Edward Hendrie, The COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers are Violating Federal Law by Concealing the Known Dangers from Vaccine Recipients

Edward Hendrie

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, FACN, wrote an article on or about November 12, 2020, which was prior to the FDA Emergency Use Authorization of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines. But what Dr. Mercola wrote at that time is as topical today as it was when he wrote it. He explained how the (then proposed) COVID-19 vaccines were being administered to trial subjects without informing them of the known and very real danger of a debilitating and potentially deadly side effect called “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE).

Dr. Mercola cited a study that revealed the startling facts that:

COVID 19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

The study found that COVID-19 vaccine trial study subjects were not adequately informed of the ADE risk.

The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.

What is ADE? Dr. Mercola explains:

In a nutshell, it means that rather than enhance your immunity against the infection, the vaccine actually enhances the virus’ ability to enter and infect your cells, resulting in more severe disease than had you not been vaccinated. This is the exact opposite of what a vaccine is supposed to do, and a significant problem that has been pointed out from the very beginning of this push for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The ADE can be deadly. Dr. Mercola explains that on or about 2002 four COVID vaccines were tested. “Of those, the four best vaccine candidates were then given to ferrets, which are the closest analogue to human lung infections. … While the ferrets displayed robust antibody response, which is the metric used for vaccine licensing, once they were challenged with the wild virus, they all became severely ill and died.” That unsuccessful outcome is a rather ominous harbinger of things to come for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Studies of SARS-CoV vaccines have demonstrated that COVID-19 vaccines will likely make people more prone to severe SARS-CoV-2 infection.

The graphic below is from one such study. It illustrates the two ways enhancement of disease can occur.

Indeed, we are seeing throughout the world today that persons getting the COVID-19 vaccine are subsequently finding themselves being infected with COVID-19. On April 11, 2021, the Daily Mail reported:

The mutant South African Covid-19 variant can ‘break through’ the Pfizer jab, a study has found.

Scientists studied 400 people who had tested positive for coronavirus at least 14 days after receiving one or two doses of the jab – and 400 who tested positive with no vaccine.

The variant was eight times more prevalent in those who had two jabs than none. It was seen in 5.4 per cent of people with two doses – but 0.7 per cent of people without any.

Below is a graphic from an NBC news report of the many incidents of subsequent infection with COVID-19 by people who had already been vaccinated.

April 8, 2021, NBC news report graphic showing COVID-19 infections of people who have been vaccinated in the states of Washington, South Carolina, and Minnesota.

Please be mindful that the entire COVID-19 pandemic hysteria is based upon a discredited germ theory.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID-19 pandemic may actually be a result of 5G radiation sickness.

On March 8, 2021, the CDC implicitly admitted that the COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective in preventing the infection and spread of COVID-19.

For the CDC to admit that a person who has been vaccinated can still be infected with COVID-19 (although they say the risk is minimal) is damning.

Even more damning is the admission that a fully vaccinated person still poses a “potential risk of transmitting the virus to others if they become infected.”

Chart Created by CDC Illustrates the Ineffectiveness of the COVID-19 Vaccines

But this is a very real moral and legal issue for the vaccine manufacturers. That is because the COVID-19 vaccines are “investigational vaccines” that have been authorized under an emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA. An investigational vaccine is essentially an experimental vaccine. Investigational vaccines being used under an EUA are “still in the testing and evaluation phase and are not licensed for use in the general public.”

An unapproved vaccine that is still undergoing experimental trials can be authorized for use in an emergency by the FDA. Moderna, one of the COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, explains in their information page, the EUA legal status of the COVID-19 vaccines. “The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is an unapproved vaccine that may prevent COVID-19. There is no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19.”

