20th Observance of 9/11: Thierry Meyssan got it right!

Today everything agrees with Thierry Meyssan

[Editor’s note: When Thierry Meyssan published “Hunt the Boeing!” and Pentagate (2002), he was making the key point that no Boeing 757 had hit the Pentagon, which meant that, as the US military command-and-control center, the entire 9/11 operation had to be a fraud. He was right about that, where I have embedded the results of collaborative research by members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which I founded, as confirmation across the board.’]

By questioning the official version of the September 11 attacks, Thierry Meyssan opened a global debate in 2001. But the most important part of his book on September 11 was a political science study that predicted the evolution future of the United States after those crimes. The problem is not knowing how the attacks were committed but why the United States reacted that day in violation of its own Constitution and why it immediately adopted profound reforms that changed the nature of its institutions. Meyssan then predicted the transformation of the American Empire, a transformation that we are seeing with the planning of the fall of Kabul. Everything he announced in 2002 has been confirmed in the last 20 years.

Voltaire Network | Paris (France) | August 31, 2021

On September 11, 2001, just hours after the attacks, Donald Trump publicly denied the official version of what happened in a statement to New York television Channel 9. This real estate mogul later broke into the world of politics and became president of the United States. Trump had made it his mission to clarify the events of September 11. But he did not achieve that goal.

In late 2001, I published a series of articles about the attacks on 11 September 2001 and in March 2002 published a book on the subject [ 1 ]. Since its publication, my book has been translated into 18 languages ​​and has opened a worldwide debate that questioned the veracity of the official United States narrative on the events of September 11.

However, the “international media” refused to consider my arguments and undertook an accusing me of “amateurism” campaign [ 2 ], of “conspiratorial” [ 3 ] and “negationism” [ 4 ] .

The most important thing is that the authorities of the United States and their allies reduced all my work to the content of the first pages of my book – the ones that questioned the official version of the attacks – and pretended not to see that it was a political science book that denounced what those “false flag ” attacks [ 5 ] were going to justify: the resurgence of institutional surveillance of citizenship in Western countries and the beginning of the “endless war ” in the expanded Middle East or Greater Middle East.

In this article I am going to review everything that we have learned in the last 20 years about those attacks. But we will mainly see if my 2002 predictions turned out to be true or not.

The President of the United Arab Emirates, Cheik Zayed, had my book “L’Effroyable imposture” translated and published. He even signed numerous copies and sent them as a personal gift to personalities in the Arab world.

The black hole of September 11, 2001

If someone asks what happened on September 11, 2001, you will surely conjure up images of the attacks on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But surely you will forget many other things, such as the cases of people who benefited from the fall in the shares of the affected airlines … benefits that they could obtain because they knew what was going to happen that day; the fire that devastated the annex of the White House – the Old Eisenhower Building – or the collapse of a third building of the World Trade Center.

The most surprising thing is that almost no one remembers since, at 10 in the morning of that day, Richard Clarke launched the “Government Continuity Plan ” [ 6 ] . With that decision, President George W. Bush and the entire Congress were suspended from their functions and under military “protection”.

President Bush was taken to an air base in Nebraska, where there were already – since the night before – all the heads of companies that occupied the upper floors of the Twin Towers [ 7 ] , while all the members of the Congress had been concentrated in the Greenbrier mega-bunker. Power was thus in the hands of the “Government of Continuity “, which was located in another mega-bunker – the so-called “Complex R ” of Raven Rock Mountain [ 8 ] . Power was not returned to civilians until the end of that day.

On September 11, 2001, upon being informed by his staff that a Russian satellite had observed a missile shot from a US vessel positioned off Washington toward the Pentagon, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to communicate with the President George W. Bush. But he was unable to do so, not because there were difficulties with the telephone networks but because George Bush Jr. had been temporarily stripped of all his presidential prerogatives and functions.

Who were the members of that “Government of Continuity ” and what did they do during the time they assumed power? It is not yet known. Members of Congress who raised that question were never able to arrange a hearing to clarify it.

It is important to understand that as long as this and other aspects of what happened that day are not clarified, the controversy about September 11, 2001 will continue. The protocol that was applied that day had been conceived by President Eisenhower at a time when nuclear war was feared and starting from the principle that if he – the president of the United States -, the presidents of the Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as the majority of the members of Congress, perished, that is, in the absence of constitutional powers, the military would logically have to assume the continuity of the government. But, on September 11, 2001, absolutely nothing of the kind happened. Not a single representative of the three powers recognized in the US Constitution died. Consequently, the transfer of power to a “Continuity Government ” was an unconstitutional measure.

In other words, it was a coup.

After the events of September 11, 2001, Jacques Chirac, then President of France, traveled to New York to personally present his condolences to the grieving population. When my book “L’Effroyable imposture” was published, President Chirac asked French Foreign Intelligence (DGSE) to verify my arguments and the elements that I contributed. Subsequently, President Chirac refused to place the French armed forces under US orders in Afghanistan and prevented France from participating in the “endless war” during the invasion against Iraq.

The September 11 attacks

In my book on 9/11 and subsequent events, I hypothesized about what really happened that day. But that is irrelevant in my proof. The faction that perpetrated this crime wanted to provoke a shock comparable to what sparked the events of Pearl Harbor … according to what they had written before the members of the Project for a New American Century, to justify a modification the way of life and functioning of the United States. What they did was tell the public an incredible story … that everyone swallowed without question.

9/11: What happened? Who was Responsible? Why did they do it? (6 September 2020)


