Susan Bradford, Neocon Traitors Staged Election Upset

Susan Bradford

Circumstances surrounding allegations of Italy’s involvement in switching votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election reveal that Trump was betrayed by allies closest to him and that we are in trouble as a nation. The traitors who allegedly rigged the election were globalists and warmongers frustrated with President Trump’s refusal to accommodate neoconservative plans for regime change in Iran.

Barack Obama started the ball rolling in 2015 with the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Action, in which a slush fund was set aside for Iran as compensation for international sanctions it had endured over its nuclear development program. Iran promised that the program would have peaceful applications and agreed to release American prisoners in exchange for the money.

The following year, Obama met with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to discuss the challenges they respectively faced with regards to the public’s rejection of globalism. During this meeting, plans were set in motion to derail the prospective Trump Administration, with $400 million set aside from the $1.7 billion designated for Iran to be used to flip votes from Trump to Biden in the 2020 presidential election. The plan was to prevent Trump from serving a second term, with $400 million routed through the Vatican for this purpose.

According to Nations in Action, a government oversight group, the plan was executed by Stefano Serafini, a foreign service officer of 20 years; and Claudio Graziano, the Chair of the European Union Military Committee and member of the Board of Leonardo SpA, an Italian multinational specializing in aerospace, defense, and security.

In witness testimony, Arturo D’Elia, the former head of the IT Department at Leonardo SpA, confirmed that votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in key states. In some cases, he said, data was altered to represent more than the total number of voters registered.

D’Elia said that he received his instructions from American employees working at the U.S. Embassy in Rome and that he can to reveal the names of all the individuals and entities involved. He also holds in his possession a backup drive containing the original data and data switched; Italian intelligence officers reportedly have intercepts, phone calls, and pictures of the CIA agents involved.

According to testimony from Italy, Leonardo SpA’s computer systems and military satellites switched the votes through Dominion servers. The data was then allegedly transferred from Pescara to Frankfurt, Germany, via satellite, accounting for a dramatic CIA raid and firefight in Frankfurt to destroy the evidence of election fraud.

As a defense contractor, Leonardo partners with Israeli firms, like Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Listed as Rafael’s lobbyist on record is a former Chief of Staff to Senator Joe Lieberman, a leading neoconservative hawk. The CEO of Leonardo is William Lynn III, Undersecretary of Defense for the Clinton Administration and lobbyist for Raytheon.

Once the story of election tampering broke in the United States, social media platforms immediately purged patriot accounts to block circulation of the story. Remarkably, Twitter even suspended Donald Trump’s own account, preventing the President from sharing information that would derail Biden’s attempt to steal the election, expose alleged treason, and implicate high profile individuals.

For decades now, neoconservatives have sought regime change in Iran through military strikes, with the country designated as part of an “axis of evil” to justify war. President Donald Trump campaigned in 2016 to end wars that were not in the national interest and which destroyed lives and wasted precious resources. Many of his closest advisers were not so inclined, including Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich.

In 2018, Giuliani, an advisor and attorney for Trump, was keynote speaker at a rally for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a group that seeks regime change in Iran. Throughout his speech, Giuliani compared Iranian mullahs to the mafia and called for regime change in this foreign country. He also delivered a letter on behalf of a bipartisan coalition of U.S. politicians and officials, including Sen. Joe Lieberman. Newt Gingrich was in attendance.

It appears that Giuliani and Gingrich took matters into their own hands after Trump doggedly refused to kowtow to neoconservative demands.

According to reports, the federal government awarded nearly $1 billion in contracts to Leonardo SpA last year. This is not a large amount considering that the company invested $950 million to lobby the federal government that year. Without war, the defense contractors weren’t making money.

Remarkably, several of Leonardo SpA’s lobbyists worked for Trump—including, for example, Dan McFaul, who served on Trump’s 2016 Transition Team, a role that allowed him to recommend appointments to the Trump Administration. McFaul’s employer, Ballard Partners, was founded by Brian Ballard, Trump’s lobbyist in Florida. According to The Tampa Bay Times, Ballard even raised $16 million for Trump.

However, Trump was not Ballard’s preferred candidate—he favored Jeb Bush as heir apparent. Once Trump became the Republican presidential nominee, Ballard supported Trump by default, after having raised money for Sen. John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney, who publicly disparaged Trump.

The firm has an office in Tel Aviv, Israel; its representative there is Congressman Robert Wexler, a member of Obama’s re-election Steering Committee who crafted Obama’s policies toward Israel for the Democratic National Convention.

