Joachim Hagopian, Depopulation by Mass Starvation – One among Elite’s Many WMDs Committing Human Genocide

Joachim Hagopian 

By invading Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will destroy the lives of people far from the battlefield—and on a scale even he may regret. The war is battering a global food system weakened by Covid-19, climate change and an energy shock. —   Opening sentence of The Economist cover story, May 19, 2022

Leave it to the Rothschild-owned The Economist magazine to have the audacity to blame Vladimir Putin for defending his homeland and fellow ethnic Russians in Donbas against a confirmed planned Ukrainian neo-Nazi genocidal invasion, for which the fast approaching worldwide famine that the Rothschild bloodline is guilty of meticulously co-engineering, then have the sadistic diabolical hubris displaying its cover photo of wheat chaff kernels consisting of dozens of miniature human skulls, as if its “cute and cleaver” artistic satire isn’t insulting enough for the hungry millions who’ll soon be starving to death, directly due to Rothschild et al crimes against humanity. Talk about passing the buck.

The fact is long before Russia entered Ukraine in late February, the inhumane, deliberate mishandling of the so-called pandemic crisis by the same elite bloodlines were mandating antihuman government policies that directly led today’s food crisis and coming starvation. According to a May 15th William F. Jasper New American article, the pandemic response “disrupted planting and harvesting cycles, destroyed crops and livestock herds, bankrupted crucial businesses, and crippled supply chains.”

Observers over the last half century who’ve kept their “eyes wide open,” took startling note in 1970 of then Nixon’s war criminal-turned current “senior statesman” Henry Kissinger stating:

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.

Henry took his historical cue from the Holodomor, the now 90-year old genocide committed by Soviet Communist dictator Joseph Stalin in 1932 and 1933 under his collectivization scheme in power grab control deliberately creating the epic famine in the Soviet breadbasket of Ukraine, starving 4 to 5 million people along with 1 to 2 million more in Kazakhstan and Russia’s nearby Volga region.

My maternal grandmother whose roots go back to the Mayflower Plymouth Colony of 1620, as a mother in the 1920s trying to get my mother as her young child to eat her vegetables, would utter a common expression heard at the American family dinner table then, “remember the starving Armenians,”   most Americans knowing little of its historical context or origin. During last century’s first genocide against Armenians starting in 1915, Ottoman Turks starved over a million Armenians to death on forced death marches into the Syrian desert. Though little more than a decade and a half later, Hitler referenced the “forgotten” Armenian genocide a mere decade and a half later, asking:

Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?

The idiom “remember the starving Armenians” was so conditionally engrained that it still stuck years later when in the late 1950s America, my grandmother once inadvertently insulted her son-in-law, my full-blooded Armenian American father, uttering those same piercing words “starving Armenian” at our tense family dinner table. Growing up in the land of plenty was often taken for granted by the most robust, affluent middle class of any nation in history. That is until today, now America is deliberately and systematically being destroyed by the elites and their infiltrated puppets from within, currently occupying the captured illegitimate Marxist government operating inside the District of Columbia.

Right on cue, emerging engineered food shortages around the globe mark the first and only human species genocide of the 21st century, outside those begun earlier in Sudan’s Darfur region in 2003 and ISIS in 2014 killing members of northern Iraq’s Yazidi population. But nothing on the scale of what we are now experiencing has ever happened in our recorded history.

This presentation will cover the essential dynamics of who, what, when, why, where and how involving 2022’s historical food disaster looming this summer right into 2023 and beyond, marking what could potentially turn out to be history’s deadliest mass starvation ever to hit the planet. The bloodline controllers have purposely orchestrated the most crippling, severe supply chain shortages having dire ripple effects worldwide, on diesel fuel that drives freight truck haulers, massive commercial cargo trading vessels and nonelectric trains tasked with shipping all global foodstuff supplies around the globe. Food and everything else shipped will not be deliverable to the grocery store shelves. Over a month before Putin’s clean-up operation in Ukraine, CNN and yahoo news were busily running headlines about empty grocery store shelves in America. But that was merely a first “taste” of empty shelves to come, as elites have long planned their large monopolizing grocery store chains to become nearly empty of food.

From January 2020 to January 2021, diesel fuel prices doubled, again prior to the Russian intervention in Ukraine, due mostly to lifting of pandemic restrictions and the already emerging supply chain disruption. But no sooner had Russian troops entered Ukraine, Britain’s Shell and BP as two of the world’s largest oil companies, suddenly stopped all deliveries of diesel fuel to Germany, claiming fear of supply shortages. Prior to the incursion, Russia supplied 60-70% of all of EU’s diesel fuel as the world’s second biggest exporter of diesel fuel behind the USA. Plus, in the West, 76% of all cars and trucks run on diesel fuel. It’s also required for nearly all farm tractors, harvest machines, construction, mining operations, electrical power generators and heavy military vehicles to operate. With such an abrupt, acute shortage of diesel fuel, absolutely vital to the global economy GDP, its enormous price spike prior to Ukraine and subsequent disappearance dry-up in international trade carries staggering long-term effects as the elites’ mass starvation long planned ace in the hole. It’s “almost” as if the crime cabal already knew about the upcoming Putin move in Ukraine before it happened.

Meanwhile, just as China resumed its heavy lockdowns in March in its major trading cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen, China also decided to ban its diesel fuel export, also using energy security as its excuse. See a bigger picture emerging here where all corners of our “interconnected” world appear operating in central [banking] lockstep with each other? With months of seemingly bogus lockdowns in China just as the rest of the world loosens its COVID restrictions, as the world’s largest export nation’s world’s largest shipping port – Shanghai, gets closed for two solid months placing yet another suspiciously contrived, potentially fatal chokehold on the spreading global supply chain disaster. All these anomalies are hardly coincidental.