  • To this day, there is still nothing to show that the 19 individuals designated as “hijackers” were actually on board the hijacked planes. These people did not even appear on the passenger lists that the airlines published that same day. The videos showing these “hijackers” were not recorded in New York but in other airports where they were in transit.
  • To this day, there is no proof that the 35 telephone communications with passengers on the hijacked planes actually existed [ 9 ] . The same happens with the telephone conversation attributed to a passenger who allegedly attacked the hijackers of flight UA 93 and with the telephone conversation that the Attorney General, Theodore Olson, claimed to have had with his wife, who was traveling in flight AA 77. On the contrary, the FBI specified that the hijacked planes did not have telephones built into the passenger seats and that said passengers would have had to use their own cell phones … which at that time did not they operated at more than 5,000 feet of altitude. Furthermore, none of the aforementioned communications appeared in the lists of communications provided by the telephone companies – not even the one reported by Attorney General Olson.
  • To this day, there is no physical explanation that allows us to understand the vertical collapse (on themselves) of the Twin Towers of the World Trade and of a third building of that complex. The Twin Towers each received the impact of an airplane, without it knocking them down. [Editor’s note: Actually, the apparent impact of the planes in New York City was an illusion, which appears to have been done using sophisticated holograms. See “9/11: What  happened? Who was Responsible? Why did they do it? (above)] According to the official version, the fuel from the planes burned and the fire melted the vertical beams that supported the two towers, which would explain their collapse. A third building in the complex also collapsed – without impact from any aircraft – supposedly because it was affected by the collapse of the Twin Towers … but it did not fall sideways but also collapsed on itself. Note that no one explains the side explosions reported by firefighters and that are seen in numerous filmed images. No one explains either the presence of sectioned vertical beams – not cast. Both the explosions and the presence of sectioned beams indicate the existence of a demolition not accidental but controlled. Another fact, neither before nor after the September 11, 2001 has been the collapse of any skyscraper as a result of a major fire [ 10 ]. And after that September 11, no one has suggested modifying the way skyscrapers are built to avoid a similar catastrophe. Finally, the photos of real “pools” of molten steel taken by the firefighters and the photos of the FEMA (the American agency for the management of disasters) that show how the rock on which they were built melted. The foundations are inexplicable according to the official version.
  • To this day, there is no proof that a passenger plane crashed into the Pentagon. The day after the attacks, firefighters explained at a press conference that they had not found anything from a plane there. The authorities, who published a fierce statement against my book, announced that they had found numerous airplane parts and assured that they were using them to reconstitute the aircraft in a hangar … but then they stopped reporting on it. By the way, relatives of victims, initially scandalized by the content of my book, changed their attitude when the authorities handed them funeral urns with remains supposedly identified thanks to … fingerprints, which should be impossible in the case of People killed amid the extremely high temperatures of a major fire. Some of these victims’ relatives refused to sign the confidentiality agreement that the authorities proposed to them in exchange for a large compensation.

The historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, defended the works of Thierry Meyssan.

Widespread control of Western states over their own citizens

In the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks, only in a matter of days, the George W. Bush administration passed an Anti-Terrorism Code in Congress, under the name of the USA Patriot Act , the “American Patriot Act.” It was a very voluminous text that had been written over the previous 2 years by the Federalist Society – which included among its members Attorney General Theodore Olson and Attorney General John Ashcroft. The US Patriot Act suspends the application of the Bill of Rights (Bill of Rights) in cases of terrorism.

Let’s do some history. During the formation of the United States of America, two opposing factions emerged. One of them, headed by Alexander Hamilton, wrote the American Constitution with the intention of establishing a system similar to the British monarchy, but with governors instead of the nobility. The other faction, led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, rejected that Constitution until 10 Amendments were added to it that were to prevent future US rulers from resorting to “Reason of State .” Those 10 Amendments constitute the United States Bill of Rights or Bill of Rights and their suspension through the Patriot Act upsets the balance that should serve as the basis for the founding of the United States. The imposition of the Patriot Act favors the aspirations of the faction that wanted to build the American nation in the image and likeness of the British monarchy, the faction of the descendants of the so-called “Pilgrim Fathers “, the exiled Puritans of England. President George W. Bush, like his father President George H. Bush, is a direct descendant of one of the 41 signatories of the 1620 “Mayflower Pact .”

To enforce the USA Patriot Act , a new ministry, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), was created in the United States, encompassing a number of existing agencies. This Department of Homeland Security of the United States was equipped with a political police capable of spying on any American citizen. The Washington Post revealed in 2011 that the Department of Homeland Security officials recruited 835,000, of which 112,000 were engaged in secret [ 11 ], which means that this agency has a spy for each 370 inhabitants, making the United States the most Orwellian country on the planet.

Edward Snowden revealed in 2013 how the Department of Homeland Security works. Snowden did not limit himself to revealing information about the global espionage system for international communications implemented by the National Security Agency (NSA), but also disclosed elements about internal mass surveillance in USA. Today he lives in Russia as a political refugee.

That system of monitoring and internal control of the population, although less documented, has been spreading gradually in all Western states through the “Five Eyes” (Five Eyes) [ 12 ] and NATO.

As president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez voted in the National Assembly for a motion in support of the thesis presented in the book “L’Effroyable imposture.”

The ” endless war “, from September 11, 2001 to the fall of Kabul in 2021

A month after the attacks of September 11, 2001, the then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, created the “Office of Force Transformation” and placed it under the direction of the Admiral Arthur Cebrowski. It was about changing the very role of the United States military.

The Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine [ 13 ] is as important a reform as the creation of the Pentagon after the crisis of 1929. But this time it is about adapting to financial capitalism. The United States will no longer try to win wars but to prolong them as long as possible. This is the true meaning of President George Bush Jr.’s expression “endless war .” The true objective of the United States will be to destroy the very structures of the states in the countries whose wealth it seeks to exploit. The destruction of the States seeks to prevent the countries that are victims of this strategy from exercising some kind of political control over their own resources. US Colonel Ralph Peters The summarized this doctrine in one sentence: “Stability, enemy of the United States” [ 14 ].

That is exactly what just happened in Afghanistan. The United States began its war against Afghanistan just after 9/11. It was supposed to be a war of only weeks, but it turned into a never-ending war. The victory of the Taliban that we have just witnessed was organized – by the United States – to continue prolonging the conflict. That is why President Biden just declared that the United States did not invade Afghanistan to build a state there – the exact opposite of what the United States did in Germany and Japan after World War II.

When he met Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Biden publicly rejected the “endless war .” But now he has just reactivated it, aligning himself – like Barack Obama – behind the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine.

All the conflicts that started after September 11, 2001 have continued until today. Far from ending after the military victory proclaimed by the United States, instability has settled in Iraq. The same has happened in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Of course, there is always the recourse of calling what happens in these countries a “civil war ” and accusing their leaders of being “dictators ” or simply not explaining anything. But the truth is that those countries were stable before the Western interventions promoted by the United States and that, when their misfortunes began, Gadhafi’s Libya and Aoun’s Lebanon were even allies of the United States.

Under the administration of George Bush Jr., Vice President Cheney had created a secret group in the White House, charged with defining the development of US energy policy (National Energy Policy Development ). This group was convinced the world was about to face a serious oil shortage. So, if the United States destroyed states, it was in order to exploit the oil of those countries, but not just now but at another time.

In addition, the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski doctrine stipulates that the United States must not fight against globalized powers such as Russia and China but must, on the contrary, give them access to the natural resources of the conquered countries … but forcing them to pay to States United to get that access.

By publishing numerous internal reports from the US military, Julian Assange did not reveal any really sensitive information. But the set of documents revealed shows that the Pentagon never tried to win the wars it waged after September 11.

