‘Hypocrisy’: Trump Team Shows Videos of Democrat Lawmakers During Impeachment Trial

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team on Friday accused legislators of hypocrisy as they played lengthy video montages of elected officials speaking about committing assault against Trump, threatening his supporters, and backing protests last year that regularly turned violent.

Going on the offense in their first day of presentations during Trump’s second impeachment trial, the attorneys used a strategy pushed by many conservatives.

Michael van der Veen argued that Trump did not use any inciting language on Jan. 6 before the breach of the Capitol, but that numerous members of Congress have.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “herself said the 2016 election was hijacked and that Congress has a a duty to protect our democracy,” he told the Senate. “She also called the president an imposter and a traitor, and recently referred to our colleagues in the House as ‘the enemy within.’”

“Moreover, many Democrat politicians endorsed and encouraged the riots that destroyed vast swaths of American cities last summer,” he added. “When violent left-wing anarchists conducted a sustained assault on a federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, Speaker Pelosi did not call it an insurrection. Instead, she called the federal law enforcement officers protecting the building storm troopers. When violent mobs destroyed public property she said, ‘People will do what they do.’”

Rioters, some affiliated with anarcho-communist network Antifa and Black Lives Matter, ransacked stores across major U.S. cities last year, and severely damaged government and civic buildings.

David Schoen, another Trump lawyer, later played video clips of Pelosi and others making inflammatory comments.

In one instance in 2018, referring to anger over migrant children being separated from their parents, she told reporters: “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend.”

She also also said on multiple occasions, “you have to be ready to throw a punch.”

Pelosi’s office didn’t return an inquiry.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) speaks during a press conference in Washington on Feb. 11, 2021. (Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images)

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), during a 2020 appearance on MSNBC, said, “There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

Vice President Kamala Harris encouraged people to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which bailed out defendants charged with murder, violent felonies, and sex crimes.

And President Joe Biden spoke to crowds on multiple occasions about beating Trump up, as did a number of senators.

Schoen said the “hatred and anger” shown in the clips led House impeachment managers “to ignore their own words and actions and set a dangerous double standard.”

“The house managers spoke about rhetoric, about a constant drumbeat of heated language. As I’m sure everyone watching expected, we need to show you some of their own words,” he said, before playing more snippets.

Managers argued that Trump’s “fight like hell” exhortation to supporters on Jan. 6 was part of his inciting the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Schoen later showed how Democrat lawmakers have used similar language before.

“Every single one of you and every one of you, that’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong,” he said, pointing at the senators and managers.

“It’s a word people use, but please stop the hypocrisy. And did you tone down the rhetoric last summer when all this was happening? Did you condemn the rioters or did you stand with Nancy Pelosi who said, ‘People are going to do what they’re going to do?’” he asked.

Senators were murmuring throughout the montage, and some passed notes to each other. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who saw himself on the screen objecting to 2017 electoral results, took numerous notes while the videos played.

Several Democrats smiled as clips of them were played, including Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.). Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) audibly laughed while Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) was seen rolling her eyes.

“They’re trying to draw a dangerous and distorted equivalence,” Blumenthal told reporters afterwards. “I think it is plainly a distraction from Donald Trump inviting the mob to Washington.”

“I don’t think the comparison is apt about about public officials using the word fight because I think the public record is pretty substantial with example after example where the President encouraged violence, refused to condemn it,” added Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.).

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37 thoughts on “‘Hypocrisy’: Trump Team Shows Videos of Democrat Lawmakers During Impeachment Trial”

      1. Don, he’s an actor, an ex politician and a multi-millionaire (whom I would bet has investments in Merck and Pfizer) who has been touting mask wearing and the vax ……..it’s a good hypothesis, wouldn’t you say?

  1. I would like to say it was stimulating to watch this process unfold and it’s what America is all about. BUT, I am so angry at this outrageous waste of time, energy and treasure that I can hardly type (in and of itself, not a big deal since I am a lousy typist to begin with). It was a show…a big play…a chance for the dems to continue to lie without consequence, a chance to denigrate a president who simply wanted to make America great again and an unbridled opportunity to project their own actions on the opposition. They knew they would lose, but that did not matter. They USED the process to their own selfish advantage. They acted out of hate and desperation. They acted to further cover the most massive election fraud in the history of this or any other country short of some communist regimes where elections are just a facade.
    The entire circus was a pathetic attempt to cover their criminality, corruption and unspeakable perversion that goes on behind closed doors…even in the White House with their hot dog and pizza parties orchestrated by a gay president an his cross dressing partner.
    After this, this country will never be the same. We will be a joke in the international community. Even though the dems lost, this will be a wound on republic process that will leave a scar forever.
    The slight hope we have is that what we pray is happening come March 4th returns justice, dignity and honor to what was once a shining star (despite our shortcomings) in this world; a star that meant there was one place, one country that would always be free and beyond the reach of tyranny.