The grand chessboard plan of all these imposed developments under Rothschild/Rockefeller centralized banking cartel control is to prevent nations from growing their own food. With the globalized system of energy and food supply under elites’ lock and key, and the transportation of the food delivery system completely shut down by the global crime mafia, famine is scheduled to hit this summer all over the world. The US puppet pressure placed on Europe to injure and wreck their own economies for the sake of enhancing the Russian ruble as the most stable, valued currency now in the world, the sanctions are killing the West and benefiting the multipolar rise of the Eastern powers, exactly according to elitist plan. The military conflict in Ukraine is not about Ukraine at all, it’s to destroy Germany and Europe as well as North America. Case in point – just as the Russia to Germany Nord Stream 2 energy pipeline was ready to start pumping, the US sabotaged it, representing its long history undermining German-Russian relations as it would signify the end of the US as top dog on the unipolar predator food chain. Europe is now forced to pay a much higher price relying on US oil and natural gas, with gas also critical in the production of fertilizer as well, of which heavily sanctioned Russia is also the world’s largest exporter.

The neocon dual Israeli-first maniacs still in charge of US foreign policy are desperately attempting to cut off Europe’s trade with emerging Eastern powers. With American Empire’s geopolitical stocks freefalling into oblivion, deindustrialized without a manufacturing base that the Rothschild-Rockefeller banking elites outsourced and transferred to China a half century ago, this latest Empire powerplay becomes the last desperate hurrah for US relevance, dependent upon Europe’s full compliance with anti-Putin sanctions, while Russia, China, India, Iran, Brazil, and other non-Western nations have already been embracing the wave of the future – the East’s expanding economic power base known now for over a decade as the growing BRICS alliance, and as a result, the ruling elites have shifted the balance of power from the West to the East in the changing of the hegemony guard. These big 3 – Russia, China and India are referred to as the “Strategic Triangle,” holding 38% of the world population, producing 42% of all the wheat and a whopping 66% of the world’s steel.  With those kinds of numbers, you can glimpse where the world is headed.

Speaking of India, as the world’s largest rice exporter accounting for 40% of its world trade, in late May concern that rice might join wheat and sugar exports already slated for Indian food protectionism restricting those staples for domestic consumption only. If India does opt to keep its rice from the global market, it would exacerbate the hunger crisis and potentially raise inflation. If the current monsoon turns erratic and rice prices rise, that could cause India to restrict its rice export in the coming weeks.

The West’s aggressions against Eastern powers have no doubt purposely locked Putin and Xi Jinping in a seemingly unbreakable strategic military as well as economic alliance, that plausibly could be the Rothschild City of London’s controlled opposition partnership on the geopolitics chessboard stage, secretly throwing the West under the bus in growing alignment with the East, fully embracing its Belt and Road Initiative as the New Silk Road, constructing smart city infrastructure from Pacific Asia westward, through Central Asia, Eurasia to the Middle East, Africa and Europe, forming the super-surveillance digital control and power grid, emerging as the new 21st century geopolitical kingpins. With Jerusalem as the long-aspired world government capital, the Rothschild City of London-Israeli technologies hub merging with Russia’s military prowess, but especially its largely still untapped source for vast natural resources, and China’s military might, but especially its firmly established manufacturing base. Sadly, the West becomes the big loser in all these grand chessboard dynamics.

As the planet’s largest grain exporter, Russia has found ways to circumvent all the Western sanction pile-on and continue supplying North Africa and Middle East’s heavy dependency on Russian food source trade, despite the mostly European shipping insurers’ attempt to prevent insuring cargo freight carriers around the globe from transporting Russian products. Skyrocketing food costs, food scarcities and likely hyperinflation are all rapidly rising at a remarkably ominous rate. Many impoverished Third World nations – war-ravaged Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia, Burundi, Eritrea and dozens of others, have millions of people already living with famine, dying of starvation, struggling with this horrible burden, particularly since Kissinger executed his 1974 formal plan for food control genocide within the developing world. Over the decades these places have been stricken with increasing famine. Cataclysmic domino effects cascading around the globe are only becoming more devastating now. With the planned all-at-once cutoff of diesel fuel, natural gas, oil, fertilizers and food, mass starvation is assured, quickly spreading to all corners of the planet, bound for unprecedented catastrophe.

The cost of food that does end up on grocery store shelves will be both in such high demand and so exorbitantly priced, doubling, tripling, even quadrupling in cost, it will be out of reach for a growing portion of the global population. Even with food rationing, store shelves will be quickly emptied. Armed security detachments will be guarding food stores with items in limited stock. Roving bands of angry, armed and dangerous hungry marauders and increasing food riots will be unavoidable as the fundamental breakdown of civil society and rule of law will drive up out-of-control violent crime rates. The elites’ longtime agenda for centralized globalization has such built-in fragile vulnerability that when one of the key domino pieces falls, the entire house of cards global food system collapses, again all by sinister design.

At every turn, the Biden regime has been sabotaging the prospect of human survival. When asked about the prospect of food shortages ahead in late March, the disgraceful imposter prez replied, “It’s going to be real.” It’s unfortunately a rare true statement, but the real reason for the food shortage are the puppet orders from his overlord masters making sure there is not enough food. For instance, a case in point comes from CF Industries, America’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producer as well as an important diesel additive supplier, releasing an ominous April press release:

On Friday, April 8, 2022, Union Pacific informed CF Industries without advance notice that it was mandating certain shippers to reduce the volume of private cars on its railroad effective immediately.

