Is Mark Zuckerberg Liable for Trillions in Civil Damages, and Should He Be Criminally Charged?

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13 thoughts on “Is Mark Zuckerberg Liable for Trillions in Civil Damages, and Should He Be Criminally Charged?”

  1. You may well be right about nuclear bombs. Jim always says there was radiation readings on the site. It seems maybe some nanothermite too, say in precut beams or something. Now I am not saying Judy Woods and her unknown method of “directed anergy” is true, but have caught my eye lately a lot more, and Richard D Hall, Andrew Johnson and Morgan Reynolds all think it is directed energy. They may be wrong, but I was attracted to because of the “no planes ” on 911 theory Now, Jim Fetzer thinks it is a projection but Hall seems to say the gap was an error and it wasn’t CGI. The black dot from the helicoper of the second plane , which I’d seen but thought the CGI was maybe meant to paste on the the dots. Hall tracked about half (~25) the vidoes of the second plane and they all follwoed the same path, all were differnet plane images. In also find that Hall entertains the fact more so lately that UFOs may be of human origin etc, which matches more what I tend to trust from Bill Cooper. Now when I was at uni, in 1973, I saw anti gravity like this and recently monopolar magnet motor and how to make a monpolar magnet (temporary version) Now, if such technology is kept secret is kept from us by the control freak elite, why not some form of directed energy? And, why is Jim Fetzer so against bother peiople’s strange , but possibly true, ideas. He allows flat eatbh bullshit, and Paul from California saying there are no nuclear bombs?

      1. WellJim Fetzer is right about Sandy Hook being fake. But he wrong about his no plane theory, I think, it was a cloaked missile . And Judy Woods seems right about directed energy, I now think.

  2. The US is truly the Empire of Lies. And Mark Suck-A-Bug runs jack shit. Another lie is these fucks started Fake Book. Do you really think Mark dreamed up the drop boxes? It was a DARPA project handed over to this Commander DATA look-a-like from Star Trek the Next Generation. Fake Book is a Gov’t wet dream to get us to surveil ourselves in a way they never dreamed possible if they were doing it. My old school chum named Steve Klukowski’s dad worked for NSA his entire career. He moved the family to Swaziland which straddles the border between Mozambique and South Africa. Who the hell moves to Swaziland? It was about 10 years ago Steve told me to join FakeBook to reconnect with our classmates for a high school reunion. I said no way Steve, it’s a scam to get us to surveil ourselves. Steve said ” Yeah I know. fuck Big-Bro, do it anyway”… It was weird, I was totally against it and said what-the-fuck and joined. Here and there I made a few political posts and the bots jumped out of the woodwork and pounced all over me. At that point I made a decision. I enjoyed Fake-Book and decided to only post things that have wonder, beauty or are humorous. I also use it to promote my shows and connect with musicians I’d never meet otherwise. Every time someone makes a political post, I un-follow them because of my a-political stance on facebook. I have a friend that owns a bar but quit drinking a dozen years ago. Kevin replaced drinking with climbing 14,000 foot peaks, many of which don’t require technical gear. The man has turned into a mountain climbing machine. His pictures show the beauty and wonder, exactly what sharing on the site is all about.

  3. Sure, they’re making a point…the point being, “shut your mouth, freedom of speech is dead.

    But, now we have a federal judge doing this:

    Judge Orders Fauci, Psaki, Top Officials Be Deposed in Big Tech Censorship Case

    A federal court on Friday ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci and other top officials to testify under oath at depositions in a case that’s uncovered evidence of alleged federal government collusion with big tech companies to censor users.

    This should be interesting.

    I would love to see that transgender thing on the stand, with its hair pulled back in an Admirals uniform….better than Ringling Brothers.

  4. Lawyers for Sandy Hook families, who were recently awarded a billion dollar compensatory judgment against radio host Alex Jones, are now seeking the “highest possible“ amount in punitive damages totaling $2.75 trillion in hopes to take Jones off the air forever.

  5. Having revisited the Howard interview he said he never believed Iraq was involved in the 911 attacks (not Iraq), but he never apopolgised or brought the troups back when he theoretically found out (although he really knew) Iraq did not have WMD. He helped blow the shit out of a country because they had weapons that USA has many of and USA is the only one who dropped atomic bombs on Japan or any other country.

    1. The USA dropped atomic bombs on Japan 2 times in 1945. The USA also used atomic bombs on 911 day in NYC. Both Twin Towers were taken down by nukes in their basements. Maybe nukes were also used on 911 day in NYC in other locations near the Twin Towers.

      1. My stepfather was in the forces that went to Japan after the bombs in Japan. It was real. But they say the war woukd have ended anyway, even on the ASuralian ABC. They say they wanted to test them and scare the Russians.

      2. Bombing Japan as a “test to scare Russia” was not necessary because a nuke had already been tested in New Mexico. The world’s first nuclear explosion occurred on July 16, 1945, when a plutonium implosion device was tested at a site located 210 miles south of Los Alamos. I feel the reason for bombing Japan was to kill people.


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