Here is the rub. It is required by the EUA statute that recipients of an EUA vaccine be informed of the dangers posed by the EUA vaccine prior to administration. The statute requires informed consent for experimental vaccines being administered under an EUA. The FDA acknowledges that it is not exempt from the Federal law that requires informed consent for an EUA under 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3, which is the law governing the emergency use authorizations of experimental vaccines. That statute requires the following before administration of a vaccine under an EUA:

Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed
(I) that the Secretary has authorized the emergency use of the product;
(II) of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown; and
(III) of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.

21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3(e)(1)(A)(i) (emphasis added)

The FDA thinks that providing a fact sheet to the recipients of the COVID-19 vaccines is sufficient. “Therefore, FDA recommends that a request for an EUA include a “Fact Sheet” for recipients that includes essential information about the product.” 

Below are the recipient fact sheets provided by each of the vaccine manufacturers.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet

Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet

The problem with the fact sheets is that there is no mention in them of the known side effect of “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE). That side effect sensitizes vaccine recipients to be more likely to come down with COVID-19. In addition, ADA causes the recipient subject to more severe diseases than if they were not vaccinated.

Omitting any mention of ADE renders the informed consent not truly informed consent. The vaccine manufacturers, being aided and abetted by the FDA, are skirting the federal law that requires recipients of an EUA vaccine to be fully informed “of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of such use, and of the extent to which such benefits and risks are unknown.”

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40 thoughts on “Edward Hendrie, The COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturers are Violating Federal Law by Concealing the Known Dangers from Vaccine Recipients”

  1. I don’t know how I found this, but if legitimate, it’s one of the scariest things I have found of late. …a continuation of the Ever Given story. It’s in Turkish and the sub-titles are terrible, but it’s worth the effort (might also mention Gates did not only buy up farmland in the US). Could it be those containers had something in them that may have ended cattle farming here and in other places?


  2. “…COVID-19 vaccines were being administered to trial subjects without informing them of the known and very real danger of a debilitating and potentially deadly side effect called “antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE).”

    It’s not clear to me how much merit this specific argument has — first, the text includes qualifiers like “may” and “suggest” — second, every person getting the vaccine has to sign a release form that states explicitly that the vaccine is being administered under an Emergency Use Authorization, and the potential side-effects are unknown and impossible to predict — here is what the form used in FL says (pg 2):


    “I understand that it is not possible to predict all possible side effects or complications associated with receiving vaccine(s). I understand the risks and benefits associated with the above vaccine and have received, read and/or had explained to me the Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet on the COVID-19 vaccine I have elected to receive. I also acknowledge that I have had a chance to ask questions and that such questions were answered to my satisfaction.”

    There’s also a full liability release clause.

    Of course I agree using this intense pandemic scare-mongering to put people under duress and push this very risky, insufficiently tested vaccine is extremely unethical, even immoral — all of it is very disturbing.

  3. I talked to the leader of the German covid-resistance movement who put together a million protesters, as you probably know. We met in a zoom meeting the other day. He did it by protesting on the street corner every day. Every day and he built it from there. Being positive, working for a positive future for humanity, like the Sixites, trying to make it fun and positive, like a big lovein; that was his focus. That’s what we need to do. Protest visibly every day. And create a positive coalition from the ground up and join forces together with it. Meanwhile, contact every red state patriot in power beyond the government and educate, motivate, and unite with them. That’s what I am doing. Here’s why — we don’t have much time, the situation is growing dire: https://www.facebook.com/messenger_media/?thread_id=2227602453987488&attachment_id=121310736650082&message_id=mid.%24gAAfp_hz4gKB-_iS5vF4zN9sLgVKJ Also: StandForFreedomNow.org.

    1. JFT…You do realize that using FB for vital information is using the enemies devices?
      Just provide a link other than FB, please …..since many of us would not touch FB.

    This country is DONE…OVER….FINISHED….and so am I. This is just too much. THEY HAVE GONE WAY THE F OVER THE LINE!!!
    No amount of talk and information will do any good any longer.
    I hope to God this is a fake story but it does not seem so. IF it’s real, we’re in HELL.

