4th of July Special with Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton: How to Spot a False Flag

Jim Fetzer

[Editor’s note: In appreciate for everyone who follows this blog, I have long admired Bill Binney beyond words and I adore Dr. Katherine Horton, who has led the legal fight against the use of high-tech devices to torment “Targeted Individuals”. How glorious that they have wed! Katherine and I did a 4-part series together on “How to Spot a False Flag”, which I am including here. And as a BONUS for fans who follow my research, I am adding my “Tribute to the Beatles” from a decade or more ago, which I recently rediscovered. Always remember, Eternal vigilance is indeed the price of liberty!] 
Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton on TI’s (“Targeted Individuals”)

Dr. Katherine Horton with Jim Fetzer on “How to Spot a False Flag”

Dr. Katherine Horton interviews Jim Fetzer on How to Spot a False Flag (Part 1 of 4)
Dr. Katherine Horton was also one of the keynote speakers at my “False Flags and Conspiracies 2020 Conference” held 5-6 December 2020, where I have made the presentations available to the public for free. Just go to the upper-right hand corner to access the archives. You will fill in data about you so we know who has downloaded our videos–but you are welcome to them all for free. Share with your friends and colleagues. You cannot understand current events if you can’t sort them out.
Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota and co-founder of moonrockbooks.com.
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39 thoughts on “4th of July Special with Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton: How to Spot a False Flag”

  1. @Anti-Facist

    >>EJD, how and when did we arrive at the point of accepting one device or another as our prime medium of communication, other then our lips and voices and our faces and expressions?>>

    I understand your ?’s are rhetorical but I would offer this…My life experience has been one of exploration of consciousness… metaphysical, spiritual, intellectual, pragmatic and more. From using quantum physics to win at casinos to healing people of a wide number of problems physically and mentally I have walked a much different path then most.

    I have learned that most everything is about perspective. Grow up Mormon/Jewish, etc. you carry those energies and belief systems. Grow up a free thinker you are not beholding to any frame of reference but that which interests you…perspective. One thanks “god” the other thanks critical thinking skills.

    There are facts and then there are opinions. When one “wakes up” to the “fact” we have been cleverly controlled by lies and distortions of reality it becomes quite challenging to ascertain truth hey?? Far too many opinions masquerading as truth these days of digital deception.

    Most of the “story” of this modern version of humans, last 12,000 years or so, has been kept hidden. The classic way to control people. Don’t let the slaves read and only pick cotton and they never find out about their rights. But let the house mammy who has to teach the white kids from the bible teach her own and you have the beginning of freedom.

    Today we are the end result of 100’s of years, perhaps 1,000’s, of a conditioning process to take us away from our self and be dependent on others…medicine, religion, education, etc. The loss of personal sovereignty has been terrible.

    Among us are “mammies” who are assisting us to understand…James Corbett, Graham Hancock, Dr. Fetzer, etc. and many, many more are miners of truth and sharing the wealth.

    The family life style of the most recent 50’s and 60’s was the last of the pure social intercourse of folks IMO. Neighbors sitting around a card table playing various games and chatting a lot while the “kids” snuck around in the dark playing games as well. This is what “I” understand as “childhood.” Not the helicopter fear based nonsense of today.

    But now, after getting people hooked on being audience members rather then participants with electronic addictions, most no longer resemble free humans. And the controllers are winning. They even went so far as to destroy analog communication so many other “messages’ can be sent through the fiber optics.

    Think of it, prior to 1950 there were no “teenagers.” Just adults, young adults, and kids. The marketing ploy of dividing the tribe up into what is now ugly “generational groups.” Very well done bad guys. :-/

    EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS A LIE https://www.bitchute.com/video/9A9BpQH7SRA7/

    1. Would you mind passing on your quantum physics information? I could use a few dollars.
      Great reply…thank you. We are on the same train.

      1. Get a job :-)))

        It is many pages of code based on the player’s astrological position of the 2nd house (finance, etc.) and the “birth chart” of the casino. This was also done before the advent of the digitally controlled machines. Had to play it within seconds of a time schedule. No idea if it will work under the rigid control now.

        Eventually got caught by the FBI (F**king Big Indians) one day :-)) That phrase is one some NA friends used to use.

        Refering to my other reply to you, this is a perfect counter to the relentless persuit of putting down anything that is “alternative” meaning truthful in this, astrology. The nay sayers while perhaps “hip” in other parts of life are still sold out to the controller’s forced perception of life. Observe the long put down in entertainment about psychics, astrology, etc. always used as some sort of bad thing.

