On February 25, 2022, School Safety Expert and Former Law Enforcement veteran Wolfgang Halbig filed a lawsuit against the Lake County, Florida Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and other defendants for violations of his US Constitutional first, fourth, fifth, and fourteen amendments rights. The Complaint lists a second cause as a RICO complaint, each seeking compensatory relief.

The suit claims that Defendant’s unlawful acts caused damage to Wolfgang Halbig. Halbig alleges they conspired, planned, and designed their actions to embarrass him publicly, damage him economically, silence his FOIA inquiries, and silence his investigations directed to government agencies.

Additionally, Halbig claims Officers of LCSO, acting under the color of law, intentionally, willfully, and wantonly subjected him to unnecessary force, illegal arrest, false imprisonment, and public humiliation.

Summary of Incident 

On January 27, 2020, at approximately 1:30 am, about four Officers of the Lake County Florida Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) surrounded Wolfgang Halbig’s residence, where he was awakened from a deep sleep when his dog began barking.

He opened the door, and to his shock, deputies immediately placed Wolfgang under a felony arrest, handcuffed him, and marched him across a golf course (still in his nightclothes) to a patrol car. The Officers placed him into the backseat of the patrol car faced down, still handcuffed, unable to move, sit up, or use his seatbelt. Officers refused to let Wolfgang read the official warrant and immediately took him to the LCSO jail. He was booked at 3:18 am, where he learned his official charges were “Unlawful Possession of Personal Information of Another Person (Leonard Pozner, father of alleged dead child Noah Pozner in the Sandy Hook shooting).

Before the Sheriff’s Office’s official time of releasing the public information of his arrest at 11:57 am, national news outlets had already disseminated the breaking news of Wolfgang’s arrest. The New York Times already had the lead in hand by 5 am. No admittance or investigation has been made to date of this article regarding who released that information to the news media before the time listed on the Sheriff’s report. Wolfgang was released on a $5000 Bond and was to appear in Court the following month.

That morning and for the next several weeks, the national news published numerous articles targeted at Wolfgang’s reputation by referencing Wolfgang Halbig as the “Sandy Hook Denier” and as the “Notorious Sandy Hook Tormentor.”

National headlines claimed, “Sandy Hook Denier Charged with having the personal ID of Victim’s Dad.”

Halbig alleges,

“My injuries include humiliating national news coverage caused by defendant officers matching me across a golf course in shorts and undershirt and lies conveyed to the Media. Such lies, presumptions, assumptions, and characterization directly impacted my business properties and personal reputation within my community and on a national level. The false light lies have destroyed my national school safety consulting business and my Children’s Safety Institute company.”

Interestingly enough, the warrant left the courthouse as a misdemeanor but was served as a felony charge. The original arrest warrant classifies the charge as a misdemeanor, yet the arresting officers’ document was classified as a felony. When Halbig’s attorney demanded exculpatory evidence, the charges were reduced to the original misdemeanor and then assigned to traffic court. Months later, the charges were dropped via a Nolle Prosequi filing based on the following grounds:


Wolfgang Halbig suffered from many lies at the time of his arrest. One such lie was contained within an LCSO Case Report when he was depicted as a “Mental Patient,” which the lawsuit describes as untrue, malicious, and defamatory. The Sheriff’s department provided no medical basis for such a lie and refused to give the source for such accusation.

At the time of the arrest, Halbig had separate written communications in progress with the office of the Lake County Sheriff, the Lake County District Attorney, the office of the Florida State Attorney, the FBI, and contacts within the US Department of Justice.

Wolfgang had filed FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests regarding information on Sandy Hook, and these communications continued to go unanswered and were not yet settled. Halbig filed Complaint after Complaint about the failure of responses to these FOIA requests.

In Connecticut, Wolfgang was finally granted a FOIA appeal hearing. It was scheduled for the following year, however that hearing provided no answers and virtually no usable documents.

For those new to the story, this is the second time Pozner filed a Complaint against Wolfgang Halbig. The first took the form of a lawsuit on 9/11/15. Two and one-half years later, Pozner did not show up on the day his discovery was due nor for his Court-ordered video deposition. Instead, Pozner dropped the lawsuit.

