Majority of Americans do not believe Biden is competent, most also opposed to his handling of Afghanistan fiasco

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(Natural News) Majority of Americans no longer believe that President Joe Biden is capable of governing the country. This is according to a poll conducted by mainstream media outlet CBS News.

The survey was conducted with the help of public opinion company YouGov. It interviewed 2,142 adult residents of the United States between Aug. 18 to 20.

It found that 51 percent of the respondents believe Biden is no longer competent as a president. Fifty-two percent believe he is no longer focused, and 53 percent said he is no longer effective at governing the nation.

CBS News believes much of this change in public perception regarding Biden has to do with the recent events surrounding Afghanistan. The U.S. and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies have recently withdrawn from the war-torn nation. At the same time, the Afghan government has completely collapsed allowing the Islamic fundamentalist Taliban to take over. (Related: Taliban going door-to-door hunting down anyone who worked for the US, its allies and the former Afghan government.)

Americans support Afghanistan withdrawal, but not Biden

The survey made it clear that a majority of people still believe the U.S. made the right call to withdraw from Afghanistan. Sixty-three percent approved of removing U.S. troops from the country. But only 47 percent approved of the way Biden handled the withdrawal.

This is a significant dip from a similar poll in July, which found that 60 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan.

The poll found that a vast majority of Americans believe the removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan went badly. Thirty percent said it went somewhat badly, and 44 percent said it went very badly. Twenty-one percent said the withdrawal went somewhat well, and only five percent believe it went very well.

People object to the way the withdrawal was handled for a variety of reasons. The resurgence of the Taliban has made Americans fearful that the Islamic fundamentalist organization would engage in international terrorist actions. Sixty percent of respondents believed that with the Taliban in control, the threat of terrorism in the U.S. would increase. Thirty-six percent believed the threat of terrorism would not change, and only four percent believe the threat would decrease.

Others still are concerned about the fate of the thousands of U.S. civilians still in Afghanistan. Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents believe Biden does not have a clear plan for evacuating U.S. civilians, compared to 33 percent who believe there is a coherent plan in place.

People are also concerned about Afghan citizens who have helped the U.S. and NATO in their fight against the Taliban, such as those who worked as translators or provided the U.S. with intelligence. They are concerned that these Afghans will face retaliation from the Taliban.

There is broad support among Democrats, Republicans and independents alike to help Afghan collaborators and their families enter the U.S. Eighty-one percent of all respondents – 90 percent of Democrats, 76 percent of Republicans and 79 percent of independents – believe the U.S. should help Afghan translators.

People are also divided on who is responsible for the Taliban’s takeover. Twenty-five percent of respondents believe former President Donald Trump bears a lot of the responsibility, while 36 percent of respondents believe Biden is primarily responsible. Most other respondents believe the failures of the Afghan government and army are primarily to blame.

Biden’s approval rating plummets

Biden’s overall approval rating has been dropping for several months. Now, only half of the population approves of his overall performance. Similar polls conducted in March and July showed he had an approval rating of 62 percent and 58 percent, respectively.

The decrease in his approval rating comes mostly from independents, a majority of whom gave him positive marks in the previous surveys. Now, more than half – 54 percent – disapprove of how he is handling both the withdrawal from Afghanistan and his overall performance as president.

Biden has an 11 percent approval rating among Republicans, and an 86 percent approval rating among Democrats.

A similar poll conducted by mainstream media outlet NBC shows similar results. Its own survey conducted at around the same time shows that Biden’s approval rating has dropped to 49 percent.

With regards to the situation in Afghanistan, the poll found that only 25 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s handling of the situation. Sixty percent disapproved of Biden’s handling of the situation, and 15 percent were unsure.

Similar to the CBS poll, the NBC poll found that a majority remained opposed to continuing the war in Afghanistan. Sixty-one percent believed the war was not worth it, compared to 29 percent who want the war to continue.

Learn more about how many Americans disapprove of the Biden presidency at

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32 thoughts on “Majority of Americans do not believe Biden is competent, most also opposed to his handling of Afghanistan fiasco”

  1. From all I have read and viewed, what has happened in Afghanistan is far beyond the label of “fiasco”. It’s treason. Plain and simple. Biden has said the buck stops with him. Well, that being the case, the most honorable action he could take is to resign. BUT, Biden is more than obviously NOT an honorable man. He has lied and cheated his way through an almost half century of politics with no accountability, becoming president through the most fraudulent election in the history of this country. Now he has unquestionably committed treason by giving comfort and aid to the enemy. Giuliani has said he left behind a few billion in armaments.

