Patrick J. McShay, The Transhumanist Agenda and the “Mark of the Beast” Vaccines

Patrick J. McShay

“We must war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of State,
of Patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted
civilization.  It must be destroyed”

— Karl Marx (circa 1848)

“Nanobots will be flowing through our arteries to keep us healthy
and transmit our brains onto the cloud”

 — Ray Kurzweil, Inventor and Futurist

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

— Dr. Joseph Mengele

It’s come out in the last week or so that Dr. Anthony Fauci lied and perjured himself in a Senate hearing recently stating that he neither funded nor even knew about the  “Gain of Function” Research going on at the Wuhan bio-lab. In a video of Dr. Fauci’s testimony on the research back in 2012, he said, “The risk of Gain Of Function research is worth the risk of a pandemic.” Dr. Fauci also recently revealed that half of the doctors at the CDC and the National Institute of Health have refused to get the vaccine, why is this not the lead story on every newscast?

And new evidence has emerged from Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop, that shows, despite China Joe’s denials of ever discussing his foreign business dealings with his son, it was far from the truth. Numerous emails now verify what former Biden senior business partner turned whistleblower, Tony Bobulinsky, said before the election, Joe knew everything! And Marylyn Todd, founder of the New Hampshire Voter Integrity Group, said she’s discovered the smoking gun” proof of election fraud in New Hampshire.

Not only has the mainstream-controlled media refused to report these stories, New York Attorney General Leticia James, a Democrat activist could care less about Hunter’s felonious past. She has former President Trump in her crosshairs. She announced this month that she is joining with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization where they are going over his records for decades looking for a crime. The party of Marxists that is defunding police, releasing violent criminals early, dropping charges for violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs, and has given a pass for years to criminals like the Clintons and  Biden crime families, they can’t wait to punish the President that put America first and secured the borders.

The media is not only censoring the most important news from the people, but they also continue to be vaccine salespeople for Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical companies pushing these vaccines that continue to damage and kill people. Dr. Luc Montagnier, a world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning virologist who discovered the AIDS Virus, said, “these vaccines are causing the variant strains” and has warned that this program was ill-conceived, unnecessary, and is killing people!

Dr. Pierre Gilbert said in 1995 that soon new laws mandating vaccines that contain liquid crystals, when exposed to magnetic frequencies, will turn the recipients into zombies. He said, “poisons would be put in the blood and the veins of humanity by creating these infections voluntarily, and through the creation of laws to force people to receive the vaccines. We are going to put liquid crystals in the vaccines which will be hosted inside your brain cells, this will make them micro receivers of magnetic fields sent by ultrasonic bands of very, very low frequencies which will render them unable to think for themselves, like zombies.” He also cautioned that this is not a project they are working on.  This is something they have already done before. He said, “do you remember Rwanda?”

Hmm…magnetic fields? Is that why magnets stick to the skin of those who’ve been vaccinated?

Squalene was a Lipid that was used in the vaccines administered to soldiers shipping off to the first Gulf war in Iraq. Many people believe that Squalene was the cause for “Gulf War Syndrome.” SM-102 is a Lipid that is being used in the mRNA vaccines and many people are asking why this poison is in these vaccines!  Side effects of SM-102 include cancer, infertility, and damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and respiratory system. Newsweek reported that biochemical manufacturing company Cayman Chemical sells SM-102 as a research chemical. Their site states that the SM-102 product it sells is “for research use only, not for human or veterinary use.”

Like every poison found in vaccines or other products approved for use by humans, apologists always insist that the levels of these poisons, like Radiation, Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Fluoride, and many others are only used at a level that is “Safe for human consumption”. We will find out how safe SM-102 is soon enough as there is no shortage of guinea pigs lining up to be experimented on.

I’ve been following Sofia Smallstorm since her excellent video, “911 Mysteries” seen by millions of people around the world, and a major blow to the ridiculous official version of the event given to the public by our government. Sofia has done some great work exposing the dangers of Glyphosate, 5G, Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Cell phones, Smart meters, dirty electricity, stray voltage, and how EMF and wireless technology affect and damages human cells. In a recent interview with the SGT Report Smallstorm says that synthetic bio-computers are being injected into people by these smart vaccines. This is what MRNA is. Those that accept this vaccine will have biocomputing circuits running through their bodies. Anyone taking this DNA-modifying  mRNA jab, which is not a vaccine, is taking part in a transhumanist experiment/agenda.