To fight these wars, the Pentagon secretly equipped itself with clandestine special forces: 60,000 soldiers who do not wear uniforms [ 15 ] and who are capable of assassinating anyone, in any country and without leaving a trace. As early as 2002, the American journalist Bob Woodward revealed the operation called the “Global Attack Matrix “, which had been decided only 3 days after the September 11 attacks [ 16 ] . For his part, Wayne Madsen – also an American – published the names of the first victims in Papua, Nigeria, Indonesia and Lebanon [ 17 ] .

From the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explained that, by being used as a pretext to justify wars, the events of September 11, 2001 were no longer an internal matter of States. United and demanded the opening of an international investigation to clarify what really happened that day.


The last 20 years confirmed all my forecasts. Unfortunately, few have clearly seen the evolution of the world. Most people refuse to see the relationship between the revelations from various sources and almost no one wants to see the responsibility of Western democracies in the crimes perpetrated against the countries of the Greater Middle East.

The problem remains the same: hardly anyone can admit that the criminal is so close.

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1 ] L’Effroyable imposture, Thierry Meyssan, Carnot, 2002. Second edition, revised and corrected L’Effroyable imposture du Pentagate suivie prefaced by General Leonid Ivashov (who was acting chief of the general staff of the Russian armed forces on September 11, 2001), Demi-Lune, 2006. In the same year 2002, this book was published in Spanish under the title La Gran Impostura: No Plane Crashed in the Pentagon .

2 ] According to my detractors, I had not been at the scene, as a ” true journalist ” would have had to. But the United States had banned access to the three “crime scenes” for reasons of ” national security ” and for years no journalist, from absolutely no media, had access to them. So the reproach of ” amateurism ” would have to apply not only to me but also to all the journalists who repeated the official version.

3 ] The adjective ” conspiratorial ” began to be used in the 1960s to designate those who questioned the official thesis of the lone sniper who supposedly assassinated President Kennedy and denounced that what he did was a conspiracy. possible that assassination.

4 ] Indeed, I deny the official version of the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the term ” denialism ” actually alludes to an extreme right-wing current – whose ideas I have always fought – that denies the will of the Nazis to perpetrate the genocide of the Jews in Europe.

5 ] False flag or “under false flag” operations are operations carried out in such a way that it is possible to attribute them to the opposing side. Note from Red Voltaire .

6 ] Against All Enemies, Inside America’s War on Terror , Richard Clarke, Free Press, 2004. Published in French under the title Contre tous les ennemis: Au cœur de la guerre americaine contre le terrorisme , Albin Michel , 2004.

7 ] Like every year, Warren Buffet – who was then the richest man in the world – gave a charity dinner in Nebraska. But, something that had never happened before, that day the annual dinner was not organized in a large hotel but … in a military base. The invited company bosses had given their New York employees the day off, which explains the relatively low death toll in the collapse of the Twin Towers.

8 ] A Pretext for War: 9/11, Iraq and the abuse of America’s intelligence agencies , James Bamford, Anchor Books, 2004.

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10 ] Four years after the events of the World Trade Center, the people of Madrid witnessed the fire of the Windsor Tower, a 32-storey building more than 106 meters high. On the night of February 12-13, 2005, the Windsor Tower burned for hours. Parts of the building collapsed in isolation but the Windsor Tower did not collapse on itself. In fact, it remained standing and had to undergo a laborious dismantling process to free the land it occupied. Despite its misleading title, the reader can find interesting details in the article “ Fifteen years of the Windsor fire, the skyscraper that melted at 1,000 degrees ”, El País , February 12, 2020, and on Wikipedia . Note Voltaire Network.

11 ] Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State , Dana Priest and William M. Arkin, Little, Brown and Company, 2011.

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17 ] “J’accuse – Bush’s Death Squads”, Wayne Madsen, Makingnews.com , January 31, 2002

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  1. Will the 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA by Israel go unpunished for another 20 years? Will the TREASONOUS COVER-UP of Israel’s GUILT by all politicians and the MSM continue for another 20 years? Will Israel’s STRANGLE-HOLD on America ever end? Not if American Patriots [ http://patriotsoccupyamerica.us ] re-discover their balls!


    1. I do not see any change coming. Fifty years from now people will STILL be talking about planes crashing into the Twin Towers.

      Basically the USA is a failed nation. The USA is a nation of fakes, frauds and phonies at the Top.

      There are good people in the USA…..a few here and there. Less than 1%.

      1. That’s quite low, Don…means out of 100 people you may know, only one is a good person? That’s a pretty sad testimony.

      2. Out of 1000 random people there are about 10 good people …..that’s a lot of good people, Will. But there should be more.
        Will, I’m not talking about people ”I know” as an aggregate.

        We live in a rather sad world, I would say. The number of good people are an absolute shocking minority from my experience in life.
        The number of people that viciously attacked me on this blog alone is pathetic.

    2. FAR TOO MANY Americans, basically good, moral and even educated and intelligent, have been relentlessly, subtly and heartlessly BRAINWASHED and PROGRAMMED by the MSM, cultural leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, corporate leaders and other figures of authority – and turned into mindless and blindly obedient sheeple and self-absorbed couch potatoes or obsessed radicals. It will only take a small number of well-informed, committed and courageous leaders to rally and DE-PROGRAM the sheeple and restore America to the fantastic country it once was, before it was CORRUPTED by ruthless Zionist Slimeballs and, you guessed it,……ALIENS and their emotionless and heartless HHAs! [Hybrid Humanoid Aliens – SEE “THEY LIVE”].

  2. From Jim Stone, this is a sterling example of how the MSM is complicit in the Covid Crime. Even after a lying leftist doctor is exposed, they still continued to post his fakery:

    SOUTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA, Okla. (KFOR) – A rural Oklahoma doctor said patients who are taking the horse de-wormer medication, ivermectin, to fight COVID-19 are causing emergency room and ambulance back ups.
    “Dr. McElyea said the patients are suffering from nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and cramping, and that��s only in minor cases.
    “The scariest one that I’ve heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss,” he said.
    The hospital he worked at said he’s a temp, and has not been there for 2 months.

    This lie got spread from horizon to horizon. I did not report on it because I just saw it as another media corona lie and there’s so much of that it would amount to littering if I posted it all. But this is such a salient case I’ll do it for this
    A FULL DAY after the hospital came right out and said this doctor lied, MORE than enough time to fix this, the MSM still has this posted because THEY WANT TO LIE:


      1. Stone is batting 500 lately. Here, he calls out Goggle for their blatant hypocrisy in banning Gateway Pundit for putting up an article talking about the Shariah on vaccines, but at the same time allowing that fake doctor to speak of overflowing hospitals (yeah, overflowing with the VAXXED!). May Goggle burn down soon. Don’t use them…try Startpage, or Brave or even Duck Duck Go….or Tor if you don’t mind the slowness.