    But, according to a military historian, Victor Hanson, he handed over “…..greatest loss of military equipment in warfare history”. Notice the figures in the bottom banner as this Tucker interview progresses. It’s staggering…..and I mean staggering.

    So, I ask WHY is Biden still in office? WHY do we tolerate this unbelievable military debacle? Are we waiting for the next “fiasco” for further substantiation of Biden’s inability to make ANY competent decision? And how worse could it be than what he has done in Afghanistan by aiding the Taliban OR what he has done domestically by MANDATING a vaccine for servicemen that will virtually render our soldiers unable to function.

    1. Biden is a serial liar. His lies are staggering. Did you see his impromptu press appearance where he states that he had just seen many photos of dead kids at Sandy Hook? He also said he had seen a photo of a little boy with his jaw blown off by a bullet. This is the kind of liar Biden can be. Lies flow out of him like water cascading over Niagara Falls.


  2. A quick vid from 153 with a 72 year old Aussie telling it like it is. If you think it’s any different here…don’t fool yourself. it’s just more hidden…covered in a sweet illusion of freedom and an MSM that’s good for pushing the “official narrative” which is simply a collection of lies, deception and corporate power that is way the hell out of control.

  3. I was watching a conversation with Seth Keshal. One of the X-military powerhouses working on overturning the scam-lection. He’s got some fascinating observations. Some of the more intriguing anomalies come from Republican strongholds, since the Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit etc. are so in your face. Colorado has interestingly come to the forefront, mainly because of the way the Secretary of State has acted towards the Mesa County Elections Chief. The more important election there was for US Senate where Corey Gardner was upended by former Governor John Hickenlooper. Gardner was a much beloved public servant. Hick-N-Whopper’s wholloping margin of victory was highly suspect. The Hickster is not loved like Corey was. The Hickster siphoned off the 911 fund for his own legal defense dream team against taking payola private jet trips. The scandal should have crushed the Hickster . Big surprise the NEWS ran cover for him. I think if we did an audit here you will find Colorado is far more conservative than anyone thinks. Check out Seth’s observations here.

    1. And a cyber buddy tell me they are reporting 145 MPH winds on the lie box…over twice what the earth wind map indicates. Amazing. More guns and property to be confiscated. They really hate Louisiana.

    2. I checked through many sources and found no videos that would indicate a Cat 4 hurricane. The earth wind map never showed anything above 83 MPH and I have been watching it all day. If you check it now, the wind are not above 65 MPH. Even Stone is claiming a Cat 3 and that is an outright lie. Once again, he’s exposed himself. It’s another hyped up lie from the Main Shite Media. Please prove me wrong. When you view the map, it has to be converted to mph by clicking on the default of km/h until mph shows up.,28.58,1653/loc=-90.156,29.483

  4. First, we need some kind of fund raiser that will not be scrubbed. Then we need patriotic delegates from all states to come together somewhere to talk this all out and kick around solutions. This has to be done in person. If you are afraid of the fake ‘vid, stay away. Then we need to present the ideas/solutions via a referendum presented to the entire population to be voted upon and initiated outside whatever we have left that is no longer any semblance of a government. It’s time to take this country back.

  5. These must be old poll numbers. I know of NO ONE now who approves of the Biden withdrawal. And, while there are few that still believe he is mentally competent, that number decreases every time Biden opens his mouth.

  6. Does anyone here believe the following story?


    Thursday, Aug 26th 2021

    Capitol cop who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt on January 6 WILL reveal his identity for the first time during interview with NBC’s Lester Holt tonight.

    Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt will reveal his identity on Thursday
    He will sit down for an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News
    An investigation concluded on Monday he acted in line with department policy
    Babbitt was an Air Force veteran who served multiple tours in the Middle East
    She was a known Trump supporter and reportedly pushed conservative conspiracy theories on social media
    The DOJ said in April that it will not be bringing criminal charges against the officer due to insufficient evidence
    The interview will be broadcast during the Nightly News with Lester Holt at 6.30pm ET on NBC

    1. There is “insufficient evidence” to bring against Byrd because there was no real shooting. There is no crime for lying on national TV about the shooting.

      I am dismayed how even alternative media are pushing the fake Babbitt shooting–often getting their readers riled up along racial lines.

      1. Well, William…at least it’s not being pushed here on the Fetz. I trust you watched that Holt vid I posted from last night. When they control the MSM, they can push whatever lie they like and make it seem authentic. Any poor fool watching that broadcast would be sucked in. As long as they have the MSM, we are lost.

