Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B., The Sandy Hook School Shooting Did Not Happen. Period.

Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B.

[Editor’s note: Mary published this on 13 February 2022, but I seem to have missed it. To make amends for my sin of omission, therefore, I am republished it here and now. Mary’s new book, UNREALITY: Sandy Hook Messes Minds, by the way, can be downloaded for free as a PDF from]

I am a Boston-born dual citizen of US and Australia. Last night it was amazing to see, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, a huge, huge group of Aussies converging on Parliament House in Canberra. More than the number in Ottawa, I think. This surely is a turning point. No longer is everyone willing to just lie down and take it. “We’ve had it; we’re sick of it.”

I am sick of America’s lies. Sick, sick, sick of the “normalcy” of double-speak. And I’m personally tired of being treated as if I’m some kind of eccentric, or even a troublemaker, for sticking up for truth. This was never an issue when I was a high schooler in the 1960s, or even for a couple of decades after that. Persons who zoomed in on truth were in fact admired and thanked — they were helping to straighten things out.

In this article I’m straightening things out for the folks of Connecticut, by spewing out the truth about Sandy Hook (at least I am 99% sure it’s the truth). Just listen to this bombshell from the late Robert Steele. It’s in his online book, “Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS.”

“I managed a false flag event for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in my capacity as a Clandestine Operations Officer stationed overseas. I have personal experience with ‘legalized lying’ whereby ostensible orders ‘from the highest authorities’ mandate lying to the Court and lying to the media and the public, in support of national security objectives. Individuals ordered to lie are offered both full immunity and severe penalties if they fail to lie as ordered.”

Holy wow. Lying had been given the blessing of law — or so it was claimed.

What Y’all Were Told by Mainstream Media in 2012

Here is the official Sandy Hook narrative. A 20-year-old boy named Adam Lanza, for no known reason, shot his mother dead in her bed on Friday morning December 14, 2012, and then went to a school in Newtown Connecticut, the Sandy Hook Elementary School, for no known reason and shot dead 20 children and 6 adults. And then killed himself, for no known reason.

That’s the whole story. There are no complications or side-stories. Since the “gunman” killed himself on the spot, there was no arrest or trial. There is no camera footage of him at the scene, no DNA, no nothing. No living witness saw him do it. The narrative is everything.

And who am I to be such a smarty-pants to know what really took place that day? From the day it happened, in 2012, to mid-2021 (almost nine years) I was not a smarty-pants. I was a dumbie-pants. That’s odd, because I was a smarty-pants on two false-flags in Australia where I lived for much of my life. I wrote whole books, “Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough” and “Inquest: Siege in Sydney,” to challenge the official line on those two false flags. I hardly noticed the Sandy Hook event.

In June 2021, attorney William Sumner Scott brought to my attention some curious court filings about Sandy Hook. I will show below that they are very telltale and enough to put paid to the Big Lie. But at the time these did not break the barrier for me. I was sure the deaths had taken place. We saw the funeral processions on television, didn’t we?

Around September 2021, I happened to find out that ex-CIA man Robert David Steele had produced a book, online, called “Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS.” Steele had won our trust in Australia by respectfully interviewing Rachel Vaughan and Fiona Barnett, in his job as coordinator for the private truth commission ITNJ. In the Memo, he reveals the amazing news about “legalized lying” that I quoted above. Alas, Steele has recently died.

At this point, let me show you the countervailing evidence of the Adam Lanza story. As you may know, drills are frequently carried out by Homeland Security. This is not a secret; it’s on their website. An “active shooter drill” was admittedly carried out at Carmel School, a 45-minute ride away, at the same time as the alleged Sandy Hook shooting, December 14, 2012.

The Iconic Photo and the Watcher’s Photo

It’s acknowledged that a drill had taken place at Sandy Hook a few weeks earlier (volunteers are asked to participate in the drills — we had a drill in Sydney where the government openly advertised for 700 volunteers). I think such a drill at Sandy Hook provided opportunity for a sensational photo. The photographer, Shannon Hicks, snapped a picture of kids crying in the school parking lot, being assisted by a policewoman, Rachael van Ness.

