Todd Gregory and Erik Gregory, The Thousand-Year Progressive Reich

By Todd Gregory and Erik Gregory

In the movie Jaws, the Roy Scheider character (Chief Brody) famously declares “we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”  With today’s Democrat party, they’re going to need a much bigger clown car.

Democrat “thought leaders,” influencers, politicos, and voters all speak the same progressive patois — sustainability, equity, intersectionality, cultural appropriation, white fragility, and of course racism.  United in kneejerk conformity, they have all mastered the vernacular of victimhood and meaningless platitudes.

Bumper sticker slogans abound, and yard signs — science is real; love is love — loudly proclaim Democrat voters’ cheap moral virtue and confirm their mindless banality.  It would be like former MSNBC zealot Keith Olbermann, perhaps the worst person in the world, hooking up with Charles Manson to sing “We Are Family” — or maybe just hooking up, or practicing a pansexual twerking routine, or something.

Lost in a counterfactual wilderness of lies, the progressive volk always have their panties in a bunch.  On a given day, they just know that Mike Lindell and his pillows represent a direct threat to global democracy.

If Oracle co-founder and 2nd tier billionaire Larry Ellison donates a few million dollars for a conservative cause, that’s illegitimate dark money and progressives are aghast; however, if 1st tier billionaire George Soros gives tens of billions of dollars to far left progressive causes, that’s not dark money, it’s philanthropy.

The tattooed wastrels of Antifa, most of them hideously ugly middle-aged white men, have engaged in a years-long orgy of rioting, defacing, and destroying once vibrant downtowns nationwide.

Violently attacking and sometimes murdering innocent passersby, vandalizing public and private property, toppling statues, and throwing containers of feces (chimpanzees are also known to throw feces) has earned Antifa the admiration of a majority of (D) voters.

Of course, Federal Bureau of Investigation director Christopher Wray denies Antifa exists at all (which should raise eyebrows about the FBI’s actual relationship with Antifa).

By at least a 2-1 margin, Democrat voters support the silencing and censorship of anybody with whom they have ideological disagreements (i.e. conservative citizens).  Illiberal progressives get a dopamine rush every time they excommunicate a conservative from the public square; but, like heroin junkies, progressives soon need to cancel more and bigger scalps to temporarily quell their rage addiction.

Infantile Democrats are petulant killjoys screeching for their pacifiers.  Yet, no matter how many of their absurd demands are granted, or how often conservatives surrender on any and all cultural debates, progressives just become further infuriated.

Democrats always up the ante, raise the stakes, move the goalposts.  Gay marriage was legalized, now Democrats demand the right to sexually groom young children and normalize pedophilia.  Maybe Princeton’s professor of “bioethics” Peter Singer can soon get official moral sanction for incest, bestiality, necrophilia, and infanticide?

Per progressive demands, psychotropic drugs are widely legalized.  Now Democrats demand that everybody take an evidently sham vaccine of unproven efficacy with known harmful side effects.

If you are disobedient and refuse the vaccine, they threaten to take away your livelihood and socially ostracize you.  It’s not your body, and not your choice, if progressives say it’s not.

The southern border is deliberately left wide open to millions of destitute noncitizens, most of whom cannot speak the language.  Many bring the drugs that kill 100,000 or more Americans annually — and progressives demand tens or hundreds of millions more be admitted into the country, plus the right to vote (if 80% of illegal border crossers were voting Republican upon legalization, does anybody think the Left wouldn’t have built a durable, impenetrable border wall decades ago?).

Hundreds of thousands of convicted felons are released early from prison, but wise, all-knowing progressives say it’s not enough, and both the police and the judicial system should be abolished.  A massive national spike in homicides?  Oh, that’s because of COVID, or Trump, or Putin, or (insert non sequitur of choice).

Don’t agree with pseudo-scientific recognition of endless genders or progressives’ fever pitch hysteria over the importance of hitherto unknown pronouns?  You’re a Nazi.  Funny how Russian dictator Vladimir Putin constantly refers to besieged Ukrainians as Nazis; it’s exactly how many (D) voters refer to conservative citizens.

America has a government of, by, and for the progressive Left.  The nexus between America’s government-media-academic-corporate complex and conservative citizens is analogous to that of the pimp and the prostitute.  The government/pimp forces the conservative taxpayer out onto the street to work and turn tricks, then demands she return and give him half the money.

If the taxpayer balks in any way at this malignant arrangement, the pimp slaps her around, and orders her to get back out there if she knows what’s good for her — and bring back the proceeds, so the pimp can buy a new fur coat or luxury automobile, or feed his drug habit.  It’s a profoundly abusive relationship, and it keeps getting worse.

As David Horowitz reminds us, inside every progressive is a little totalitarian screaming to get out.  Democrats voted for this aspirational thousand-year progressive Reich; they’re all Brandon now.  They’re all in the same clown aircraft carrier, and many are getting what they voted for, good and hard.

Image: Ludwig Hohlwein

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11 thoughts on “Todd Gregory and Erik Gregory, The Thousand-Year Progressive Reich”

  1. All you want to know of the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act AND MORE….form the pdf:

    (a must read IF you care about your freedom and right to be free of being legally and covertly lied to by your own government. Again, thanks to Obama for every false flag since this “modernization”)

    As argued in this Note, the repeal of the domestic dissemination ban is
    both beneficial and detrimental. On the one hand, the repeal grants
    American citizens greater access to information about the federal
    government and bestows the federal government with greater flexibility to
    counter anti-American sentiment within the United States. However, the
    repeal changed too much too quickly. Despite broad support in the legal
    academy for a limited repeal,15 Congress stripped the Smith–Mundt Act of
    all meaningful restrictions on the domestic dissemination of government produced programming,16 imparting the State Department and the BBG
    with enormous power to anonymously disseminate their programming
    within the United States.

