Joachim Hagopian, Today’s Shifting Balance of Power, Elites’ Endgame Dystopian Nightmare: Its Winners and Losers 

Joachim Hagopian

Over seven years ago I wrote a Global Research article entitled “Global Shift in the Balance of Power Moving from West to East,” focusing on the formation of the BRICS economic alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), its sheer thrust compelling even America’s most stalwart allies in Europe and Australia to gesture toward jumping the USD lollipop ship. Another enormous, even more significant sea change currently underway amidst these calamitous times is the elites’ synchronized perfect storm of converging global crises, one of which is the final death throes of the US dollar as the international reserve currency.

But even a cursory century-long historical walkthrough by a casual observer would readily realize that the insidious, unfolding process of centralized, divide and conquer global control has been increasing throughout, and that with cash the next slated “dinosaur” to disappear, it will be soon replaced by the elites’ central bank digital currency (CBDC) and Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. Internationalists from a century ago morphed into today’s globalists, illustrating the enduring legacy that today’s ruling planetary powerbrokers are the living remnants of the British Empire’s private behemoth – the East India Company, chartered by the empire’s head of state Queen Elizabeth I on the last day of 1600, making enormous profits over the centuries from its opium drug trade in China. And long before the 600 years ago marking the East India Company’s genesis are Europe’s black nobility bloodlines ruling over the Old World for a millennium, enshrouded in secret occult societies and masonic lodges that still exist wielding considerable power today. We now know the truth, that our common enemy out to destroy the human species is the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, black nobility royal families of Europe and Middle East, other less visible Illuminati bloodlines, Deep State controlled West including apartheid Zionist Jewish State, and potentially Russia and China.

Royal bloodline nobility has controlled the earth for millennia. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II, currently celebrating her 70th year sitting on the British Commonwealth throne, the longest in British history for over a millennium, reportedly traces her lineage back to the Merovingian bloodline to King David and Jesus Christ. On May 10th Prince Charles took over her monarchal role presiding over the opening of Parliament, seen as a sign the 96-year old queen is transitioning her power to her 73-year old son. But with rumors speculating for months that the queen is actually dead, her absence in the ceremony is only fueling sappy-headed enquiring minds who want to know. They’ll have to wait for her next big appearance scheduled for her big Jubilee a few weeks away in June.

But the undisputed King of the Jews (or is it Lucifer?) over the past two plus centuries has to be the Rothschild dynasty, owning and controlling the world’s private central banking cartel. History tells us that the Rothschild family has been both financially backing both sides in every major war that it nefariously creates. It was Ashkenazi Jew Mayer Amshel “Red Shield” Rothschild himself from Frankfurt, Germany, who financed both Jesuit crypto-Jew Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati Order’s founding on May Day 1776, a mere two months ahead of the US Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence. Rothschild also funded another crypto-Jew, Sabbatean Cabbalist, devil-worshipper Jacob Frank (Jakub Lejbowicz). The Luciferian inspired Rothschild’s 25-point plan has been brutally successful in its step-by-step implementation to this day. For that matter, so have the Protocols of Zion.

Over the last several centuries, the same bloodline controllers have been notoriously responsible for every major historical development on earth. The shortlist from just this last century alone includes the 1913 Federal Reserve Act (establishing today’s Rothschild private central bank in the US), followed less than a year later by triggering the First World War, the 1917 Balfour Declaration (British Empire’s “promise” to Lord Rothschild the dynasty’s very own “Jewish State” [more apt Satanic codeword for Khazarian Mafia] delivered three decades later), also in 1917 Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution led by Rothschild financed Marxist-Communist Jews largely responsible for genocide against Russian Christians, simultaneously with last century’s first genocide against the Armenians commencing in 1915 (1.5 million slaughtered out of 2 million Armenians as only Christian ethnic majority living in the Near East, yet to this day never recognized by either Turkey or Israel), the slaughter led by Ottoman Turkish crypto-Jews linked to Rothschilds’ Black Sea oil business; the post-WW1 internationalists’ first attempt at one world government with their failed League of Nations; the Great Depression accompanied by 1933’s failed fascist US takeover; the financed rise of Hitler and World War II as history’s biggest bloodbath, including Lord Victor Rothschild’s treason during the Second World War serving as the Soviet spy ringleader of the notorious Cambridge 5, or his callous attitude using death camp Jews as a bargaining chip to form his Jewish State in Palestine in 1947 (despite the fact that as Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews, no Rothschild ancestor ever set foot in the Middle East); Rockefeller sponsored 1945 birth of the United Nations; the financed rise of Mao and Communist China; Operation Paperclip, and the Nazi roots of NATO, the CIA, Cold War and, Gladio terrorism’s strategy of tension, all elite creations using controlled opposition by both crypto-Communist elite (US State Department Alger Hiss and Asst Treasury Secretary Henry Dexter White) working with crypto-Nazis (Dulles brothers), spawning both the Korean and Vietnam Wars; the same dark forces behind the 1960s JFK-RFK-MLK assassinations, the 1971 US Dollar switcheroo, decoupling it from the gold standard as international reserve currency; right up through the 1980s Reagan-Bush-Thatcher neoliberalism’s globalization and privatization as a giant step toward New World Order, and the trio’s exposed scandals of the global VIP pedophilia network that’s been thriving ever since; the PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor” and neocon-Israeli joint 9/11 false flag operation, the war on terror and erosion of our constitutional rights pushed by the Deep State puppet crime family dynasty of the Bush-ClintonObama-Biden, right up to today’s planned scamdemic, the death jab genocide piggybacked by today’s doomsday threat of nuclear world war annihilation.

