By de-cloaking, the demons running the global depopulation campaign just telegraphed their exact plans for 2022 – 2024

Mike Adams

(Natural News) As the truth about the anti-human demonic entities running our world today is revealed in the present, it provides us the opportunity to reevaluate the past and gain new understanding from our own first person witnessing of history as it unfolded.

For example, we now know that the globalists are, factually speaking, child-trafficking pedophiles. We know they run a global organ harvesting and transplant black market operation. We know they routinely plot to maximize corporate profits by killing any number of human beings in the process (covid vaccines, pharmaceuticals, etc.), and we know they plot false flag operations in order to run psychological terrorism campaigns against the people of the world.

With that realization, looking back at events like 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and even World War II suddenly brings new clarity: We realize the history of the world is actually a history of globalist terrorism against the people of the world. Nearly every crisis we’ve all lived through was engineered on purpose and unleashed to achieve a globalist goal of profit, power or depopulation.

There are almost no acts of actual terrorism committed by individuals or groups that weren’t directly run by governments or funded by globalist operators.

Once we fully understand the past and the present, we can then see the future with much greater clarity. We know, for example, that:

  1. Any time humans are on the verge of a mass awakening or “freedom” wave, globalists unleash another horrific terrorism campaign to keep people enslaved in fear.
  2. A key weapon of the globalists is to force the people into isolation so they cannot talk to each other. Covid lockdowns were part of this, but the far more effective strategy is to shut down the power grid so that people can’t even communicate electronically.
  3. Globalists telegraph their moves ahead of time because they need to set up the appropriate narratives in advance of their next wave of attacks. For example, while they plan to take down the power grid themselves, they are putting out warnings that claim “extremist” groups want to target the power grid. The real “extremist” group in the USA is the FBI, of course, and there’s nothing more extreme than a fraudulent regime that stole power by rigging elections and staging a hoax “insurrection” to demonize their political opponents.


Knowing this with absolute certainty — and having a firsthand experience now of how globalist governments are actively targeting humanity for total extermination — we can accurately anticipate their next escalation attack.

The next play will be the FINAL play against humanity… there won’t even be any attempt to hide their real motivations

It now appears they are ready to play the “end game” card against humanity and go for a total civilization takedown. This means disrupting or destroying the food supply chain, the power grid, telecommunications, monetary systems and the rule of law. The goal is absolute chaos resulting in mass death on a global scale, and the more chaos they can unleash in this manner, the more easily they cover up the truth about vaccine deaths.

All this confirms what we’ve suspected for quite some time now. The next attack vector will be one or more of the following:

  • A staged cyber attack on the financial infrastructure to take down the transactional infrastructure and plunge cities into chaos. This will be the opening round of the “great reset” script.
  • A deliberate takedown of the power grid to achieve a similar outcome.
  • A subsequent telecom “kill switch,” if needed, to ensure the complete collapse of internet functionality so that people can no longer connect online.
  • A deliberate release of a highly aggressive pathogen with a very high kill rate (Marburg / Ebola, etc.) or a toxic nanoparticle that simulates a pathogen. The panic from this will be used to drive additional “vaccine” campaigns which are of course simply death shot injections.
  • Domestic terrorism false flag operations that involve nuclear or radiological terrorism. (Could also be the mass aerosolized spraying of populations using drones or chemtrail sprayers.)
  • Provoking war with Russia or China and destroying the remaining US military in the process, making America deliberately vulnerable to foreign invasion.
  • The suspension of fair and free elections, the invocation of medical martial law, mass gun confiscation, domestic checkpoints, covid death camps and similar operations.

The timeline for this is obviously approaching very quickly because globalists are being forced to act. Here’s why:

  • The awakening is accelerating. The covid narratives are collapsing. Humanity is beginning to rise up against tyranny, and the censorship efforts have failed to stop it.
  • The 2022 mid-term elections are coming and cannot be allowed to take place, or Democrats will be thrown out of power.
  • Vaccine deaths are already accelerating and can’t be hidden for much longer. The body bags are stacking up in the morgues and can’t be ignored forever.

Thus, the almost certain window of opportunity for globalists to unleash their next wave of attacks on humanity is between today and early November.

That means we have fewer than 300 days remaining for the semi-reliable functioning of society as we know it.

What will you do with these few hundred remaining days?

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16 thoughts on “By de-cloaking, the demons running the global depopulation campaign just telegraphed their exact plans for 2022 – 2024”

  1. Mike Adams is a major insider (double agent) so I take what he says with a grain a salt. His job is partially to inflict fear but also to misdirect. None of his predictions surrounding the 2020 election came to fruition. He’s a constant guest on InfoWars and we all know Alex Jones is another controlled opposition clown. After the farce of his depositions on Sandy Hook (when Alex had the chance to introduce real evidence but decided to just act loony, because that’s the job he was hired to do in order to discredit real opposition) we know that most of the alternative media that exists in the US today is also being run by the same criminal Zionist elite. Joe Rogan, Stew Peters, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are just a few examples.