Wolfgang Halbig spent his career as a former Florida State Trooper, a school principal, and a nationally recognized school safety expert. He is considered one of the leading researchers into the Sandy Hook incident. (Click here to view an exclusive interview with Wolfgang by MBC (Media Broadcasting Center). This video is a recording of the hearing and a panel discussion of what transpired during the hearing. You may find another excellent video where Wolfgang Halbig addresses a group of school resource officers in New York State here.

A process server is set to serve the Summons and Complaint to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday,March 23, 2022. This action is a courageous step towards finding the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook on December 14, 2012.

The media has targeted many investigative journalists and other researchers who have brought the evidence of lying forward over the past nine-plus years. There were flaws in their movie production that went unnoticed to the general public but not to the trained professional such as Wolfgang Halbig. 

This writer’s opinion is that the powers that should-not-be do not tell the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook. Hopefully, Wolfgang’s lawsuit will shed more light on one of the most egregious lies foisted upon the American Public.

In Closing: Wolfgang Halbig was targeted to be destroyed personally and professionally. As a Sandy Hook researcher myself and author of the Book: Sandy Hook: A Citizen Journalists Exposure of Sandy Hook by Stephanie Sledge, I can say with certainty that Leonard Pozner has targeted those who have dared to question the mainstream storyline of the Sandy Hook shooting.
Pozner has also repeatedly harassed me and tried to permanently shut down this site claiming a copyright infringement immediately following a phone call I personally had with Wolfgang following his arrest. Pozner has never supplied me with the original and official documents to prove his copyright claims. Pozner only hides behind a copyright number but never provides the official documentation including the pictures allegedly copyrighted. In the interest of the American people, we can only hope Wolfgang’s lawsuit will release more facts needed to expose the lies told about Sandy Hook.
Other Documents

Watch 2-hour presentation by School Safety Expert & Former Law Enforcement veteran Wolfgang Halbig, looks into the incident known as the 2012 Sandy Hook School Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.



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  1. A few here may be familiar with Mark McKinney and his Quantum of Conscience channel on YT. I have not been following him lately, so thought I would check in and see what he was up to. To avoid YT’s censorship, he set up a site called called freevoice.io. As it turned out, the first upload I came across regards Sandy Hook. It’s all talk so you can listen while engaged in other activities. He mentions Jim and Wolfgang; whether it’s in a good or bad sense, I’ll leave it to the listener to decide. Mark has an interesting and refreshing approach which I see as worth the time spent just to hear a take with a bit of a different frequency.


    1. “Matt” McKinney, not Mark…..guess I have been away from his channel for too long. I have watched Matt for years and he most definitely has the gift of gab. The man can literally go for hours without referring to a note and is much undervalued as a contributor to the truth.

  2. @TruthisFreedom: FYI and correction. The car was not connected to the license plate. The license plate, placed upon the Honda and shown to the public was ran in 2018 and was licensed to the Dane County Sheriff’s Dept connected to a 2012 Crown Ford Interceptor. This license plate has been in use since 1988 to various vehicles -probably other interceptors or undercover cars. Please get your facts straight before commenting on my work.

    Also for those asking about whether Adam was even their son, there is a legal divorce document on file (2008) stating Nancy and Peter’s children are Adam and Ryan. It appears Peter, reportedly an executive at General Electric, was paying Nancy over $240,000 a year as part of their divorce settlement. However, according to the publicly released divorce decree, Nancy and Peter were both to remain the property owners of their home in Sandy Hook as part of the divorce, but that Nancy is to sell the home and move out before February 28th, 2011. The shooting happened December 14th, 2012. Nancy Lanza’s sister-in-law Marsha revealed that Nancy Lanza “had traveled to nine cities in three countries because she wanted out of the mansion she shared with Adam. Unfortunately, Marsha died in 2016 so no more questions can be asked.