Ms Hicks’s “iconic” photo was sent around the world by Associated Press on the very morning of December 14, 2012. It is still considered material evidence that something happened. (Kids crying.) But, by the grace of God, another person, who was watching the photo-taking, captured the wider scene on his/her cell phone. (To repeat: that scene occurred during a drill, weeks earlier. On the real day, there were no crying kids.)

Eventually, James Fetzer, an emeritus professor of philosophy, published that watcher’s photo on his blog. He also printed it in a 2015 book that he and Mike Palecek edited, entitled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill To Promote Gun Control.” (That book is currently banned by Amazon).

In the watcher’s photo, some adults, probably parents, are standing by in a calm manner. That combination of the “iconic” photo and the “watcher’s photo” is proof that the crying kids in a school parking lot were not running away from a gunman. They were posing, under instruction. If a genuinely traumatic event were occurring, the adults would surely be assisting the female cop or grabbing their children. They wouldn’t just stand there calmly.

The Cop’s Sworn Testimony

As for the lady cop, she was asked to make a sworn deposition, for the official investigation by the state of Connecticut. I was lucky to find it, thanks to a commenter named Bob who replied to an article I wrote at, which is based in Melbourne. I am guessing that the lady cop, Rachael van Ness, was ordered to state how she helped the children escape. But when you read it, you see how absurd it is. I quote:

“The undersigned, investigator, having been duly sworn, deposes [abridged]:

“While on the scene this detective [me, Van Ness] observed there to be a small black vehicle parked in the fire lane to the right of the front doors was unaware of how it was involved in this scene. This detective recalls the officer exiting the building carrying a small girl, possibly a kindergartener on his hip, and holding the hand of another child as well. This detective was not advised as to where the children have been found or why it was no adult faculty or staff member….

“This detective was advised if they appeared to be the last, and brought the children down the hill to the firehouse. At one point while in parking lot this detective observed TSC Macisco number 906 to begin recording the registration plates of the vehicles in the parking lot.

“This detective documented several children’s as well as their parents names via ID …. The children were holding onto each others shoulders from behind walking in the single file line as directed. This detective observed many of the children were crying in front, in addition to being cold, and attempted to be encouraging while leading them to the back of the parking lot.

“… to keep any of the parents present from pulling their children from the line ran back across the lot and received the next group of children most of whom exited in the same manner and appeared to exhibit the same mix of emotions….

“This detective remained with children from those grades who were not physically able to run, always walking behind the last child in the group in the effort to ensure that if additional shots were aimed at the children (as the theory that there could be another shooter in the wood line or in the building was still circulating) this detective would have the opportunity to gather and shield the stragglers.

“This detective observed two white females to come running out of the building both wearing purple shirts. This detective observed that they were both crying and visibly shaken … one appearing to be having an anxiety attack or suffering from a cardiac issue…. she was turned over to an EMS worker….” [end of van Ness quote]

Please note: I got that text by using screen shots of separate paragraphs of the affidavit. The paragraphs may not have been in the order shown here. And I’ve omitted a lot.

Two Absurdities

The first absurdity is that a cop would want “to keep any of the parents present from pulling their children from the line.” Surely the opposite is so, she would be glad to get parental help (and on whose crazy authority could she prevent parents from helping their offspring anyway?)

The second absurdity is that the cop would be “always walking behind the last child in the group.” Who, then, would lead the line? A traumatized first-grader? That’s not possible.

I have published a promise that I’ll change my tune about Sandy Hook being a false flag if someone can show me an explanation for the watcher’s photo. I now add to that, by promising I will lend an ear to anyone who can make sense of the deposition by Officer Van Ness.

I’m guessing she was told to write it as part of the “drill” fandangle. And why do we have so many drills? James Perloff, an expert on false-flags, has suggested that if a drill is run at the same time as a planned killing, and things fall apart midstream, the drill can take over as a way of explaining any misbehavior. (Geez, is that why God gave us beautiful brains — so we could become so ‘clever’?)

The Court Cases

As mentioned, there have been court cases, at least five, about the Sandy Hook event, despite there having been no need to try the killer, “Adam Lanza,” since he allegedly killed himself onsite — as false-flag killers tend to do. (See the work of Elias Davidsson on that.)