        Also, here’s a better link to that image that did not show up clearly…just click the link and then click the image for a blown up version:

        They said it was because Gateway Pundit publishes misleading clickbait. But what about that doctor that blatantly lied about emergency rooms being flooded with people who took ivermectin, when the hospital chain he said it happened at issued a rebuttal, stating they don’t have a single person anywhere in their system that came in overdosed or with any bad reactions to ivermectin, and that the doctor was a subcontractor that did not even work for them? Rolling Stone and many others totally funded by Google are keeping that proven lie prominent and won’t be de-monetized. Why? BECAUSE THEY SUPPORT THE AGENDA.
        I will say that I was never a fan of Gateway Pundit because too much stuff was sensationalized and not presented actually as is, but they were 50 shades of gray BETTER than those Google promotes, why not start by de-monetizing Rolling stone, and after CNN and everyone else is gone, THEN worry about Gateway Pundit? Google is a total fraud, but am I insulting the intelligence of my readers by posting that? Everyone knows water is wet, grass is green, and falling hurts, “Google fraud” is so basic it ought to be an insult to tell anyone who has a mind at all about it.
        If one Islamic organization is saying this, they are all saying this, they don’t vary by much if AT ALL:


  3. So, what do authentic Jews and the Bible have to say about the true identity and nature of the Israeli Zionist perpetrators of 911? Yahweh has promised a HOT “CURE” for the Israel Cancer! [Ezekiel 22:20]


  4. The following vid is from Fetz’s BitChute channel. …re Richard Gage leaving the A&E for 9/11 Truth movement. I don’t know this Fitzgerfald fellow. He starts out by saying it’s over…the most popular and influential ..blah, blah ..has fallen off a cliff. I say good riddens. It was meant to fail and fall apart. Any peripheral research into the properties of thermite or nano-thermate/thermite would tell you it was not possible for those buildings to be destroyed the way they were from that alone. It’s an incendiary, not an explosive. It cannot turn steel and concrete to dust. This is not to say it wasn’t used to cut through columns for the sizes they needed and for certain likely strategic purposes. Gage was used for his credentials and voice and then thrown away. This is not an uncommon tactic in these ops.
    BUT, it’s worth watching to understand how he was used as a diversion from the truth of the buildings being nuked. I remain banned from commenting on BitChute, hence my comment here.

    I’ll stick with Khalezov’s findings via 9/11-Thology..The Third Truth and and Fetz’s theories.

    Thermite and thermate are loss leaders. And now, their leader IS lost. Good.


    1. Fetzer note: Richard Gage promoted nano-thermite long after it had been shown incapable of blowing apart the Twin Towers. He would not address the fact that none of the 9/11 aircraft actually crashed on 9/11. He would not even talk about who was responsible and why. Check out, “On C-SPAN, Richard Gage leaves 9/11 Truth in a ‘time warp'”, https://jameshfetzer.org/2020/09/on-c-span-richard-gage-leaves-9-11-truth-in-a-time-warp-2/ For proof substantiating what I am explaining here, see “20 Observance of 9/11: Thierry Meyssan got it right!”, https://jameshfetzer.org/2021/09/20th-observance-of-9-11-thierry-meyssan-got-it-right/

    2. The HOW of 911 is primarily of value insofar as it illuminates the WHO of 911. Afghanis and Saudis [or any other Arabs] did/do not possess mini-NUKES – but Israel does. And those 5 dancing guys who filmed the 911 WTC attack from New Jersey and then bragged about it on Israeli TV , were Israelis, NOT Afghanis or any other nationality!


    3. Banned from commenting on Bitchute… really Will? you must be a fairy dangerous man. I’m a kitchen sink man on the twin towers. Still. Imagine the planners of that disaster considering all the possibilities. Crashing planes into them wouldn’t do jack shit except for localized damage at the impact sight. And smoke inhalation casualties above it. Plenty of terror for sure, but it just wouldn’t suit the shock value agenda of reducing them to rubble. They could not be certain a Boeing class jet would even find it’s intended target, once, let alone twice. That was proven by pilots for 911 Truth in simulators. Then we have the speeds attributed to these alleged aircraft being incongruent with their airframe limits. People’s eyes glaze over when you get into that.

      Remember what the FEMA Director told Kurt Sonnenfeld? A small plane crash at the twin towers. I think that is accurate. A small aircraft of some sort hit the first tower. You all saw the firefighter’s documentary film. Looked small to me. Another stage prop? Perhaps. I haven’t seem much examination of why that was done. Some thought it was a global hawk drone possibly delivering a nuke. Who the fuck knows. I’m just saying personally I don’t think Boeing class aircraft had any role in bringing down the towers, crashing or not and I don’t think they crashed there or at any of the other two sites in DC and PA.

      The planners just loved the part of blaming plane crashes that did not happen. They knew people like us would notice and that John Q. Normie news consumers would swallow the lies without chewing. This became a great point of conflict since most news consumers can’t cross the Rubicon because they saw the plane crash on TV. Any doubt of that is met with ferocious indignation just like pointing out the Sandy Hoax or the first man to land on the moon was Neil’s cameraman and then they left the poor bastard there to die just so he could give that perfect panned shot of their departure.

      The masters of disaster would naturally consider redundant methods to destroy the towers. Nukes? For sure. Directed Energy weapons? Good back up plan. Cutting charges? Why not… lets make the solid parts left easily disposable. Thermate, thermate… yeah what the fuck… let’s just use them all. If anyone thinks we used all of the above, they will be ridiculed just like the no-planes faction. This is going to be fun watching them fight over what destroyed the Towers while the normies cling to the Boeing crash story. And while everyone is exhausting themselves on the how, the why is so easy to see in crystalline clarity. A 20 year war that exhausts the country financially and spiritually and turns the moral high ground into a bottomless pit of despair.

      1. Yes, dK….Banned on Bitchute. I don’t know why and neither does Jim or Mitchell. I sent BitChute an email to which they did not reply in any substantial manner….other than to send me some form letter that in no way addressed my issues. They’re located in the UK. What bugs me more than anything (I have mentioned this before), is that an obvious troll, which Jim has confronted and deleted and from which I believe he deleted comments, is still up there trolling just about any video that involves Fetz.

        I am not sure what your statement means….”you must be a fairy dangerous man.” If that is a reference to my being gay, you are way off course.
        Not sure why you would say that, but so be it.

      2. No edit feature for authors on the Fetz’s site. Sometimes the spell check screws you but it can’t catch mistakes like that… sorry dude.

      3. Not a problem at all dK…I have lost count of the times I have asked for an edit function. It’s likely WordPress does not offer that option. That missing “l” never dawned on me. Guess there are times i am too nitpicky.