  2. In Buddhism the three evils are: Greed, Anger, and Stupidity. Greed causes poverty, Anger (also called Arrogance) causes war, and Stupidity causes pestilence. Evil people tend to exhibit all three. Look at the administration of Dubya, and now of Pelosi, Harris, and Biden. This will be their undoing. They think they can fool all of the people all of the time. The karmic curve may be slower than we like, but it’s now catching up to them. Jim, you are absolutely right! With this idiotic impeachment of a non-government official, they are opening the public process to hostile witnesses and harmful evidence, thus digging their own graves. Then will Trump — or the military — strike? Or will it take a court order first?

  3. Pure Comedy GOLD! … Check it Out! …. Today the U.S. Senate Acquits Trump. Today is February 13th, Like 213, we connect … “Acquittal of Trump” = 213 = “Calendar Date of Acquittal” = 213 = “P.O.T.U.S. is Acquitted” = 213 Reverse … And we find a new match for … “Puppy Show” = 159 = “Acquit Trump” = 159 = “John F Kennedy Jr.” = 159 = “Sovereignty” = 159 … Since Today is February 13th, Like 213, Let’s refer to Q Post #213, Q says, “The World Can Not Swallow the Truth” … very interesting … Looks to me that they are scared of Trump’s Evidence … Maybe he has some Juicy Details to Share? Now we can look back to a few days ago, we were given … “Flood Gates” = 104 = “Acquittal” = 104 <<< Ten-Four Good Buddy!

  4. At approximately 5:13:45, a strange looking orange and white cone appeared on the screen and the speaker disappeared….did this happen to anyone else viewing? It lasted for about5 minutes.

  5. According to Wikipedia, the 2nd Impeachment in the House of Representatives occurred on January 13th, Like 113 … “Dishonest” = 113 = “Bullshit” = 113 <<< 30th Prime Number … "Date" = 30 … It's kind of Hard to take a 2nd Impeachment serious when … "Impeach – Two" = 113 = "Act Two Coded" = 113 = "Part Two" = 113 = "Hide Truth" = 113 = "It's a Movie" = 113… Nevermind the fact that January 13th has the Date Numerology of [1 + 13 + 20 + 21] = 55 = "Coup" = 55 = "Impeach" = 55 <<< 10th Fibonacci … "Test" = 10 … Today is the 4th Day of the Trial, February 13th, Like 213 = "Death " = 213 … The month of February is Black History Month … Since today is the 13th Day it makes sense that … "Black History Month" = 213 = "Fourth Day Tribute" = 213 = "Decode & Match Quotation" = 213 = "Date Coded within Message" = 213 … I expect to hear some Bullshit Black History Month Tribute to Death today in the U.S. Senate … These People make me Laugh !

    1. Brood of 7 RINO Venomous Vipers UNCOVERED during otherwise predictable Impeachment SHOW “Trial”. Trump to start new AFP [America FIRST Patriots] political Party. At least 80,000,000+ Americans who voted for President Trump in the 2020 Election to join! Republican Party will be HISTORY! Now its time for USMC Patriots to start “Seven Days in May” [or any other month] and OVERTHROW the ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL and CORRUPT DemonicRATS Gov’t! “Semper Fidelis”

      1. Bravo to that….then we can hang all of the sons-a- bitches.
        Now about 20 days until I pop that cork and have a shot in celebration or finish it off in disgust.


  6. The democrats are masters of projection…blaming the opposition for what they do themselves. It’s a very clever ploy that is used extensively…even in those engaged in family and relationship disputes. It seems the purpose is to immediately put them in an position as victims, speaking offensively to protect that status and blame others for their own short comings and actions. Now, think carefully….who else do we know that employs that craft as a fine art of war? In other words, who are the biggest victims on the planet? Doesn’t take too much thought, eh? As Toni has said, WE are the Germans defending ourselves against those who declared war on us.

    1. They have just committed a monumental blunder by voting for witnesses, no doubt because, knowing they have lost on the merits, they hope it might be possible to affect the outcome by calling witnesses. But we already know it was planned in advance, as (even) the NYT has reported, where the FBI has proof of the use of the social media for organizing the event. PLUS some 200 participants have been indicted and none, to my knowledge, voted for Trump. They are accused of conspiracy of one kind or another, but Donald Trump is not listed as a co-conspirator. I can guarantee that Nancy Pelosi is going to be severely harmed by this, possibly even removed as Speaker, when it becomes apparent that she was involved in arranging this stunt to cut off debate over evidence of the theft of the election–which, by the way, is the last thing that Trump wanted. So he had no motive but she had plenty. Finding themselves in a hole, they have not quit digging! Call the FBI. Call John Sullivan. Call head of Capitol Police. Excellent!

