13 thoughts on “The Federalist, No, Donald Trump Did Not Incite An Insurrection”

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  2. This is from Stone’s site…apparently it’s a tweet of her handlers instructions that were released accidentally. If authentic, one thing it does indicate is how detailed and organized this movement is….the right could take some lessons. It may be difficult to read, so enlarge it or go to jimstone.is

    Greta Thunberg got busted as a total puppet troll by her own self
    I missed this at first because Greta is so hated I figured someone was exaggerating. They were not exaggerating. As it turns out, she messed up and accidentally tweeted her handlers’ instructions and Breaking 911 found the tweet on time, before the documents got deleted.

    Going over what happened it is my impression that her tweeting the instructions was not really accidental, she meant to do it but did not think anyone would be watching to bust her.

    There were two documents. The first one showed that American celebrities are involved in totally scripted social manipulation, with Rihanna being explicitly pointed out. Other than that, I did not see much on the first document. But in the second one, her marching orders were given to stir up a not grass roots “farmers march” in India, in an attempt to overthrow influential people in India and replace them with NWO stooges who will create a food situation that will lead to famine by banning modern agricultural practices. It does not directly say that, but it means that (for anyone who has any common sense) It is VERY bad. Here it is.

    As a result of Breaking911 (on Twitter) posting this, an enormous pile of trolls are calling them trash and are saying “This is such trash I am unfollowing you” but the reality is that it’s a direct hit, and either AI or trolls are trying to smear breaking911 by posting that.


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  5. Watch it until the end….unless you are afraid of your own emotional response….whether or not Trump returns, no one in their right mind can forget what Trump has left this country….a respect and hope for what this country once was and could be again…and an exposure of the dark forces and evil that is keeping away what the founders envisioned.
    Until we rise as a People AND TAKE THIS GOVERNMENT BACK, we will never see this again….never, ever!


  6. No, Trump did not incite violence at the Capitol … mainly because there was no violence except for that instigated and mostly executed by ANTIFA thugs, long before he even finished his speech. And even then there was no mass vandalism, no gunshots from the protesters, and no attempted siege. In fact, the protesters were wondering to police why they weren’t arresting the ANTIFA agitators, and they left when asked by police and even helped to clean up the ANTIFA mess. The statement that “[T]he people who stormed the U.S. Capitol armed with guns, pipe bombs and flex cuffs to take members of Congress and Vice President Mike Pence hostage” is totally ludricous and should have been labelled so by David Marcus. Only five people supposedly died–one protester by police bullet (maybe, maybe not according to the evidence), two people of medical causes, one policeman of a suicide, and one policeman following a hit by a fire extinguisher (maybe, maybe not since there are almost no details of the attack). So, where was the insurrection to begin with?

    1. As noted by William de Berg, evidence of an insurrection is lacking. But does it matter? It is widely accepted, even by Trump enthusiasts, that Trump supporters rioted at the Capitol.

      What do we do when the false narrative is already set and the facts are glossed over no matter how many times they are explained? Even people who are well-intentioned, and to whom the false narrative is most detrimental, accept the normalized story and repeat it others. They undermine their own arguments by using lies as a foundation.

      I think the biggest stumbling block to truth is that people are willing to let socially-engineered convention construct their history, and thus their beliefs.

      1. If by “socially engineered convention” you mean the MSM, I absolutely agree. It’s easier and more convenient to listen and follow than to listen, think and reason and come to ones own conclusions.

  7. QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals she had a ‘GREAT call’ with Donald Trump who ‘supports’ her as she vows to ‘never apologize’ after being slammed for calling Parkland and Sandy Hook school shootings hoaxes
    ”Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene announced on Twitter on Saturday morning that she had spoken to Donald Trump
    She claimed they had a ‘great call’ and that she is ‘grateful for his support’
    The QAnon-supporting congresswoman blasted Democrats throughout
    She called Trump her ‘all-time favorite POTUS’ as she compared herself to him due the criticism she has received
    It comes as she faces increased calls to resign over her past comments supporting conspiracy theories around school shootings
    She has claimed that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax
    On Wednesday, a March 2019 video emerged of Greene stalking Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg ”

    Above is the Headline from Daily Mail.
    Just as I have said…[judging from the Comments]…the people who still believe Sandy Hook are about 95+%. CIA Director Casey said that the goal of the CIA is what most all Americans believe will be totally false. I believe were there now. Americans are the most ignorant people on the planet….NO critical thinking.


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