The resultant singularity of all these interwoven, never random events and developments over the last century is the elite’s unrelenting, meticulously plotted consolidation of power and control into fewer and fewer hands with each engineered crisis and event over time. And now by the end of this year, humanity’s thoroughly outed genocidal enemy is finally reaching its long-awaited grand objective – one world governance.

The elite has maintained control over the masses through masterful deception and nonstop false propaganda, divide and conquer and “problem, reaction, solution” age-old winning formulas. Malta Knight and CIA Director from 1981 to 1987 William Casey had the frank audacity to actually proclaim:

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

That hurdle’s been met with the COVID pandemic debacle. For eons the planet overlords have not only retained their centralized control and power over the population, but in recent years exponentially increased their absolute control through ownership of all public and private sector institutions and organizations. Be it through bribery and/or sexual blackmail, puppetmasters never seem to fail at compromising, owning and controlling governments at all levels, including judiciaries, law enforcement, intelligence services, militaries, mass media, Big Tech, Fortune 500 multinational corporations, the primary through university educational system, think tank foundations, NGOs. Everything in our world today is centrally controlled and operated by the same relative handful of bloodline dynasties that own the planet’s top two investment firms BlackRock and Vanguard. Pervasive throughout this corrupt, evil power grab is the Illuminati Luciferian control system.

How else was the criminal cabal able to synchronize its global rollout of a fake pandemic, and then proceed to inject billions on the planet with known poison that true science practitioners and experts continuously warned the public against, fully documenting the criminal evidence as it became available that the experimental non-vaccines not only are ineffective at delivering their false promise of non-transmissibility and building herd immunity, but frequently produce serious injuries and/or death now totaling in the millions spread amongst virtually every single country without a centralized genocide conspiracy between governments and health agencies, from global and national to local, and Big Pharma, Big Tech and MSM, all working on the same crime-of-the-ages page. In all likelihood, it will be the deadliest crime against humanity in our recorded history. Yet despite the overwhelming mounting evidence, lawsuits including the International Criminal Court and global public pushback, after nearly two and a half years, none of these conspiratorial perpetrators of mass murder have been arrested or brought to justice. The criminal conspirators including the cash incentives bribes paid to hospital administrators and doctors so far have all gotten away with genocide against humanity. You don’t rise to the top, conspire to commit this level of premeditated murderous crimes, unless after selling your soul to the devil with blood sworn oaths to Lucifer and his puppetmasters, unless you know you have full immunity and protection. As the late great comedian George Carlin would say, “it’s a big [psychopathic] club and you ain’t in it.”

Foreign-born Manchurian President Barack Hussein Obama was tasked as the CIA born and bred traitor in blackface ordered to destroy America from within. Obama and Hillary’s unabashed idol worship of the anarchist radical Saul Alinsky in his 1971 Rules for Radicals primer would be proud to see his fellow Satanists’ systematic takedown of the American Republic, culminated by their illegally installed, thoroughly compromised fellow puppet imposter O’Biden’s order-following mandate to finish the job destroying America by treason within, through CCP subversion and blackmail control.