  5. Zionist Slimeball Judges Mike Mukasey and Alvin Hellerstein prevented all lawsuits filed regarding 911 from reaching a courtroom and allowing 911 facts to come to light during DISCOVERY! [like, what made building 7 collapse onto its own footprint, right after “Lucky Larry” said “PULL IT”?]


  6. “The government of South Australia is running a trial for a system that could eventually force citizens to take a photo of themselves via a government app to report their location on demand within 15 minutes of authorities requesting it, or face a police investigation.” https://tinyurl.com/246m789t

    Pretty damn simple….GET RID OF YOUR SMART PHONE. I use a Samsung Gusto 3 flip phone. Bought it for $25 on ebay. Verizon $1@day for unlimited text and talk. What more do you REALLY need??

    GET OFF THE PHONE https://www.bitchute.com/video/2QbsxZOkIYjA/


    1. Bravo to that EJ…..but I ain’t even into flip phones….but I did get one or two for long trips….they’re buried somewhere. I DO understand it when living off the grid as yourself (I think). Although, some of those even take pics, no? Can they actually arrest you for NOT having a cell phone? THAT is beyond the pale. I’m sorry to say, this world is a madhouse.

      1. 25, 40, and 50 miles from any towns. Would cost thousands to get a land line put in out here.

        Yeah, this thing take pics but they are hooked up to Microsoft/pc sh*t that I would never use.

        I’ve got a you know, what do you call it?? Oh yeah, a camera 🙂 Little Canon Power Shot Elph 180. Takes great pics, fits in a shirt pocket when needed, downloads on my mac with ease. I was professional shooter back in the day in Hollywood, w studio, etc.but now I shoot sunsets, barn cats, etc. :-))

        Technically my phone is “cell phone” but not a SMART phone. Just like TV’s…smart and dumb, track you and not know who you are 🙂

      2. I would bet there are many out there who do not know the term ‘film” (much less, 120, Tri X)…or ‘enlarger’ or developer, fix…et al., eh? I loved my Yashica Mat. Yachica who? What’s a Rollei? or a Hasselblad? There was something tactile about developing…almost like you melded with the process…watching it come out of nowhere.

        My mothers godchild…Harry Nilsson (aka Skeeter Martin)


      3. Yeah, thanks, perfect for the conversation. I dig Harry, nice connection. Ever meet him? One of his stoniest…The Moonbeam Song.

        Those yellow fingers from the chemicals :-)) The SMELL!!

        I locked in on a OM-1, the first of the compact SLR’s. Only three lenses, tripod, motor drive, yeah, lots of Tri X. It was a real organic process and set up for me. I could, after years of shooting just B&W eyeball the settings without a meter..5.6 at 200, etc.

        This was the sort of stuff I was doing too besides models, bands, etc.


      4. Harry’s mom (Bettie Martin) and mine grew up together in Brooklyn during the depression.
        She called my mother “hockey”…wrote a poem to her I may still have…Ode to Hockey”. As children, they would go to the Hotel St. Moritz of Central Park South in Manhattan and mess with the rich as in their face reps of the Hoi polloi. In the sixties, they had a re-union lunch at that very hotel. I was honored to be with them. My family had a apartment on 86 Street in Manhattan and she and Harry stopped by on their way to CA asking for some travelling money. I met him, but it’s all quite vague at this point…and who knew he would become famous. My guess is, we gave them a few bucks and they were on their way. She knew her son was talented. My mother later told me that Bettie did whatever she had to to get to California…if you know what I mean. You will not find that story anywhere else for obvious reasons. Harry died far too young.

        You made a great picture there. To this day, I love sepia and b&w more than color….Ansel Adams rings my chimes.

      5. I tell you, it still just amazes me the stories and experiences of folks. Nice stuff Will, must have been an interesting life growing up in the city. Faaaar diff then mine, Antioch, CA pop about 7000 then, on the confluence of the San Joaquin and American rivers.

        Lots of outdoor stuff…making rafts and playing in the swamp, hiking in the open fields, fishing and swimming in the river, water skiing, hell of a time :-))

        Now the fields are full, it has a population over 100,000, #10 in No. CA for murder, couldn’t be the color and legal citizen change in the population, I am sure :-/

      6. EJ…I had my touches of that rural life, too. Since I went to an agricultural HS out in Queens, a prerequisite was working on farms during the summer for something like 25 bucks a week and room and board. By far, the hardest I ever worked in my life. Even took in hay loose with horses in my first summer …until I decided many years later to open my own restaurants (that was quite a different type of labor, tho) after a stint with Mother Bell down in S Fla (Boca Raton to be precise). But, I loved the rural life which is why I am where I am now.
        But, I tell you, growing up in the city and having walking access to every museum in NYC, the Great Lawn in Central Park, Greenwich Village, Broadway plays and the Hayden Planetarium was an experience I’ll never forget.

    1. I agree. Been a fan since he went on the web. Another Canadian gift. He used to play my song “It Starts With You And Me” as a ‘bumper’ song twixt commercials. His early day two Penopticon vids were real eye openers for me. He is sort of like that cool nerd one likes to talk with about things 🙂

      Bottom line: The fundamental tools of deception are the encouragement of FEAR and a belief in SCARCITY.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death.” – Adolf Hitler
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      “If our nation is ever taken over, it will be taken over from within.” – President James Madison

  7. American Patriots will NEVER FORGET that Israel did 911 – among MANY OTHER CRIMES against America! [USS Liberty attack, JFK assassination, Admiral Forrestal “suiciding”, Wellstone “accidenting”, etc.]


  8. Wow hard to think it’s been 20 years since 911. My memories of 911 roll back to this awesome 10 day backpacking trip in the Wind River Indian Reservation Wyoming. We returned on the 10th of September and I dropped one of our guys at Denver Airport, you know the temple of the New World Order… it actually says “NEW WORLD AIRPORT COMMISSION” on the capstone plaque with the square, compass and G spot insignia… the subtle part of it is the plaque’s mounting bracket — shaped like Death’s Harvester! It’s not far from the sculpture of a gargoyle emerging from a suitcase; just normal stuff you want to ponder before getting on a plane. That and the end of the world scenarios depicted on murals and Bluesifer the demonic horse of the apocalypse statue.

    I caught a 7 pound cutthroat trout in the most beautiful stream you can picture. Trout completely un-jaded by other fisherman’s attempts to catch them. It felt like a 20 pounder, put it was just 22 inches long. No evidence of anyone camped there for years. I found two complete elk skeletons nearby. One was 7 by 7 point rack and the other 8 by 7; the skull size was double the first one. The picture I have with the skull spanned neck line to waist line. I could only imagine the enormity of the beast. It’s backbone was broken cleanly in half perhaps by an avalanche from the steep mountain above.