A few months before the 2020 presidential election, Wexler was featured in an article entitled, “Biden is the most pro-Israel nominee ever.” He also penned an article for The Sun Sentinel, stating that he supported Obama’s deal with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. In contrast, Trump characterized the agreement as “the worst deal ever.”

Wexler is president of the Washington-based S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. Recently the organization asked: “Is Peace Still Possible?”

For neoconservatives, the answer is no.

In an article for the Jerusalem Post, published in August of 2019, Wexler wrote: The United States should “reaffirm our commitment to confront Iranian aggression and include Iran’s support for terrorism in future negotiations.” In other words, Wexler has endorsed the hawkish neoconservative position against Iran. Ballard also employs Courtney Whitney, a partner with the pro-Biden Super PAC, Priorities USA.

A dedicated globalist, Obama tried to prevent Trump from becoming president. He then frustrated Trump’s ability to govern once elected, even going so far as to spy on the presidential campaign and to spur impeachment hearings against Trump over false claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. Obama then unleashed waves of his community organizers who threatened to burn down cities if Trump got re-elected.

Biden appears to be making preparations for war in line with neoconservative plans. As the Washington Examiner reported this week, Biden tapped William Burns for CIA Director. Burns led a secretive back channel with the Iranian regime prior to Obama’s deal with Iran. Burns has reportedly accused Iran of exporting instability across the Middle East.

However, Iran is not the country exporting instability and terrorism around the world, nor is it interfering in the elections of other countries. It would not even be in this country’s interests to become aggressive, lest it invite military retaliation against itself, which would amount to suicide for this country.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has claimed that Israel has obtained thousands of Iranian secret nuclear files that show new and conclusive proof of the secret nuclear weapons program that Iran has been hiding for years. In response to these revelations, Trump withdrew from Obama’s nuclear deal, but never took the bait to strike Iran.

Haaretz is already reporting that Iran announced that it is escalating its nuclear program in what was called “a step-by-step guide to triggering a nuclear crisis.”

The election was apparently rigged by Trump insiders working in collusion with Obama to offset a second Trump term. Based upon witness testimony, the orders for election tampering came from employees at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. The Ambassador would therefore have been briefed, and potentially be complicit in the fraud.

The U.S. Ambassador to Italy is Lewis Eisenberg, who was McCain’s national finance co-chair and Rudy Giuliani’s friend. Eisenberg was Chairman of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey during the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, which the Port Authority operated. While serving on the Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition Team, Eisenberg recommended personnel for the Bush Administration that brought us the Patriotic Act, which stripped Americans of their civil liberties in the name of “fighting terrorism”—legislation authored by none other than Biden himself.

On the recommendation of former RNC Chair Reince Priebus, who served briefly as White House Chief of Staff under Trump until he was fired, Eisenberg was appointed fundraiser for the Trump.

While Eisenberg oversaw the U.S. Embassy in Rome, the U.S. Embassy at the Vatican was managed by Newt Gingrich’s wife, Callista, whom Trump appointed Ambassador to the Vatican. Newt has been residing at the Vatican with Callista while under coronavirus quarantine. As stated, the money diverted from the Iran deal to rig the election against Trump was laundered through the Vatican, where Newt Gingrich’s wife happens to be the ambassador.

As Joe Biden’s inauguration approaches, tensions have increased with Iran. U.S. Central Command is monitoring the situation. Multiple B-52 bombers have flown missions over international waters near Iran after Trump ordered the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier to turn around and remain in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, Giuliani has led a series of rather embarrassing, ill-fated lawsuits in a comedic, if incompetent, effort to contest the election, as if attempting to sabotage Trump’s chances intentionally. One Georgia election official even accused Giuliani of presenting “deceptively edited” video as evidence.

Worse, Giuliani’s incendiary rhetoric provided an excuse for social media platforms to suspend Trump’s accounts. At the Capitol Hill rally on January 6, in which Trump supporters peacefully convened to support their president during the certification of electoral votes, Giuliani delivered a speech in which he called for “trial by combat” as if intending to incite violence.

The violence that ensued provided the pretext social media platforms needed to censor patriots at a time when allegations of election tampering were circulating.

Giuliani was even photographed with one of the actors who stormed Congress—the protester with body paint, who dressed as a shaman and wore a Viking-type head dress and animal pelts. The 32-year-old man, identified as Jake Angeli, was accused of inciting violence while identifying himself as a Trump-supporting patriot.

Once the plan had been executed in Italy, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu immediately endorsed Biden for President even though Trump was still contesting the election. Netanyahu even removed a photo of himself with Trump from his Twitter banner as if to signal that he was fully on board with an incoming Biden Administration.