      1. If Pelosi is voted out, I’ll have to open and finish that bottle of Heaven’s Door bourbon before March 4th.
        They have demonstrated immeasurable ignorance and poor judgment in this entire impeachment charade.
        So, they are mentally challenged OR have some strategy in mind that escapes my discernment. Since the defense has rested (unless I have mis-understood) does this mean no witnesses FOR Trump can be presented?

      2. Incidentally, do not waste your time watching the PBS coverage…it’s beyond bias. Disgusting for a supposedly public network that we pay for. Sickening.

      3. Will, you’re so right. Never has the gargantuan lockstep of media been thrown into such relief as during the Trump years.
        I’m watching the trial here, on Right Side Broadcasting Network. No commentary, if that’s what you’re looking for:

        I’ve always wondered how that Heaven’s Door whiskey tastes. Pretty sweet if this plays out, I imagine.

      4. Thanks for that link…they make it very difficult to find a decent live stream.
        Heaven’s Door?…I’ll let you know soon enough…believe me, it was a nice gift…no way could i afford that luxury. it’s interesting, when I thought about getting a bottle year ago or so, I passed because it had a plastic sleeve with Dylan’s art. I said no way, for 50 bucks a bottle, i want the bottle to at least be embossed. They changed it and the new bottles are nicely embossed.

      5. That’s exactly it….just waiting to be uncorked!
        Still hoping I see him again if the world ever returns to normalcy.
        Fifty nine years since I saw him in person the first time at Syracuse U.
        He’s a poet…we know it….and he never blew it

      6. “Well there’s reasons for that, and reasons for this
        I can’t think of any just now, but I know they exist…”

      7. I’m sittin’ in the sun ’til my skin turns brown
        I just wanna say that hell’s my wife’s home town
        Home town, home town

        Thanks for the reminder…have not listened to that in ages.

    1. They just voted to hear witnesses, with five republicans voting with the Dems. The house managers want this Herrera person to recount her hearsay from Kevin McCarthy that he had a conversation with Trump during the ‘insurrection’ that showed Trump was all for it. But the first thing she said McCarthy said Trump said is, “Those aren’t my people.” Heh. He’s gotta know it was a false flag.

      Trump’s defense says, if you’re gonna vote for witnesses, don’t limit us to the house managers’ witness; let’s hear it all.

      1. Lindsey changed his vote because only those who moved a motion forward can request its reconsideration. It was a tactical maneuver. This was a colossal blunder by the Democrats.

      2. What puzzles me is why the Repubs just want to shut this down. Ted Cruz is on camera right now saying, “oh, let’s just get this over with.” No, let’s just get this done. What an opportunity!

        I remember in their opening statement the defense lawyer said that the first person to be arrested at the Capitol was a member of Antifa. It seems they know the opportunities they have there. So why are Repubs trying to shut it down? Need I ask?

        I can’t even tell if my question is disingenuous anymore.

      3. i tell you, Toni, when truth takes a second place to lies, it makes one question everything…even ones own perception and discernment. Like I quoted earlier…”it don’t make no sense to me no more, senor!”
        Also, several verses in Idiot Wind that seem very appropriate to Trump’s plight:

        Someone’s got it in for me
        They’re planting stories in the press
        Whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out quick
        But when they will I can only guess
        They say I shot a man named Gray
        And took his wife to Italy
        She inherited a million bucks
        And when she died it came to me
        I can’t help it if I’m lucky

        I ran into the fortune-teller
        Who said beware of lightning that might strike
        I haven’t known peace and quiet
        For so long, I can’t remember what it’s like
        There’s a lone soldier on the cross
        Smoke pouring out of a boxcar door
        You didn’t know it, you didn’t think it could be done
        After losing every battle

        It was gravity which pulled us down
        And destiny which broke us apart
        You tamed the lion in my cage
        But it just wasn’t enough to change my heart
        Now everything’s a little upside down
        As a matter of fact, the wheels have stopped
        What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good
        You’ll find out when you reach the top
        You’re on the bottom

      4. Exactly….if the dems can present witnesses, so can the defense…anything less is unacceptable…but in any case, the dems will self demolish…they have a talent for that. Of course, when they do, it will be Trump’s fault. For some reason, they want to stretch this out as long as possible as if they are waiting for something to happen….like a Biden (the UNPRESIDENT) assassination that will be blamed on some Trump supporter.
        Looks like they are in recess

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