    The trip is backbreaking over two mountain passes of 10,000 feet with a pack that feels like a ship anchor. Two days in and one day out for five glorious days of fishing. Your spirit is transformed by the raw beauty and the hardships you encounter and overcome. It snowed seven inches on our last night camped and the last pass we climbed was through slippery and treacherous melting snow. The civilized world we returned to of hot showers and soft beds with sheets was a comfort for just one night. The next day would be filled with horror and that comfortable world we looked forward to was upended forever.

    My revelations about what actually happened that day cost me a very good friend who wanted to cling to the comfort of the official story. He excommunicated me.

    1. Great find, Peter. Of course, there is no possible reason not to release those records…BUT, you can bet some corrupt judge will find one or at least try. Could this be the break we are all looking for?
      Make it so!

  9. America has been in the DEADLY EMBRACE of the Israeli Zionist Slimeballs for many years. Then they committed the UNTHINKABLE Crime with their 911 ATTACK ON AMERICA! It’s high time for PAYBACK! All those guilty of the COVER-UP [starting with Bush-it] MUST HANG for HIGH TREASON!


    1. the artcle said:
      [ 4 ] Indeed, I deny the official version of the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the term ” denialism ” actually alludes to an extreme right-wing current – whose ideas I have always fought – that denies the will of the Nazis to perpetrate the genocide of the Jews in Europe.

  10. 20 years after 9/11 one of the terrorist groups that attacked us is involved in a self-inflicted holocaust suicide. By forcing 80% of its population to take the bioweapons pretending to be vaccines Israel is committing genocide on their own people. What the Arab wars against Israel couldn’t do, Israel is doing to itself.

      1. Covid … certificate of vaccination I – D … everyone forgets the London Olympics opening ceremony which telegraphed the Kung Flu. It was bizarre beyond all reason, much like the tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland… they simulated the rape conception and birthing of the anti-Christ in that one. And you thought Switzerland was an idyllic and serene postcard of gleeful skiers and cows roaming freely with neck bells clanking — off in the distance. I have a good friend named Rupert from Davos who was a mountain guide before moving to Vail. Everyone needs to watch both ceremonies, it will blow your mind if you have never seen them. The tunnel ceremony takes the cake as the most perverted bizarre and frightening ceremony, it blow the doors off the cremation of care at Bohemian Grove. I would love to see the director’s cut version of Eyes Wide Shut. The sanitized version just gave you a glimpse of the depraved anti-souls running this realm

      2. @dave Kraft

        The tunnel ceremony, wow, yeah, yet another piece of history from the rabbit hole. So much has gone down hasn’t it over the past decade or so??

        That was truly a frightening demonstration of evil for all to see. So is the Pope’s building with the “snake” appearance too. And the creepy, monstrous sculpture behind him.

        And all the mystery around Kubrick…did he or did he not film the “moon landing” and his “clues” in other movies. Then his sudden death, was it just before the release of Eyes and the re-editing nonsense?? The digital deception of the controller’s. :-/

    1. With any kind of of luck, another Mordechai Vanunu will emerge from Dimona – and NUKE Israel to KINGDOM COME! When it happens, the whole world will dance and sing “Hava Nagila”.

    2. No “terrorist” foreign group attacked us. Point of the whole story friend.

      It WAS and inside job w Israeli assistance and fore-knowledge.

      Like he said, they had a meeting attended by all the “Jewish” (Zionist/Sabatian Frankists” owners of the towers.

      1. “Lucky Larry” [Silverstein], WTC owner, “Bibi” Buddy and SUPER Zionist Slimeball, asked Bibi for a favor – and Israel said OK! Israeli “katzas” and “sayanim”, embedded in the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, etc., helped to Pull it off” – or DOWN, if you prefer!

    3. Remember Jack. The Israeli leadership are not biblical “Jews.” They are Zionist, Sabbatian Frankist’s who have insinuated themselves for well over 100 years world wide into governments, military, banking, religions, etc. with an agenda of world domination as is the basic goal of all the sociopaths and psychopaths running or trying to run the world.

      They hold no allegiance to any faith, political party, nation, etc. The true “hidden hand” that is talked about. They work on theme of “donma” (to turn) meaning they are chameleon like in their conquests. Pretend to be Jew, Catholic, German, American, etc. and get and hold positions of power and authority to push their agenda.

      That is why they treat the Kasarian/Ashkanazi “Jews” so badly.

  11. 911 was the eye opener for me in 2007 when I set out to prove what a dolt my friend Ben was for saying it was an inside job. Before that I was a political agnostic. Once you dare to look, you cannot unsee the truth. Inside of a few hours I realized I was the dolt for not digging for the truth that was so in your face That everything you see and hear from the news is an outright lie or massive distortion. Even the weather is a lie. About the only thing you can trust is the sports scores. My pal Mavrik calls the internet a comic book world in other words… nothing on it is real. I think he is dying from the vaccination he is still advocating me taking… as he suffers from pancreatic, lung and liver cancer. He is taking the nuclear option of chemo and radiation. He will draw no connection between his “vaccination” and in a few short months, going from peak health to near death. How could he ? Saying he is wrong or sorry is not part of Mavrik’s DNA.

    When I just happened to run into Kurt Sonnenfeld, he was fresh out of Denver’s jail for his wife’s murder. He was heading to South America for a vacation since he just sold his house. I can’t remember what he told me verses what I learned from his interviews. I thought six months was a mighty short prison sentence. Kurt said he would get calls from FEMA saying his trouble would all go away if he gave up the video tapes of the Twin towers (crime scene being systematically destroyed). I am uncertain why he never released much footage from it. At the time of my meeting Kurt, I was uninterested in 911. Wish I could time travel and redo the hour I spent chatting with him. One thing I remember is he got a call from the FEMA director the morning of the attack and was told to get immediately to New York, there has been a small plane crash at the twin towers. His first thought was that’s FAA territory, I document natural disaster recovery for hurricanes and floods. When he got to New York he found that FEMA had a headquarters set up the day before the attacks. And that nothing about the recovery efforts made much sense. They hauled away the crime scene as fast as possible. And that I-Beams were conveniently in perfect flat bed lengths already. After his prison sentence without conviction, all they had to do was wait for him to return from vacation. But they made a big deal of extraditing him, produced by his media firing squad. What they did to Kurt makes the Founding Fathers spin in their graves fast enough to generate electricity


  12. Excellent Post but it does contain this comment….”The Twin Towers each received the impact of an airplane, ….” which never happened. No planes crashed into any building on 911. The fakery was all done inside the CGI studios of the TV News companies.