        Meaning the mythical left/right brain powers, “right” being attributed as the creative, art, music, etc. source and the “left” the verbal, analytical, and orderly. In reality, both sides of the brain work in unison and are in constant communication. But the concept of keeping people away from their Pineal gland and “right” brain power has been very successful with the present anal retentive, following orders masses.

        Yet another appropriate song from me :-)) From a “right” brain experience in high school…

        WHO ARE YOU https://www.bitchute.com/video/4qQvl1sCbUhf/

  2. @Anti-Zionist.
    Thanks for the link to Van’s song. Back in the day in Hollywood I knew his wife, gave her some music counselling as she had a female writing partner and they were in need of some direction. Beautiful woman.

    I used to have crew in the day and tho I wasn’t recording then we played out and it was a kick. Now my stuff is a bit empty with my poor engineering skill and no backup :-/ I used to have a once a month get together at my office with some very well known writers and we would showcase for each other our latest stuff. Great fun.

    Here’s a couple in the vein of Van’s song:
    GET OFF THE PHONE https://www.bitchute.com/video/2QbsxZOkIYjA/

    SHIP OF FOOLS https://www.bitchute.com/video/FBo2nzK6ky2X/

    The music biz has always been a tough one since a certain group of folks have run it for 60-70 years or more. These days it is quite insane with so much shit music being pushed as significant.

      1. Get off the phone. Get in the world. Get free!…..Excellent.
        I would add, get off the comp. Free yourself from digital slavery.

      2. >>Get off the phone. Get in the world. Get free!…..Excellent.
        I would add, get off the comp. Free yourself from digital slavery>>

        Thanks. Yeah, off the keyboard for sure. Can only put so much in a song but man, this is not the world I had on my wish list. The bastard controllers, brilliant psychopaths that they are, have taken a couple of generations of folks for ride on a dead end street you know?? :-/ Not ALL of course but far too many.

        The idea they are in our face about the reduction of our population by 2025 to 1/3 of what it is now should be shouted from the roof tops, but alas….crickets.

      3. EJD, how and when did we arrive at the point of accepting one device or another as our prime medium of communication, other then our lips and voices and our faces and expressions? When did we make the choice and say this is OK? We did not. Corporate commerce and their bottom line made that choice with little or no objection from us buyers. We have been mind raped and never even had a chance to say NO! We have been conditioned to see it as progress, while in reality it’s an intellectual regression. What can be more infantile than texting? Did we not leave that behind when we put aside Fisher Price toys as children?

  3. Jim,

    Just came back from shopping in town and have listened to an hour of the first How to… video. Got pretty emotional for me. As you know we go back more then a decade now and my real introduction to “waking up” to the political realm was in progress at that time as I had spent many years in my metaphysical/spiritual “waking up” process.

    Listening to your great explanations of things and putting the puzzle pieces together was so moving again as it was back then. Talking to others, the madness we are living in these days is very depressing to true activists who have put their hearts into the movement of truth for so long.

    Just as you are a Beatles fan we are Fetzer fans as you represent a time in our lives when so much clarity was being offered for those “Black Birds” who chose to engage it. :-))

    “Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

    Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

    Blackbird fly blackbird fly
    Into the light of the dark black night.”


    1. Very nice, EJ. I appreciate those kind words. Doing what I can to wake up the world–but it ain’t easy! Comments and criticism welcome. Glad you are here.

      1. For the record, Jim F. has called my comments ”astute” but in the past year he has very much disliked my comments about Iran.

        I do not like the politics in Iran or their desire to obtain nukes. [BTW, Iran still holds the USA Embassy hostage.]

        I did not know that Jim has been to Iran and that he discovered some nice people there. I don’t doubt that at all. There are some nice people in all nations.

      2. Iran is a peaceful nation, which has not launch a war of aggression against any other state since 1775! To put that into historical perspective, the ratification of the Constitution began in 1787 and George Washington was elected our firs President in 1789. This has nothing to do with “nice people”. It has to do with history and integrity. And, by the way, our own intel agencies concluded in 2007 that Iran was not pursuing nuclear weapons, which they reaffirmed in 2011. Even the Mossad came on-board in 2012, just three weeks before Bibi went to the UN and asserted the opposite. Personally, I believe IRAN SHOULD ACQUIRE NUKES, which would initiate stability in the Middle East akin to that between the US and the USSR from MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), where each side knew that an attack on the other would bring about their own destruction. That would be good.