With the lunacy of a freshly installed Orwellian Ministry of Truth now weaponized within the US Department of Homeland Security, operating exclusively to ensure total internet censorship and the death of free speech, so that people no longer have access, much less be free to speak the truth, and the UN’s upcoming Pandemic Treaty vote to codify into international law superseding all national sovereignty, formally establishing globalized top-down medical totalitarian tyranny, our common enemy is fast closing in on one world governance. Plus, the elites’ incessant assault against both our constitutional and human rights is further undermined by implementation of the aforementioned Central Bank Digital Currency, biometric digital ID passports, the next Covid-19 variant, spreading avian bird flu, MERS, Ebola and unlimited biolab launched biowarfare weapons making certain that the viral pandemic lockdown control is here to stay.

With the given reality that virtually everything on the global geopolitics chessboard stage is the result of puppetmaster engineers pulling all the strings, regardless of whether a puppet actor is a leader of a Western or Eastern nation, it doesn’t matter because it’s all centrally administered and controlled. They’re not called globalists or internationalists for nothing as they are not loyal to any one nation or even continent other than feeding their insatiable, unquenchable appetite for more power and control. They rule the world afflicted with and driven by the mentally ill diagnosis of psychopathy as both a genetic inherited “birthright” as well as a sociopolitical milieu factor in which they’re born into and navigate, the nature-nurture dynamic. Royal bluebloods reportedly carry the rare Rh-negative blood type believed to be from alien ET DNA genesis. Still other accounts claim the powerful elite suffering from psychopathy lacks both heart and soul, explaining why lack of empathy and capacity to nurture and love is so vacant, while causing horrendous suffering to non-elite humans they loathe and regard as inferior, like Hillary casting dispersions on the lowly Trump supporters as the “deplorables,” Debasing and hurting the deplorables actually pleases them, actually deriving immense pleasure from others’ pain is among their trademark attributes. Additionally, these bloodlines utilize their shrewd intelligence to gain an upper advantage over others by hook or crook chicanery, treachery, deception and aggression.

On the other hand, the psychopathic City of London/Davos crowd craftily courts, invests and actively colludes with controlled opposition leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. After all, Putin was an early Young Leaders graduate of Klaus Schwab’s future cabal dictator school. Longtime steeped in graft and corruption, the puppet sock Biden is far easily controlled, as are Schwab’s star alumni Macron and Trudeau, easily groomed at a younger age to do their dictator bidding, while Vlad and Xi are likely to be more delicately handled with kid gloves.

For years through Kissinger and Associates, the City of London Rothschild banking cartel has regularly made quiet deals with the Russian and Chinese leader. Kissinger’s right-hand man as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, a psychiatrist and frequent Alex Jones guest Steve Pieczenik has matter-of-factly bragged that he and his Illuminati boss personally chose to place Putin into power in Russia after the Western oligarchs raped Russia under alcoholic Boris Yeltsin’s leadership. As the ambassador from New World Disorder Hell, war criminal and psychopath traitor Henry Kissinger has in recent years been busily making the godfather peddling rounds for the City of London mafia cartel, be it advising Trump, Xi or Vlad, always ensuring that Illuminati power consolidates and grows for one world governance payoff. Remember, the Rothschild banking cabal has been financing both sides in every conflict and war for centuries, and both sides of the geopolitical spectrum for nearly as long, buying off both so-called “democratic” West as well as the so-called “Marxist-Communist” East, from Hitler’s Nazism to Zelensky’s Nazism, from the two-party duopoly of Democrats vs. Republicans to Liberals vs. Conservatives, Illuminati owns both the left and the right all around the world.

As the apex of the power pyramid for millennia, to this day all of the above ideologies have been financed and controlled by the same parasitic mafia banking cartel from the East India Company to Bilderberg and Committee of 300 to BlackRock and Vanguard. And this monopolistic control extends far beyond just mainstream corporate media and Big Tech social media giants to also include much of the so-called alt-news or independent media as well. The subversive elites never leave any stone unturned, never failing to infiltrate and subversively control virtually every anti-establishment force or figure as controlled opposition on the planet, again controlling both sides to every conflict that it creates.