    The huge explosions on the upper floors of the Towers were done by Mossad [the fake art students] placed bombs ”inside” the Towers to simulate plane crashes.
    File: Mossad munitions experts placing explosive charges inside an upper floor of a Twin tower. Note that one of the Mossad has been painted totally black so as to hide his identification.


    1. Added the following: The Twin Towers each received the impact of an airplane, without it knocking them down. [Editor’s note: Actually, the apparent impact of the planes in New York City was an illusion, which appears to have been done using sophisticated holograms. See “9/11: What  happened? Who was Responsible? Why did they do it? (above)] THANKS! Great catch.

      1. the article says:
        On September 11, 2001, just hours after the attacks, Donald Trump publicly denied the official version of what happened in a statement to New York television Channel 9. This real estate mogul later broke into the world of politics and became president of the United States. Trump had made it his mission to clarify the events of September 11. But he did not achieve that goal.

        I think Trump is the right wing “puppet” of the “controllers” who run society. He was worried about Larry Silverstein and the “more than bombs used to bring down the buildings”. Trump got the votes, but his allegiance is with “powers that be”, he did not jail Hillary, went for photo ops with fake shooting victims, and never put his mate Larry in jail for 911.

        Also Jim I heard you in an interview (I think with that guy who used to do as how with the now ceased coin collector guy). He queeried you about that Trump having a military coup re-instal him. He asked you “what if you are wrong?”. To what you answered (by memrory) “I don’t care if I am wrong”. Surely you “lost me” then.
        Your blog says:
        James Fetzer


        So you should have cared if you are wrong.

      2. That doesn’t sound right to me. I am dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths. You should know better. OBVIOUSLY, I would care if I were wrong. I think something got lost in the translation. Where in the world did you pick this up? And I most certainly do not regard Trump as a “right-wing puppet”. But you are entitled to your opinion, which I respect. Thanks for this.

      3. Jim, you follow some of what Richard D Hall said about the planes not being real. He believes Judy Wood’s directed energy, which you don’t, The fact that he believes Judy is the only thing that I give weight to. In one of your vidoes someone tell you Richard Hall has dropped some of his “no-plane stuff”. Well you can watch his videos yourself. In a nutshell, he now thinks the planes were not CGI but the alternatve, being a hologram like electronic (or whatever) cloaking of probably missiles. This is because of the 50 videos he could use 26. He used a Google program to trace the flight paths of all the plane videos. They all flew the same flight path. The plane images appear different beause of some viewing difference, eg. the hellicopter view gives a ball.

      4. Bill, I think you have some points mixed. He (reportedly) has given up his analysis of holographic projection, which, however, I endorse. I spell it out in considerable detail in my latest, The Goldfish Report 9/11 SPECIAL (5 September 2021), https://www.bitchute.com/video/vTNfYwbwpVIA/ Check it out and get back with your thoughts.

      5. Interesting. (I haven’t watched it yet, but I shall later today.) If he went back on holograms, that’s too bad, because he got it right. I elaborate the evidence in some detail in my latest, “The Goldfish Report 9/11 SPECIAL” (5 September 2021). https://www.bitchute.com/video/vTNfYwbwpVIA/ I adopt the theory as my own, if he abandons it, which must have been under pressure from those who thought you could not project a hologram onto air, because his earlier work got it exactly right.

      6. BillAu and Jim, for that matter…In that video you link to, the info under that video (which is really just a conversation…all audio) sends us to his site
        ( https://www.richplanet.net/ ). He mentions clip 9 from his 9/11 compilation. In clip 9 at around 8 minutes, they speak of an overlay anomaly which allowed the plane to look as if it went through the other side. So, obviously at that point, he has accepted it was a form of CGI. Do you or Jim know when he changed his mind to the possibility of a hologram and why? Now, it may be later in that first audio presentation, since I have not listened to it in totality. Here’ s that clip nine:


      7. No. It cannot have been CGI. Hundreds of witnesses reported seeing (what they took to be) the plane IN REAL TIME, which would have been impossible had it been either CGI or video compositing, which I explain in several of my videos, including the most recent. Here is his original analysis from 2012: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qxzx0qONTSpA/

      8. Jim…thanks….So sometime between 2010 (clip 9) and 2012, he introduced the radar analysis and changed his mind. Good to know. That would seem to mean that clip nine analysis with the CGI anomaly and the planes nose going through the other side was incorrect. Would you agree?
        So, in the video you provided, he has concluded (but has an open mind to other explanations) that DEW may have caused the opening in the tower AND that whatever hit the tower was solid to some degree, saying it may have been a cruise missile (cloaked in some fashion). …where you believe it was likely a hologram projected across the sky and that pre-positioned explosives created the shape of a plane. Would you think the same technique was also used for the north tower?

      9. Yes. The “nose out” was the hologram peeking through. They went to BLACK because of the glitch. I have no idea why he backtracked, because he had it right the first time. I suspect Judy pressured him for reasons of which I am presently unaware. This was completely brilliant work.

      10. Richard D Hall explains it all. Hall thinks there is cloaking of something like a missile, that it can’t be cgi because all the 26 flight paths match.
        In this blog they say a Pentagon headed missile was seen by the Russians, there were probably four missiles:
        On September 11, 2001, upon being informed by his staff that a Russian satellite had observed a missile shot from a US vessel positioned off Washington toward the Pentagon, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to communicate with the President George W. Bush. But he was unable to do so

    2. The entire political spectrum rejects 911 Truth, which our brilliant and courageous host, Jim, EXPOSED in his excellent book on 911! [I bought it].

      1. Bible means book. Jim’s book is a book. After many “Christian years” I consider the Bible a book too
        But as opposed to Jim’s attempt to be honest, the Bible is “fiction”.

  13. The offical narrative which is likely myth in a very short time, becomes the “truth” embedded in people’s minds. There are so many of these types of events they are impossible to keep track of. If you try to dicuss any of them with the average normie, they will consider you to be a complete loon. Many Republicans are talking about the people that voted for Biden as if thery are real, and not just counterfeit ballots and machine swapped votes. When are the results of the Arizona audit going to be realeased? Maybe Biden actually did win Arizona. It’s strange that the winner of the US presidential can be determined before the night is over, but the audit of a single county in a single state takes months and then the results of the audit are still unknown.

  14. Some amazing new revelations to me. I have harvested all the information I could find over the years regarding 9/11. I had listened to Jim’s reports so much I could repeat verbatim with him many of his excellent points. And yet more damning evidence shows up.

    The preponderance of unanswered facts by ANYONE in the main stream is disgusting. But then again, it is actions of what I put out here weekly regarding the various agendas of power and control at work to take over the natural evolutionary progress of humanity.

    To bring it up to date…we must ask: just what is going on NOW in secret meeting?? How close are we to becoming the same as the Aussies? Most of all, what can people do to stop the madness?

