15 Jun, 2024


I have hosted a few 9/11 conversations, from Mike Berger arguing that controlled demolition was used, to Judy Wood’s fascinating hypothesis surrounding directed energy weapons.

Firstly, I’m not going to entertain the laughable, official story.

Sixteen years after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda (as the story goes) shook the United States and the world, the number of questions-raised-left-unanswered has perhaps never been any higher. Through their constant probing, investigating and challenging of the official story, world-class journalists, architects, engineers and families of the victims of 9/11 in particular have, however, to their credit, managed to unearth and pool together enough evidence over the years, to make a compelling case to suggest that the “official” narrative of 9/11 is only a “story” and not an accurate narration of what had actually happened.

Eresh Omar Jamal, The Daily Star, circa 2017

Secondly, understanding what actually happened is difficult due to mass censorship by The Cathedral (media plus government plus academia). A good indicator of where one might find (more of) the truth, however, is to search for what is being censored or outside of the Overton Window.

At least, that’s my rule of thumb.

Which is why I am intrigued by both Mike’s and Judy’s arguments. James Fetzer, who has been my podcast a few times, has been investigating 9/11 for many years and, in my opinion, has the most persuasive hypothesis.


In the following two-hour conversation, James presents 135 slides and an enormous amount of critique, including

  • what happened (or didn’t happen) at the Pentagon;
  • what happened (or didn’t happen) at Shanksville;
  • why planes could not have crashed into the Twin Towers;
  • why two of the four planes didn’t even take off;
  • why Osama and Muslim “terrorists” were a false flag;
  • the use of “mini-nukes” (which gives weight to the spike in cancers);
  • the names and faces of those involved; and
  • the motivations behind the operation.

I recommend watching instead of listening, for obvious reasons.


I’m a political cartoonist; I am a podcast host; and I have my own international talk radio show. My wife and I live in Cape Town (South Africa) with our pets and alcohol.

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23 thoughts on “Jermwarfare, JAMES FETZER ON THE 9/11 COVERUP”

  1. Who woulda thunk a highway could be racist. More evidence Biden and his band of thieves are certifiable. Well, look….the next step should be to remove ALL FUCKING HIGHWAYS in the country because they are black and cars have been running over them since paved highway were initiated. How about tires (running that black rubber into the ground)? Night (hell, do away with darkness because so much crime is committed after dark and that MUST reflect on black folk, eh?)? Black crayons (wrapping ones finger around a black shaft..terrible, terrible I tell you)? Black vehicles? Ink (think of all the curse words written in black ink)? TV screens are black when off…that has to change. Black holes….oh man….where we can go with that, eh? Charcoal? Setting black pieces of wood on fire….oh the shame of it all.


  2. Having just finished the following show with Fetz, a couple of others and his favorite sparring partner, Paul from CA (very well behaved today, btw).



    Adding the following to the mix that offers an interesting take on Trump’s criminal justice policy… much of which I had forgotten or not looked at closely.


    1. And the unwashed, uneducated, entranced, hypnotized or whatever the hell else one may call them will look at that tower disintegrating and STILL insist it was planes that brought down the buildings. It’s as if they have no choice but to believe the official narrative…cognitive dissonance is their master. What they may see with their own eyes has no relevance. Facts have no relevance. What a pity.

  3. i remembered something Kurt Sonnenfeld said about 911. He got a call from the Director of FEMA before the second tower attack, saying ‘get to New York ASAP, there’s been a small plane crash at the WTC’… words to that effect. Kurt’s thought bubble was ‘why are they calling me?… I document earth quake, flood and hurricane disaster relief. A plane crash is clearly FAA territory’… he didn’t question the director, he just followed orders.

    Just as I was thinking about this, I found a new video about 911 on James Tracy’s memoryholeblog with some audio communications I’ve never heard before. Some video I had not seen either.


    It’s so laughable for anyone to still cling to the official lie like my music pal Junkyard Jay, a harmonica player. Jayson still believes in the Moon Landings, voted for Biden and 911 happened just like the News said. He also thins Biden got 80 million votes without campaigning. He is in the class of people that is totally unreachable and took the Vaxx.

    1. Dave:
      Somewhere between 90% and 98% of all people just cannot believe their mommy or daddy [ Including the GOVERNMENT] would lie to them. Their mommy and daddy told them bad people tell lies.
      This modest blog reveals that the Government is a pack of lies and has been for a very long time. Many Presidents have lied, some more than others. But lo and behold there is a current president [JRB] for whom his lies ARE his policies and life history. Lies are his way of life….24/7.

  4. On this 21 year anniversary of 911, there’s a great story I just stumbled on from 2016 about Kurt Sonnenfeld in GQ magazine. Worth your time for sure because the author appears to be intent on finding the truth, a genuine four leaf clover in lame stream media. Kurt was the FEMA videographer who was given unfettered access to ground zero to document the recovery effort. Among the strange things he discovered was FEMA had a temporary headquarters set up the day before the attacks on the waterfront. This I heard from Kurt himself in 2002 after he was released from Denver jail.