It bears mentioning that in early March 2022, Russia’s Ministry of Defense disclosed documents revealing a plan for March invasion by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi National Guard into the Donbass region, repeated again recently on Russia’s May 9th victory day commemoration over the World War II Nazis. Putin explained how the Kiev government was about to launch its imminent invasion into the independent republic of Donetsk and Lugansk that in 2014 elected to declare its independence from Ukraine. Since the illegal US coup in 2014, the death toll in Donbass prior to Putin’s incursion was 15,000, and Putin knew he had to strategically act prior to the planned Ukrainian Nazi forces about to launch a major offensive intent on committing more genocide. Hence Putin’s intervention on February 24, 2022 to both “demilitarize” and “de-Nazify” his hostile neighbor that for months was being trained by an expanding Eric Prince’s Blackwater foreign mercenary forces in cahoots with the CIA, NATO and the Deep State West. Protecting his fellow ethnic Russians, recognizing their independence, and taking out the dozens of US funded bioweapon labs operating in Ukraine intended for genocidal purposes against Donbass Russians required Putin’s swift and decisive action. Russia’s contention of an impending Kiev invasion was also already corroborated in early March 2022 by former Ukraine prime minister Nikolai Azarov. The fact that the US, NATO and the West were and still are jointly operating to further engage in the Donbass ethnic purge while actively enlisting and supporting Ukraine for NATO membership only builds both ethical and tactical justification for Russia to militarily intercede.

Stalwart Russian ally Israel caught flack for remaining silent in response to the Putin incursion, much to the chagrin of the US/NATO/West and even Israeli press’s fervent condemnation, tacking on their never-ending economic sanctions directed against Russia. Especially due to the intimate relationship shared between Israel and the Ashkenazi Jews of Ukraine, including its Jewish President Zelensky, who resorted to public shaming the Jewish state for its unwillingness to choose sides. By early April’s Bucha false flag blaming Russia for hundreds of dead Ukrainians in the Kiev suburb, Israel caved in to mounting pressure, condemning Putin “war crimes” and reluctantly joining the West’s wrath against Moscow, sending Israel mercenaries to the Ukraine battlefront to kill Russian soldiers. Bottom line, Israel needs Russia’s natural resources and military support to actualize its secret grand plan to make the Israel-China-Russia coalition the planet’s 21st century power hegemon replacing last century’s America.

In other words, the Jerusalem-Beijing-Moscow grand chessboard plan orchestrated by City of London’s highly promoted strategic economic geopolitical alliance remains unchanged. Their agenda to move forward in partnership with their Belt and Road initiative and smart cities 5G infrastructure super-surveillance and global control agenda stretching from Pacific Asia through Eurasia to the Middle East and Africa very much remain in place. Their mutual strategic plan heavily tilting hegemonic global power to Russia and China that also benefits controlling kingpin Rothschild cartel interests while strengthening Israel’s stature in the world, simultaneously betraying and severely weakening the United States and Europe, also remains on schedule.

Should the above plan be brought to fruition and the planet’s dystopian future enslavement guaranteed, it should leave all of us who value freedom and sovereignty shuddering, alarmed and choking on such a bitter pill. Again, the international crime cabal’s nonstop propaganda campaign and controlled opposition keeps the masses in the dark by elitist design, oblivious, despondent, stunned, not knowing who to trust, support or believe, stumbling and confused amidst this fog of war without a compass desperately trying to navigate muddied disinfo-infected waters. Without the clarity and knowledge of understanding what is really happening behind the scenes, our enemy’s effective strategy to keep We the People impotently on the sidelines, too discombobulated, disunited or passively, blindly still grasping and trusting controlled opposition sendups to the bitter end.

The “trust the plan, bro” as the hope and prayer that Trump and his “white hat” alliance will somehow miraculously show up just in time to save us, now falls on very shaky ground. But at this extremely late, late hour, it seems futile and not worth the consequence already reaching the point of no return. And even if the good guys, the Durham investigation finally produces the major arrests, the “2000 Mules” exposing “the steal” kicks in, or Reiner Fuellmich somehow pulls the rabbit out of The Hague hat, or General Flynn and his diehard Trumpist patriots suddenly ride in with the calvary, at this point it’s a matter of too little, too late, especially once America’s so-called “near-death experience” flatlines to total death and destruction with up to billions dead on the planet. By that time, those of us still in possession of our discerning, dissident faculties will be drowning in such low social credit scores and our capacity to spend our own money automatically removed, barred from food store entrance, our bank accounts frozen like the criminalized Canadian protest supporters. These insane, nightmarish, dictatorial walls crashing in on us are far more apt to arrive on the scene sooner than Trump and his white hats.

