False Flags and Conspiracies 2020: Live Conference: Now Available Free

False Flags and Conspiracies 2020: Live Conference – Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., Program Chair

Master Of Ceremonies

Conspiracies are as American as apple pie. In my first scholarly article about conspiracy research, “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: 9/11 and JFK“, I explained how the principles of scientific reasoning can be applied to conspiracy theories and illustrated with regard to the current issue of The New York Times that stories on every page dealt with conspiracies. Once authentic evidence has been separate from fabricated, these cases tend to fall into familiar patterns and become amenable to resolution.

Since my initiation into conspiracy research in 1992 on JFK,, I have specialized in collaborative research by bringing together experts on different aspects of complex and controversial events of immense political significance by taking “conspiracy theories” from “theories” in the weak sense of speculations, rumors and guesses to “theories” in the strong sense of empirically-testable explanatory hypotheses, such as Newton’s theory of gravitation, Einstein’s theory of relativity and Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This conference brings together outstanding experts on a wide range of “false flags” and conspiracies, where I have had the pleasure of interviewing each of them on one occasion or another, where many of the most recent may be found at jimtheconspiracyguy.com. Given the ubiquitous occurrence of conspiracies, we need to shake of the negative intimations of the phrase “conspiracy theories” and take pride in our role as conspiracy analysis (or conspiracy realists) to make history more than a pack of lies the living play upon the dead.

Research we have done on JFK, 9/11, Boston, Orlando and Dallas, Charlottesville, Parkland, and multiple “false flags” in Europe (as well as the moon landing) continues to be available at moonrockbooks.com. Six of our books have been banned by amazon.com. And I have been sued by one of the alleged Sandy Hook parents for defamation, where the case is under appeal. While I have no intention of paying the judgments, which I expect to be reversed, if anyone likes what I am doing and would like to contribute to my Legal Defense Fund, that would be terrific. In any case, go to falseflagconspiracies2020.com and check out the archives, which are now public. Americans are entitled to know the truth about our own history. Share them widely!

  • FFC2020-Kelley Watt: Sandy Hook: A Mass Illusion

  • FFC2020: Dr. Jim Fetzer: What Happened at Sandy Hook

  • FFC2020: Alison (Sunny) Maynard, J.D.: Judicial Corruption and Abusing the Law

  • FFC2020: Art Olivier: The Coronavirus Ritual & the Plot to Change our DNA

  • FFC2020: Dave Gahary: The Hazards of Publishing Truth

  • FFC2020: David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D.: JFK: How Many Times & Where was JFK Hit?

  • FFC2020: Deana Pollard Sacks, J.D.: Godfathers of Sex Abuse: Cosby, Epstein & Weinstein

  • FFC2020: Dr. Jim Fetzer: Scientific Reasoning

  • FFC2020: Dr. Katherine Horton: 5G & Directed Energy: The TI (“Targeted Individuals”)

  • FFC2020: Gary King: Boston Marathon Bombing: Boston Strong

  • FFC2020: Giuseppe Vafanculo: The Codid-19 Hoax and the Great Reset

  • FFC2020: Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.: Deception Galore: Hate Crimes and More

  • FFC2020: Jim Fetzer Presents Mona Alexis Pressley’s Evidence: Las Vegas

  • FFC2020: Joe Olson: 9/11: Where Did The Towers Go?

  • FFC2020: Kevin Barrett, Ph.D.: The War on Conspiracy Theories

  • FFC2020: Larry Rivera: JFK: Was Lee actually in the TSBD Doorway?

  • FFC2020: Mark Anderson: What Does All This Mean?

  • FFC2020: Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.: Covid-19: The Great Coronavirus Hoax

  • FFC2020: Ole Dammegard: False Flags and Conspiracies Galore

  • FFC2020: Ralph Cinque, D.C.: JFK: Did Jack Ruby Shoot Lee Oswald on TV?

  • FFC2020: Sarah Westall: The 1st Amendment: Where has it Gone?

  • FFC2020: Scott Bennett: Grand Theft Election & the 14th Amendment

  • FFC2020: Stephanie Sledge: Sandy Hook, Mossad & CT Corruption

  • FFC2020: Tony Mead: Satanic Pedophilia in Elite Society

  • Mike Palecek: Freedom of the Press: What We Aren’t Told

  • FFC2020: Both Days! All Speakers Archives



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  4. Where is Jeff Prager’s presentation. I have come to like Jeff, and would very much like to see his very orginal stuff, which seems to best explain for all the anormalities, that took place on 9/11 with regards to the towers.

    And I’m a bit annoyed that one have to write ones billing adress and all sorts of other information. That is not how things are done in this days and age, and particularly the audience that this is aimed atr, is traditionally very reluctant to do this, and all this for material that is FREE!! Come on.

    1. I don’t manage the site, but only the content. I asked that to be simplified. Will work on it. Jeff decided not to participate, which disappointed me. Sorry for the hassle.

  5. Has some justice eventuated???
    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is in intensive care in hospital with damage to his vertebrae and ribs after falling over at his home while getting ready for work this morning.



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