      3. Iran is a very aggressive nation. Any nation that attacks another’s Embassy is committing an act of war. People like to forget that technically Iran is currently at war with the US. The US Embassy is still in the hands of Iran’s government. That US Embassy is US territory….which is true inside all nations.

        For Iran to obtain nukes it would destabilize the entire middle east area. The government of Iran has no ”integrity or honesty”.

        Warm and friendly people can be found in all nations, even in nations that hate the USA.

      4. Are you really this ignorant of history? The US committed a coup in 1953 and overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran. In 1979, the Iranians retook control and seized the US Embassy. You appear to have no knowledge of the relevant sequence of events. For someone who would trash Iran when you know nothing about it is embarrassing beyond belief. You have astonished me.

      5. Don, you do realize Israel has nukes, correct? Would it not seem an Iran with nuclear capability would bring balance and NOT destabilization?

      6. Jim:
        I am well aware of Iranian history. Its like a layer cake…one nasty era on top of another. Many rights and many wrongs.
        Maybe the US did the wrong thing in 1953 but that does not justify the taking of the US embassy.
        There are many ways to look at ”history”. Your perception that Iran can do no wrong does not take into consideration the complexity of the entire historical situation. You appear to feel that the taking and holding of the US embassy was/is justifiable.
        Thank you for taking time to reply to my comments, even though you say I’m ”ignorant and embarrassing”.
        I am neither. Maybe we have to agree to disagree.

        I know Iranians here in the US. They tell me that Teheran and Islam are a total untidy shambles.

      7. Don, I have praised you in the past when (I thought) you were right. I criticize you in the present when (I think) you are wrong. Not a big deal. But (in my opinion) you are displaying entirely unwarranted preconceptions about Iran. Like Zionist propaganda.

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  5. Downloaded the Beatles MP3, love it, thanks!
    Oh God, the changes to the country in my almost 73 years.
    Congratulations to Bill and Katherine.

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  7. Title of my road trip story is “No one tears down statues in South Dakota”. I have been wanting to check out the Black Hills since long before the shutdown. And especially during it since it was the only state that did not commit economic suicide and go insane with the mask wearing cult. I have not seen many masks here and that makes them really stand out. Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Custer State Park… we spent significant time at all of them. Devil’s Tower, Spearfish, Sturgis, Deadwood and the Badlands we swung through those.

    We had planned on splitting before the Holiday weekend. Then the RV’s leveling jack mounting bracket sheared off when raising the front on the very last night. It sliced into the bottom of the transmission oil cooler like an axe and it gushed out fluid like Niagara Falls. I got fooled by the leak because the leveling system uses the same ATF fluid as the tranny. I thought the jack’s seals or line had blown out and had not noticed the bracket sliced an inch deep gash in the tranny heat exchanger. The damage is nearly impossible to repair and the part turns out to be the rarest and most difficult part to find. Besides that, the pressure fittings had welded themselves and were impossible to break loose. DIY repairs were attempted in vain. We waited six hours for a heavy duty wrecker capable of towing ten tons 50 miles to Rapid City.

    The four day and running break down had a silver lining. We had extra time to see Devil’s Tower and the Badlands which are huge distances part. We also got to spend time in Rapid City which was totally unplanned. No homeless tent cities here.
    The historic and “preserved like a time capsule” down town is awesome. The old firehouse was converted to a brew pub and history oozes out of the walls with antique photos and fireman gear. The forty foot tall firefighting mural is incredible.

    There are three historic statues at 3 of the 4 corners of every downtown intersection. The juxtaposition of Slick Willy’s statue caddie corner to Ronald Reagan is intriguing with Poppy Bush’s down the next corner. No one is defacing or tearing down statues or monuments here. They would not dare !


  8. ***99.9+% are sound asleep.***

    Whoever the ”anonymous” author is concerning the red colored graphic at the top of this Post has no idea what they’re talking about.

    ***99.9+% are sound asleep.***


    1. Don, why so much negativity and depressive commenting?

      You surly understand life is about perception. Where ever you live it must be quite intolerable. I’m 50 miles from the nearest Walmart. When I go into town to shop it is an event for me. I always run into folks, both employee’s an customers at Walmart, Home Depot, etc. who are quite awake and enjoy a short chat about things.