This arbitrary halting of life and death freight such as fertilizer, the diesel additive and food on an indefinite basis is downright criminal. Crops can’t be planted and trucks and tractors can’t run without the additive. Spring crop planting has been completely sabotaged already by the Union Pacific and three other rail companies that move 80% of all food related products by rail. The timing is clearly intentional to directly cause the present growing food crisis. Union Pacific is stopping fertilizer from reaching farmers in time for spring planting, causing drastically reduced crop yields for no good reason other than the flimsy excuse of federal mandates phasing out gas and oil, replaced by the faltering green energy transition scam, signaling death throes for population survival. Globalist lackey Samantha Power, now the head of US Agency for International Development (USAID) actually said on national television that food shortages will push farmers toward green energy, embodying the motto “never let a crisis go to waste.” This diabolically deceitful rationale is inflicting pain on a hungrier, angrier, more anxious populace, willfully caused by the elite’s shit hitting the fan and all hell breaking loose. Heads need to roll.

The current baby formula crisis is reportedly caused by the FDA, the notorious key criminal player in the ongoing vaccine dieoff, this time due to the FDA issuing a safety recall on products and a February shutdown of the crucial baby formula Abbott plant in Michigan. But this move smells just as deliberate and no different from Union Pacific’s worst timing decision, unveiling a systematic pattern and common thread of malevolence running throughout this depopulation agenda’s “perfect storm.” And then come to find out, Bill Gates is in deep on this one too. With feeble-headed Joe claiming no one told him and his FDA screwup, even the mainstream press is decisively turning against the Biden regime, portending some big, erratic, desperate measure changes during the next 5-month run-up to a November election.

With the US and EU’s suicidal sanctions clearly denying themselves much needed Russian grain staples, causing food shortages inevitably leading to widespread famine and starvation, even globalist owned Reuters reports this undeniable truth as stated by the Kremlin. Yet America’s “go green agenda” is further compounding today’s crisis with a 2007 law mandating higher percentages each year of corn acreage. By 2015 it was up to 40% of all corn must be grown strictly for biofuel purposes instead of food, degrading both supply and increasing food inflation. This is the result in spite of the fact that the US is the world’s largest corn producer. Refusing to represent the interests and needs of the people, federal government oligarchy is submitting to a Luciferian agenda under benign pretense of green technologies, knowing full well that it’s actually the driving force behind mass starvation and spread of global famine.

The “perfect” dark, diabolical storm continues unfolding with the USDA demanding that 38 million poultry birds be culled in recent months, just when COVID was finally played out and dying down, suddenly this eruption of yet another questionable bird flu infection conveniently springs up allegedly spreading to 35 states. Could it be the next false flag hoax right on cue, no different from the 2015 H5N1 bird flu virus proven to be a hoax? Overnight eradicating the egg supply has delivered a 300% jump in egg costs since last November alone, along with a decimated chicken and turkey production in America. Latest warnings suggest that the egg price could soon rise to a dollar an egg.

Also just like clockwork, the elites’ “build back better” mantra gives us their answer – global “food security” – a more controlled, corporatized, readymade food system rolled out by the same usual suspects behind COVID. From a recent Kit Knightley article writing for the Off-Guardian:

Just as the Covid ‘pandemic’ was said to highlight weaknesses in the multilateral system,’ so this food crisis will show that our unstable food systems are in need of reform and we need to ensure our ‘food security’… or a thousand variations on that theme.

The globalist informal mandate now “gently” coercing humanity to eat far less meat is eugenics “vaccine expert” Bill Gates’ synthetic, GM non-Organic, lab grown fake meat production now up and running and being heavily promoted. Unsurprisingly, Gates offers his own product solution for the out-of-nowhere infant formula scare too. His food launch is yet another of his King Midas-in-reverse depopulation schemes, just like his unprosecuted world vaccine damage, except his latest WMD “perfect storm” timing now is far more lethal. To top it off, Bill Gates bought up and now owns the most US farmland -240,000 acres across 18 states, with his fellow eugenics globalist Ted Turner owning over 2 million ranchland acres in eight states, ominous developments for lasting deadly effect. The elites’ all-natural green agenda is also trying to sell us lowly masses on a steady diet of eating insects like crickets and grasshoppers. Like their infamous reset, conned into trying one of their tasty larva hamburgers, “we’ll be happy” just to be alive with what they’re throwing at us. Whereas the plebian masses are constantly conditioned to accept the new normal of less is better, the elites continue to fly off in their Lear jets, continue eating caviar and enjoying all accoutrements of their superior bloodline birthright bred entitlement.

Meanwhile, their devious, horrific criminality driven by the destructive insanity of psychopathy is allowed to continue to lethally harm and kill off the human race. With all their out-front annual rituals on full display now, the Bilderbergs, Devos and Bohemian Grove crowd, meet annually behind closed doors to discuss their genocidal progress against us “deplorables.” Their sinister decisions prototypically reflect Bill Gates’ eugenics track record to intentionally kill us with a twisted smile that our friendly, neighborhood globalist always “knows” best. Considering the totality of all their combined WMDs being deployed specifically to drastically depopulate and murder us, all their actions are clear-cut, in-our-face, despicable crimes against humanity that We the People in self-defense possess every legal and moral right to fight to hold these perpetrators to account, prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law for all their vile crimes against humanity.