With the Rothschild City of London kingpin owners of the Jewish State, their hired hand, the longest serving Israeli prime minister in history, Bibi Netanyahu has been siphoning for decades raw young Israeli and Khazarian Ashkenazi talent from Russia, Ukraine and the Jewish diaspora-at-large aggressively recruiting its well-established dual citizenship pipeline into the Zionist cyber-military brigade, epitomized by its Unit 8200 and notorious Talpiot program, ambitiously designed for world takeover of the planet’s cybersecurity domain. As publicized for years by astute geopolitics analyst Brendon O’Connell, Netanyahu is heard on his channel frequently touting “Cyber is the real domain of power” with that insatiable predatory lust that only Bibi can emote.

With Israel’s near exclusive monopoly over the Big Tech industry and as the #1 global leader in start-ups, drone and AI technologies, through Silicon Valley infiltration and active recruitment, Israel has been subversively installing backdoor thievery to penetrate virtually every country’s national security, thanks to decades of espionage from the Zionist superspy Robert Maxwell’s crime family, with the sophisticated software means to hack into and rip off US military and nuclear secrets, like the Clintons, for years Israel’s been selling US secrets to America’s foremost adversary China. Meanwhile, during its three-quarters of a century existence, backstabbing Israel’s been pickpocketing US taxpayer dollars in military aid to the tune of 1.6 trillion bucks as the US “closest Middle East ally.” With friends like apartheid Israel, who needs enemies… ask any victim of the USS Liberty and 9/11 attacks, or attack victims of Israel’s Epstein-Maxwell global blackmail operation.

Bibi Netanyahu, the Khazarian mafia chieftain, gave his unholy Zionist tribe’s agenda away when in 1990 over a few drinks at Jerusalem’s Fink’s Bar, his loose lips one day sinking his own ship boasted:

If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do.  America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

With the people in Western nations now caught in the controllers’ extermination crosshairs, the global elites are counting on the West as their next big loser victim in their diabolical chessboard endgame to make Jerusalem their international cabal’s centralized world capital, complete with biometric digital ID passports and China’s model for social credit scores applied worldwide, the CCP’s Belt and Road smart cities agenda amounting to a super-surveillance control grid operating over the entire globe. While City of London’s Khazarian mafia colludes with emerging BRICS alliance nations and the rising emergence of building infrastructure for the Eurasian Pacific bloc, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) just gleefully reported that 90% of all nations are already on board with implementing CBDC.

With the global political hub Jerusalem as the designated one world government capital-to-be, capitalizing on harvesting Russia-Eurasia-Africa’s unlimited, bountiful natural resources, while exploiting China Pacific as the global manufacturing base, in this grand chessboard scenario, the world’s three wealthiest continents North America, Europe and Australia will all be torn asunder, thrown under the proverbial bus into history’s dustbin empire graveyard, relegated to Third World status with the drastically reduced Western population and a totally diminished, if not demolished world power. Sadly, the predatory Khazar chieftain’s vow to chew up and spit out a completely destroyed, used and abused United States of America may materialize sooner than later… unless we wake up.

The controversial military-industrial-complex trade website has projected the current US population of 332 million to be near totally decimated by 2025, down to just 65 million, an incredible population loss of over 80%, with 4 out of 5 residents now living in America either moved to another country or dead within just two and a half years. Various think tanks and spook intel agencies serving the elite are said to input the deagel data to come up with this shocking prediction. Orchestrating a world war potentially going nuclear as well as the unfolding death jab holocaust in combination with the planned food shortages resulting in global famine and mass starvation all loom heavily as the elites’ kill switch, assisted by the global economy collapse, widespread hyperinflation, death of the US dollar and more bioweapon plagues lined up in the Kissinger-Schwab-Gates-WHO pipeline. The WMD arsenal deploying slow kill methods, deliberately poisoning our living habitat for a century, just wasn’t getting the job done fast enough for the globalists, despite a 2014 reversal in US lifespan now in steady decline.