    1. In the article you wrote in 2018, you said this:

      “The CT license plate also returns search results for a 2010 Ford Silver Crown Vic Police Interceptor”

      Here would be that police interceptor:


      872 plate, not 872-YEO.

      BTW, did you at any point contact the Dane County Sherrif Dept?

    2. Yes, you can see they registered a plate in CT as the record shows. Other agencies in Fema drills who are participating from other states are allowed to do this. In the Tucson shooting, the same license plate scenario was found with the alleged shooter’s plates. The background check was also licensed to a police interceptor using a regular out of state plate using the first three numbers. – strange, I know!

  3. The registered owner of a certain 2010 Honda Civic appears to be mystery. This vehicle made a guest appearance at Sandy Hook school on ”massacre” day. I wonder if anyone knows who owned it or is this actually a case of a floating license plate attached to police cars as needed?


  4. These parking lot photos make NO sense. If these cars belonged to teachers and school staff….where are they? If there had just be a massacre, surely most of these cars would be gone or their owners would be milling about their cars or seen in groups nearby. Upon close examination of these cars, they have proven to be from a police impound lot in another city.

    The entire SH scene had been staged and very amateurishly.


    1. That photo would have been taken late afternoon. The teachers wouldn’t have been there hanging around the parking lot.

      “they have proven to be from a police impound lot in another city”


  5. Sandy Hook will be alive until ALL of the participants are DEAD. It will still be believed as REAL for hundreds of years.

    Biden believes its real because he saw PHOTOS of the dead kids. I heard him say that on video before he ran from the room.


    1. To the best of my knowledge, there are no photos of dead victims at Sandy Hook. In fact, Brian Davidson has found photos in the CT State Police files showing no bodies and no blood anywhere inside the school when, had it been real, they should have been there–in the hallway, in Classroom 10–only vacant space. Check it out at https://www.bitchute.com/video/RKbH50yluzx9/

      1. Jim, of course there are no photos of Sandy Hook dead. Biden is lying as usual.
        When he noticed reporters that day, he immediately left the presser room.

      2. Someone took the report photos and created this site.


        Page 88 of the Walkley scene photos you can see what looks like a body bag at the end of the hallway.

        You can also see what looks like blood on pages 71, 73, 428, 473, 495, 622-624, 626-627, 663, 665.

      3. Very interesting. Are you *Lenny* using the name TruthIsFreedom ironically?

      4. I’m skeptical of the official story, but I also think people should fully research before making declarations like saying there are no photos of blood when there appears be some.

        In the same interview with the PI or a different one, you say there weren’t any shell casings. But your book on page 60 does mention shell casings being found. They could have been planted, but they were there.

      5. Did you watch the interview with Brian Davidson? He found several photos that show no bodies in the hallway and no bodied in Classroom 10, when they should have been there. I am inviting him to take a look. We will be sure to take a second look as well.

      6. The photos inside the school are redacted, they weren’t going to show any photos of the dead bodies.

        Starting at photo 533 there are several redactions in a row, with a photo indicating it’s room 10, followed by more redactions. So they likely did not show the interior of rom 10.

        The next photos indicate it’s room 8 and If you look at photo 574, there is a stain visible. And they don’t show a full view of room 8, there are areas of the room where the photos have been redacted.

      7. TruthIsFreedom has to be some sort of joker/shill. The school photos appear to be of a school being used as storage space. Plus, most of the photos are redaThis cted and not seen. Also, the photos of ”Adam” are actually of Ryan and many are shopped as had long been known. These are a sick joke.

        Odd how many of the window ”bullet holes” are smack dab into the window frames. How obvious can you get?

      8. There’s a reason there are no visible photos of SH school room 10. That’s because there was NO one killed there.

        Adam Lanza was a totally fictional person. He was just part of the script and only existed in the voice of police reports.

        President Obama was deeply involved in the SH hoax. Three days after the hoax he rushed to the scene and cried fake tears in a memorial service. After this he made sure he posed with some of the fake dead kids….laughing all the time.

        The black car that the fake Adam Lanza ”drove” to the school was registered to a local drug dealer.