Since this pandemic began in late 2019 in Wuhan, virtually all national governments have operated in treacherously synchronized lockstep, following the dictates of their globalist puppetmasters. The Rockefeller-Rothschild bloodline overlords have demonically orchestrated an unprecedented convergence of unprecedented crises, all synergistically imploding at the exact same time, with zero doubt intentionally designed to kill multitudes within today’s world population currently approaching 8 billion humans. These same bloodlines, through tax-free think tank foundations and government NGOs, invent and create the problem, unleash another of their staged crises as a reaction, and then blow up what’s left of our diminishing freedom and human rights in exchange for more ruthless despotic control under the purported pretense of security and protection… again, the forever do-loop pattern reenacting their age-old Hegelian formula forever… or until We the People stop them.

Two years of the biowarfare holocaust, immediately followed by the Ukraine conflict has us now teetering on the brink of world war annihilation, co-accompanied by both massive global economic and food collapse, more manmade bioweapon viruses, and elites’ agenda represented by the Georgia Guidestones depopulation imperative to lower our numbers down to a more manageable half billion size fast becoming a growing probability. For them, it’s a self-defense war of offense rushing to avoid their judgment day of unpaid karmic unaccountability. For us, it literally is a war for our species’ survival. Our survival can only be secured if the genocidal monsters rapidly closing in for their predatory mass human dieoff are thwarted and neutralized first. If they aren’t, they win and we all lose [our life].

Today it is unequivocally certain that the ruling elites are aggressively manipulating the Russian conflict in Ukraine to provoke World War III between a weakened, batshit crazy, suicidal West (US, NATO, EU), through designed to fail economic sanctions fatally destroying the West while clearly benefiting Russia, in strategic league with other emerging Eastern powers China, Iran, India, with an eastern warfront opening up once China initiates its impending attack on Taiwan, confirmed by both Russian and US intelligence sources. By total malevolent design, the Western sanctions are also intended to raise the global threat of runaway hyperinflation, with current inflation rates the worst in over 40 years.

No accident the US versus Russia conflagration over Ukraine involves the world’s two biggest nuclear powers for dangerous dramatic effect. Also no accident that NATO commanders from the US, UK, CanadaPoland and other European countries, have been captured in recent months by the Russians at the underground Mariupol Azovstal steel complex, apparently serving as NATO command center in Donbas, along with a large contingent of Western mercenary POWs. Western military, including Eric Prince’s Blackwater/Academi mercenary force has a history as both trainers and allies of Neo-Nazi Ukraine. The military conflict in Ukraine has proven to not just be a US/NATO proxy war, but indeed a direct on-the-ground war the West is waging against Russia, seemingly a desperate elite ploy to exploit Ukraine in order to potentially ignite a nuclear World War III Armageddon.

Additionally, pouring an enormous ongoing flood of both $40 billion in fiat dollars [manufactured out of thin air] off the strained backs of overburdened US taxpayers for years to come, plus for several months emptying virtually the entire West’s military weapons arsenal from nearly every Western nation shipped to Ukraine, now including killer drones and long range heavy advanced rocket systems by both the US and UK capable of hitting targets inside Russia, quickly met with Putin warning of retaliatory strikes, it’s become all too obvious the elites are gunning for a world war. Clearly, the City of London central banking cartel that controls the US Biden regime, the EU, NATO and virtually every Western nation is intentionally, frantically exhausting every available resource in its sheer, “there’s-no-tomorrow” desperation, ostensibly to prolong the Ukraine conflict to “weaken” Russia at the total expense of expendable Ukraine and the already bankrupted West. The rah-rah Western propaganda still attempting to drum up wokism support to “stand with Ukraine,” is already waning. Reality is now setting in, it’s only killing more Ukrainians, destroying more of their nation, and delivering a most bleak and grim future prospect for our entire planet. Cui bono? Neither Ukrainians nor humanity, but only the ruling elite stands to gain and benefit.

Biden’s marching orders are to deplete and empty the US war arsenal after his Afghanistan debacle last year abandoning over $10 billion worth of US weaponry, and seriously weakening the US fighting force with his mandated death jab. Now a helplessly woke US-NATO armed forces is no match for Russia’s military superiority that includes supersonic advanced weaponry that the West has no answer for. If a war should break out now between Russia and US/NATO, the West is destined to lose. But then that’s exactly the elites’ endgame strategy. As part of their Great Reset, the planetary controllers are destroying the world’s three wealthiest continents, stripping them of their once thriving middle classes in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Rendering the Western population impotent, far more easily controlled, hollowed out vassals, terrified from nonstop 24/7 MSM fear porn propaganda, sooner than later unable to stand up to the centralized, almighty, totalitarian power elite, lost in an entrenched dictatorial, Orwellian, one world governance, super-surveillant police state.

Prior to Russia’s February 24th incursion, Ukraine had been the Deep State’s perversion playground, the Euro hub laundering black budget trillions from trafficking every organized crime commodity available – drugs, children, human organs, illegal arms, in combination with several dozen confirmed US DoD-funded illicit biolabs operating, conducting gruesome experimentation in tunnel-connected deep underground military bases (DUMBs). Why else would the Deep State elite’s owned and controlled Biden crime family operate a 200-acre child trafficking compound with underground tunnels and torture chamber shackles so conveniently close to the Mariupol port, identical to the Bidens’ Caribbean operation owning their own private island just minutes away by sub from Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island. Or why Hunter isn’t the only VIP son/intimate of Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and RINO Mitt Romney all parasitically bilking millions off exploiting Deep State Ukraine. The elite controlled global pedophilia network comes in very handy for controlling all the world puppets through blackmail. And the horror of child blood harvesting on an industrial scale is sadly no conspiracy theory.

