Banning the Letter ‘Z’ is Proof the West has really lost touch with reality

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.’ Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood speech. April 20, 1968. Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict, Western Russophobia has risen to the level of insanity, Chinese analyst Zhang Tengjun claims in the Global Times on the public display of the letter ‘Z’. The symbol has become a symbol of Russian support.

‘It looks like the West has gone too far in its Russophobia, writes Zhang Tengjun. For example, Zurich Insurance removed its Z logo from social media after it became a symbol of Russia’s support for the Ukrainian conflict. As Reuters explains, the letter Z is used as an identification mark for Russian military equipment taking part in the special operation. It is also used by the 78 per cent of Russians who support the government’s decision. According to the news agency, the Swiss insurance company did not want to be mistakenly considered Kremlin bots.

A Chinese analyst notes that the letter Z was boycotted in several European countries at once. For example, the media reported that on Saturday, two federal states in Germany banned the public display of this symbol. Two MPs in Lithuania called on their government to follow suit. Such sanctions against the letter Z were ridiculed by Internet users: one of them mocked that, based on this logic, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, should also change his surname, because this letter is in it.

The ban on the use of the letter Z personifies the Russophobia that has gripped the West, the author of the article argues. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, everything related to Russia in the field of culture, sports or art has suffered. Russian composer P.I. Tchaikovsky was banned, as were Russian cats. Now it’s time for the letter Z. Russophobia of the West rises to the level of insanity. The persecution of Russian culture has begun, and with this approach, rational and adequate voices are barely audible, the observer writes.

At the same time, the West hopes to present a united front, shaping public opinion to isolate Russia. According to Zhang Tengjun, the main reason for this behaviour lies in the fact that the power, status and international influence of the West is weakening, while empathy towards Russia is growing. In the light of possible threats or challenges, Western countries are not strong enough to deal with Russia alone, and therefore they need to have more supporters on their side.

Now America and Europe are doing their best to avoid direct military intervention. The Chinese analyst sees this as a concern that in the event of a war with Russia, they may bring misfortune upon themselves.

Zhang Tengjun is sure that in the current situation, such petty tricks of the West as the prohibition of the letter Z will not affect the development of the conflict in any way, this is mainly decided on the real battlefield.

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  1. I am ama*ed at how cra*y our so-called government is; with *ero *ip for brains; they belong in a *oo; for all I care, they can all go to bla*es; yep, they take the pri*e!

  2. I started watching this video that scares me so much I don’t know if I can finish it. I am sure all of this crowd knows of German Lawyer Reiner Fuelmich’s is suing the whole of Earth over Kung Flu. Wait until yo see his latest interview with a man who is involved in the vaccine and insurance business.

    I had this feeling a long time ago when they started pushing the vaccine and saying we we need “x” percent of the population vaccinated and that everybody that does not get vaccinated is the danger. I thought wow, since they do nothing but lie, what if we inverted everything they told us as a rough idea of the truth? That would mean that the real danger were the vaccinated people and this 70% vaccinated target was the threshold for killing most of us through shedding? How many are in the same boat I am ? Their significant other got the vaccine without telling them. The only thing I can think of is praying she got the inert saline solution and always having this lingering doubt she will be among the living next year? What’s going to happen to me just being with her or near her?

    Tell me what you’ll think of this fellow’s information? I am afraid to even read your comments to be honest. Not sure I can even finish the video:


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