Uvalde Families to Sue Gun Manufacturer, Gun Store as Part of Massive $27 Billion Lawsuit

Adam Salazar

Lawsuit will also list Uvalde city and county police, the Texas Rangers, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the US Border Patrol as defendants.

[Editor’s note: Brian Davidson, P.I., with whom I authored the LAW ENFORCEMENT FALSE FLAG / STAGED EVENT CHECKLIST (which you can download here), discuss the Uvalde “school shooting” event, which appears to be modeled after Sandy Hook:

Brian Davidson, P.I., and I discuss the Uvalde “school shooting” (1 July 2022)

Instead of shooting his mother, he shoots is grandmother, and instead of shooting 20 1st graders and six adults, he shoots 19 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders (where even one of the Sandy Hook teachers is recycled for the event).]

A gun maker and a gun shop are listed as defendants in a massive $27 billion class action lawsuit set to be filed on behalf of parents of victims slain in the Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Announced Sunday, the families represented by the Law Offices of Bonner & Bonner are seeking to hold a litany of defendants liable for the shooting that claimed the lives of 19 young children and two school staffers, including several city, state and federal law enforcement agencies which simultaneously failed to stop gunman Salvador Ramos back in May.

According to San Antonio-area ABC affiliate KSAT, the lawsuit lists Robb Elementary school police, former school district police chief Pete Arredondo, Uvalde city police, Uvalde county sheriffs, the Texas Rangers, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the US Border Patrol as defendants.

Gun manufacturer Daniel Defense, which made the gun used during the shooting, and the Oasis Outback gun store, which legally sold Ramos the gun he used, are also listed as defendants.

“There will be some institutional defendants as well, such as school board or such as City Council or such as the City of the Uvalde,” attorney Charles Bonner told KSAT.

Bonner claimed the lawsuit was being filed to “serve the community.”

“What we intend to do (is) to help serve this community, and that is to file a $27 billion civil rights lawsuit under our United States Constitution, one-of-a-kind in the whole world,” he told KSAT.

The lawyer argued law enforcement agencies ignored the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment by depriving people of life.

“People have a right to life under the 14th Amendment and what we’ve seen here is that the law enforcement agencies have shown a deliberate conscious disregard of the life,” Bonner said.

Bonner says the nearly $30 billion price tag will ensure what happened in Uvalde, where several police units were caught on camera hesitating for over an hour to confront the shooter, never happens again.

“Everyone in this world are hurting and bleeding about what is happening here in Uvalde. And it’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Bonner said.

The attorney did not elaborate on how the gun store which followed all protocols in selling the firearm, or the gun maker had any responsibility in the shooting.

The Daily Caller reports Daniel Defense and Oasis Outback did not respond to requests for comment. The US Border Patrol and the City of Uvalde stated they would not comment on pending litigation.

Lawyers say they’ll file the suit in September after the Justice Department concludes their investigation into the shooting.

The lawsuit’s targeting of Daniel Defense is reminiscent of the wrongful death suit filed by Sandy Hook victims’ parents against Remington Arms company in 2014 that resulted in a landmark $73 million settlement to nine victims’ families seven years later.

The suit comes as gun control group Uvalde Strong for Gun Safety demanded the Oasis Outback gun shop stop selling “assault rifles” and ammunition, or face protests outside their store.

Brian Davidson and I reprise Uvalde (13 June 2022)

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15 thoughts on “Uvalde Families to Sue Gun Manufacturer, Gun Store as Part of Massive $27 Billion Lawsuit”

  1. Stunning, unbelievable, treasonous and quite simply, a substantial reason (other than a myriad of others) to DISSOLVE the FBI…..and of course, the Zuck, small hat he is….is always the victim (Zuck Bucks…oh, hell…that’s all someones imagination…I’m innocent, I tell you…Innocent!!). Tsk! Tsk! …poor man.

    ALERT: Zuckerberg reveals what FBI told Facebook ahead of Hunter Biden laptop story – Tucker MUST SEE from the show just now….

    …..and so many still use FB…I guess that’s like some kind of self-inflicted flagellation, eh?


  2. If the various defendants in this lawsuit do not fight it,–and easily prove not one child died in Uvalde–one has to wonder if there are any honest people and organizations left in America.

  3. Hello, I don’t mean to try an hijack the thread but I don’t know how to get in touch with James. I just saw his video with Jerm and all I can say is thank you for the work you are doing. Why I am posting this is that Bitchute cannot be trusted. They don’t delete videos they just make it so they can’t play. If you want to contact me directly for the email thread I had with them that descended into ignoring me and not even responding to a subsequent ticket I would be more than happy to share it. Do not trust them, please use something else like Odysee or not rely on a single hosting platform. The videos they censor are mainly about Michelle Obama having a penis… Whatever you do please make sure that you can reupload asap. Bitchute sucks. They talk the talk but Big Mike has bigger balls than they do. Snakes.

  4. They are lying about everything. Donald Trump “seems” to be sane and Biden etc insane. But Trump posed fro the fake shootings, he never said they are not “really” shot. Trump said 911 was bombs, but was worried about Larry Silverstein the mass murderer. It is meant to be, and is, totally confusing. But to me ,they are all crooks, including Trump.

  5. Millions of dollars will be awarded to families where NO death occurred. This is the “new” version of American justice.
    The US continues to descend deeper into the toilet.

    The Congress and the media continues to remain silent on the plague of hoaxes and frauds.

    The Sandy Hook families each made off with millions of dollars. No deaths, not even a little scratch, at Sandy Hook.

    File: Dead kids sang at the Super Bowl. [They were identified, hence the added names.] BTW, the Super Bowl Org. never released the names of the singers.


    1. The more I think about this ridiculous deep state initiated suit, the more inspiration I get to buy a barf bag company to make darn sure I never run out. Where’s OUR…WE THE PEOPLE’S…QUADRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT AGAINST THE FDA, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Gates from the depths of hell, Birx the hide my wrinkles with a scarf whore, Pfizer, Moderna, J and J, every world leader since 2020 (yes, that would include the poorly advised Trump), the entire MSM, every celebrity who touted the efficacy of the jab, Walmart, CVC, Walgreens, every hospital that participated in the fraud and took money to follow the protocol, YT, Facecrap, Twitter…on and effing on into infinity.






      The hoax is going down. Will it all be swept into the cracks of the bureaucratic sidewalk walk of infamy so the elite can play hopscotch with our lives OR WILL THEY BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, surrender to the justice of the gallows and be excised from planet earth? Or will we just continue and accept it all as just another glitch in this matrix of madness?
      There is really only one outcome that more or less guarantees this does not happen again.
      And it ain’t pretty, but it IS NECESSARY.

      1. IMO, no one will ever be held accountable for anything related to the covid hoax. It will fade into history as if it never happened. But a few history books will be written with detailed hoax accounts. Will these books be available on Amazon.com…..very doubtful,….who are we kidding.

        The TRUTH at Amazon.com is a very scary thing. The only truth they like at Amazon are stories about Adolf Hitler and Nazi brutality.

      2. One can almost guarantee that another health hoax will happen. Like JFK sorta said…….**the CIA needs to be dissolved** ….and look what happened to him. He got his brains scattered all over that street in Dallas.


      3. ….and don’t skip this from Jim’s Bitchute. If this does not tear your heart from your chest and want you to make someone have to pay for the past two years of misery and death, nothing will. Check your pulse. Fauci is number one on the list of those who deserve prison or the gallows. And we’ll be paying him $350K a year for the remainder of his worthless existence.


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