The cabal controllers are determined to ignite a potential life extinction nuclear event as the elite’s fast and furious kill method of final resort within its unlimited WMD arsenal. Given the continued influx of heavier rocket systems sent by UK and US into Ukraine, increasing the risk that the Kiev government will use them to attack Russia, a Russian political scientist pundit on state run TV remarked this week that it appears likely that “nuclear war is coming.”

The elites are fully aware that if their demonic Deep State cesspit in Ukraine gets blown up in a world war, all their criminal evidence is conveniently destroyed and their criminal track record fingerprints will vanish with total impunity from any and all justice, with the ensuing controlled demolition of their centralized economic system’s unsustainable global theft/usury debt, Satanic depravation, criminal power and deadly control erased in a mushroom cloud, the Luciferian death cult remains intact, avoiding full public exposure and its permanent downfall. That’s why they are so desperate to risk everything in a race to collapse their crumbling global economy, kill off the dying US dollar as global international currency, and on steroid overdrive implement their world bank digital currency (WBDC), biometric digital IDs, vaccine passports, more virus fear porn outbreaks like monkeypox, more lockdowns, more death jab mandates, more over-the-top restrictions and ever-more nightmarish draconian control in digitalized feudal enslavement.

But Klaus Schwab and his elites’ Great Reset, designed to culminate with their perfect storm of death and destruction raging worldwide for absolute tyrannical enslavememt, is being increasingly challenged and opposed by the global masses’ Great Awakening, manifesting as worldwide grassroots noncompliance, civil disobedience, organized economic boycott and anti-authoritarian, decentralized pushback from an informed, resistive and committed public fast reaching critical mass. This is the epic war being fought right now on every conceivable front, a spiritual war between good versus evil, an information war between truth versus lies, a revolutionary war between constitutional freedom/human rights versus tyrannical godless enslavement, and the bottom-line war between surviving with food versus sure death without it. Perhaps the enemy is counting on this weapon most of all.

Amidst all of our evil opponent’s willfully planned and created chaos, destabilization and destruction, food will be their weaponized control mechanism used to falsely promise survival for total obedience and submission, and death by starvation as their punishment of choice for low social credit scores and frozen bank accounts resulting from noncompliance and criminalized dissent. The elites’ fast track to tyranny was temporarily delayed in late May with the UN World Health Assembly’s failed attempt at sneaking through their World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, designed to supersede all national sovereignty with one world governance through unelected medical dictatorship. They’ll be back though.

Clearly the military operation in Ukraine is being used by the City of London Davos crowd to rush the central banking cartel’s WBDC system, with the International Bank of Settlements’ recent claim that 90% of all nations are already in process of implementing it. Again, the race is on and up for grabs with everything to gain or lose, regardless of which side of history you may be on. The monopolization of ownership of all the largest multinational conglomerates by the bloodline stakeholders of the world’s “Big Three” top investment firms – BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, by November 2020 just days ahead of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, managed combined assets of $15 trillion. But by January 2021, just two months later with their Big Pharma payday, their assets suspiciously ballooned upwards by $3 more trillion, and the current asset total is an incredible $20 trillion, in just two and a half years a 25% growth increase. owning near 90% of all S&P Fortune 500 corporations in history’s largest redistribution of wealth scheme ever recorded, while in record numbers small to moderate sized businesses virtually all went under during the manufactured pandemic, enabling the fattest cats to just get filthily richer and fatter literally at our expense.

The pandemic new normal has nothing to do with health but everything to do with pathologically increasing centralized authoritarian control, sociologically through mask-wearing, social distancing, quarantines and protracted lockdown isolation, subjugation and disempowerment, as well as financially in the biggest recorded theft in human history. The richest 1% on earth owns 82% [and growing] of all earthly wealth.

All this cannot be attained without certifiably insane, mentally ill psychopaths running our precious world six feet into the ground, comprised of interbred bloodline overlords threatening to end all life with unprecedented worldwide starvation, world war, more bioweapon madness, more kill shots, decades of geoengineered poisons that could easily include aerosol sprayed bioweapons from the metallic skies and directed energy weapons (DEW) of mass destruction triggering virtually all extreme weather events – unnatural, manmade droughts, fires, earthquakes, floods, volcanos, tsunamis and hurricanes, otherwise known as the climate change hoax based on the bogus CO2 (life-enhancing plant “oxygen”) carbon footprint hoax, the Green New Deal scam, all of it deceitfully wrapped up literally to strangle us to death while Deep State cabal frantically ushers in a litany of elite top-down, life-crushing New World Order enslavement policies that facilitate mass genocide.

Through nefarious use of geoengineering, the US drought out West has apparently widened all the way to the Mississippi River basin, covering the entire critically vital American breadbasket farm belt. Western states like Oregon and California just declared more water emergencies. California’s Deep State Governor Gavin Newsom has a history of denying his state farmers access to irrigation rights, shutting down their yield capacity of the nation’s most crucial farm producing state, directly contributing to conditions leading to severe food scarcity and potential famine. Again, more totally illogical and insane government policies that willfully produce outcomes promoting starvation. This is the real science, not the government, corporate media and Big Tech giant lies using sleight of hand deception while they busily deny slitting our throats.