    Shock Video: Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls In Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program


    1. This is LA County and those are our Sheriffs. It’s so sickening. Especially to think that some of those who will be subject to this “Outreach Program” are now disabled because they have already been vaccine injured.

      The local propaganda is complete and you will never see the footage Will posted in the news. They show birthday party type scenes instead. Here’s how it’s described in local coverage:

      “The sheriff’s paramedics were expected to administer one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccinations to 300 adults, including a young man we met by the name of Emanuel, who said he was happy to receive his vaccine shot.

      Those at the clinic cheered Emanuel on by staging a short countdown before he received the shot. When it was over, everyone gave him a round of applause.”




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  6. The File photo is the usual nonsense from John Hopkins. All of the figures shown on the page are wildly inflated.

    JHU is just a stooge of the scamdemic. Here’s what can be trusted from JHU: n o t h i n g.


  7. This is frightening…..(go here for more images

    Now we have proof you should never get a covid test
    A new type of nano device has been developed that can clandestinely vaccinate you without you knowing it. One “brand name” for this device is “thera gripper” which was developed at Johns Hopkins university (DOUBT IT) but they need a cover story –

    You can safely bet these have been around longer than stated.

    A report at Johns Hopkins covers the basics, and I’ll expound on what this really means.

    To not waste people’s time reading a bunch of fluff, here is the chase scene:

    This is the John’s Hopkin’s version of the nano tech that would go on a swab to deliver medicines rectally.

    In the study, they claim “the warmth of the colon causes them to activate and bond to the colon wall to deliver the medicine when a layer of kerosene activates and they close on the colon wall”. What this really means: This tech can be set up to use anything to trigger it, and it does not need to be in your colon. This could be put on a nasal swab and simply access the brain directly via the cribriform plate:

    This is something I already talked about on July 10 2020, where I went into the topic of nano tech sabotage via the Covid test in depth.
    FACT: The triggering method can be anything they want. If they coated it with sugar, they could swab it onto your cribriform plate and when the sugar dissolved it would then clamp.

    The linked study says they get 3,000 of these from a 3 inch wafer. That would mean they are quite large, and they don’t have to be. These would be the size of a small grain of sand. You’d see that on a swab. But what they don’t say is that they only got 3,000 of these onto a wafer because the tech Johns Hopkins used sucks. It would not even be good enough to make a chip for the game PONG. If they handed this job over to Intel that has REAL tech, they’d get a billion out of that wafer and no one would ever stand a chance of seeing one of those. The fact that a swab looks clean is irrelevant, you’d simply never see that.

    I don’t believe for a minute Johns Hopkins came up with anything new here, and WHY SIX POINTS??? . . . . another topic. Anyway . . . .

    This type of thing was EXACTLY what I was talking about on July 10 when I warned everyone that the swab goes right on the cribriform plate and can deliver anything directly to the brain. This study was supposedly released in October. I short called this by a huge time frame – But wait, there’s more!!!

    The John Hopkin’s report states that this tech is to be administered rectally. If China took this tech, exactly as Johns Hopkins reported it (because they won’t diversify, they only copy and won’t think about using sugar or making them smaller – If China took this tech and that’s what’s really on their anal swabs they are making all foreigners get – Let’s look at the time frame here –
    Johns Hopkins report states that this tech was first published in “Science Advances” October 2020 issue. China started doing the anal swabs on January 28 2021. That gave them 4 months to steal this tech and put it on their own anal swabs for foreigners. AND I BET THEY DID. The anal swab covid tests are absolutely unneccesary, WHAT is the REAL REASON for that????


    1. Will, regarding your post, I can tell you that I was hospitalized last week for minor hernia surgery. During the prep stage, a cotton tipped applicator was inserted into my nostril and rotated briefly inside on the cribriform plate. Is it possible this cotton tip applicator was carrying Covid for nasal implementation? Should I push the issue with the hospital tech service department and find out more about this swab?