Smallstorm goes on to say that, “Changing the quality of humanity or human life is also a form of Population Control”. They are reducing people down to very simple entities under the thumb of our global controllers who no longer want them to even control their own destiny. Cells and viruses are like machines and they are trying to rewrite the codes that run our bodies. Apparently, the mad scientists at the National Institute of Health and the CDC have figured out a way to control humans on a cellular level using mRNA which gives instructions to human cells. This sounds like something right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s journal!

The decision to receive these vaccines isn’t just a matter of safety and efficacy. There is a moral dilemma that people face, and that is, will you still be human after being rewired by these DNA-changing vaccines? We still don’t know what all of the ingredients are!

Sofia explained that “Laboratory viruses” or synthesizing viruses come from “worked or reduced” material that most often comes from human feces, and also comes from plants. In the 1880s a Russian Virologist, named Dimitry Ivanovsky, who turned liquid filtrates taken from a tobacco plant made a virus from it called the Tobacco Mosaic Virus, (TMV) which was the first virus studied under an electron microscope, and is still in use today. Most would be shocked to find that the Polio Virus that went into the Polio Vaccine in the 1950s was made from scratch from laboratory chemicals and formulas using base material from the feces of children who had Polio. The Polio vaccine also contained a cancer-causing Monkey virus called SV40 that was injected into 98 million people before it was stopped and is still killing people every year.

They take these man-made bio viruses and turn them into crystalline filtrates, or protein crystals. These crystals are programmable. The material in the syringe contains these crystals that carry the mRNA into your system. The mRNA has instructions for the cells to make spike proteins which become exosomes (a cell that carries instructions to other cells) that then travel through your body to other cells that receive it as an endosome which follow the instructions and push it out as an exosome again. Some believe these crystals can break apart in your system and are causing damage to the brain. Are these spike proteins causing the blood clots that are killing people?

Sonja says these viruses are man made in labs, all come from plants, and all resemble one another. Once reduced to these crystal plantforms, these plant derivatives, become DNA and RNA building blocks in the lab. So they are making crystals out of plants and those are their building blocks. Called viruses, these building blocks are inserted into vaccines and claim to build immunity in the bodies of humans and animals that receive them. “These man made viruses have been delivering unnatural instructions to living cells in a range of global experiments for decades”.

In a new report on Amandha Vollmer, a Naturopath reveals in a bombshell new video that the PCR test is a scam. She shows that one of the World Health Organization’s primer sequences in the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 is found in all human DNA. The sequence they are using for the Coronavirus is the sequence for Chromosome-8, which is one of the 24 chromosomes in the human body. Is it any wonder everyone tests positive?

While the news people, TV, and radio personalities, athletes, entertainers, and ESPN pundits are busy pushing Bill Gates’ Vaccines, impervious, in their ignorance, to the Death and injury that has been caused by these vaccines, people continue to die. Facebook still won’t allow postings of deaths from the vaccines and even censored a comment from a 25-year-old pre-school teacher named Desiree Penrod who, a few days after receiving the COVID jab wrote on her Facebook page, “This vaccine is killing me,” only to have Facebook delete the comment because they said they couldn’t fact check it. The young woman died just a few days later.

A healthy 28-year-old Physical Therapist, Haley Link-Brinkmeyer, who worked at North River Health Campus, a senior living community in Evansville Indiana, received her mRNA vaccine and died 2 days later. Her mother posted on Facebook that an autopsy showed no other red flags and blamed the vaccine. Facebook took her comments down

Everest Romney is a 17-year-old, 6 foot 9-inch basketball star from Draper Colorado, who received his first Pfizer vaccine in order to participate on a traveling team he played for. His Mother and Father both received the vaccine the same day as their son. Everest began having severe neck pain on the same side as the injection site almost immediately and the family doctor diagnosed him with a pulled muscle and gave him a neck brace to wear. Just a few days later after suffering excruciatingly painful migraine headaches his mother took him to the emergency room where he was found to have 3 blood clots on his brain. Everest was diagnosed with cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, a rare type of blood clot that prevents blood from draining out of the brain.

While he lay in the hospital, his healthy 42-year-old father was rushed to the hospital after suffering from pulmonary infarction, which occurs when part of the Lung dies because the blood supply has been blocked. An X-Ray revealed 100 blood clots in his Lungs and he has permanently lost 25% of his Lung function. Everett and his father have been released from the hospital to uncertain futures because these spike proteins continue to soldier on like the Terminator.