Joe Biden, Western mainstream media, the UN, the World Economic Forum, globalist think tanks like US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Atlantic Council have all had a field day blaming Russia for the global food crisis and famine to come. A France24 headline published less than a month ago reads “Russian Blockade of Ukraine’s Ports Puts Global Food Supply at Risk,” typically accusing Russia’s Black Sea fleet of imposing an embargo and mining the Ukraine’s largest ports like Odessa, maliciously blocking Ukraine’s grain exports from being able to feed the rest of the world. A snapshot of recent mainstream media headlines:

  • May 29 Foreign Policy “How Putin’s War Caused A Global Food Crisis”
  • May 20 The Guardian “Ukraine War has Stoked Global Food Crisis that Could Last Years”
  • May 19 BBC “Ukraine Invasion Could Cause Global Food Crisis, UN Warns”
  • May 11 Washington Times “Biden Blames Putin for Rising Food Prices”
  • March 31 World Economic Forum “Russia’s War on Ukraine is Creating a Global Food Crisis”

Russia has demined the Mariupol and Berdyansk ports and is currently working with both Turkey and the UN to open safe sea-lane corridors for all Ukraine ports to supply its grain exports as the fifth largest wheat and largest sunflower oil producer. This exposes the MSM lies that Russia has prohibited the Ukraine grain trade with setting mines and an embargo.

The planetary controllers had planned and executed the global pandemic lockdowns, widespread supply chain disruption, food scarcity blocking produce and food transport to marketplace, the planting and harvesting cycles hampered worldwide, all these occurred long before the February 24th Russian incursion in Ukraine. Just like the unstable, bankrupted global economy, the pandemic recession, massive unemployment and business closures, high inflation rates, all were unfolding prior to Putin’s Incursion Day. Let’s be clear, the plan of the elites and their minions like Biden all along was to systematically create global panic, crisis, destabilization, despair, and genocide way prior to February 24th this year. In fact, the demonization of Putin/Russia/Cold War 2.0 had also commenced years prior to Incursion-Day. Yet one would never be aware of any of this amnesic truth reading the above headlines. Exploiting selective memory and the recency bias effect have long been state-run propaganda trademarks.

The fact remains that the bloodline overlords planned all of the above events more than a decade before they all came to pass because that’s what the ruling class does. The US/NATO/EU/West for decades has maintained an incessant, aggressive foreign policy encircling both designated Cold War enemies Russia and China with hostile pro-West neighbors intended to threaten and violate the Eastern powers’ national security.

The City of London banking cartel, European royal families, the Vatican’s Catholic Church and their secret society death cults are all major players in the earth’s power structure for millennia. Unfortunately, the Zionist-Masonic-Luciferian elite has used Washington DC and its US military in particular as its human fodder battering ram to invade, fight and kill millions in central bankers’ wars.

The elite historically backs every political ideology, be it the Democratic West versus the Communist East. The central banking mafia cabal possesses centuries old history backing both sides in every conflict and war that it creates and finances. Rothschild cousin Karl Marx was their hired gun and useful idiot, so were the genocidal Communist dictators from the Bolsheviks Lenin and Stalin to China’s Mao, including their Nazi Hitler, all were City of London banking cartel creations and controlled opposition puppets. These most murderous villains in human history are/were created by the same bloodline controllers still nefariously operating today.

The Deep State Neo-Nazi Ukraine’s ongoing ethnic purge into the Donbas was about to turn into major bloodbath genocide against ethnic Russians had Putin decisively not intervened when he did. So, every single event and development on the central banking cartel’s grand geopolitical chessboard has been both plotted and executed by the same elites. And obviously this latest ploy to globally starve millions to death as part of their wider genocidal mission to eliminate over 7 billion people ASAP, is consistent with everything that has happened to date. The old problem-reaction-solution, 24/7 false propaganda lies and divide and conquer strategy have always worked like a charm for them as their highly successful, go-to Modus Operandi… until now. Thus, nothing is really ever new in their endgame agenda because if it works every time, why would they change their proven winning formula. So, history keeps repeating itself over and over and over again, committing the exact same horrific atrocities and unthinkable crimes against humanity ad nauseam… until We the People rise up in righteous anger to finally stop them once and for all. That time is now as we have all the evidence needed to convict the perpetrators. Knowledge is power and with a million to one odds and safety in numbers, all stacked heavily in our favor, the unified force for good in the end will prevail. Preparing and surviving the enemy’s onslaught of WMDs is humanity’s immediate and toughest challenge yet. And where there is the will, there is the way.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for over 8 years, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published author of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, Joachim’s books and chapters are Amazon bestsellers in child advocacy and human rights categories. His A-Z sourcebook series fully documents and exposes the global pedophilia scourge and remains available for free at the late Robert David Steele’s website To compensate Google recently deplatforming Joachim’s empireexposed blogsite after 7 years, attempting to silence another cancel culture victim, Joachim responded by becoming a Revolution Radio host on the weekly show “Cabal Empire Exposed,” heard every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!)

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42 thoughts on “Joachim Hagopian, Depopulation by Mass Starvation – One among Elite’s Many WMDs Committing Human Genocide”

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  13. Something struck me about the possibility (which seems more certain) of DeSantis running for POTUS in 2024. Not being any kind of political strategist and understanding that “politics is indeed a strange bedfellow”, maybe someone with more acumen re the subject can provide some input. Let’s face it, in the past 6 years or so, Trump has built one helluva machine. Like him or not, he may be undefeatable as the Republican nominee against DeSantis. And certainly undefeatable when he gets the nomination. Would not DeSantis be better as his running mate, rather than causing a schism in the party? There’s enough descension in the ranks, via all these RINOs, as it is.

    1. It’s also interesting to know:

      Ron DeSantis’ net worth appeals to voters weary of ‘choosing among elderly millionaires’

      “Gov. DeSantis, who is 43, still has over $21,000 in student loans,” tweeted Kimberly Leonard, of Business Insider. “He doesn’t trade individual stocks. His net worth is $318,987, far lower than many top politicians and if he runs for president he may clock in at the lowest net worth in a crowded field.”

      Of course, he does not run around in an old VW bug and live in a hovel the way José Mujica did (and I doubt he’ll donate a large part of his salary to charity), but it’s good to know he’s not filthy rich.