First, a professor of media, James Tracy, at Florida Atlantic University, sued for unfair dismissal from his job after he blogged about his Sandy Hook skepticism. Despite the First Amendment, he lost the case, as the employer said he was instead fired for other reasons. (What a joke.)

Second, there have been suits against philosophy professor James Fetzer and others for defaming the families, especially the Pozner family. Significantly, at the lower court, Fetzer was not given a chance to show evidence from two expert witnesses that the Pozner child’s death certificate had been doctored. Pozner was awarded $450,000 in damages, which Fetzer is now appealing.

Third, 9 of the 26 families of persons allegedly killed by Adam Lanza sued Remington Arms, the manufacturer of the Bushmaster gun. It is very odd that Remington did not file an answer or ask for Discovery or for proof that it was their gun that did the damage (there were two other guns on the site, a Sig Sauer and a Glock). Instead, Remington/Bushmaster filed for bankruptcy and made a settlement offer of nearly $33 million to the plaintiffs. The name of that case is Soto et al v Bushmaster.

An illuminating sidelight to that case is that James Fetzer sent a Motion to Intervene. It was rejected not only by the Soto plaintiffs, but by the gunmaker defendants. Say what? I submit a possible explanation: the biggest customer of the large gun industry is, of course, the US government, so Bushmaster had to go along with the Sandy Hook story to please Uncle Sam. Fetzer’s remonstrations were not welcome.

Note: The Soto Plaintiffs have not yet accepted the $33 million offer and the judge could still do a bit of digging. And shouldn’t the creditors in the Remington bankruptcy, and the shareholders, be screaming “Unfair! We’ve been cheated!”?

Fourth, a local man, William Brandon Shanley, got angry enough to sue the New York Times, AP, Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee, and other media for publishing the untrue iconic photo. The case was dismissed for lack of standing. Shanley was also arrested in Connecticut for disturbing the peace, but those charges were later dropped.

Another investigator, Wolfgang Halbig, was arrested at his home in Florida, during the wee hours, for having allegedly harassed Leonard Pozner, a Sandy Hook dad, but that charge was later dropped. Both arrestees, Shanley and Halbig, said they were roughly handled by the arresting police. Presumably this is to scare truthers, such as present company, from speaking out. Note: it often has the opposite effect.

Shanley died, unexplainedly, after his lawsuit — I have asked the Connecticut coroner to look into this.

Fifth, Internet celebrity Alex Jones was sued for defaming some of the parents, as a result of which he has retracted his statement that Sandy Hook was a hoax.

To the extent that the public has heard of any of these five court cases, they most likely think that all challenges to the official story got resolved in the negative. (Actually, coverage of the Soto/Bushmaster case is very quiet. People might ask why all 26 families aren’t in the suit, instead of just the 9.)

I am guilty of having published a statement (in my dumbie-pants days) that William Shanley’s lawsuit, for the ludicrous amount of a trillion dollars in damages, is evidence that he was sent in to muddy the waters. After all, a trillion dollars is one twenty-eighth of the current national debt!

Ah, but he was only REPORTED to have asked for a trillion dollars damages. I finally read his court case and discovered that the trillion figure is a big fat lie. Shanley asked for declaratory relief (wanting the court to rule on the iconic photo), and for $5 billion — with which he hoped to set up “a people’s media.” There are one thousand billions in a trillion — quite a typo, eh?

How To Find the Truth

Don’t be discouraged. Courts are not being helpful, but there are thousands of residents of Connecticut who know the truth and they can speak out now. I believe lawsuits can be filed by any of the surviving children when they reach 18, which is next year.

Recall the bombshell about “legalized lying” from Robert Steele’s book “Sandy Hook Truth: Memo to POTUS.” Non-cooperators were threatened with “severe penalties.” Hey, I didn’t go to Catholic school for nothing. I can see the devil’s work twenty-twenty.

Americans, we can be fooled some of the time but not all of the time. How about we get this whole 2012 thing over with now, while it’s still only nine years running. Just repeat after me: The Sandy Hook School shooting did not happen. Period.

The link below is to a pdf of my book “Unreality: Sandy Hook Messes Minds.” The book can be had in paperback for 15 bucks at The watcher’s photo is shown on page 146. My email address is

Link to “Unreality”

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