At this point, no real effort is being made to contest the election in which witnesses have admitted under oath to their participation in election tampering and fraud. Giving hint to Trump’s defeat, La Verita, an Italian newspaper that broke the original story concerning Italy’s role in the election fraud, reported under a picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that an indictment was presented and that Trump would become a private citizen on January 20, Inauguration Day, with opponents seeking to ban him from ever returning to public office in violation of constitutional norms.

Trump’s legacy has been to expose corruption in high places and to reveal fake news for what it is. He may also just have revealed the extent to which Israel controls the American political system. If this is the case, we have to ask whether our fate is to move towards more democracy or less and whether Israel will abide by the law and agreements arranged to restore sovereignty to the United States and integrity to its institutions or whether it will try to extinguish freedom and democracy forever.

(c) Susan Bradford 2020

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34 thoughts on “Susan Bradford, Neocon Traitors Staged Election Upset”

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  3. Jim Stone:

    MOST DAMNING ELECTION FRAUD VIDEO SO FAR (TOTALLY NEW) I was going to ignore this because it is too late, but it is too damning.

    During the Michigan election AUDIT, not the original vote count, the AUDIT, the people doing the audit found enormous numbers of ballots with the exact same signature and protested repeatedly, saying that the ballots could not be counted, and they were forced to count them anyway.

    This is FAR WORSE than ANYTHING that has EVER been released. The election was stolen, it is past the “evidence” stage and hearsay, the election supervisor herself gave clear cut orders to count known fraudulent ballots and it is not a witness saying it, it is HER GIVING THE ORDERS, arguing with auditors and forcing them to.
    HA, I was so mad at that video that even while being totally silent the look on my face made Lucas run to another room.

  4. Here we see one of THE most evil and dangerous person who ever got near the Oval Office. This man is largely responsible for the media mess that Trump now finds himself. Four years ago when I this cretin sitting at an Oval Office table with Trump advisors, I knew this guy was bad news.


  5. Bad news from Mike Adams:
    “(W)e have now confirmed that a prominent, popular voice on the ‘net who has been shrouded in secrecy — but whose videos are widely shared — is in fact a CIA psyop agent who was tasked with running disinformation campaigns to pacify patriots by telling them there is a secret plan for Trump to achieve a last-minute victory. There are, in fact, a few individuals who we now know to be bad faith actors who are spreading deliberate disinfo to pacify patriots into non-action while their nation is conquered by communists.
    For the record, this does not in any way involve Sidney Powell or Gen. Flynn, both of whom are unrelenting patriots working to defend America.”

    He also describes the militarization of DC:
    “Adding to all this, the DC area is being built up as a kind of military compound, clearly in anticipation of something far more dangerous than few protesters on Inauguration Day.

    With an estimated 2.5 million rounds of 5.56 ammo being distributed — along with 500,000 rounds of .50 caliber for the Stryker vehicles — Washington D.C. is being prepared for a nation state-scale attack, which indicates the DoD anticipates an invasion from China or some other foreign aggressor.

    Some of the units now being deployed to DC include:
    56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team
    229th Brigade Engineer Battalion
    160th Engineer Company
    261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade
    198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion
    262nd Component Repair Company
    177th Fighter Wing (F-16 fighter jets with air-to-air combat capabilities)
    105th Airlift Wing
    174th Attack Wing (drones)
    166th Security Forces Squadron

    The build-up of troops has expanded to 30,000, with DoD’s Chris Miller reportedly calling the governors of every state East of the Mississippi and begging for more troops.”

    Worth both reading and listening to the recording:


      1. Thanks. Yes, I was listening to it when you posted.

        What do you think the air support is in DC for, though? They don’t usually send in the fighter jets for arrests. Maybe the drones.

        Do you think it could be a show of force to international audiences, including China? Like a ‘don’t get involved’ warning?

      2. Good real, Toni. My inference would be as a show of force: the military is in control and resistance is futile.

      3. Oh, I forgot to ask your opinion of the patriot-deflecting CIA psy-op which may include persons linked to here by commenters.

      4. You don’t know the difference between “then” and “than”? Ralph, stop being obnoxious. If I must, I will. Just behave.

      5. Shame on you, RS for your unwarranted arrogance and dis-respect to Jim who has given you a platform for all these months. YOU should ban yourself or apologize.