      1. Bahmi, that’s your decision. I am not a doctor. If it was me, I most definitely would, although I would never allow them to do it to begin with. I would say the damage has been done, but what’s to lose by asking them what that was all about. One could assume it was a PCR test that was apparently done without your permission. BUT, I was not there, so I have no idea re the details. Maybe you gave them permission in the documents you signed. As for me, I avoid most doctors like the plague.

  8. Direct from the Kung Flu trenches: Yesterday I encountered an old couple skiing who busted my balls about not wearing a mask in line. You should always have something pithy at the ready to skewer their mindless obedience programing (MOP). I just said “we already have enough police on the mountain”… they had nothing to say to that, they just got on the next chairlift.

    I randomly got on the chair with a Mexican family of three and pulled out my mini classical and played them a song. They gave me a twenty and were thrilled with the ride. So I skied to the next deck and encountered about 20 people age 50 and over. Nobody was wearing a mask, no one was anti-social distancing and I played a short set of songs. They loved it and I was treated to an amazing lunch. In between songs I talked about the evisceration of the first amendment via the mask up cult. And how ridiculous it would have been to be at the Constitutional Congress and stand up and say this is all fantastic, but if people get sick and die, it’s all canceled… right? Imagine the insanity of that, but we accept that today. I made a whole new group of friends. One fellow was a wine maker and we talked about the fake inauguration and Biden’s pretend presidency and the full spectrum theft of 2020’s election. He was amazingly well informed.

    So then I skied over to another deck and it was eight 20-somethings. None had masks on and they were acting like regular people. I relayed the story of the insane mask wearing Nazi and her husband. One girl said “we like masks” and her male friend said “I think they help”. I could tell none of them had the slightest clue what was being done to them. So I said “why aren’t you wearing masks now?” … “oh, we all live together”… what is the old saying ‘don’t cast your pearls to swine’… I knew there was nothing that could penetrate their collective mindless obedience programing (MOP).

    I wish that everyone who made a presentation at the Republican National Convention could join the #UNRIG tour. So positive, so powerful and exuding hope for the future. I will try to make two or three of the tour stops out west.

  9. PLEASE listen to this carefully and watch to the end. This short video of a traffic stop in Colorado because the man is traveling without a license plate (or insurance or registration) has an amazing amount of information if you pay close attention. He even gets into masks and the ‘vid. In the end, he goes on his way without a summons because HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. He was traveling and not driving. He did not need a license because he was not operating a motor vehicle. He was simply traveling from point A to point B in his own car. This takes tremendous courage and knowledge. Do not try this if you are not ready.


    1. In many states the driver would be given a ticket after about 5 minutes of that mumbo-jumbo and told to explain it in the courtroom. Depending on the state, the car could be towed and impounded. The common law strawman theory is interesting but sadly does not work in a courtroom.

      1. Don…most times they do not want it to go to court. BUT, when it does, the defendant will win if he/she knows their stuff. It’s not easy. They will try to trap you with legalese. YOU may think it does not work, but that is from your knowledge which is limited on this subject.

      2. My knowledge is not limited on this subject. But then everyone has their own opinion.
        Challenging cops on various laws is a good thing….it keep everyone up to date. Many cops are very sloppy in their knowledge and work habits.

        I’ve seen hundreds of these videos. After a while the whole exercise is rather tedious and a bore.

      3. Should have read….Challenging cops on various laws is a good thing….it keeps everyone up to date.

        Cops are well aware of these citizen ”audits”, as they call them. Many cops even watch their performances on YouTube. Plus, many of these auditors with a camera are well known to law enforcement. Some of these auditors are quite good at their hobby and others aren’t up to speed.
        Many of them also have professional video equipment and others use their cell phone camera.

    2. You know I admire you and everything, and I understand your interest in the whole sovereign citizen world, but what is the point of this? What does this whole drama buy this guy?

      And explain how the Supreme Court that refuses to hear about election fraud is going to stand up for this guy. He thinks he can do it with magic words or something.

