Russ Winter, Independence Day in Highland Park: High Strangeness and Demoralization

Russ Winter

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Whether you view the Fourth of July parade shooting in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park as real or staged, it’s  the ultimate in national demoralization.

The alleged perp is Robert “Awake” Crimo III, a freakish-looking boogeyman, straight out of the Aurora shooter James Holmes’ School of Psyops. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Read “The Aurora Shooting: James Holmes’ Strange Psychiatric Interview”


Bobby Crimo decked out here in Smiley Face garb was described as a recluse by people who knew him, according to Reuters. PHOTO: New York Post/Reuters


Pre-crime interdiction is a core agenda.

And, as I have predicted numerous times, they swing between leftist and white supremacist boogeymen.

Yes, per usual, there is a manifesto. It was offered on Amazon but is now deep sixed. We imagine somebody will reveal the contents soon enough and we will report back on anything interesting or original, or whether it’s just another plagiarized bombast as with the Buffalo grocery store shooter.

Read “The Buffalo Shooter and His ‘Plagiarized’ Manifesto”


Meanwhile, people (or bots?) on social media — specifically Hegelian dialectic pajama people — argue about the confused inconsistent images of Crimo. In some, he’s using MAGA garb and others shows leftist and Antifa symbolism. He was online calling for #arrestthemall in regard to January 6 protestors.

He had a series of incoherent rap videos that reinforce the pre-crime mentally ill narrative.


In this incoherent video, he seems to have access to a production studio, a classroom stage complete with secret passages and filled with Phoenician markers – and an overhead swing or boom camera.


He has this tattoo.

Perhaps the most telling social media posts from Crimo (if real and not a cut out) are these.

While the pajama people are all caught up in the MAGA or leftist slinging, we — as is our wont — notice that little attention is given to the shooting event itself.

How did he manage to access a rooftop of a several-story building and closed business with a weapon in the midst of a parade with police present? And how did he escape the rooftop after raining 60-70 rounds (updated) on the crowd?

Update: WaPo reports there was a fire access ladder (not fire escape) to roof on the far corner of the big block that gave him access. The circled ladder from the NY Post was police going on to roof.

New York Post

According to Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill, the gunman was perched on a rooftop and was “very difficult to see,” adding that the rifle was recovered at the scene.

Update: This photo would be directly across the street in the field of fire from the rooftop. Roped off but no signs of casualties or blood or even bothering with moulage.



Update: An ogre like black magik image of the cross dressed perp has made the rounds. It is unclear if he is fully shaven here. This is alleged to “be a disguise” so he “could blend in”.


We have been unable to locate the current mug shot. The media is running this one, which doesn’t combine with the cross dressing photo.

Of course, in due course, we should see the CCTV and surveillance video of the whole sequence, right? Yeah, right.

We see this brief video, showing paraders bolting followed by standard herky jerky filming of the pavement. No one is seen falling.

Not a speck of blood, second clip is typical poor quality but no-one seen going down.



Yet another phone video clip of noises and the ground.


Meanwhile, as per usual, the images that are out don’t show much at all. There are these emotional photos, but where are the mass casualties and signs of blood. Why so little activity?

Aftermath of a mass casualty event with up to 50 hit and 70 bullets fired? -zero visible blood and no-one took their lawn chairs on departure?

Roped off bloodless mass casualty event?


Highland Park Fourth of July Parade chairs

Waukesha Christmas Parade chairs

Strange Imagery from Waukesha Parade SUV Attack (Updated)

This one shows vague body-like figures in the background.

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12 thoughts on “Russ Winter, Independence Day in Highland Park: High Strangeness and Demoralization”

  1. Fact is we will never know. Not until some journalist does some real investigation AND doesn’t get taken out or silenced for doing it. The oddest thing about all of this is timing. TIMING is everything.

    Why all these shootings NOW? It’s no doubt about the election, but longer term I’m sure next year’s July 4th events are already being cancelled or scaled back. I am sure more of our liberties will be stripped away at what events are left in the name of safety.