    Only a dozen of us or so seem to regularly populate this site, where in thousands of knuckleheads will reply to one post at Brietbart and other pretend “alt” sites. :-/ A high percentage of people are taking the death jab without a thought about the truth of things. Sure looks like “they” are winning now doesn’t it? :-/

    1. ((How close are we to becoming the same as the Aussies? ))

      Too close. CA, Oregon, Washington and NYC will be the first to go with mandated vaxxes. They’ll be the testing ground for the US, just as Australia, NZ and the UK are the testing ground for us. Floridians and Texans are armed to the teeth. They’ll be the last to succumb. Persoanally, I will die first.

      ((Most of all, what can people do to stop the madness?))

      Hit the streets by the tens of millions…fat chance, but that’s the real solution. In the interim, resist in any way we can…no test, no masks, no vax….and let others know where you stand. If they come to get you resist with fire power and take a few with you.

      The genius of the entire scam is that so many are voluntarily committing suicide. They’ll cover their butts by distributing some placebos…just enough to make it look legit.

      We’ll know they are winning when and if they start forcibly vaxxing. At that point, all gloves are off unless you’re a snowflake.

      1. >>We’ll know they are winning when and if they start forcibly vaxxing. At that point, all gloves are off unless you’re a snowflake.>>

        Actually I live near the town of Snowflake :-)) Named after two Mormon settlers…Snow and Flake. Congressman Jeff Flake is kin to him.

        I tell ya, if people don’t have months, not weeks of necessities stashed it will be a “smoking” bad time for real.

      2. Don’t leave out South Dakota… Will. I met an amazing musician here… plays fiddle, saxophone, harmonica and is also the lead singer in a kick ass band. He has a Sharp’s rifle like Quigley’s and competes in a long distance marksmenship event up in Montana every year. I am still waiting to meet my first liberal here or anyone that believes the election results. Hard to believe George McGovern came from Rapid City.

      3. Ab-SO-lutely, dK…not my intention to dismiss SD. I do hope it never gets to that point, but things look very dire. You also have open carry there…am I correct? Unfortunately, Florida does not have open carry.

      4. I am against the jab.
        Our PM(head poncho) wanted the jab to be mandatory, his advisors stopped him.
        Our Victorian Premier (head poncho, stair falling expert) says we have to be jabbed (70% of the elligble) or we stay locked up, then says he’ll unlock most of the country Victorians, make up your mind.
        I listened to Chairman Dan (Victoria ) say don’t wear a mask into banks (about a year ago) , in the old days you would look like a robber I gues. So I wlatzed into the bank with no mask, the manager said to put a mask on, I said the Premier said not to, the bank guy said the Premier’s wrong. The Premier could have got me fined.

    2. You have asked the million-dollar question, EJ–what are they doing NOW?

      Actually, the modus operandi of the Bilderberger cabal is that they hide their plans in plain sight. They have already telegraphed their plans–more jabs, more rigged elections, more inflation, more loss of private ownership, more oligarchical control over the economy, etc.

      The problem is that patriotic Americans over the years had no idea as to how extensive the cabal’s infiltration of every major American institution has been: Hollywood, sports, leading corporations, traditional and social media, the FBI and CIA, nonprofits, academics, school boards, religious groups, etc. Remember when the FBI used to go after Public Enemy #1 rather than becoming itself Public Enemy #1. Remember when the ACLU used to fight for civil liberties rather than fight to take them away. Remember when Amnesty International used to try to release political prisoners around the world rather than create them by toppling secular, rightful governments? Remember when the SPLC used to fight the Klan instead of patriotic and morally upright Oath-Keepers and Truthers and Christian groups? Remember when the CIA and other intelligence agencies directed their unsavory methods against other nations rather than the American people? Remember when the US Senate was the world’s greatest deliberative body rather than a rubber-stamp for totalitarianism? Only one senator–Rand Paul–has opposed the draconian COVID mandates and all the horrific overseas wars, but even he has stopped shy of stating the obvious: that Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide.

      We’re going to have to claw our way back, one school board or boardroom or congressional or other election at a time, trying to elevate true patriots again to the control of our major institutions. It will take time, which we don’t have a lot of, but we have to start somewhere.

      1. >>You have asked the million-dollar question, EJ–what are they doing NOW?>>

        I’ll take Bad Things Ahead for $400 William :-/

        >>Actually, the modus operandi of the Bilderberger cabal is that they hide their plans in plain sight. They have already telegraphed their plans–more jabs, more rigged elections, more inflation, more loss of private ownership, more oligarchical control over the economy, etc.>>

        Sort of a strange thing to seem to have to forewarn isn’t it?? Just one of the many tentacles of the agenda monster:

        The United Nation’s Agenda 21 intends to ban all unsustainable practices including irrigated crops, animal farming, having pets, freedom of movement, private cars, air travel and sea freight.

        They intend to outlaw the ownership of all private property, as this leads to accumulation of wealth and promotes inequality.
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>The problem is that patriotic Americans over the years had no idea as to how extensive the cabal’s infiltration of every major American institution has been:>>

        Decades of relative affluence, no “homeland” threats besides gangs, etc. made people lazy IMO. And it goes without saying that it was very well co-ordinated by the controllers.

        >>Remember when the FBI used to go after Public Enemy #1 rather than becoming itself Public Enemy #1.
        Remember when the ACLU used to fight for civil liberties rather than fight to take them away. Remember when Amnesty International used to try to release political prisoners around the world rather than create them by toppling secular, rightful governments?
        Remember when the SPLC used to fight the Klan instead of patriotic and morally upright Oath-Keepers and Truthers and Christian groups?
        Remember when the CIA and other intelligence agencies directed their unsavory methods against other nations rather than the American people?
        Remember when the US Senate was the world’s greatest deliberative body rather than a rubber-stamp for totalitarianism? Only one senator–Rand Paul–has opposed the draconian COVID mandates and all the horrific overseas wars, but even he has stopped shy of stating the obvious: that Donald Trump won the 2020 election in a landslide.>>

        Indeed I do William:
        I MISS THE OLD DAYS https://www.bitchute.com/video/fGIwDBY09DsS/
        – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        >>We’re going to have to claw our way back, one school board or boardroom or congressional or other election at a time, trying to elevate true patriots again to the control of our major institutions. It will take time, which we don’t have a lot of, but we have to start somewhere.>>

        My mantra out here in the digital world is…
        Everyone can’t do everything but everyone can do SOMETHING.

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  16. Very encouraging article. Makes me wish I had left this country 30 years ago.
    Where’s the solution? Our friend, Carl Herman is waiting for the White Hats.
    The thing is, We the People are the White Hats and none of us are movin’.


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