CONSPIRACY 101: Critical Thinking & Conspiracy Theories

Jim Fetzer

[Editor’s note: A sample of 10 students who enroll will have direct access to me in real time to share questions and comments as representatives of the class. I would be delighted if that were to include some of you. I shall not take offense if you decline the honor. REGISTRATION OPEN: The time to register is NOW. This course begins on Wednesday, 6 April 2022!]

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13 thoughts on “CONSPIRACY 101: Critical Thinking & Conspiracy Theories”

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  2. I belive Brand Blanchard vertritt a coherence theory of truth as Neo-Hegelianer, but it is said Masons apply dialectical logic – I wonder if either Blanchard or Pierce were Masons or otherwise connected to occultism?

    1. I haven’t studied Charles S. Peirce closely yet (thanks for the reference, Jim), but I think that Brand Blanchard transcends Hegelianism in that he describes an idea as relating to reality on a continuum rather than as a dualistic, either/or proposition. He says the relation between an idea and reality is a matter of degree, from potential to actual.

      Blanchard’s theory is that truth is the magnitude of coherence among the various ideas one holds.

      One thing’s for sure, he would never have gone along with “the science is final” arguments that inflame today’s pandemic hysteria. Science works by excluding qualitative features of the reality experienced by humans. It is quantitative. Consciousness contains all the qualities that science excludes.


  3. There’s a photograph of three men sitting in the dark together at a restaurant table, I think the man laughing into the camera is my hero Jim Fetzer, but I never saw his face from this angle? Canadian psychic Sloan Bella emphasizes don’t trust men in suits – that fits the man in the middle holding a napkin. Who are these men?

    1. Jesse Ventura, Vince Bugliosi, and me–having dinner together in St. Paul after Vince was awarded and Honorary J.D. by the Hamline College of Law.

      1. Man in suit
        Dear Sloan,
        Please see my inquiry about man in suit with Jim Fetzer’s answer: Vince Bugliosi also worked for LA County DA Office, maybe before
        you moved to LA?

    2. Dear Jim,

      Thanks for your identification of the three men. The lady above your head in the photograph is either your guardian angel or an attentive waitress. Gov Ventura is and DA Bugliosi was a very exceptional men, you three share spiritual destiny. You seem to know everybody who uses his or her individual thinking in America!

      1. Well, except for Bugliosi.

        Bugliosi was the major mouthpiece for the Manson psy-op through his opus (at least in length), Helter Skelter, as well as the sham of a trial he showboated in Los Angeles.

    3. For your information, Jim, and that of your readers, atavistic psychic Sloan Bella who moved from Toronto to Hollywood decades ago responded immediately to many inquiries on her You Tube live video to that incident involving persons whose character she knows from her involvement in “the industry” and as atavistic clairvoyant that it was a psy-op designed to distract from Hunter Biden’s laptop. – Wouldn’t it be helpful if Sloan would agree to mention your course on her You Tube program?

      1. I saw that the first lecture in the series is an introduction to “the Nature of Thought.” Is this correlated to Brand Blanchard’s work?

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