    2. So, just to correct something. I just heard that DeSantis has said that he will not run for POTUS if Trump decides to run. To quote Carson…”I did not know that”. Also seems that Trump is looking at Elise Stefanik from NY’s 21st Congressional District as his running mate.

      1. Posted for Will:

        10:02 AM (2 minutes ago)
        to me

        …maybe you can get it up:

        Check out the video on Stone re the food shortage. Stone is infamous for fear mongering, but this seems legit and seems to be set for August. Has it been planned? I would say yes.
        $12 to produce a dozen eggs is beyond outrageous. With that cattle die-off in Nebraska and Kansas, beef will sky-rocket beyond the ridiculously high price at the moment. Happy to not eat beef. A poor mans prep would be rice, beans, water and cheap canned goods. I do have some powdered milk, eggs and peanut butter on hand.
        Who knows how long it will last. This could be the demented ones way to declare martial law. I doubt they will let Americans starve, but since nothing follows logic any longer, all bets are off. I would think, considering the last couple of years of madness, the last thing these low life vermin want on their hands is a starving populace.

      2. For that vid on Stone, scroll down past the Brazilian mom story…that just went up.

  14. For Mr “Will Two” –

    It is incorrect that I made any recommendation for you.
    Correct is you are too old to learn scientific method of introspection.

    1. Peter, I refer you to my other comment of 8:29 today. Peter. See how easy it is to pace a reply in the correct place, as again, from the placement of this reply, it becomes once again obvious you are befuddled by the simplicity of this comment system. . Does that happen often?

  15. Poor old Donald Trump has his daughter back-stabbing him, with the help of Dick (penis) Cheney’s daughter.
    “Former US president Donald Trump has hit back at his daughter Ivanka, saying she had “checked out” on election issues, after she rejected his claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

    Key points:
    In a video clip from April, Ivanka Trump said she accepted her father had lost the election
    She said then attorney-general William Barr had determined there was no significant evidence of fraud
    Mr Trump said Ms Trump had “checked out” of election issues and Mr Barr “sucked”
    A probe into the January 6 riot at the US Capitol this week aired previously unseen recorded testimony from Ms Trump, in which she said she did not believe her father’s false claims he had won the election.

    In the recording from April, Ms Trump said she believed then attorney-general William Barr’s assessment that there was no significant evidence of electoral fraud.

    “I respect Attorney-General [William] Barr. So I accepted what he was saying,” she said.

    US Capitol hearing blog
    A police officer injured during the January 6 US Capitol riot says she saw “friends with blood all over their faces” as authorities tried to regain control of protesters.

    screenshot of Ivanka Trump speaking in a videotaped testimony presented during the January 6 Capitol riot hearing
    Read more
    In a post on social media platform, Mr Trump downplayed his daughter’s involvement in his election campaign despite her being one of his closest allies during his presidency.

    “Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, election results,” he said.

    “She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!).””

  16. Dick Head Cheney’s daughter makes me puke. Now Trump’s daughter has stabbed her dad in the back.
    “Committee vice-chair Liz Cheney said the next hearing would show that Mr Trump knew he had lost the election and went on to engage in a “massive effort to spread false and fraudulent information”.

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  18. Anyone seen the Uvalde Teacher’s interview? If not check it out. Tell me what you think.
    I am not buying his tale. Of course he brought up changing laws. The biggest load of horse shit was the news barbie saying she couldn’t show parts of the interview because it was just too sad. And describing how the entire crew was in tears. It might have been slightly more believable had the teacher been laying down in a hospital bed. The frame of the camera was so tight, you couldn’t even tell he was in a hospital. Shot through the lung. I think not

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  21. PS: Since the author is graduate of West Point, perhaps he is aware that in Veterans Today News online over the years has been asserted that military academies in the US esp AFA nest so-called “Christian” evangelism, with apocalyptic soon. Dr Preston James to my knowledge is a Bible believer who never analyzed the European idea of reincarnation as metamorphosis in his many articles in Veterans Today.

    1. Yes Peter you’re very correct with your assertions about Joachim. Regardless of his research and writings into occultism and his zeal for the capture and punishment of the so called elitist pedophilla groups. He knows more than what he says or write about.
      Anthony Sutton wrote an excellent research book called “How the Order Controlled Education.” All military academies and Ivy League schools were created by Frankist Sabbathean or just plain Satanist. And everything alternative news outlet is primarily controlled opposition. David Livingstone book on theTranshuman agenda pairs well with Anthony Sutton books and does a deeper dive.

      1. Dear Salty Sailor,

        You are confused deeply in two basic ways and completely misunderstand me:

        1. Incorrect: “Regardless of his research into and writings about occultism” –

        2. Degenerate:
        “He knows more than he says and writes about”

  22. Above in the article its author uses the adjective “Luciferic”, which I suspect is for the author only an empty phrase. Since the name Lucifer is vulgarly known to refer to a non-physical entity mentioned in ancient documents, why doesn’t the author inform his readership he has no experience and simply repeats this name like rosary or mantram? Is the author familiar with Rudolf Steiner’s differentiation between Lucifer and Ahriman and Asuras? Or does the author evangelize like Bible evangelist and Illuminati whistleblower Chaplain Jessie Czebotar?

  23. 6000+ words devoted to more information. Great article. Now, I would just love to see 6000 words of solution and what the hell We the People can do about it all. In other comments, I have presented a few to absolutely no response. I find that a bit odd. Maybe it’s just me expecting a way out from some mind greater than mine. Some nerve, eh?