      But then I do carry an optimistic/positive “vibe” about me combined with pragmatic realism. A little humor always opens the door for me.

      1. EJD…..I only comment on the reality of this world.
        You like to turn away from what’s actually happening and name-call people like myself as being negative and depressive. Those who overlook and disregard unpleasant realities live in a fantasy world and call it being pragmatic.

        I wonder what you really chat about with folks at Walmart?

        The existence of the Blog has nothing to do with the pleasantries of this world. Why are you even commenting here?

    2. Your reply button was missing on your reply to me…

      >>EJD…..I only comment on the reality of this world.>>
      Once again I would offer that it is “your” perceptive. You are striking out at some unknown author of some statistics offered and from a rather self-absorbed POV insinuating you are the arbiter of truth. You could at least offer “In my opinion…”

      >>You like to turn away from what’s actually happening and name-call people like myself as being negative and depressive.>>
      Actually I have been a social and political activist for 50 years. Worked as a reporter and doc producer at KPFA Radio in Berkeley; worked with the American Indian Movement, Gray Panthers, covered the first Women Take Back the Night march in Minnyapples, I’ve written scores of songs and three books on the human condition, and more.

      I’ve been shot at, phone tapped, tailed, etc.. So I really don’t, nor haven’t, turned away from political reality much at all most my life.

      There was no “name calling of people” going on, that is your posturing. I was just addressing “you.” I was inquiring in a logical and concerned way, as my experience with your comment history it has much of that in it. Thought if you have been going through some life crisis I was offering an opportunity to hear that.

      >>Those who overlook and disregard unpleasant realities live in a fantasy world and call it being pragmatic.>>
      You are choosing to use fallacies to validate your emotional response..begging the question and post hoc ergo propter hoc and false analogy.

      >>I wonder what you really chat about with folks at Walmart?>>
      The pandemic hoax, mask wearing, off the grid stuff like food, ammo, and supply storage, well issues, sometimes just the joy of seeing full shelves and smiling faces again.

      >>The existence of the Blog has nothing to do with the pleasantries of this world. Why are you even commenting here?>>
      Ouch. I’ll stay away since you are the comment cop with authority :-))

      Look Don, I would like to put this to bed OK? Your need to fight in digital space and be right rather then make things right is not where I am at. Thanks.

      Give a listen for 1 1/2 mins to the late John Trudell from a documentry I did 40 years ago. This is part of my back ground, not new to the game. JOHN TRUDELL-MAY 1980 https://www.bitchute.com/video/gT1muR1A1KAP/

      1. EJD….I guess you’re such a good and wonderful person that its futile for me to comment on your response to me.
        You wrote songs? Wow.

      2. @anti -Z……Concerning Mr. EJD, I read every word he wrote. His attempted reprimand was interesting.

        The huge problem with that Latin phrase “hoc ergo propter hoc”, is that many of causative actions can turn out to be true or false, depending on one’s perception. “hoc ergo propter hoc” can turn around and bite you in your gluteus maximus.

      3. Don, It may be best to stick to your pictures; as a debater, you leave much to be desired.

      4. Anti-Z: I suppose you’re now the comment cop with your snarky words to me.

        I guess Jim Fetzer is out of a job now that you’ve taken over his blog.

      5. Not at all, Don. You are just incapable of accepting criticism and carrying out an intelligent debate. EJD criticized your constant negativity. What you do not seem to understand is that one can be realistic/pragmatic and still and exhibit hope and a positive attitude at the same time. Humanity has been doing this since its creation.

      6. Jim Fetzer = Comment Cop

        Yeah, that’s an apt description.

        Give it up, Don. You’re no longer making sense, if you ever did.

      7. Just love that song, Glass Eyes Keep Watchin’ You”. I do my damnedest to wear sunglasses and avoid cameras as much as feasible. As far as cellphones go, best place for them is 6 feet under or in a grinder or fire. Don’t let these pricks fool you. You We don’t NEED them! As for Facebook:


      8. Toni:

        You’ve been attacking me by name on this blog for years.

        I don’t recall mentioning you by name in a negative manner even one time.


        Doyle said that I failed to say one of my comments was “my opinion”. I am so sorry for that, what a terrible error on my part. I will try to do better.

      1. A nation that would allow a private company to ban this book is NOT free by any stretch of the imagination.

        The USA has become a pathetic shadow of its former glory.


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