Returning to Jerusalem as the elite’s choice for world government capitol, 16th century German pastor and cartographer Heinrich Bunting came up with the Bunting cloverleaf map, predicting the three important continents of the future to be Europe, Africa and Asia, with Jerusalem as world capitol. With the Israel-Russia-China alliance, the Belt and Road agenda, China’s Maritime Silk Road and the Middle East and Israel the natural central node, that prediction appears imminently coming true. With Jerusalem the centralized geographical seat and elite proposed world government headquarters, the region serves as the world sea trade center and China’s Silk Road waterway, reinforced by the 16th century Bunting clover leaf prophecy and by Rothschild City of London design. When all the connecting dots are factored, and China today the world’s largest export nation and import supplier to Europe (as well as America) so dependent on centralized sea lanes for its massive global cargo trade, combined with the sheer dominance and control that the Rothschild bloodline still wields over the planet, the birthplace of the world’s three largest religions where Trump already made Israel’s national capitol, it’s hardly a stretch to see how Jerusalem has been slated as the capitol of the controllers’ one world government.

America’s manufacturing base has long been dispossessed, ever since traitors Rockefeller and Kissinger outsourced the once robust US middle class producers with Red China’s slave labor force. And now by sinister design, America’s depleted military is sick and dying from the genocidally mandated kill shots at a stunning 1100% uptick, in contrast with Russia and China’s military prowess rising with their strategic mutual defense pact, strengthened by both exclusive hypersonic warfare technology (not yet developed by the West) along with upgraded, advanced nuclear armaments also surpassing the West’s now outdated nuclear arsenal, and by design the US/NATO/EU/UK suicidal economic sanctions against Russia that only strengthen Russia, kill the US dollar and nation, now rendered incapacitated to even compete on the same battlefield with the rising powers of the East, purposely built up by the elites while the neocon Israeli-first Zionist maniacs aggressively promote and provoke the East versus West hot war showdown.

The widespread hopium belief desperately still circulating on the web, waving their banner saying “we’re winning the war,” still holding onto the fantasy that Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have been secretly working together “on the same team” quietly behind the scenes with their white hat special ops alliance, and any day they’ll be riding over the hill on white horses to rescue us from the Satanic clutches of our demonic controllers. But this fast-fading notion appears more wishful thinking as no one appears to be saving us citizens except perhaps ourselves, but only if we get up off our asses now and organize, unite, practice total civil disobedience, massive boycotting and muster a committed, fierce resistance opposing our enemy’s totalitarian criminal agenda. If we don’t stand up as a human race now, Kissinger, Soros, Schwab and their cyborgs win, and homo sapiens’ time on planet earth will be no more.

In conclusion, the ruling elites are using the West as their paper tiger attack dog, to instigate and provoke the larger war. Both war and sanctions combined with their planned perfect genocidal storm are intended to bring down Western civilization. All along the secret Kissinger, Schwab, Rothschild/City of London plan has been to promote the rise of the East at the West’s expense. As far as Putin goes, as much maligned and unfairly demonized as he’s been, he has every right to at least want to destroy US government and its EU/NATO vassals. The verdict may still be out on whether he’s the elite’s controlled opposition pawn or not, and the same can be said for Xi. As far as China goes, for quite some time it’s been waiting to stealthily topple the US as the belligerent #1 arch-rival hegemon as the last century’s wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth.

All three – Russia, China and Zionist Israel with its history of backstabbing its US cash cow, share in common an ambitious propensity for totalitarian oppression, with both China and Russia possessing long histories of it. By both Russia and China making their quiet little deals on the side to placate the Kissinger/Rothschild/City of London/Israeli Khazarian mafia for over a decade, it appears both nations appear on board aligning with Israel for its coveted technologies and centralized cloverleaf control, Russia also sharing an exchange of technocratic talent pool, and all three figuring to play major roles in expanding the multi-tentacled Belt and Road smart cities agenda spanning the globe.

The symbiosis of what each brings to the table as strengths, Israeli technology and City of London wealth, Russia’s military strength and unlimited natural resources and China’s military strength and labor manufacturing base, all provide the nexus for their mutual alliance. By elite design, the West in disposable freefall decline and the Eastern powers rising, the ruling elite appears set to get what it wants, barring a potent global grassroots movement to resist and oppose the genocidal oppressors, which at this point is iffy at best. With time ticking against us, only can a unified, informed, awakened global masses, mobilized with a million to one odds on our side, be able to defeat our Luciferian enemy.