      Notice how we never see the so-called cop.

      1. I must admit I do not remember him speaking of taking it to the supreme court and I really do not feel like watching it again (was he speaking of the state supreme court or SCOTUS?). My guess would be that was just bluster because I think the guy knows his stuff. Could be he was feeling out the cop.

        The cops are shown briefly at the end.

        My common sense tells me it would never go to the supreme court for at least two and maybe three reasons IF he is speaking of SCOTUS. Operators licenses’ etc are state affairs. SCOTUS would not hear it. AND, hypothetically, if they did, it would open up a can of worms that could never be closed. The state knows that and so does the federal government. AND, the state and the cops (some are trained in this and some not…more now since it first started and became exposed) KNOW he’s correct. He is not engaging in commerce. In MY OPINION, they would sooner let him go without a plate and possibly annoy him each time, but never summons him or take it further. This has been proved time and time again.

        This guy is challenging a criminal system. I admire him for that. I see it little different than Fetz challenging
        the narrative of the SH false flag.

    3. Will… the bit about traveling and not needing a license plate or a driver’s license sounds great until you see the flashing lights. I really try to avoid encounters with John Q. Law Enforcement. The no license plate thing is bound to attract it.

      1. No doubt….but it would seem he was looking for a confrontation to prove something to his buddies. As I said, one must have a good knowledge base to attempt this because the cops are trained to get you to say the wrong thing. He was on it. Would I try it? Possibly, but I would need a good reason and more study/practice. He had understanding cops…that is not always the case.

      2. Hundreds of macho guys have put this type of video on YouTube. They now think they’re famous and have conquered the police. Hoop de doo.

      3. Don, It was a courageous act to demonstrate what could be done. Why mock the man? What purpose does that serve?

      4. I am not mocking anyone. This is a form of harassment of the system. Hundreds of people have done a similar video. He did nothing that I consider brave. Driving around with no plates on your vehicle is asking for a flashing light cop stop.

      5. Don…this entire blog is about exposing and in our own way harassing the system. Some do it more blatantly than others. And, yes you were mocking him…”Hoop de doo” is not a complement.

      6. Don…there is nothing in that particular video that indicates that guy was looking to be famous or conquer the police. The entire event was very low key and in the spirit of an intelligent debate. He did something most of us would not and I admire him. You are reading things into this mans behavior that are not evident in the video.
        My gawd, can we not appreciate bravery when we see it? This guy put his ass on the line and as far as I can tell, it was legit. This is not the first time this has been done successfully. it’s been accomplished hundreds of time.
        If you have no use for the sovereign movement, that’s fine. That is your right.
        BUT, understand, that at this very moment, we are all in our own way fighting for the sovereignty of this country AND ourselves.

      7. Will, please explain how the guy’s threat to take the cop to the Supreme Court could ever happen.

      8. No doubt, but if you listen carefully, that is what he was after.
        The system will never change without challenge. Is that not where we are at now with the masks and the fake ‘vid?

  10. Re. the Billygoat Gates/Tony the Rat Fauci vaccines: I thought suicide was illegal! Actually, it kind of makes perfect sense, eugenistically speaking: now there will only be smart people left on the planet. All the dummies will be vax-tinct. Well, at least, regarding the blue states, they already have a society of well-educated sheep. Is that why they call diplomas “sheepskins”?

  11. Bill Gates said he wants to reduce the population with vaccines, in that video posted here. That is like Jerry saying “pull it”.


  12. Hey, if you enjoy being a guinea pig and have no qualms whatsoever about allowing your body to be injected with an experimental vaccine that could literally end you life or leave you with incurable side effects (which may not show up for six months to a year), by all means, take the shot and satisfy some strange suicidal urge. BUT, if you are intelligent and can reason, discern, think logically, research and read and really care to live a healthy and enjoyable life, AVOID THE JAB LIKE HEMLOCK.

    THEY WANT YOU DEAD! They don’t need you any longer.


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