    When I was introduced to Kurt, I went through the normal stuff you do. What have you been up to ?… I just got out of jail. What were you in for?… My wife’s murder. That was some conversation starter. It sent my head reeling to comprehend it. He looked way to young to have served a long prison sentence. So I shifted gears. What do you do for work?… I was Director of video communications for FEMA. What was your last project?… Ground zero recovery documentation.

    Kurt drew no connection between his wife’s murder and his last assignment. But he did describe finding the federal case evidence faults under Building 6 completely empty. Hmmm. At the time, I was still five years from waking up about 911 and had almost no interest in the event. I was determined to not let it change anything I did. Boy would I like a do over on that chance meeting.

    Kurt was headed to South America for a long vacation as a totally free man who just sold his home. He spent six months in Jail, four of which were served after the murder charge was dropped. I am fairly certain he had a round trip ticket. If the authorities wanted another go at Kurt on the wife’s murder charge, all they had to do was wait for him to come home. But they tried to extradite him from Argentina. The Government wouldn’t do it because Colorado has a death penalty, though seldom used. Former Governor and Attorney General Bill Ritter is convinced Kurt did the murder but there was not enough evidence to convict. It’s kind of weird because I ran into Bill 5 years ago on the Denver Mall. I had a posse with me having drinks before a concert at a street side cafe. When I saw him I said “hey Bill, how’s it going?” He stopped and chatted with us a couple minutes just standing there on the 16th street mall. I wish I had seen this GQ article in 2016, because it was now May of 2017 and Bill could have given me some details on the case against Kurt which was moot at that point.

    I had fun with the chance encounter because Bill acted like he knew me, even though we had never met. My posse was like “wow Dave, you’re friends with the Governor?”… Yes we are “friends” … on Facebook, which means nothing really. But I really like Bill, a genuine decent man. And he played right along which was a hoot.

    I heard in one interview with Kurt that he said FEMA would call him once a week at the Denver jail and tell him ‘all this will go away if you turn in the tapes’ referring to the wife’s murder charges. Could have been a self serving fabrication or the truth. We are unlikely to ever know. Read the GQ article and comment on what you think. I found the story very intriguing because Kurt has released just a few clips of his videos from Ground Zero. His old interview on voltaire.org has been deep-sixxed along with the website vanishing. Kurt wrote a book in Spanish called “the Persecuted”

    Here’s the 2016 GQ article link

    The other thing I am quite intrigued with is a Showtime Series called Homeland. I know Will doesn’t watch TV but this one is quite good. It’s CIA covert action fiction that sprinkles truth here and there on the war in Syria and Assaud’s alleged gas attack on his own peoples and many other things like the nuclear deal with Iran and all the dirty shenanigans the CIA is up to around the world. The series lends credence to the idea of nothing but lies from the news and truth sprinkled in with movies and TV. Here’s the free trial link to Homeland. I admit I’m hooked on the series. It starts when an American POW is turned by the Islamic State after 8 years in captivity. The series still pushes the official 911 story, but knowing that part is bogus draws you even deeper into the story to see if it’s ever questioned…


    1. That is a great story, Dave. I’ll check out the links. It’s doubtful we will ever see 9/11 exposed….but what the hey, I believe in miracles. True I don’t have broadcast TV, but I do catch a lot of these series on a pirate movie channel (I put up a link to My Son Hunter that costs nothing) and project it to a large screen. I was never one to look at those little laptop screens…just drove me nutz. I just finished watching all the episodes of Peaky Blinders. Man, speak of violence….but the story and production was absolutely mesmerizing. Dave, you always tell an intriguing story. …thanks.

      1. Well, Dave, that was one interesting article. I hope everyone reads it. Even though Kurt does not seem to be the most rational human being, I tend to side with his take. Those inmates seem to be obvious shills for the empire.
        I started Homeland. You’re correct …loaded with propaganda. I doubt I’ll make it through 96 episodes, but I just love Mandy Patinkin Jewish, but not a Zionist) who is a penultimate actor AND performer…way underrated. I saw him in a performance at some concert hall Lauderdale many years ago….the man can sing!

    1. ”In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”


    2. ……..Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

      The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.

      Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

      Wonderful speech, eh Edward? Although looking at today, one night say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      1. Exactly Will. And technocracy and the transhumance agenda is alive and kicking us in the face every day.

      2. This is true, Edward….but I avoid much of it by not having a cell or any such device and staying wired in my home and using a Linux OS….it may not be much, but it’s something.

  5. These two memorials have to be the most ugly things I have ever seen. The only thing that they remind me of are black toilets that flush eternally.



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