why would they do that? So they could play the good guys, impeach a “president” everyone hated RIGHT AWAY (to cheers) and then install Kamala and Pelosi as pres and vice pres.
        Never mind the fact that Biden never even qualified to run for office (for this alone), no, we are not supposed to question that, we are just supposed to accept having Kamala be installed, where she’ll then shred the country from sea to shining sea.

        Now we have the whole plan, Biden can’t survive this. Watch what the MSM does with this, they also no doubt knew this all along.

      3. God forbid that either of them should assume the presidency. From that moment on, they grow stronger and we grow weaker. It must not come to pass. I believe Sidney was not let in on the plan, which is operational.

      4. Maybe you should have made it your life’s work.

        Because now it’s going to be your life.

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    STOP MAKING YOURSELF VULNERABLE BY USING B.S. THAT IS CONTROLLED BY THE ENEMY. NO HTTPS. NO ANALYTICS. NO WORDPRESS. AND NOT EVEN DNS. BE RESPONSIBLE AND GO DIRECT IP WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ATTACHED TO IT NOW OR YOU WILL BE GONE and if you lived only on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, or any other site and you were serious, well, I never considered you serious. This warning is not for you because clearly you did not have the skills needed to make it at all and as a result you are now either dead or dying all the while if you had a lick of sense you’d have at least gotten a bottom dollar shared server and pointed to it from wherever you were while you still had a chance. You would not get direct IP with that but at least you’d get a warning. My warning this time is for those that at least had enough sense to do that.
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    Please note: Having a dedicated IP is NOT ENOUGH by itself, you need to configure .htaccess to automatically load direct IP when your domain name is hit, that way people can bookmark it.


  3. During the interregnum, at the 2 year mark, I hope the Republicans can dirty up the Dems and win at least one of the Houses of the Congress. There should be loads of solid information by then and maybe cooler heads can prevail in court.Once Americans, both Dems and Republicans, will after 2 years know that communism is not for them. I think they’ll turn their gazes elsewhere when Biden or Harris come down hard on them. Dem voters will then realize that they are going to hate communism and their party is to blame for it. If the elites realize they’ve lost a lot of their support, maybe they’ll straighten up a bit. I doubt it, but don’t be surprised if there is a groundswell toward conservatism once the Dem voters get it shoved in and broken off.

  4. There are more troops, guards and police in our Capitol than in Afghanistan and Iraq………..combined.

    File photo….Her Mighty Majesty General Nancy addressing the troops. I wonder if she’s getting ”combat pay”?



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