      2. >>the fake Babbitt shooting>>

        Please explain. Haven’t come across any evidence that she didn’t die??

      3. A lot may depend upon what videos you have seen of the alleged shooting. I have seen some videos where the security details surrounding her don’t seem to be acting as one would expect. Even some of her movements don’t seem to be that of a dead person. Byrd’s televised remarks seem scripted and similar to what a crisis actor might say. He expresses no remorse and indicates it was a moment of heroism that he had trained for over a long period of time.

        I have no idea if Babbitt died in the shooting. We are told that she did, but we are are also told that our 20 year investment in Afghanistan was worth it, yet we seem to be exactly where we were on day one, twenty years ago.

        As for Biden, I don’t believe he was legitimately elected and see no point in voting in future elections as election fraud make your vote worthless.

        I just learned the other day that the data for the Pfizer vaccine trials actually shows the “vaccine” was only 1% more effective than a placebo vaccination. It’s no wonder vaccinated people are becoming infected at a very high rate.

      4. EJ…There are quite a few vids posted here and on 153 news debunking the Babbit death. I’ll see if I can locate some. They are most definitely out there and are VERY convincing.

  7. To me all these articles on the web are boiler plate. Quote some “facts” then some “numbers” and then point a finger and shake it, etc using a frown and head shaking and hand wringing. Then on to some other BS.


    We damn well know things are screwed up, how else could that POS get the mythical 81 million?? What casting company put together the administration?

    For decades I have always been leery of any big event because it will be just a slight of hand to be doing other sh*t.
    JFK, RFK, MLK got us the start of the surveillance state and set people up for “bad things” happening.
    9/11 got us the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.
    The pretend attacks on Trump got us the vaxx and the pretend pandemic.
    Boston, Orlando Gay club, Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc. all poured fear on the fire.

    So what is this nonsense in Afghanistan bring us? :-/

  8. I saw a bit on finding one of the actors that plays Biden. The guy looks pretty similar to Biden without his make up. One intriguing thing is the comparison of pictures of Biden that show different but similar people. It reminds me of the Paul is dead phenomenon and those photo comparisons over the years Clearly it’s different people over time and not just one replacement. There’s the major one that tours and appears on David Letterman and such. Then there’s the minor bit players that just have to be seen. In that book the confessions of Billy Shears, it describes Paul McCartney as a brand name and nothing more and that the person playing the part is under contract to do certain things. Appear hear, appear there and represent the icon.

    I keep flashing back to the second debate with Trump and if I had to thought bubble him, it would be… “oh fuck, I’ve gotta debate this guy too?… Fine! I’ll beat him as well. Because what would happen if I jumped up and down and said “that’s not Joe Biden” …” they would have me fitted for a straight jacket immediately!”… “Whatever, bring him on.”

    I they can replace Paul, they can replace any body. Including Trump.

    1. Can you provide a link to the “I saw a bit on finding …”?

      I agree that “Biden”‘s eye color seems to be changing a lot in the past year, but I would like to see more evidence on his alleged “double” (or “triple” or whatever.)

      1. William:……You’re not going to see any real evidence of a “double” Biden because there is none…imo. This ”double” business is a lot of hooey promulgated blogs for whatever reason. Biden looks difference in every photo depending on his weight, face/ear surgery, attitude/mood, the makeup, haircut, lighting, time of day or camera angle.

        Some say the current Biden is the 3rd or 4th clone. The person to ask is Dr. Jill. “Is your current Joe the one you married or have things changed below the belt, for better or worse?”

        File: I say this photo is the real Biden… question about it.


      2. Not being an expert in this area, I would think the one test Jim has mentioned that apparently was used in the Noah/Vabner verification would be the measurement of the pupil distance. It would seem that would put it all to rest.

      3. I can’t remember where I saw it. Clones for Biden? who knows. Saddam Hussein had several doubles. One of them came forward to tell the story. He was forced to do it or his family would be killed. He came across as very credible. But who the hell really knows? Definitely looks like at least two other guys have played Biden. Don’t care who believes doesn’t believe

  9. Jim…Thanks for that article. It will not be long before Biden is gone. This cannot persist. BUT, it may be somewhat feasible he’s just an actor playing this role under the guise of the USA still existing as a nation; in which case, he cannot be impeached as he is in reality not the POTUS….just an actor playing in a strange movie. How do we impeach actors? We just stop watching their movies……as I have done with Sean Penn and Schwarzenegger, DeNiro and quite a few others. Stop watching THEIR movie and start our own produced by WE THE DAMN PEOPLE!
    In any case, you will appreciate this about Wisconsin election fraud:


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