    Rather than argue for or against the repeal of the domestic
    dissemination ban, this Note (this pdf) contends that government-produced
    programming disseminated within the United States should be clearly
    attributed. Unlike a blanket prohibition on the domestic dissemination of
    government-produced programming, which has proven difficult to
    enforce,17 attribution is straightforward and comparatively easy to
    implement. Moreover, attribution preserves the benefits of the repeal—
    bolstering national security and fostering government transparency—
    without allowing the federal government to covertly disseminate influential
    programming within the United States

  2. Jim, all due respect, if you are not able to update the blog or pay attention, at least let us know…even through someone else…just out of respect for those who come here. Thank you.

    1. Will, I am doing my best. Occasionally, events overwhelm me. But where have you gone? I’d hate to think you have abandoned us because I was late moderating posts. I hope that would be beneath you. But I have noticed your absence. So what’s the score?

      1. Jim, I have the greatest respect for what you do. In truth, I have no idea HOW you accomplish what you do. But, I do not think it’s beneath me to attempt to get your attention. Please understand, I have no other way to get an idea across unless I use means I would rather not. Emails are no longer answered….and I understand that, as occupied as you are. I will admit I am trying to lessen my presence on the “web”. Life and the smell of roses has been passing me by. That aside, my main issue is with the inability of anyone new to register. I have tested it several times and could not get on under another email and name. Apparently, Toni found otherwise. But, you have admitted something was wrong through your own webmaster. Any chance I get (especially on ZH…as that’s about the only other place I post comments), I mention this blog and provide the link. Yet, I see no new participants. Considering the countless times I have mentioned the blog, it can be quite frustrating.
        Also, when I do comment, I tend to comment too much and constantly seeing only Will Two up there seems selfish.
        All that said, and not to be an apple polisher, this blog remains the best uncensored blog I have found and that would include ZH. They do have a better comment system which I am guessing is quite expensive and beyond the means here….understandable….but they do censor and most who comment there do not appreciate it. Free speech is free speech.

  3. Still think you live in freedom?

    Biden SEIZES control over domestic food materials using Korean War-era emergency powers

    “To address the infant formula shortage that’s causing widespread frustration and even panic across America, the illegitimate Biden regime has invoked Korean War-era emergency powers found in the Defense Production Act, which is administered by FEMA. That act, originally intended to allow emergency executive action to shore up critical infrastructure during times of war, is now being used by the Biden regime to seize control over food supply raw materials and force companies to deliver them to Abbott Laboratories to manufacture large quantities of heavily processed, junk food “infant formula” made with corn syrup solids and processed milk proteins.”

    Me….how to make your own formula from Jim Stone:

    Here is how you make baby formula that’s actually good for the kid:
    Take a half pound of barley and loosely tie it up in a cotton cloth that is porous. It has to be loosely woven cotton like this. This type of cotton is what was used in diapers before modern diapers. loosely tie the barley in it (the barley will expand) and put it in a pot with about 6 liters of water. Boil it for 6 – 7 hours. Pour the barley water off. Throw away the barley. There should be about 4 liters of water left after boiling (a slow covered boil) If you do it right the water should be bright pink. Mix that with three liters of milk and add a pound of sugar to the final 7 liter mix. If it comes out to 6 liters still add a pound of sugar, it will not be too much. The actual good limit is 27 ounces of sugar added to 7 liters. It is supposed to be sweet. The baby needs sugar for energy. Make sure you are not a snowflake and USE SUGAR, NOT A SUBSTITUTE. Corn syrup is also permissible in the same amount but nothing else. I’d add a couple grams of salt (just the tip of a teaspoon) to the final mix of about 7 liters and no more, it should not taste like it has salt. It should taste like it has NO SALT. Freeze what you are not going to use right away. You’ll have a happy healthy baby, that recipe totally destroys commercial formula. I can back this up with hard data. That is THE RECIPE.

    If anyone posts a recipe more complicated or quicker or easier or more “nutritious” than that, it is a load of crap. That is the old Roman recipe that has been around for 2,000 years and it produces great results. I know this because the family used that recipe when a mother could not produce milk, it is all the kid had and the (not vaxxed) kid hit all the weight targets perfectly, was perfectly healthy and is sharp as a whip after this recipe was EVERYTHING, the ONLY thing the kid had for the first 9 months. In this case it was done because it is well known this recipe is far superior to store bought formula. It takes time to make this recipe but other than that it is very easy. That is an ACCURATE recipe.
    Why bother clicking around some site that is pushing a product or some other bullshit to get the answer? It is RIGHT THERE.
    Follow that recipe and do not tweak it, tweaking it will either lead to malnourishment OR the kid getting plugged up. The milk always has to be diluted 3 parts milk to 4 parts barley water (50/50 is probably safe but certainly not more milk than that.) cow’s milk is overly potent because a cow’s baby is trying to gain 200 pounds, not five.

  4. All true … maybe.

    Joe Rogan is a recovered leftist, Dave Chapelle is a recovering leftist, Bill Maher is a recovering leftist, Elon Mush is a recovered leftist, etc. As the number of hard-cored leftists decreases, the electoral fraud and orchestrated chaos and governmental heavy-handedness all increase. Sooner or later the military will be called in … but will it fire on its own people.

  5. All true … maybe.

    Joe Rogan is a recovered leftist, Dave Chapelle is a recovering leftists, Bill Maher is a recovering leftists, Elon Mush is a recovered leftist, etc. As the number of hard-cored leftists decreases, the electoral fraud and orchestrated chaos and governmental heavy-handedness all increase. Sooner or later the military will be called in … but will it fire on its own people.


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