    1. Since Peter has weighed in here and brought up such subjects as apocalypse and reincarnation, I feel drawn to respond to your ‘challenge,’ Will Two. To wit: Personally, I think there is some sort of Law at work here, along the lines that this extreme situation that we are in is generating its Equal and Opposite Reaction – is the reverse image of The Real Thing. We are talking, then, about what has been called the kingdom of heaven: Human society going up a notch in the frequency of consciousness, for those who manage the Harvesting to live, not by Force.. But by Love. The love of the Creator Source for Its creation, and vice versa. Wherein and whereby we will understand that Life in this 3D realm – this matrix; this construct – is like being in a school, the purpose of which is to graduate: not to get stuck in it, and keep going around and around in it, as in a washing machine. Which is where the ‘angle’ of reincarnation comes in – for which there is a plethora of evidence in our time, in studies, books, videos; indicating that there is Plan in and Purpose to life beyond just in and for itself only, and further, that there is perfect Justice in the whole Process, through another law: the Law of Karma. We have, then, reached the equivalent of a boiling point, to move now – for those who are so aligned – into another state of our being. And this is all known about, by some of us incarnate souls – we ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’. Including patriots in our military forces. Who are bound, not only by their oath of office. But by the larger level of Laws at work. Personally, I think that we are almost there, as indicated above. And I for one can hardly wait. I have had far enough of all the torture for their adrenochrome and killing for their organs – and including cannibalism – of our children that has been going on for monstrously long enough, by our Wannabe Masters. Who are about to taste some of that perfect Justice, in this Grand Scheme of Things.

      1. Stan, inasmuch as I appreciate your reply AND respect your heavenly beliefs, I am actually looking for actions or “non-actions” in which We the People can participate while still in this earthly realm. I would think that any creator would expect such from the very species he/she created and endowed with free will, intelligence and a primal urge to survive and live a life of quality and fulfillment.

    2. I feel you Will. I don’t have 6,000 words for you, or even 600. As gas heads to five bucks, Jo-Bama went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show for some canned applause and simulated accolades. Jo-Bama still came off as non-sensical even with the most carefully orchestrated event. It’s pretty easy to lose hope when you think about the vast majority of the population not catching on to the broad spectrum war on America. From the drag queen story time for children to the America hating professors programing the young adults. Every commercial, TV show or movie is required to feature an interracial or gay couple. Glamorized thuggery pedaled for decades. Another marauding migrant caravan approaches the border. Simulated school shootings, engineered riots, arson and looting and 17 million sent to the George Floyd Memorial site. Stolen elections. The ratcheting up fear of nuclear annihilation. Stability appears to be hanging by a thread; violent anarchy lurks just over the horizon with the engineered food scarcity. Turning away completely and just living in the moment sounds appealing if want to preserve your sanity. As much as I want to, I can’t stay away for even a whole day.

      The Uvaude simulated school shooting is another diabolical psych warfare operation.. After watching the Chief of the Texas Rangers rattle off the time line again, he is even less believable than the first time. Big surprise no one can find the birth records of the victims. A neighbor of the school didn’t hear any of the 100 rounds fired from outside the school. The crashed truck with an Armalite sitting in plain site. The dead little girl with two shitty actors claiming her as a daughter. When Anderson CIA Cooper shows up, you just know it’s a gigantic scam. Waking up anyone new? It seems like a lost cause. I have just four aware friends. One of them now runs the post office after the boss vaxxed himself to death.

      1. Ayn Rand predicted all this in her brilliant 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end well–by the time everyone hates the parasitic elites, society has completely collapsed.

        Sell all securities, buy gold and food, and hunker down.

        BTW, I’m curious about the your reference to Armalite? I checked on the Internet and am not sure what your point is? Please clarify.

      2. William….exactly. By the time that cultures need to change or die….its always way too late.

      3. “Turning away completely and just living in the moment sounds appealing if want to preserve your sanity. As much as I want to, I can’t stay away for even a whole day.”

        I get it, Dave…I really do. In terms of psychological (as opposed to chemical) addictions, the “web” (with all it’s +’s) is insidious from it’s inception. That was no accident. This “thing” gets to one on some primal level. It could be that what’s underneath it is the human need for community AND communication which since the advent of that other addiction known as TV has been thwarted through staring at the box opposed to staring into your fellow humans eyes. Strangely, I had no problem ridding myself of that monster. The web is another story. It works on levels I don’t understand. In terms of degree of addiction, I would put the computer at the top, followed by cells of all types and then TV. Could be that TV lacks the tactile aspect that puts the computer and cells in their own category. The remote control on the TV seems to have been a bridge to the computer and cells.

        Frustration is at an all time high world wide. From what I can tell, many other countries have just succumbed to their masters. We are the hold-outs. We CAN do something. There’s much to be said for bank strikes, driving strikes, shopping strikes et al. But I see not a hint of the possibility of those scenarios in the general consciousness. With most Americans existing in the comfort of convenience, there is no desire to interrupt THAT particular addiction.

    3. Your way out might be to exercise your mind by learning new six thousand words to compare the idea of human being and human society presented in Institute für soziale Dreigliederung presents with Cusanus Hochschule für Gesellschaftsgestaltung.

      1. Will Two, please notice I didn’t place my recommendation under your comment because it wasn’t for you.
        In my estimation you are too old to learn something new like a scientific method of introspection.

      2. Peter, you might find it advantageous to re-evaluate your ability to place your reply under the correct comment since it’s in the same place as Stan’s and Dave’s which were directed to me. It most certainly was under my comment. It may also be a good idea to begin your reply with the name of the person to whom it was directed, eh? As for the remainder of your comment, I have no response since it deserves none.

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