    And another side note can we get ONE CCW permit holder to fire back at one of these events? If america has a gun problem it should also have a good guy with a gun problem. Where are all the good guys with guns???

    ps – it’s also interesting hearing and reading all the comments criticizing his looks, calling him a freak this and that, etc. That is EXACTLY why he did it. (If he did) If nothing else it was still a real person (another assumption) and their name will now forever be associated with this event. It all reminds me of the verse:

    “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

  2. Not buying this for a minute. this weakling doesn’t look like he could even shoulder a weapon. When the cops were looking for him, they were so nonchalant in their search it was pathetic. I wouldn’t even waste my time with this one. Can’t they do any better than this? It’s even more weak than the somewhat recent Boulder King Soopers fake shooting (in my old hood during the mid 80s). No Boulder cops on the scene, but ones from nearby Jefferson County beat them there. There’s a Boulder cop around every corner. Then there’s the Boulder Sheriff as well. That’s all I needed to dismiss that shooting. Just knowing the terrain and the sheer numbers of local police that weren’t there. I bet someone from Highland Park will blow this one out of the water

    1. The media said that Bobby Crimo lived in an apartment in his parent’s backyard. No he didn’t. It was an 8′ x 7′ box he made of plywood….no sink, toilet or heater. It also had tarpaper roof..:) I wouldn’t call that “an apartment”.

    2. I don’t think so, Dave. I’m pretty sure the rogue FBI has already gone to every home in HP to warn them not to talk about the “shooting”–except on its terms. To this day, folks in Newtown, CT, or even Monroe, CT—home of Chalk Hill Middle School, where the Sandy Hook students were located in fall of 2012–won’t talk to anyone.

      1. William, that is 100% correct.
        A couple of people in Newtown did open their doors, one inch, to talk for 1 minute back in 2013. But that was it.

        Other people in CT tell me that its like hell in CT. Crime and corruption are everywhere in the state.

  3. Robert Crimo, if he truly is as he is claimed, fits the bill of those masses in Eric Hoffer’s book “The True Believer” (1951). Hoffer analyzed mass movements and found that marginalized individuals often join groups outside of the mainstream and then quickly leave them, often for contradictory organizations (e.g., ANTIFA to rightwing groups and back), because they have a desperate need to fit in somewhere.

    But I don’t believe the Highland Park shooting was real. We have hundreds of bystanders, probably all with mobile phones, but not one video showing someone getting killed, dying in agony, or actually killed and tended to by paramedics. The photo that shows the “blood” near the fountain and possibly some bodies on the ground cannot be true; if someone lost that much blood and was carted off by paramedics, that entire location would be sealed off. The people in the photo seem not to be totally nonchalant about what’s going on as they contaminate the crime scene. In the end, forensics trumps all the psychoanalysis and hysterics; in this case, there are absolutely no forensics to speak of, so until proven otherwise I’m skeptical any of this really happened other than the theatrics.

    1. William, you could be 100% on target. I like the thinking you have done on this case. I agree, the whole scene seems staged and theatrical. Its very possibly a government hoax. We’ve seen a lot of those. Also, I guess everyone forgot their cell phone [cameras] that day. There should have been hundreds of on-scene photos….where are they???

      File photo. Does this photo make any sense? The blood looks like it flowed out of a fake- blood bag.


  4. Wash, rinse, repeat. One of the greatest ad campaigns ever and the biggest boon ever for shampoo companies, selling twice the product. Seems we peasants like simple directions and ROUTINES. Is that why so many fall for one false flag after another? No thought required. Why should I rinse and repeat? No one asks. And no one asks why one shooting after another follows the same damn routine. Just another blurb in the usual news. Why question it? After all, it’s radio, TV and the newspapers. Would they lie to us?

    Hell, yeah!

  5. Could this event have been a government psyop? Absolutely yes. Could the ”shooter” have been a government patsy? Yes, of course.
    So far there are many unanswered questions. Could this have been a psyop to both kill people and create chaos? Yes.
    Was the shooter just a normal nice boy? You can answer that yourself.


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