Joe Hoft from reports that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an Attorney licensed in Germany and California who is one of 4 founding members of the “German Corona Investigative Committee” is preparing lawsuits to deal with this pandemic fraud. The group claims that the pandemic should be renamed “The Corona Scandal.” Fuellmich’s group is planning to sue the World Health Organization (WHO) for misleading the world about this phony pandemic. reports that Fuellmich won a major lawsuit against German Corporation Volkswagen and exposed the corrupt Deutsche Bank as a criminal enterprise. Citing faulty testing as fraudulent, lying about the number of COVID deaths, Fraudulent death certificates, and the experimental vaccine itself violates Article 13 of the Geneva Convention. Thousands of doctors and attorneys have joined Fuellmich to sue the CDC, The WHO, and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Fuellmich’s group claims: The “Experimental” Vaccine Violates All 10 Nuremberg Codes – Which Carry The Death Penalty  For Those Who Try To Break These International Laws.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is building the Church of Marxism in this country, as Christianity is marginalized and reviled by these Satanists who control us. What is the real reason they want everyone vaccinated, is this the Biblical “Mark of the Beast”? I pointed out in my last article that this so-called vaccine doesn’t even qualify as a vaccine under the WHO’s own definition, It cures nothing. It doesn’t protect you from the virus and it’s not a treatment for the virus. I wrote over a year ago that this was likely a bio-weapon made in a lab and enhanced with “Gain of Function” technology and leaked from the  Level 4 bio-lab in Wuhan. I also wrote that Obama likely approved this and Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates knew exactly what was going on. The truth is they have never identified this virus and the CDC has admitted as much. I believe the fake pandemic was the vehicle to steer us toward the vaccine.

Americans need to do a better job of recognizing the monsters in our midst and wake the hell up because this is not a drill! The elite are on a course of depopulation of the ragged masses and useless eaters and I wouldn’t put it past our controllers to execute a false flag before the evidence of Trump’s win in the 2020 election is released. Most of the people Americans admire and look up to are the present-day Mengeles and Eichmanns. Be brave, say no to this agenda.


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19 thoughts on “Patrick J. McShay, The Transhumanist Agenda and the “Mark of the Beast” Vaccines”

  1. Blaming this all on President Trump is entirely misguided. All he did was win an election in 2016. Do people think wrinkled face cackling Hillary would have actually been better? All the Dems, big tech, and corporate media did for four years was make endless false accusations against President Trump which seems to be happening here. I happen to believe President Trump won the 2020 presidential, and he won it big. When the Supreme Court refuses to accept any election related cases the country is no longer the home of the free and the brave. It is the country of the deceived and enslaved. President Trump implemented many sound policies. Once Bozo the demented clown was declared victorious and a razor wire fence was constructed around the federal capitol building, his puppet masters began their warped speed destruction of eveything valued and cherished by the actual citizens of the country. Racist rhetoric is mostly what comes comes out of the mouths of the election thieves. If anyone knows of one inspirational remark spoken by Demented Joe or Kwanzala, please post it. It will be news to me.

    1. President Trump was gung-ho wild about introducing the new, if untested, vaccines. His Time Warp program showed us clearly that he was under somebody else’s orders. A highly compromised individual like Trump was obviously beholden to a number of stronger ideologies. Sure, he was also rabid about his support for Israel and would have been just fine with total genocide of the Palestinians. It’s just my opinion, but Trump was a very, very emasculated Presidente’. He talked big but I’ve long felt he was a mental midget. If he was as rich as he said, he’d have gladly shown his records to the Southern District legal beagles. But he didn’t. The Russian jew oligarchs used his properties as vehicles for money laundering, it’s well documented.
      Trump is a loser, bring on Ron DeSantis.

  2. Let’s not forget the greatest force behind Operation Warp Speed (the premeditated genocide of Americans): our America Last, “patriotic” clown president, Israeli double agent, twice-impeached, one-term LOSER Donald J. Trump, who’s still pushing for the “vaccine” as per Fauci’s orders. Remember that the Left made more gains under Trump than in other time in US history: total loss of civil liberties, repeated assaults on our history, on our institutions, statues torn down, constitutional rights vanished, rioting, police defunded, elections stolen, minorities dictating to the majority. ALL BY DESIGN, with complete aiding & abetting from Trump. The Right would’ve never allowed any of it under Pres. Hillary. These gains are irreversible, there’s no going back. Yet, delusional “intellectuals” think there’s a plan. They’re waiting for the cavalry to save them. Comedy gold!