The window to thwart this demonic nightmare agenda of dystopian New World Order tyranny is fast descending upon what’s left of our abused world. Obviously, a destroyed West guarantees the Israel-Russia-China alliance to reign supreme as unrivaled hegemonic power gaining absolute geopolitical control and global dominance as their war spoils for opportunistically plotting their ascendancy atop the earth’s predatory food chain. We are in a war that the good people of this earth are likely to lose, unless we immediately stand up to fight against an identified elite as our overexposed, proven criminal enemy.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published author of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, Joachim’s books and chapters are Amazon bestsellers in child advocacy and human rights categories. His A-Z sourcebook series fully documents and exposes the global pedophilia scourge and remains available for free at the late Robert David Steele’s website To compensate Google recently deplatforming Joachim’s empireexposed blogsite after 7 years, attempting to silence another cancel culture victim, Joachim responded by becoming a Revolution Radio host on the weekly show “Cabal Empire Exposed,” heard every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!)

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      …The most succinct explanation of this tangled mess I’ve seen. (Clinton’s dirty tricks explained easily, and well…)


  13. Read this if you think 2000 Mules served no purpose:


    “The Black Sphere reports: A Democrat holding public office in Buchanan County, Virginia, has been indicted on 82 felony counts, including 34 counts of making false statements related to election fraud. Yes America, Democrats cheated in the 2020 Presidential Election.”

    “And in Yuma County AZ the Sheriff’s on it too: Today, the Yuma County (AZ) Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) announced in a Press Release that they, along with the Yuma County Recorder’s Office, are actively examining cases of election fraud from the 2020 General Election, as well as a recent pattern of fraudulent voter registrations in the lead up to the 2022 Primary Election.”

    “So the 2000 mules arrests are beginning. Regardless of the Biden Admin’s drastic efforts to sweep its election fraud under the rug using diversion tactics, it will not be long before all of America knows how they cheated and stole the election from Donald Trump. True The Vote will be releasing ALL of its data to the public soon in what’s named Operation Ripcord. Democrats are doomed!”

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  15. Speaking of “shifting”. This has got to be one of the wierdest occurrences in recent memory. I have no idea if it’s real. Jim Stone seems to think it is. Beyond that, I will say nothing and let the watcher be the judge. Look carefully. It does happen. Make sure you read Stone’s assessment.

    The Sphinx has closed it’s eyes (supposedly).

  16. A very thorough account of how fucked we are. I think he covered all the bases and then some. Are things really this dire? Perhaps and yet there’s some positive things happening. DC looks to be shuttered and deserted. It has become only a 2D projection. Major figures are being replaced with facsimiles. Even some regular folks are noticing. 2,000 Mules is burrowing into the collective consciousness. I dismiss the idea Dinesh is controlled opposition. I am sure there is plenty more ammo and perhaps other installments coming.

  17. A superb summary of our woes by a great writer.
    How is it that while we whine and moan about our enemies, we don’t see even the smatterings of a methodology to cope with and surpass our enemies? Moreover, writers tend to overqualify the enemy capabilities and tend to resort to manifestations of awe and wonderment instead of a more levelheaded viewpoint. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! We can consult with Lloyd Austin, now there’s a military tactician of unlimited integrity and acumen. We might also consider bumping him up to 5-Star in the near future, too. As an aside, can you tell us all who the 2 American military figures who attained 6-Star rank were? And don’t tell me it was Chuck Barris, either.

    1. Bahmi, I would never question Mr. Hagopian’s writing ability and historical knowledge which has been demonstrated time and time again on this very blog. I do question the objectivity in this essay an walking away from the article seeing the US, INC. as a victim when an obviously Zionist influenced CONgress just appropriated $40 billion to the most corrupt nation on earth led by the most demented and anti-We the People president in my lifetime.

      1. Will, I know better than to question your levelheaded, analytical, and constructive mind. When I wrote the paragraph, I did not direct this at you or at any individual. When one reads broadly, one is necessarily exposed to many viewpoints. I was addressing a sizeable fraction of the writers who often have great differences of opinion and this by far does not imply that differing from fellow skilled pencil jockeys is to be avoided. Sometimes, ya gotta roll up the sleeves and prepare for intra-personal fenderbenders.
        Thanks for the observation.

      2. “Will, I know better than to question your levelheaded, analytical, and constructive mind. When I wrote the paragraph, I did not direct this at you or at any individual.”
        Bahmi, I would say the same for you. This was simply a personal observation of how I felt after reading this brilliant article a couple of times.

  18. I follow what Bill Cooper said, that aliens do not exist but UFOs are man made. The queen made an appearance lately and is still alive. In Australia thw Lowy institute had the head Aust soy give a talk. Lowy was an Israeli comamndo and was in on 911, and they have ou head spy talking at his institute.They are brazen.


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