        The truth book about SH that was edited by Jim Fetzer was so terrifying to Amazon.com that they BANNED it from sales. Meanwhile a vile hate book written by Adolf Hitler is sold by Amazon with great enthusiasm.

        The USA has become a sad pathetic shell of its former self.


      9. That’s interesting. Stephanie Sledge wrote this in 2018.


        “Initial reports claimed the car was registered to a “Christopher Rodia”, but that information was debunked when background checks on Rodia indicated that he did not own a 2010 Honda Civic and had an alibi for the morning of the shooting”

        She was trying to make the case that the Honda was registered to the Dane County Wi Sheriff Department. That turned out not to be true either. There was a Dane County car with just 872, not 872-YEO like the Lanza car.

  6. One thing to remember about Wolfgang is that he settled with the families last summer. Terms of the settlement weren’t released, but I doubt he’ll be able to bring up anything about his Sandy Hook evidence in this lawsuit.

  7. The corruption in this country seems beyond repair. Not the country itself. It still stands as a beacon to humanity. But the major institutions; and from the top down – the federal government. It is as though an epidemic of Untruth has taken place; so many of the citizenry infected with the pathogen of atheism – as enhanced, via a gain of function process, by a political belief system – which holds that there is no objective Truth, that all is relative, that what is right is whatever advances one’s agenda and what is wrong is whatever impedes it.

    A lot of the people following this site don’t like, or trust, Trump. But he is our elected president. (Still to be proven; but that state of affairs seems to be coming out. Slow, but sure.) And when he is reinstated in the office, and the Usurper is removed (not ‘impeached;’ that process is for legally sitting officials, and doesn’t undo all that the Illegal Occupier put their hand to), he needs to be supported fully, in ‘draining the swamp’. To include cleaning out the country of all illegal aliens, and closing down the borders to all but those who elect to come in through our front door – and subject to the needs of the nation. And so forth. In a systemic setting of things to rights. In this nation; and as an example to the world. To set the stage for a New World Order, alright. Just not the one of our Wannabe Masters, in their totalitarian Superstate. But one founded on Truth. And those who “can’t handle the truth” will just have to be left behind. But the rest of us ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’ are going up a notch, on the spiral stairway to the heavens. Because the spirit of Untruth has gone far enough, to awaken all those souls who have needed to make a decision in their lives, to be part of this Harvesting, or not – and that Decision Time is upon us. The sordid spirit of Untruth has finished its day in the Sun. At least, in this Round. As these things go.

  8. Obama sent DoJ Holder to CT with a gift before Sandy Hook. The gift was almost 2 million dollars as a ‘thank you’ to the CT state police for their cooperation in the planned Sandy Hook Operation.

    SH was Obama’s pet project and he wanted to make sure the state of CT was thanked.


  9. Obama sent DoJ Holder to CT with a gift before Sandy Hook. The gift was almost 2 million dollars as a ‘thank you’ to the CT state police for their cooperation in the planned Sandy Hook Operation.

    SH was Obama’s pet project and he wanted to make sure the state of CT was thanked.


  10. Dear Wolf:

    Here’s the picture of Sheriff of Lake County, Florida… Peyton Grinnell

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down. What a nightmare experience. A fraud of epic proportions happens in Newtown, CT and some how a Sheriff 1200 miles away in Florida is manipulated to harass you. It’s so outrageous I can’t believe it. Maybe you should run for Sheriff come next election. I will guarantee campaign contributions would pour in from this truth seeking community. It’s evil what they did to you. I wonder how many of Sheriff Grinnell’s 700 person staff know Sandy Hook was psych warfare on the collective mind of America. There has to be a few that know. Perhaps good ol’ Peyton himself knows. If he knew and did this anyway there’s a special place waiting in hell awaiting his arrival.

    I have no clue how corrupt the courts are – there in Lake County. When you win your case, the taxpayers will have to pony up the huge settlement. It sure would be nice to see a speedy trial as opposed to one that lasts years. If you don’t run, Whom ever ran against Peyton last time and lost should run again and use your case to demonstrate his incredible abuse of power.



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