    1. Exactly Jack. But there is no Left/Right. Remember who Donald J Trump really is. Hilary’s cousin and created and financially supported by the fraudulent Jewish folks (usury creators) Just read his book “The Art of the Deal” and it will tell you what his ideologies are. And we lost our civil liberties after the Patriot Act was passed. You could thanks our present puppet in charge for that or his Technocrats handlers. Here in Southwest Florida people are hoping and praying that Trump comes back by August !! Lol !
      We are so mind raped and lost as a nation. I have to remind myself daily that it’s not the Twilight Zone and survival is key to existence thru Faith.

  3. “Mark of the Beast” = 144 = “Implantation” = 144 = “Trick Americans” = 144 = “National Mandate” = 144 <<< 12th Fibonacci

  4. The magnets sticking to people at the injection site is due to there being iron in the gene editing shot. That’s the proof you have been marked.

  5. I took a large group of folks to the Colorado River today for a float trip. One of them put out his hand to shake and as I grabbed ahold he said don’t worry I’m “fully” vaccinated. Suddenly I became a little paranoid and used a wet wipe to clean my hands, something I’ve done a couple times now. Of course not right in front of him. The last couple of people that said they were fully vaccinated, I found myself taking a step backward. I was worried the stupidity was contagious!

  6. Another identical report from the Covid Trenches. An incredible physical specimen, Andrew said he got the Kung Flu last December and it was barely a sniffle. But he completely lost his sense of taste and smell. Then bizarrely like my other ski pal, said he took the vaccine! WTF! Taking a vaccine for something already caught and recovered from.Makes perfect sense right? The vaccine nearly killed him! For 18 hours he was on death’s doorstep. Then bang he was fine… though Six months later now, his sense of smell and taste only came back partially.

  7. anyone see the latest Dark Outpost… people are freezing in their tracks and remain motionless for seconds or minutes. The videos could be faked easily just like the people suddenly dropping dead could be. Zublick has gotten a bit “over his skis” before. If the freeze ups are true, it would not shock me… considering they have to offer five — one million dollar prizes to take the shot in Colorado. I think they are lying about the number of people taking the shot. They are inflating the numbers to try to make you feel you are in a new minority class of people if you don’t. Hey… just look at the empty parking lot they set aside to get vaxxed. Not one single car ! That’s why they have to promote the shots so relentlessly. Vaccines are a product so good they have to give it away. Beware the Trogans bearing gifts. Here is the freeze ups episode. The freeze ups portion is fairly deep in the video

    1. Yes Dave the numbers are inflated and from my active duty sources less than 40% of military medical personnel has taken the jab. And there was a story on the local TV here in Estero Florida that some of the CVS and Walgreens have been disposing of the vaccine due to less test subjects. People are waking up but I suspect a major false flag coming….. maybe a alien invasion!

    2. Oh yes they can Dave. If Americans can believe in 911 and school shootings and a fake virus. You betcha they’ll believe in greys or little green men.

      1. After 20 years of studying False Flags, hoaxes, etc, I conclude that about 90+% of US citizens are as dumb as a box of rocks. They’re proud of their ignorance and wear it as a badge of honor.


      2. The day will come when “Little Green Men” will be labeled as ‘Racist’ … Just wait until they tell the American People that we need to raise Taxes to provide Social Security for the Aliens. Story after Story of ‘E.T.’ Financial Hardships. If we are giving it to the Illegals, Sure as the Sunset, the ‘E.T.s’ are going to have wonderful retirement years as well.

  8. From the Covid Trenches, more positive signs. I was in a Morrison Colorado Bar last night near Red Rocks and every seat was filled. It was open mic night and there was close to 20 acts performing including myself. I didn’t see a single mask wearing zombie. Then three millennials showed up masked. My gosh they looked out of place. What a great atmosphere and scene. Morrison is my favorite small town outside the mountains, just where the foothills start. There are amazing historic photos on the walls dating back to the start of the Civil War. There is one of the stone quarry miners and man do those guys look as hard as the rocks they cut. Had they been magically brought back to our time, I can imagine them laughing at us for our folly with the Kung Flu.

  9. Excellent article Patrick. I had to take the scamdemic PCR amplifier tool (not a test) to travel last month to see my aging Mum in the Bahamas (one of the first country in the Caribbean allowing visitors in without a PCR test if vaccinated ) I tested negative on both occasions due to the fact that I haven’t wore a mask since this scamdemic started. As a ole Marine Doc and former RN I knew this was a new world agenda reset psychological operation from the start.
    What the Hell is asymptomatic transmission of a airborne viral pathogen? No such thing exists.

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  11. Want to know about communism? He’s mentioned in the above post.
    He was always fighting with his neighbors. His wife could not stand him. His children were ignored.
    Basically Karl hated people. People were only to be used as a labor force and then discarded.



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