        James, brother of accused leftist provocateur John Sullivan, claims 226 Antifa members started Capitol riots
        As Rudy Giuliani noted on Twitter, why wasn’t this brought up during the sham impeachment hearings?
        by Carl Durrek January 15, 2021 in Guns and Crime, Leftism, News, Terrorism
        James, brother of accused leftist provocateur John Sullivan, claims 226 Antifa members started Capitol riots

        The Sullivan brothers are quite a pair. The adopted sons of retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan, John and James have been on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum since the George Floyd video was released last spring. And both have built reputations of being provocateurs with John helping Antifa and Black Lives Matter while James works closely with the Proud Boys.

        John Sullivan was arrested yesterday in connection with instigating the Capitol riots on January 6th. A video of him and CNN photojournalist Jade Sacker emerged this week that shows them giddy following the murder of Trump-supporter Ashli Babbitt. Now, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is wondering why a text message from James Sullivan was not revealed during the President’s second impeachment hearings in Congress.

        Why wasn’t this presented to the witch Hunt Impeachment Congress. Because they have no interest in the truth that riots had nothing to do with the Trump speech. They were organized before speech and carried out on their own by groups like ANTIFA trained to riot.

        — Rudy W. Giuliani (@RudyGiuliani) January 15, 2021

        According to the text, James Sullivan makes a very bold claim: “I’m currently working with the FBI to expose and place total blame on John and the 226 members of antifa that instigated the Capitol ‘riot’ I was able to get my agent out of trouble along with three other uthan’s.”

  6. Inside the DC lockdown video

    Someone got a video from inside the DC lockdown and it’s unprecedented security procedures and reaches the correct conclusion: If they need this, they know Biden was not elected. DC lived without security and in near total peace until now, and now the illigitimate government needs a lockdown of the type needed in a shithole country, because that’s exactly what the scamming leadership has done.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump holds Oval Office talks with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell who brandishes notes about ‘MARTIAL LAW’ and using the Insurrection Act and installing new CIA director


  8. I voted for Trump 2 times but he has strange personality flaws that I have mentioned several times on this blog. The result was that I was ridiculed and laughed at by several people on this blog….probably still am.

    Now we see what’s happening. Will Trump be inaugurated for his Second Term on Jan 20. Could be, we’ll just have to wait and see, eh? It would be great if he is confirmed for his Second Term. Lots of rumors swirl around about all of this.

    Less than a week to know………….


  9. This is a good article if you leave out the last paragraph which poses an utterly ridiculous question:

    “………we have to ask whether our fate is to move towards more democracy or less and whether Israel will abide by the law and agreements arranged to restore sovereignty to the United States and integrity to its institutions or whether it will try to extinguish freedom and democracy forever.”

  10. As far as I am concerned, Stone is right over the target:

    ….and I will add what I have said from day one….until we get some control of the MSM, we will continue to go down the tubes with the “tube”.. Period. There is no other magical solution. The unbelievably vast majority of Americans depend upon and believe THE BOX. It’s almost like it’s their God. I do not give a crap if it’s PBS or NPR or any other supposedly ‘public’ broadcast. IT”S ALL LIES. It’s what they do. It’s what they’re paid to do. it’s what their sponsors want. Keep the “watchers” in an alpha state and they’ll follow us anywhere.


    There are a lot of theories floating around right now.

    I am not going to go over them all, but I’d say there is about a 20 percent chance Biden will not be inaugurated.

    I will say, however, that the MSM is beyond appalling, they are just inventing lies and running with them like they are solid gold facts. It is actually disturbing to see the Jews behave like this, they own the media and they are responsible. If you know what the truth is, take what the MSM is doing as a solid lesson into just how debauched the Jewish mind IS. Not “can be”, I mean IS. Because it is taking too many minds to front a falsehood as big as they are fronting for there to be all but a spurious exception to the rule in the entire group. Blaming China for this is lazy and totally inadequate, China has ZERO influence over what is stated in the American media, NOTHING AT ALL is forcing the Jews to use their media outlets the way they are. This means the coup is owned by them 100 percent and all the china crap is being done to make people want war with China. How is that going to go when we have been set up to fail in that scenario?

    They DESPERATELY wanted Biden in because they want the United States destroyed and know Biden won’t do jack to stop it, he is owned by the Chinese and the Jews protected him 100 percent of the way to their set up for our destruction. The Jews put Biden in power. That cannot be denied. And Biden will not stop China, despite not being Jewish. They have set America up for an enormous fall, and THEY WILL OWN IT, but probably won’t be held accountable.

    If anyone wants to argue this, just look at what the MSM and big tech, wholly owned by the Jews, has done. They got their guy in. They got a treasonous bastard in who WILL destroy the United States. And they are happy to not be taking the rap for it, because their weapon is not a Jew. No one will hold them accountable when whatever the hell Biden is destroys us.


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