      1. When they give someone this much attention (and bandwidth) , it’s someone they control. Notice that even the White House’s now “condemning” Joe Rogan, who started getting major coverage after he interviewed Robert Malone, pro-vaccine and (((((inventor)))) of the mRNA technology. The Covid narrative is not working, they need to think of something else. Joe Rogan to the rescue! Word on the street is that Malone might replace Fauci and release his own vaccine. As for Stew Peters, the jury’s still out, but he came out of nowhere and now has a considerable following. His videos are incredibly well-produced, something right our of the CIA. Jeff Rense says he’s controlled, maybe that’s Jeff being a bit jealous. But for now I have to agree with him.

      2. “Notice that even the White House’s now “condemning” Joe Rogan,…….”
        Jack…you cannot be serious. Making a statement like that on this sight would be exactly WHY we would have faith in anything Rogan says.

        “Word on the street is that Malone might replace Fauci and release his own vaccine”

        Jack, the street….? Where is that street…in Beijing? Again you cannot be serious if you know anything of Malone. Watch some interviews with him and re-think your opinion, please.

        All you have done in your post is present supposition without fact.

        Try again.

      3. In a recent development, Rogan has now backed off and more or less threw Malone under the bus. This is what happens when one gets too big to continue to speak the truth regardless of consequences. I have seen this previously with Rogan, so it’s not surprising. Malone is a different man. So, I have no problem backing off on my position with Rogan….but Malone…..that is a totally different story. I would also say that Malone may have invented the mRNA technology, but that does not mean he condones it’s present use any more than Kary Mullis would condone the use of his PCR test for what is going on now with its mis-use.

  2. That corrected link to Jim’s interview with Gail from Gaia is about as complete a report as you will find given the length of time. It misses little if anything. Even though it’s from July 21, 2021, I do not believe there have been many updates since then. Pay particular attention to the screenshot at the end of this post (around 48 minutes in the vid). It will become obvious Brandon has ALWAYS worked against We the People. As I reviewed the material, a few things struck me. As far as those who demolished the school and of course have signed NDAs, would it not be possible to approach these workers or the company involved and offer them a reward, payment of their fine or eventual dispensation from any incarceration IF they would come forth and tell the truth of what they witnessed. Also, since a GIF was used to prove Noah Pozner was just a younger version of Michael Vabner, it might be interesting to prove our present Presidential doppelganger’s facial measurements do not have the same dimensions as the real Brandon. Just a thought. One other quick mention, the endless trolls are as usual trying to discredit the video and Dr. Fetzer by claiming in what is presently the top comment that Jim apologized to the parents of SH:

    ((I just read a CBS article that you apologized to to the parents of Sandy Hoax saying you lied. This was 2019.

    The comment is an outright deception since it was NOT Jim who apologized. Someone who is registered on BitChute might wish to correct that lie. For some reason, my recent attempt at registration was declined.


    1. Since Jill Biden seems to be spending all of her public time with the actor-Biden, is she paid or is this all for free?
      Her hugging, kissing and hand holding with the actor-Biden is most amazing. Where is the old original Biden hiding?


  3. Will Dr. Jim’s Sandy Hook Hoax book STILL be banned from, 200 hundred years from now?
    Will the USA still exist 200 years from now? Its current historical trajectory is shoddy in the extreme.


    1. Good stuff, Peter….but it does say in several places “does NOT include 27 victims of Newtown mass shooting (see State Police misc)…at 3:46. I don’t get it. You?

      1. I saw that in one place, could have missed others. Funny the total was 28 , they can’t even get that part right.
        Ct. reminds me of NASA, never a straight answer. Over 9 years in and not one photo or video of Lanza dead or alive in that school. Same with the mother, zero crime scene photos of her. Since asking for a receipt for toilets, paid for by the tax payer, is met with defiance and threat of arrest, getting photos of the mad man killer is asking for too much, LOL. The whole thing stinks of a cover up.
        Mr. Fetzer, have you had any luck getting your case into the appeals court? Also, any chance you could do an interview with Wolfgang, would be great to see and hear how he is doing?
        Thank You, Peter

      2. Sure. My case not only went before the Court of Appeals (District IV), which rejected it, but now languishes before the WI Supreme Court, which (I infer) does not want to acknowledge the corruption or incompetence exhibited by the Circuit Court and by the Court of Appeals, which Ron Avery has explained in a brilliant critique: “To Support The Sandy Hook Narrative, Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV Makes Gross Errors”, You can review my Petition here: My latest video on Sandy Hook:

      3. Peter, last I checked, Wolfgang’s telephone number was no secret. I called him a couple of times years ago and it was a real pleasure to speak with someone of that conviction.

      4. The covid 19 thing is a partial hoax. The nurses and my doctors at the VA Hospital told me last week that covid IS a fraud but they have to follow hospital rules. Pathetic.

        The US is the hoax capital of the world.

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